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3501.     Hi Sonia

          Your news sounds really positive, not long now and all this will be behind you, just your wonderful future to look forward to. Love and hugs.....Di

kelsall (222 )    5:01 pm, 26 Jun

 3502.     Hi Jonte Lee

          Push push push for that mammogram. I was having cervical smears for years and mammograms then the insidious little monster crept up on me and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in Sept '04. Some specialists think I have had it since my hysterectomy nine years previous. My bits were never tested and I think it was there then but didn't raise its head until much later. Don't listen to the "you are too young, no family history stories" they fill you up with. Hugs and good wishes.

icarus1989 (468 )    6:30 pm, 26 Jun

 3503.     Hi Sonia

          Stick with the massages, yoga and pilates are also good for keeping the body fit and healthy. They help with the stress and we all know that makes us more ill especially when we are fragile. I walk my dog everyday and try to fit in an hour of yoga or pilates. You can get the DVD's at reasonable prices at the red shed (Warehouse). I bought mine on sale for a nominal amount. Don't overdo things with hubby away, the housework will wait and sometimes we need to let things go for awhile. Hugs and good wishes.

icarus1989 (468 )    6:35 pm, 26 Jun

 3504.     Hi Sonia, so nice to come on here tonight and

          see your news was Good. I'm so pleased for you and hope it continues to be all good news from here on in. I know you still have stuff to go through but hopefully from here on in, things will get better and better. I will be hoping and praying for all good thing for you from here on too..You will be a busy Mummy with Brent away for a few days. Glad he was here for the appointments though.

joystik (281 )    8:06 pm, 26 Jun

 3505.     Hi Paual and Josh, thanks for thinking about me...

          today. Spent 2 hours doing the Pre Op checks, and didn't even have bloods or xrays or anything exciting!! Its all the waiting to see the admission person, then the nurse, anaesthatist, house surgeon, IV Nurse. They seem to do all the pre op's on monday, so there were heaps of people around today. Have to go back for bloods on Wednesday, and if they are ok,go in at 11.30 friday morning and will have the Op in the afternoon. If the bloods aren't good on Wednesday, which they shouldnt be, then I have to go earlier on Friday and have bloods done again, and they will either go ahead or postpone, and put me on the acute list for the following friday. All very technical isnt it. The IV Nurse, Peter, showed me a port so now Iknow exactly what they look like and how and where they put them. Great thing I think. What sort of a day have you had?? Cold out there tonight again -2.6 now!! Lovely days though aren't they??

joystik (281 )    8:23 pm, 26 Jun

 3506.     Hi bogeyi and Ryan, hope you've had a good

          day today. Did Ryan have to have platelets today?? Or is there another week to wait yet. Its been such a beautiful winters day here today. By crikey its frosty in the morning, still -5.5 at 8.30 but went up 11 degs in 1.5 hours. It -2.6 deg out there now. Beautiful crisp and cool. Spent the day doing Pre Op's at the Hospital for my Port Op on Friday. Bit of a waste of a day to spend it in there....something you would know more about that me. Hope all is well at your place tonight.

joystik (281 )    8:29 pm, 26 Jun

 3507.     Hi icarus, thanks for your message.....

          you still have a bit coming up in the wy of surgery yet then dont you? This cancer thing has lot of ongoing stuff for years really doesn't it. There is always all those dreaded check-up and all the follow up traetment. Hope it all goes well for you too. Hugs to you and we will be thinking of you ....

joystik (281 )    8:32 pm, 26 Jun

 3508.     Hello Maewest, that was terribly sad about your

          boss dying suddenly like that?? One thing we never know, is that when something like that is going to happen to any one of us. So important to do what you want every day and live life to the fullest that you can. Sounds like you have been real busy too. Did you have your 3 days off?? Seemed to go quickly if you did. Hope you're not over doing things. Hugs to you and take care wont you...xxxxx

joystik (281 )    8:38 pm, 26 Jun

 3509.     Hows things in Buller today Boop?? Hope all is...

          going to plan for you with your unpacking and setting up your new home. Big job aye?? We moved 14 times in 22 years, so I know a bit about it too!! Not keen to move again for some time. Have you had lovely sunny days like us, up there in Buller?? Didn't you get frosts at Hector?? You would in Westport I guess.. Hugs to you and see you again soon.....

joystik (281 )    8:55 pm, 26 Jun

 3510.     I just wanted to share my sad news with you all

          My mum passed away on Tuesday morning from lung cancer. I feel like i am living a really bad nightmere and am waiting for someone to wake me up. I miss her so much. Life isn't fair

tuiw3 (31 )    8:56 pm, 26 Jun

 3511.   Tuiw3

          That is very sad. Sorry for your loss. (((((HUGS))))) to you and your family

paulaxx (76 )    9:00 pm, 26 Jun

 3512.     Ohhh...tuiw3 that is very sad, and I'm so sorry...

          for your loss. Mothers are very special people and I too, lost my Mum to cancer, 22 years ago when she was just 48 years old. She had really hardly lived, and it took me a long time to come to terms with her death. Like you say, just didn't seem fair at all, and still doesn't really. Cancer is a terrible thing that affects so many people every day in this country. We are all fighting this disease with all we can muster up and we will WIN!! Take care of yourself for now and thanks for sharing with us. Hugs to you......

joystik (281 )    9:01 pm, 26 Jun

 3513.     Joystik

          Hi, what a lot of organisation for your op.Seems like a lot of waiting around for you too, thats not easy! I hope your bloods are ok, so you can put this behind you. We had a good day thanks, Joshi went off to school, he is very tired. Too be expected though. Have been thinking of you. have a nice, restful evening. Love from us here xo

paulaxx (76 )    9:04 pm, 26 Jun

3514.     My mum was also quite young

          she was only 51. I think i am still in shock. Nothing has prepared me for this. I dont know how i am feeling. It seems so surreal, this past week is just a blur to me. One minute she was here and next im kissing her and saying goodbye. She was so scared of dying.

tuiw3 (31 )    9:11 pm, 26 Jun

 3515.     tuiw3 im sorry for your loss ((((hugs))))

          we had a back to front day went for bloods this morning and platelets were 17 (from 13) yahoo, so we could go home when he was eating luch he must of nicked his gum and it started bleeding, not badly but it wouldnt stop so after an hour we headed back to get platelets, bit of a bummer really as we wanted to see what the counts were on thurs in case of another increase.

bogeyi (482 )    9:25 pm, 26 Jun

 3516.   Hi all, just popping in briefly ;o)

          Thanks for the kind wishes, sounds like you had a busy day Joystik - good luck with the bloods ;o) Take care of yourself till Wednesday, just to be on safe side (I always felt fantastic when my bloods were taken before chemo, and was often surprised when they weren't high enough, but that was me ;o) Sorry to hear about your Mum Tuiw3. I took my girls out to dinner tonight (save me some dishes LOL) and they've gone to bed like angels - yay! Have a few chores so will dispense with them now - want to get to bed early. Tomorrow morning is when I'll really miss Brent - he usually takes them both to School and Creche - will be a stretch for me to get them there in time! LOL! 'Nite everyone, best wishes for Tuesday ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:31 pm, 26 Jun

 3517.     You will be fine Sonia and will be suprised at

          how organised you can be on your own, so long as they both co-operate for you!!. Cold and frosty out side here now, almost -4deg already. It will get colder every night til it rains on thursday. Better get to bed myself....Love and hugs to you an the girls, and to you too Paula and family....See you all tomorrow ...sleep tight and sweet dreams....xxxxx

joystik (281 )    9:43 pm, 26 Jun

 3518.     Hi Joystik,

          I was lucky enough not to need chemotherapy, just had 25 radiotherapy treatments. I am reading your letters with interest, I did not know there was so much involved at the beginning (makes me thank my lucky stars all the more). I am following your progress with interest. Loving thoughts to you.

dize5 (452 )    9:44 pm, 26 Jun

 3519.     such good news sonia

          Have everything offered you. I love massages they make you feel so good. Try too rest a bit I worry about you being on the go all the time. Hugs to you and the girls.

boop2 (106 )    10:17 pm, 26 Jun

 3520.     Hi joystick, paula, joshi, bogey, ryan &maewest

          I am late on again so will make it brief. Glad you are all a bit better. Poor maewest your temp. have been so low. Joystick what is your op for? Hate too show my ignorance.Hugs for joshi, ryan and their mums. Beautiful weather in the Buller again.

boop2 (106 )    10:21 pm, 26 Jun

3521.     Looks

          Like I might be the night owl tonight. Hi Boop, love to you too. Bogey - bumma, poor Ryan!Joystik - another cold one alright but like you said the days are glorious. Sonia - bet ya it all just falls into place in the morning, thinking of you all. Nanite sleep sweet dreams xo

paulaxx (76 )    10:45 pm, 26 Jun

 3522.   Morning Sonia

          Hope your night with the girls went well! Hear it's a bit chilly up your way today, keep rugged up. Have a great day!!!

cole2 (360 )    8:45 am, 27 Jun

 3523.     Sonia

          Thinking about you this morning, hope the girls are off to school, creche and you can have some time for you. Hope you have a lovely day. Im off to Invercargill to see the orthapaedic surgeon re my shoulder. Its heaps better but thought I'd keep the appointment cos the waiting list is phenomonal(sp). Then the next thing to cross off my to do list is a mammogram ;o) love and hugs to you xoxoxoxox

paulaxx (76 )    10:02 am, 27 Jun

 3524.     Bogeyi

          Hope today you dont have to go to the hospital or anything??? Is the sun shining. Hope you are good? Think of you often. I am pleased Ryans platelets came up on their own Like you say wonder where they would have been by Thursday? Anyway enjoy your day, hi to Ryan. Oh and how is the puppy hunting stuff going???

paulaxx (76 )    10:04 am, 27 Jun

 3525.     Joystik

          Goodmorning, the school bus driver phoned me this morning to say she couldnt get into the bus it was all frozen. The door was iced shut. It was -5 here this morning - but man what a lovely day!!! Hope you are snuggly warm and enjoying the sunshine. Catch up later xo

paulaxx (76 )    10:05 am, 27 Jun

 3526.     Hi ladies, beautiful day here in paradise again...

          Yes Paula it was -5.6 at 7.30 here too but they had -11.6 in town they said on the radio. Thats rather chilly aye?? It just looks so beautiful as the sun is coming up, and the frost is all glistening in the trees and on the grass. The days are stunning to say the least. Very much warmer here than in Invercargill, by at least 5 deg I would think. It a warm 9.5 now!! Good luck for your appointment Paula. Its a good idea to keep those appointments because of the waiting lists. Glad Josh enjoyed his day at school yesterday. Nice for him to be able to be there with the other kids. Did yu get all the mud off you little Teddy?? What a mess! Better hang out more washing. See you later.

joystik (281 )    10:33 am, 27 Jun

 3527.     Hi dize, thanks for your message. There is a

          lot involved with the treatment. You were lucky not to have to have the Chemo. I was hoping I wouldn't need it either, but mine was to advanced at grade 3 and was quite involved in the lymph nodes as well. The chemo can be very involved too, especially with the higher doses, because if you don't watch carefully for signs and sympthoms of illness, it can kill you too. So you have to be on your guard with it. So far I have been fine. Hope you have a lovely day and hugs to you....

joystik (281 )    10:36 am, 27 Jun

 3528.     Good morning Boop, hope all is well in Westport...

          thanks for your address, I have put it in my little book of lovely people and will certainly make contact the next time we pass by your way. We usually make it up that way twice a year, and visit Ginas grave at the cemetery. My Op on friday is to have a Port-a-cath inserted in my chest. It just a little piece of plastic with a silicone top, and a small rubber tube which runs in to the main vein along side the heart. It is placed right under the skin and is done under a general anesthetic. It is put in primarily for transfusing medication and also for taking blood samples. My surgeon and the Oncologist though it would be very beneficial for me because one of my Chemo ingredients, it very abrasive on the veins, and after 1 treatment into a vein, that vein may be un-usable a second time. Because I had my lymph nodes removed as well on the left side, that arm is unavailable for any needles, blood pressure or anything. So my options are cut way down.

joystik (281 )    10:43 am, 27 Jun

 3529.     So Boop, when I go to have a blood test, or to

          have my chemotherapy, instead of them trying to locate a vein in my arm, hand or foot, they just have to locate the portacath under the skin, and then pop a needle straight into this wee device and transfuse it thru there. This week I have to have 2 lots of bloods and next week another lot plus the chemo. So by then there might not be any places left to get it successfully, and they dont want to delay or muck the chemo treatments about. Yes so thats what its all about. I have to go in at 11am and will ave the Op in the afternoon and they thought I would be out by 6 ish at night... You have a great day in the sun wont you...

joystik (281 )    10:47 am, 27 Jun

 3530.     Ohhh Bogei that was such a shame about Ryan

          yesterday. Just when everything was going along ok and then that had to happen. Hope today is going much better and you are having a good day too...Hugs to you all.....

joystik (281 )    10:49 am, 27 Jun

 3531.     hi Sonia, hope all went to plan with getting the

          young ladies off to their respective classes. Its not quite the same on you own is it. Sometimes I wonder how solo mothers cope with 4 children day in day out!! And then I watched that lady on TV1 last night with no arms and on her own. Very brave lady I think!! Hope you manage a bit of time for yourself today in your other plans. Take care and love to you and the girls.....

joystik (281 )    10:52 am, 27 Jun

 3532.     Hi tuiw, hope today is better for you....I have...

          been thinking about you since last night, and have been where you are now, so have empathy for you. It does get easier in time, but try to think of the good and happy times. I'm thinking of you...hugs...

joystik (281 )    10:54 am, 27 Jun

 3533.     Hi maewest, hope all is well where you are.....

          and not too many 12 hour shifts either. Thats a bit too busy isnt it. Thinking about you too and wishing you a happy, stress free day...with hugs...

joystik (281 )    10:55 am, 27 Jun

 3534.     Hi twinkies and Briyanna,,,havent seen you about

          for a while. Hope things are going along ok for you and your family. I've been thinking about you...and sending hugs every day....hope you've been getting them OK??

joystik (281 )    10:57 am, 27 Jun

 3535.     Hi all, re "Non Hodgkins Lymphoma"

          Just read that there is a new treatment for "Non Hodgkins Lymphoma", which increases the survival rates to 91%. Link is below. Just shows you how cancer treatments have improved in the last 10 years.

kelsall (222 )    11:01 am, 27 Jun

 3536.     Good morning everyone

          Taking a break and sitting in the sun after a freezing start. 3 days off now, hopefully, but with the loss of our boss, anything could be on the cards.Hope all is well with you all...still trying to catch up on what I have missed. Sonia I hope you are having a nice relaxing day for a change! Joystik, interesting reading about the portacath. I didn't have one of those and by the end of treatments they were struggling to find veins. Still getting pins and needles in my hand. How is on the coast to day Boop?? I bet you are enjoying your nice new clean house. Must get back over there one of these days.

maewest (75 )    11:33 am, 27 Jun

 3537.     Paula hope the treatment

          for shoulder has made a difference. Nothing worse.Hugs for Joshi. And for Ryan too. Hope all is well with the boys today.And the Mums too of course. One of our drivers, who is also recovering from breast cancer (mastectomy 2 years ago)came in and sat with me at work for a couple of hours last night. A lovely lady. Was so good to meet her. So many lovely people, all affected. To me, this has been the positive side of all this...meeting so many new friends. Off to do some housework. Have a beautiful day everyone XOXO

maewest (75 )    11:39 am, 27 Jun

 3538.     Hi everyone :o)

          Yes the girls were a dream, the only change I noted this morning was not having to nagg Brent to (a) get out of bed and then (b) to get out of the shower LOL Taking the kids there myself was a novelty, and nice, we had to resort to Brent doing it every day as it was the only way Emily settled OK at creche. Today though she was fab. Routine all set - school hols about to blow it all asunder LOL Had a cruisy morning thanks, got the car washed (car wash!) and visited the local health shop (run by a TM member who recognised me a few months back from my other threads LOL She was a big help. Decided to start with off-the-shelf and save me $100 for now while I get my head around the Usana business - don't want to be locked in till I'm sure its worth it. Got good quality chaleted off-the-shelf, so hopefully will be of benefit. OK must get Em to bed now. Beautiful chilly day here - love it :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:44 pm, 27 Jun

 3539.     See Sonia...YOU ROCK!! Just a breeze to you and

          would be the same with one hand tied behind your back. Glad you are having some time to your self. I've just been for a lovely walk in the sun and its beautiful too. Did a stupid thing though!! Put some chicken on to cook before I left, and was wandering merrily around the supermarket wonderingwhat to buy and thought..OH NO THE CHICKEN!! Listened to see if the fire siren was going and no it wasn't, thank goodness. Phoned the neighbour who was home from work having her lunch and asked if if she could see smoke?? NO! So she came over and turned it off for me. Thank goodness I live in the country and know my neighbour so well. All was well when I got home but what a mess all over the stove top!! Hope dopey of me. I think I shall blame the chemo, and have takeaways for the next 4 months!!

joystik (281 )    2:47 pm, 27 Jun

 3540.     Nice to see you Maewest, and glad you are having

          some time off in the sun too. Its just beautiful out side here and is actually 19.4 outside the front door. Mst get the washing in - its dry already courtesy of a wee breeze earlier, nothing now. Take care wont you...

joystik (281 )    2:49 pm, 27 Jun

 3541.     oh what a beautiful day here.

          Hi joystick this is a wee bit of heaven here too with all the lovely days. Glad your chicken was okay.As soon as I have finished this house will go for lots of walks.Thanks for explaining that , I didn't have a clue what it meant. Good luck with it. Hugs.

boop2 (106 )    3:06 pm, 27 Jun

 3542.     Hi busy sonia

          you are a wee marvel I knew you would cope alright, well done.One thing when the men are away you can chose what you want for tea. Hugs

boop2 (106 )    3:08 pm, 27 Jun

 3543.     Hi paula and joshi

          your frosts are just like we used to get in CHCH they are pretty mild here.Are you going too school every day joshi or a couple of times a week? Paula do you get that beautiful thick cream straight from the cows? I have never tasted anything like it. Yummy. Love to you, joshi and cassie.

boop2 (106 )    3:12 pm, 27 Jun

 3544.     Hi bogey and ryan

          hope you are okay ryan. What town do you guys live in? How are you bogey I hope you are feeling better. Cheers

boop2 (106 )    3:14 pm, 27 Jun

 3545.     Hi maewest

          From what my son tells me it is freezing over there.What a blow losing your boss like that. This thread is so warm and caring even though people are sick they are so thoughtful towards others.I know what you are saying. Hugs

boop2 (106 )    3:17 pm, 27 Jun

 3546.     My sympathy too tuiw3

          So sad about your mum , warm hugs to you. No matter how old you are losing your mum is so hard. I still miss mine after 16 years. I remember the morning of her funeral I spayed the plastic flowers with water and my nephew looked at me sideways thinking aunty you are a nut. It leaves you absolutely shattered.

boop2 (106 )    3:21 pm, 27 Jun

 3547.     Ha ha boop2 thats so true ;o)

          I decided we're having fish for the next two nights as I LOVE fish and Brent's all snobby and says its only good if you catch it yourself!? Too snobby for his own good lOL. Got me a flounder for tonight yummmmmy! Actually I'm going out to a friends after tea for a book-look evening. Nanna is looking after girls ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:51 pm, 27 Jun

 3548.     Hi Joystik

          Ooooh, re the chicken story - I know that feeling! Had lots of those with chemo brain - be prepared for a few more! LOL ;o) I was told to have a notebook in my bag with my pin numbers, house combinations etc in it. I did that, but actually never needed that! My probs were things like you, leaving something going and forgetting all about it, going to supermarket specifically to get 1 particular item, coming home still without it LOL etc etc. Oh the fun of it. Don't worry sweets, it'll all be over pretty soon ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:54 pm, 27 Jun

 3549.     Hi Paula :o)

          How's your shoulder? Hope you're having a good day. Thanks for your vote of confidence also! ;o) xoxo

soniat-d (153 )    3:55 pm, 27 Jun

 3550.     Hi Maewest

          Yep, been busy again I guess but in a cruisy way, if that makes sense?! Anyway, Em's calling me so better get back to my darlings. Have a nice afternoon everyone!

soniat-d (153 )    3:56 pm, 27 Jun

 3551.     Hi all

          Just popping in to wish you all the best for your treatments. Keep your chin up all of you. My latest news is that I have sold my house, subject to subdivision, all my boarders (5) are finding new places - one went yesterday. They have been great with me knowing about what I'm going thru. We haven't heard a peep about the stolen caravan!! but we are getting on with things - can't dwell on that. I have heaps to keep me occupied now - sorting out all the stuff I don't want into piles for selling, giving away or rubbish bin. OMG what a job ahead - 5 bedroom house and huge double garage full of it. Fortunately, sis is going to come up from Auck. to help as I can't lift too much yet. Did a stupid thing the other day and went out with loppers and pruned a few branches off the peach tree - whoops bit sore after that so I have't even been out to clean up the mess yet!! I guess we all try to the limit (and a little over LOL) Take care all and best wishes Cheers

cburton1 (60 )    4:08 pm, 27 Jun

 3552.     Forgot

          to tell you that I still haven't got an appointment to see the oncologist to see what is in store for me. Here's hoping - no news is good news (yeah right!)TTFN

cburton1 (60 )    4:13 pm, 27 Jun

 3553.     Ladies, there is another thread just started on MB

          called Important for all ladies to see - Please Bump. Its about Breast Cancer. I got the link up but it wouldn't stay going...its a video clip. Maybe someone else could try and see if they have any luck..YUMMY fish for tea Sonia. I love fish too fav is Blue Cod and theres heaps of it down here....See you all later.

joystik (281 )    4:22 pm, 27 Jun

 3554.     Hope all was well with you appointment Paula....

          I was thinking about you.

joystik (281 )    4:22 pm, 27 Jun

 3555.     Paula it was a gorgeous day today, ryan and I

          went for yum cha with my mum and dad, the puppy hunting we are slowly researching need to drag it out so we look in hospital and he gets it when we come out, big insentive for him to fight.How are you guys hope josh is well, look a bit further down after my hellos and i have some exciting news about ryan, its a boy thing josh will think its fab.

bogeyi (482 )    5:09 pm, 27 Jun

 3556.   Hi everyone

          You are all so wonderful. Caring for me and my shoulder with all your going through - thanks!!!! Its actually really sore again now DARN IT!! Maybe its cos he had a play with it?? I've been nursing it along for the last 3 or so weeks. He showed me a couple of exercises to do and see how I go. Gave me a steroid injection into the shoulder. That was painless!!Said if its still sore to phone back for an ultrasound then they will perform keyhole surgery and grind back the bones that are rubbing onto each other and causing the pain. Joshi is ok, very tired to be back at school. They are having the mid year concert this Thursday so figure if he can make it to that he can stay home Friday and rest. Then its holidays.Chris is crumbing some duck schnitzel for our dinner but you made my mouth water with the Fish talk. Im so glad you had a good day Sonia.Bet the girls loved having mum being the chaffeur today.

paulaxx (76 )    5:11 pm, 27 Jun

 3557.     boop we are in west auckland, glen eden

          we are doing well, Ryan has his first wiggly tooth (at 8) and hes sitting here wiggling it, its a novelty for him.I am just thinking of all the blood if he has low platelets...oh what fun.

bogeyi (482 )    5:11 pm, 27 Jun

 3558.     Sonia how you going

          I knew you would have it all sussed in the morning that is why we are called MUMS.I hope you have a lovely evening tonight.

bogeyi (482 )    5:13 pm, 27 Jun

 3559.   Joystik, Boop2, Maewest

          Your all so lovely and caring!! Thanks so nice to come home and get on here and see your messages. I think of you all too. Its been such a gorejus (tee hee) day here, loved cruising off wih my favourite music playing, teddie beside me. A clean Teddie, Heather - mmmm. Had a bit of a job!!! Ok, better go my darlings feel like soup and toast tonight, so I will go and do that. Love to you all xoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (76 )    5:14 pm, 27 Jun

 3560.   joystik hows the chicken

          im not laughing at you im laughing with you, as you know laughter is the best medicene, I only have one problem what can i blame my forgetfullness on????Hope you had a good day to.

bogeyi (482 )    5:15 pm, 27 Jun

 3561.     Will the tooth

          come out tonight Bogeyi???? OOOhh how cool, tooth fairy too. Gold shiny coins... ;o) the tooth fairy that comes here leaves gold footprints on the window sill by the bed. Shes magic because after a while those footprints disappear.have a lovely night, thinking of you, hope it doesnt bleed too much? Love and hugs

paulaxx (76 )    5:16 pm, 27 Jun

 3562.     Sonia

          I hope you have a lovely night too. Enjoy your fish. xoox

paulaxx (76 )    5:17 pm, 27 Jun

 3563.     dosent look quite ready but who knows with

          little fingers fiddling with it. When Ryan was back in hospital 10weeks ago really sick (when we knew something was wrong) he had his trusty xbox he played for hours on end, I said to him I was going to write a letter to microsoft and say I had the perfect person to trial games if they ever needed it.Well you should of seen his smile it was worth a thousand dollars but he said you wont do that, I promoised him I would and I did I also asked if the letter was ever received would they be able to send a letter back to prove that I did send it.....well yesterday I got an email from the Managing directors PA, a letter is coming from the director and they want to send him a game, well that thousand doolar smile turned into a million dollar smile.

bogeyi (482 )    5:25 pm, 27 Jun

 3564.     Thnaks everyone and hi briefly ;o)

          Girls now down at nannas, gotta do a quick tidy up as she's bringing them up after tea, then make my tea and dash ;o) Have a good evening all - keep warm :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:39 pm, 27 Jun

 3565.     bogeyi

          Wow. What an awesome mum you are. Great idea!!!!! That is just so cool. He deserves it. Tell him we think that is so cool.!!!!

paulaxx (76 )    6:46 pm, 27 Jun

 3566.     thanks paula hes pretty chuffed

          and excited.

bogeyi (482 )    7:49 pm, 27 Jun

 3567.     Good on you Bogeyi

          What a great idea. And getting a reply...fantastic. I can just vision Ryan's smile. Paula I don't like the sound of that 'grinding bones'stuff. Ouch. Have you tried an osteopath? I had neck probs for a number of years and an osteopath finally fixed it.We had a stunning day too Joystik, but I don't think it quite got up to 19. Looks like another cold one tonight.

maewest (75 )    8:12 pm, 27 Jun

 3568.     thanks maewest

          to be honest i thought it would of been chucked in the bin, but i printed out the address and addressed it to the managering director so it look like business mail.

bogeyi (482 )    8:16 pm, 27 Jun

 3569.     Bogeyi, you are such a lovely mummy.........

          so thoughtful and go out of your way to make things better for Ryan. Lots of people could follow your example and make the world a better place with mnay more smiley faces instead of sad ones!!

joystik (281 )    8:17 pm, 27 Jun

 3570.   Maewest

          MMM, its a bit sore. But have taken some codeine so ohopefully that will help. I think its sore tonight because he worked on it???Or maybe the injection of steroid??? Anyway its nothing compared to what you all have to go through so its fine. I think about what Josh has had to contend with over the last 8 months - this is really nothing!! Thanks, if it doesnt get better it wont be a major op. xoxo

paulaxx (76 )    8:26 pm, 27 Jun

 3571.     Bogeyi

          Was just telling Chris about what you did, he thinks thats awesome too. Wonder what sort of game it is, I am excited for Ryan xo

paulaxx (76 )    8:28 pm, 27 Jun

 3572.     thanks joystik......i was telling a friend

          it is hard work having a sick child mentally, but its even harder work having the constant questions. I had the taxi driver laugh at me the other day said its been the most interesting drive hes had in a while, question after question it keeps on going and if we go in the car the questions triple. (dont get me wrong i am so pleased he asking and lively but my poor ears).Even my mum was cracking up today in the car.

bogeyi (482 )    8:31 pm, 27 Jun

 3573.     Sorry your shoulder is giving you gip Paula....

          maybe it will be better in the morning. Its hard to imagine that exercising it will do much if there is bone getting in the way??Did you go to Mr Fosbender?? I've heard he's good. Pleased Josh is having a nice time at school. Hope the bus isn't frozen tomorrow!! Could well be though it pretty cold out there. Glad I don't live in Alexandra at -1 all day and freezing fog!! What have you plannd for the school holidays??

joystik (281 )    8:45 pm, 27 Jun

 3574.     Hi Sonia

          You go girl congrats on your managing with girls. Glad you are getting along OK. Pushed for time my friend's birthday today and we have been out for desert and coffee. Will catch up with you all tomorrow. Hugs and best wishes.

icarus1989 (468 )    9:04 pm, 27 Jun

 3575.     hope everyones having a good night

          think i will go to bed early, we have our radiation appointment tomorrow bit nervous about it..

bogeyi (482 )    9:29 pm, 27 Jun

 3576.     HI Tiuw3

          So so sorry to hear about your mother. I am thinking of you. Will be back tomorrow. Try and get a good sleep.

icarus1989 (468 )    9:30 pm, 27 Jun

 3577.     Oh well ladies I 'm off to bed, have to get going

          early in the morning so If I don't get to bed I wont want to get up will I. Got Blood tests and then the looking good feeling better workshop. Ohhh...and shelly is going to trim the wig up ready for next week. Hope you all have a good restful sleep and a lovely day tomorrow. Love and warm hugs to you all, especially the kids.....Bye....xxxxxxx

joystik (281 )    9:59 pm, 27 Jun

 3578.     Hi bogey

          good for you you always make me smile. good luck for ryan tomorrow I guess he takes after his mum does he? I have never been too Auckland we will get to kerikeri soon I hope. Big huge for Ryan and Tyler

boop2 (106 )    10:55 pm, 27 Jun

3579.     Hi Paula , joystick, maewest,sonia and

          last but not least Joshi,wishing you all the best for tomorrow with the various treatments. I am sagging at the knees now so off too bed.

boop2 (106 )    10:58 pm, 27 Jun

 3580.     Bogey that means

          big hugs just dopey me not checking

boop2 (106 )    11:02 pm, 27 Jun

 3581.     Joystik

          Will be interested in hearing how you found the Looking Good Feeling Better workshop tomorrow. The ladies I went with seemed to be enjoying it, but it made me feel depressed. The sight of all those lovely women there, many with no hair, or else very short hair, and all so cheerful, and all ages right up to 85, it just got to me and I felt so sad, it was all I could do not to cry. I felt guilty about it afterwards, as they made us look nice and gave us heaps of free makeup, but someone said that is not an unusual reaction.

dize5 (452 )    11:11 pm, 27 Jun

 3582.     Hey all.

          What a week! Have been up in Palmy for a few days enjoying Briyanna's good health :-) Realised I havn't posted for a while, thought I should come give you all a update...Briyanna went for her checkup prior to the Radiation treatment which is scheduled to start tomorrow. I was informed Briyanna's next round of chemotherapy (same drugs as last) would start tomorrow as well (had assumed that they wouldn't do chemo and radiation together). Chemo. will be reduced to 50%. The radiation treatment will continue to Thursday next week. We are not at all sure how badly the combination of therapies will knock Briyanna's system, but we expect it to be a bumpy couple of weeks - next week will most likely be worst as she hits her nadir seven or so days after starting the Chemo. AND is continuing to get Radiotherapy...thanks to those who signed the guestbook. It's refreshing to know you all care :-) Off to catch up with the rest of the thread, ta.

twinkies_pn (0)    12:35 am, 28 Jun

 3583.     !...

          am just keen to get to the bottom of this thread! tried the old fashioned clicking the next group method but got bored!

mattsimm (8 )    12:45 am, 28 Jun

 3584.     yehp,

          It's a big thread! Could make a book!

twinkies_pn (0)    12:49 am, 28 Jun

 3585.   Hi Twinkies

          My heart goes out to you and Briyanna, oh what you are going through... ((((hugs)))) and sending positive vibes to Briyanna - hope she gets through this next phase and best as she possibly can xoxox

soniat-d (153 )    7:56 am, 28 Jun

 3586.     Hi all

          Had a lovely night out thanks. Girls are both down with colds, as am I, so staying home today. Will be busy. Will catch up with rest of thread when I can ;o) Morning all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:59 am, 28 Jun

3587.   Hi Matsimm

          Yep major thread allright! And still going strong (sadly perhaps) but nice we all have each other to talk too. Wonder how long it'll go for? LOL

soniat-d (153 )    8:01 am, 28 Jun

 3588.     Good morning ladies, another nice crisp frosty one

          and I'm off to town for Bloods, get the wig fittd and trimmed, and hen to Looking good feeling Better Workshop at Cancer Society. Should be a fun day. I will let you know later. Hope you all have a good day, and I will see you later....

joystik (281 )    8:40 am, 28 Jun

 3589.     joystik sounds like you have a fun day ahead

          of you, we have lovely blue sunny sky again today. Sonia hope you and the girls are feeling ok today. Paula and josh what are you guys up to today??. Twinkies nice to see you in here sounds like you had a nice couple of days. Hello to maewest,boop,landylass,and everyone else I have forgotten.

bogeyi (482 )    9:03 am, 28 Jun

 3590.     Oooh Joystik the LGFB course - how great :o)

          Talk about good timing with it - was same with me - I went just before I started losing all my hair, and it was great, though its great no matter what stage you're at, really. You'll have to tell us all about it! Have fun with the wig fitting too - does that mean you're losing hair now? I still ahven't got mine serviced, slack me, so still don't know the name of my one.

soniat-d (153 )    9:30 am, 28 Jun

 3591.   Goodmorning everyone

          Joystik, hope you have a great day, looking forward to hearing all about it later. Sonia, oh the poor wee girls. Hope they feel better soon. Bogey, Hi, best of luck at the radiation appointment. Let us know how it goes...Joshi managed to go to school today, he and cass have concert tomorrow night, so I thought he better get up to speed with his part etc. But he can have Friday off cos I can see he is so tired. How are you guys today. Chris and I are going out for lunch. Should be nice. Its our anniversary, he spoils me. Just got me another ring. Garnet and diamonds. Sweet eh? Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Thinking of you all. Hi to Maewest, Landylass, Twinkies, Boop2 and anyone else Ive forgotten too. Take care

paulaxx (76 )    10:30 am, 28 Jun

 3592.     Hi all

          Paul, new jewellery. How lovely. I think Chris should give my Paul some tips on that.Congratulations on your anniversary.Pleased Joshi has made it to school today. I loved school cute. I know Joystik will enjoy LGFB. It's a neat day. Everyone in the same boat having fun with makeup and then coming home with a goody bag. Chch city has had a frost and then clouded over, but we have a beautiful sunny day out here. I am going for my first hair trim today and having some more red highlights put in. Looking forward to it.

maewest (75 )    10:41 am, 28 Jun

 3593.     Good to see you back Twinkies

          You have a rough couple of weeks coming up with Briyanna. Will be thinking about you. What is Briyanna's website? Also Ryan's? Had a quick look back through the thread, but can't find them.Is Ryan still on a high Bogeyi? I bet he is.How are you all today Sonia. My man has a cold today..hope he keeps it to himself!! Hiya Boop. Hope you have stopped cleaning now!!Is it a nice day on the coast?

maewest (75 )    10:46 am, 28 Jun

 3594.   Maewest

          I know - I am spoilt. Got a ring for xmas, one when we were in Christchurch with Joshi last year. I am running out of finger lol. I love them all!!!! The rings that is not my fingers. Anyway have a lovely relaxing time at the hairdressers. Nice to have a trim and some highlights good on you. Take care and have fun

paulaxx (76 )    11:53 am, 28 Jun

 3595.     Paula

          Hope the shoulder is feeling a bit better today. Have you tried 'Anti Flamme'? It's great stuff...from the chemist in a purple pot.Hope you are having a lovely day and making some time for you XX

maewest (75 )    12:34 pm, 28 Jun

 3596.     Happy Anniversary Paula! How cool - what a

          lovely pressie! Yes you are spoilt! Enjoy! Girls are having rest, I'm off to have one too! We all have the cold now - Lydia has it the worst - her throat and ear are red - fingers crossed she can avoid antibiotics!?! Saw the docs this morning - my neverending period (2 weeks now) is apparently just result of my body's imbalance after all its been put through, and I just have to "ride it out". If still going after another 4 weeks then they'll look further. Sorry my posts are so brief and non-responsive - flat out of time at the mo - sorry guys!!! ((((hugs)))) to you all xoxox

soniat-d (153 )    1:43 pm, 28 Jun

 3597.     Oooh yes Maewest

          That anti-flamme is AWESOME isn't it?! Thats the ONLY stuff that soothed my back injury. Still take a pot with us on holiday - just in case! Hope the shoulders better today Paula, yes the manipulation can make it sorer then it settles down. Then, maybe its just the weight of all those rings on your hands! LOL ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:46 pm, 28 Jun

 3598.   OH BTW after the docs

          we popped into the petshop to look at the rabbits and our two favourites were still there! Found out they don't need grass - you should have seen Lydia's face when they saidf that LOL We're in trouble now! (I want them too now BTW ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:48 pm, 28 Jun

 3599.     Mammograms save


soniat-d (153 )    1:48 pm, 28 Jun

 3600.      Wish I'd got one :o/!!!

          HUndy hundy hundy! Boy they sure roll around fast!

soniat-d (153 )    1:49 pm, 28 Jun

  3601.    paula happy anniversary

          hope you guys have a nice lunch, are you having gorgeous weather like we are???

bogeyi (482 )    2:02 pm, 28 Jun

 3602.    sonia i hope its not going to be around

          for another 4 weeks, what a pain. We went and had a chat with the radiation doc and whjat they will do with Ryan, all seems clear but i came out feeling depressed.I have never been over there before and its really depressing in the waiting room, I think its because everyone is sick and you can see that, maybe im just used to being in the kids hospital where it seems more brighter and happier????

bogeyi (482 )    2:06 pm, 28 Jun

 3603.    Sonia

          After my BC surgery, the physiotherapist told me never to use any sort of anti-inflammatory creams again. Don't really know why, should have gone into it more. Obviously you are able to use Anti-flamme, and I always liked it.

                                                                                                                                                         dize5 (452 )    3:00 pm, 28 Jun

3604.         Not using it now dize5 ;o)

          Don't have any pains (touch wood!). No, I'd never use it on my radiated regions, have 2b careful there forever apparently...

soniat-d (153 )    3:19 pm, 28 Jun

 3605.     Hi all

          Yeehaa - just got clearance from physio. Still have to be careful with arm but shoulder etc doing well. That's one thing out of the way but still waiting to get appt to see oncologist. Cheers to you all

cburton1 (60 )    3:31 pm, 28 Jun

 3606.     Hi there ladies--

          I hope if this thread disappears you'll start a second "Cancer Sux" thread--I check in here every couple of days to see how you all are--I've been having some tests and have been told my immune system is fighting itself resulting at the moment in all my joints being inflamed--so off to a specialist--but nothing compared to others in here--this thread is an inspiration.

jarjarbinks01 (4 )    5:03 pm, 28 Jun

 3607.     Hi Sonia

          Thanks for the comment about the anti-flamme, I started to wonder if I was over-reacting. What is the reason for us not using it, is it because the skin has been burnt?

dize5 (453 )    5:26 pm, 28 Jun

 3608.     Sonia

          My rabbits are off the ground in a hutch with long legs. I feed them pellets, carrots,lots of hay. Hay is very important roughage in their diet. No lettuce or cabbage as it can upset their stomachs. Occasionally they get a piece of toast, rolled oats, peanuts or sunflower seeds. Mine love parsley also. Lots of handling so they get used to it is a good idea. Back to the thread topic. I had a breast check today and I am going to book in for my mammogram. I didn't realise the public waiting list for non-urgent is 6 months so I am having it done privately.

kiwibunz (342 )    5:26 pm, 28 Jun

 3609.     HI...

          Thanks for my anniversary wishes. Having the best day. Joshi is a bit sad and tired. Roll on the holidays. Bogey sorry you felt a bit blue with that appointment today.I can imagine it wasnt a pleasant experience. Hey though you guys would lighten a dark day, so once you get in there, they wont know the place. Bet you'll make people smile who had forgotten too. Sonia - So when do you pick up the bunnies lol ;o). Sounds like a plan in action. Brent is away tee hee. Thanks for your kind wishes. Thinking of you as usual. Take care love from us xoxoxo

paulaxx (76 )    5:50 pm, 28 Jun

 3610.         Maewest

          Thanks if it starts playing up - I shall be straight to the chemist to buy a pot. I have seen it but used volataren in the past. Thanks ;o)

paulaxx (76 )    5:51 pm, 28 Jun

 3611.     thanks paula

          im fine now probally nerves and because its an adult enviroment that kids have to go in.His radiation he will have to lie still for 30mins he only has 1 treatment so hopefully he will be still.

bogeyi (482 )    6:28 pm, 28 Jun

 3612.     bogey

          I remember when Josh had his brain hemmorhage and they needed to do a scan on him CAT or MRI I cant remember now, anyway they said to me it is really important that Josh stays still. I was worried he wasnt going to be able to cos it can take up to an hour. I was able to stand nearby with mirrors set up so he could see me at all times. Thing is Josh and I are so close, we have the same sense of humour everything. So the minute the machine started and it was so loud and the noise just cracked me up, I looked at his eye cos thats all I could see and he was the same, so I tried to be mature and shake my head at him, saying no keep still. I turned away and got composure. Every set of pictures they took, meant a new noise. It was so hard to keep a straight face.But he did it.The 2nd one he had they let him listen to a cd walkman.Do you think thats a posibility, it helps. I have no idea about radiation so am unsure whether thats a dumb idea???? Glad its only for one lot!!!!

paulaxx (76 )    6:53 pm, 28 Jun

 3613.     Hi Paula, Bogeyi, Dize5, Kiwibunz and every1 :o)

          Thanks for the posts - yep - I want the bunnies as much as Lydia LOL! Thanks for the excellent tips Kiwibunz ;o) Lydias on antibiotics now - must get back to them - hey Joystik! How'd the LGFB course go? Hows the wig - do you like the "new you?"

soniat-d (153 )    7:22 pm, 28 Jun

 3614.     paula he also has to have a CAT scan

          before the radiation so that will be practice, with the radiation he is in the room by himself but there is a 2 way telly i believe so he can see me and i can see him and we can talk to each other, hes aloud to take a story disc which i think will be a good idea, we go on day 6 of his treatment so who knows how he will be feeling.

bogeyi (482 )    7:32 pm, 28 Jun

 3615.     Sonia

          Poor Lydia, hope the antibiotics kick in quick. Are you ok, didnt you say you all had it now?? Hope so, get a good nights sleep. Man I sound like a mother!! Sorry just take care xo

paulaxx (76 )    7:41 pm, 28 Jun

 3616.     bogey

          Whats the first few stage of treatment then. I know they have to attack the body so he'll have no immunity what so ever. Just interested in what you've got ahead of you. You'll be isolation for ages wont you? If you dont want to go into it thats fine I understand.

paulaxx (76 )    7:43 pm, 28 Jun

 3617.     i dont know yet if hes having the same

          dose of chemo as last time, we had 8days of chemo and other drugs 9th day is a rest day and 10th day is transplant day, then with radiation that will be on day 6.But there may be some changes hopefully we get the protocol soon.

bogeyi (482 )    7:47 pm, 28 Jun

 3618.     Hi Paula :o)

          We're talking to Brent on Skype - he's at the airport :o) :o) :o) Yep I have the cold too, not too bad though ;o) Thanks for the thoughts :o) Glad to hear u have been treated today :O)

soniat-d (153 )    7:52 pm, 28 Jun

 3619.     Thanks

          for that. I do think about you all the time. Must be awful the waiting. Tomorrow will be interesting to see what his platelets are after getting some. How is he doing, looking forward to getting puppy I bet. So how long will the stay be this time

paulaxx (76 )    7:52 pm, 28 Jun

 3620.     Thanks

          So much. It has been a lovely day. Thats cool that you can chat that way. 26 days till we come up to the big smoke. Looking forward to it. Have a nice night

paulaxx (76 )    7:54 pm, 28 Jun

 3621.         Yep we love Skype

          The girls think everyone can talk to their dads on the computer LOL. Yep looking forward to the 26th allright - hope Auckland warms up a bit by then!?!!

soniat-d (153 )    8:03 pm, 28 Jun

 3622.         Hi Dize5

          Yes the docs have all told me the radiated area "remembers" for a long time and will never be the same - always protect from sun , don't apply any creams witl ingredients ending in -ol etc etc. So I guess this is the big negative over chemo - you do bounce back to normal from chemo, but not from radiation...

soniat-d (153 )    8:07 pm, 28 Jun

 3623.         OK had better get my darlings to bed now

          And I'll be retiring early tonight too. "Night all - sorry to anyone I've missed. Hugs to you ALL :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:08 pm, 28 Jun

 3624.     Just

          thought I'd mention the guy we employ full time has just come back from Auckland and reckons he wore a t-shirt the whole time. LOL. I dont mind if its cold. Just looking forward to coming up and meeting who ever we can while we are there. Nanite now love and hgs

paulaxx (76 )    8:21 pm, 28 Jun

 3625.     paula have you got dates you are coming

          up here??

bogeyi (482 )    8:32 pm, 28 Jun

 3626.     So I was thinking tonight...

          I have had a sore knee for a while now, and docs ask me if I have sore bones at all and I say no - is that silly? The knee is soooo far away from the boob and kidney area I've been assuming its just aging pains from an old injury. Hmmm.... thinking I'd better mention it to Benji. Sure its nothing.... OK Lydias in bed, Emily's bouncing off the walls, gotta get her down now ;o) Night all ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:55 pm, 28 Jun

 3627.         sonia you know we always get into trouble

          for thinkg to much, just your brain working overtime hun.Have a good night.

bogeyi (482 )    9:14 pm, 28 Jun

 3628.     Hi sonia

          I think anything is worth mentioning to him. When do you see him again? Hope you and the girls recover quickly. Have you any other pets cause the rabbits are so cute. Take care sonia and have a good rest. Hugs

boop2 (106 )    9:21 pm, 28 Jun

 3629.     Hi everyone,

          you all sound so busy. Lucky paula he still loves you then. I love rings too.Gosh you and joshi have been through heaps no wonder you are so close.Hi maewest, yes another lovely day . I have slowed down on the cleaning cause I am so tired but in saying that have really enjoyed getting the house straight.They seem to be having another boom here so many houses being sold. Take care maewest.Sorry bogey hope you are feeling brighter you wouldn't be human if you didn't get down occasionally. Love to you and ryan. Hi landylass and joystick hope your day went well. night.

boop2 (106 )    9:27 pm, 28 Jun

3630.     Hi twinkie

          you have a hard time ahead of you I wish you and Briyanna well and hope it all works out for you. Warm hugs

boop2 (106 )    9:29 pm, 28 Jun

 3631.         My brain isn't working overtime! My knee is

          constantly sore! LOL Hard to ignore really, yep has to be old age #shrugs# Seeing him Saturday morning - taking the CT slides ;o) Nope NO pets so far - I've only ever had tropical fish, girls have had nothing. I'm itching for a pet - well, two little bunnies actually ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:34 pm, 28 Jun

 3632.         Hi Paula :o)

          I can relate to that bond you have with Joshi - I'm the same with Lydia - two peas in a pod we are ;o) Emily's a mystery to me, but I adore her too :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:37 pm, 28 Jun

 3633.     Ohhh dear ladies I am so late on here tonight, you

          have probably all gone to bed. Such a busy day today. Oh Bogeyi, before I forget, the chicken was delicious. ha ha ha!! Glad I could see the funny side after the embarassment died down. I will try not to ever do that again, I must admit, my blood almost ran cold when I realised what I had done. Our family home burned down when I was a teenager, and I have never forgotten that. Well I went and had my bloods done first before I headed off to the Cancer Society offices for the workshop. The blood looked really good and dark red as usual, but that probably means diddly squat!!

joystik (281 )    9:43 pm, 28 Jun

 3634.         Good luck with those bloods Joystik

          Hope it all goes to plan tomorrow. Its funny how you try and read the signs when the bloods taken LOL I used to base it on how long it took for the hole to stop blleding - if it took ages = bloods were crap... thought like that for ages till I finally realised it just meant scar tissue from an earlier test - silly me LOL.

soniat-d (153 )    9:49 pm, 28 Jun

 3635.     Is anyone else getting that wierd refresh thing

          after you post? Mine keeps going pack to where we were about an hour ago. Wierd... anyway, MUST do quick tidy and get to bed. Goodnight for real all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:51 pm, 28 Jun

3636.     The Look Good - Feel Better workshop was just

          great. There were 18 of us there and I was the youngest. Most of the ladies were in the 55+ age group and 5 of them with absolutely No hair. They were quite happy to sit there without their wigs on doing their makeup. They had volunteers there from local pharmacy's that put the makeup on each of us, and gave us all the hot tips on applying it etc. It was very good actually. Then in the last hour, Shelley the wig lady came in and brought some wigs and a catalogue and I had to model some of the wigs for her. How embarassing! I have decided to keep the wig I chose first. There was another one I really liked but it was brighter colours, and the fringe part was very long which put me off it. Shelley offered to cut the fringe, but I decided that if she did that and I didnt really like it, then I would have to have it anyway. I'm very happy with what I have chosen though. Came home with a big bag of make up.

joystik (281 )    9:54 pm, 28 Jun

 3637.     I spoke to 2 ladies that are having the same......

          FEC Chemo that I am having and both had problems with veins after the second treatment. One had been in today and had a PIC line put in, and the other was wishing she had before now when its really needed. I'm pleased I will have mine before the next treatment, (Well hopefully I will) Hope you have all got your fingers crossed for my bloods to be good for friday!!

joystik (281 )    9:57 pm, 28 Jun

 3638.     My message kept telling me I had more than

          1024 characters and then wouldnt refresh the page when I posted it!! Stupid thing. Pleased you've had a good day Sonia with the girls. Sorry ou got the cold though. I've still got a head cold but its stayed the same as it was, no better or worse. I just want it to go. You have a good sleep and enjoy tomorrow. What is Skype?? I'm a country girl now and I have never heard of it. When is Brent home again?? Hugs to you and the girls.....

joystik (281 )    10:01 pm, 28 Jun

 3639.     computer is playing up for me as well

          I know with ryans finger pricks if his bloods are low or not, if low it bleeds well for him if high they almost need to milk his fingers.

bogeyi (482 )    10:07 pm, 28 Jun

 3640.     Happy anniversary Paula and Chris!!

          I'm pleased there is another Ring person amongst us on here!! I am one of those too. Mine are all sapphires and diamonds apart from 2 celtic design ones that I like. I am always on the lookout and hinting about rings for birthdays and Christmas etc. I have 16 altogether now and so am having to chose very wisely and have the finger arranged before I buy the ring! Glad Josh had a good day at school. Concert tomorrow and then Friday off...sounds like a goof scheme to me. There was a lady, Jan from Kelso at the workshop today. Thats up by you isnt it? Must go to bed. Sleep well wont you...hugs all round....

joystik (281 )    10:15 pm, 28 Jun

 3641.     Sounds like you had a good day

          joystick. I wish you well for Friday. Hugs from me I hope they keep you really warm.

boop2 (106 )    10:16 pm, 28 Jun

 3642.     Universal

          light and love is forever with you. just keep believing.your friend a x

ali67 (85 )    10:17 pm, 28 Jun

 3643.     Goodnight Bogeyi, Ryan, Boop, Twinkies, Briyanna

          Landylass, Sonia and girls,Paula and Josh,Maewest, dize, and everyone else. Its been a big day today and I must go to bed. Hope you are all there already. Sleep tight and see you tomorrow....Hugs to you all....

joystik (281 )    10:18 pm, 28 Jun

 3644.     Hi Everyone - GOODMORNING

          Joystik, sounds like you had a nice day! Great. I have a friend on the Coast who is one of the ladies who always helps out and does the makeup she loves it. Says its a really special day.Sonia, bumma about your sore knee. Best you do tell them! Bogey I think havent had it confirmed yet 25,26,27 July home on the 28. Just waiting for the ticket etc in the mail. Had a grotty night with Josh, concert tonight and hes not going to school. He vomited twice last night and coughed and coughed???? Man!!!!!! The rash is still on him. look like flea bites? They're not tho. Dr saw them, but now they are on his tummy as well???? Will phone them today. Poor Josh, Stags are coming to his school today to sign autographs etc. Cass is going to give one of Josh's t shirts to sign. Better get Cass on the bus. Love and hugs to all. xoxoxo

paulaxx (76 )    8:11 am, 29 Jun

 3645.         All the best

          to you if you have any doctor check ups, bloods , appointments etc. Always thinking of you all my friends. Have a nice day.

paulaxx (76 )    8:14 am, 29 Jun

 3646.     morning all, poor josh i hope hes feeling a

          bit better this morning, do they know what the rash is from???I am off to a funeral this morning one of our dear friends passed away on the weekend she was on the same ward so feel a bit down.

bogeyi (482 )    8:49 am, 29 Jun

 3647.     oh Bogey

          thats so sad.Dont know what the rash is??? Take care today. Be thinking of you this morning with love.

paulaxx (76 )    8:57 am, 29 Jun

 3648.     Hi everyone :o)

          Oh no Bogeyi funerals really suck these days - I've banned myself from them! (((Hugs)))) to you. Thinking of you xoxo

soniat-d (153 )    8:59 am, 29 Jun

 3649.     Hi Joystik

          I was the wig model at our course too! LOL I already had my wig too and showed that off as well. It wierd how they don't include that one in their samples, as they say its one of their most popular ones and everyone at the course liked it!? Yep seeing the women sitting there happily bald was a shock for me too - I have never been able to do that!?! Eyeshadow was a mystery to me before - now I'm quite the pro LOL I apply it most days - certainly makes my eyes look brighter on the rough-looking days ;o) Skype is this thing you can load on your PC (best if you have Broadband connection) and, if you have a microphone attached to your PC, you can "phone" others on your computer. Its good for overseas calls - they're free! Other person has to be near the computer to hear it ringing, but you can see if the other is online or not, so you generally only call them when they are online. Its very cool. Talk to my parents in Germany on it, and to Brent while he was away.

soniat-d (153 )    9:02 am, 29 Jun

 3650.         Oh no Paula

          What a night for Joshi - yikes! I'll be thinking of him heaps today (as usual ;o) let us know how he gets on. (((((hugs))))) Joshi - hope you feel better soon xoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    9:04 am, 29 Jun

 3651.     Brents home :o)

          Hes got it too, looks like we may all be staying home today. Lydia's in good spirits, both still got major phlemmy coughs. Nothing to what your boys are dealing with. ((((hugs))))) Paula and bogeyi (I'm in a huggy mood this morning ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:08 am, 29 Jun

 3652.     Sonia

          Glad Brents back with you all. Sorry hes got it too. Glad to hear Lydia's happy. ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) back to you from us. So no bunny shopping today huh??? ;o)

paulaxx (76 )    9:14 am, 29 Jun

 3653.     Good morning ladies, lovely and warm today and

          raining a wee bit too. Still it makes a change from all the cold frosty mornings. Glad Brent has arrived home safe and sound, but shame you all got the colds thing happening. I'm sure you will be better in no time. Sorry Josh had a bad night Paula. So are the spots to do with the virus?? Hope he feels better later and can go to the concert. Shame he's missing seeing the Stags, but maybe there will be another time some time. Hi Bogeyi and Ryan. Hope you are having a good day too. Any appointments today? Good luck to anyone off for appointments or tests. None for me today, but hopefully OP tomorrow...

joystik (281 )    9:17 am, 29 Jun

 3654.     Hi Boop, whats happening up you way today??

          You've probably still got sunshine for now until the showers make there way northwards. Hope you're having a relaxing day too. Hi Maewest...are you working today or an at home day for you?? Stay warm and dont work too hard either. Must have a shower and get dressed...what a life...fluffing round like this half the day....see you again soon..

joystik (281 )    9:20 am, 29 Jun

 3655.     Hey, have any of you read thru the thread about...

          Inflamatory Breast Cancer?? Its another terrible thing, that any one of us can get, and is affecting woman as young as 16....How dreadful. Its only about 4 threads down for this one at the moment...

joystik (281 )    9:23 am, 29 Jun

 3656.         Wow! Scary!

          I couldn't get that link to work but this one did ... scary stuff!

soniat-d (153 )    9:55 am, 29 Jun

 3657.         YIKES

          That is scary!!! Thanks for the info.

paulaxx (76 )    10:09 am, 29 Jun

 3658.     Hi joshi

          so sorry you are not well today, keep warm and read your nice book I know your mum gives you 120%care. Love from boop

boop2 (106 )    10:24 am, 29 Jun

 3659.     Hi joystick, sonia, paula, maewest, twinkie

          Hope your day is okay and not too tiring for sonia. We didn't have a frost either it is qite nice out I am going out too clean the windows as sick of being inside. Hugs to you all

boop2 (106 )    10:27 am, 29 Jun

 3660.     Hi bogey

          sorry about the funeral are you feeling better today?Hugs to you and ryan.

boop2 (106 )    10:28 am, 29 Jun

 3661.         Just got a call from my Breast Surgeon's nurse

          telling me my CA153 is 19. I asked is that OK? She said "I dunno, depends what your last one was". Excellent! So far they've only told me its OK, not what the number is?!

soniat-d (153 )    10:32 am, 29 Jun

 3662.         Sonia

          What does that mean????

paulaxx (76 )    10:46 am, 29 Jun

3663.     Thats sounds good Sonia...I think from my

          understanding, these are tumor markers and if they are decreasing or staying the same then thats good. My SIL mother has a CA125 test and she emailed me one night, most unhappy because hers had gone from 69 to 344 which to her meant that her cancer was on the move again. She has had cancer for 5+ years and was told she wouldn't make it to Xmas about 3 years ago, but she's stil going...

joystik (281 )    10:48 am, 29 Jun

 3664.     Whew!

          Thanks Joystik! Now I can relax! I kind of assumed that my surgeon would have rung instead if it was bad. Will start noting my numbers down for future ;o) Thanks so much! Right, back to my girls, and the 3rd child feeling sorry for himself LOL

soniat-d (153 )    10:53 am, 29 Jun

 3665.   Sonia

          Dont worry about what I said, your man needs you. Think I get it anyway from what Joystik said. Thanks. Joystik - I guess the rash is part of the virus. Phoned the hospital to tell them about him. They will phone me if they need to do more bloods etc prior to next Wednesday. Havent heard anything from them so perhaps not... Hope you are good today, bit drizzly and yuck here. Not so cold tho!

paulaxx (76 )    11:03 am, 29 Jun

 3666.   Hi Boop

          From Joshi and I. He is playing his x-box, never really to sick for Thanks for your kind words. Thinking of you

paulaxx (76 )    11:04 am, 29 Jun

 3667.      Paula it has cleared here now but is warm.....

          hope you are having an ok sort of a day. Ohhh you might have to go for bloods tomorrow when I'm in there?? No he will be fine...I get spots all over if I have any asprin based medication. Hope Josh is feeling a little better. Give him a big hug....

joystik (281 )    11:18 am, 29 Jun

 3668.   Thanks Joystik

          Already thought about tomorrow and you and us and Kew. I havent heard from them yet. Spots are all on his legs and ankles? Its bizarre.He's had them for two weeks now Keep you posted. xo

paulaxx (76 )    12:30 pm, 29 Jun

 3669.   LOL Paula!

          He can look after himself! Lydia is pretty good, she should be at school really, Emily has gone downhill a bit, but not too bad. I'm feeling a bit better. Must dash to Supermarket while they're asleep...

soniat-d (153 )    12:39 pm, 29 Jun

 3670.      Oh go on Sonia, we just all know you want to run..

          after him hand and foot!!! He will be OK in about a week if you pamper him lots and lots!! Hope the little girls feel better real soon. It awful when kids are sick isnt it. I just had the District nurse call in to see me. Its another reliever, and I think she expected to see some sick old person appear at the door, and got me, a healthy young person that looks as fit as a buck rat and twice as dangerous!! She certainly looked surprised...ha ha ha

joystik (281 )    1:32 pm, 29 Jun

 3671.   Joystik

          I bet Sonia ran off to the supermarket to buy all the stuff to make Brent a nice homemade soup. Then she'll put some nice vicks on his chest. Sorry, just teasing. I know what men are like when they aren't 100%. Look after you too Sonia. Thinking of you. Glad Lydia's better, hope Emily follows suite. xoxoxo

paulaxx (76 )    1:53 pm, 29 Jun

 3672.      Joystik

          You sure are doing so well. So the bloods are all ok to go ahead tomorrow or do you have to do some more to check in the morning?

paulaxx (76 )    1:55 pm, 29 Jun

 3673.      Paula, I have to go at 11am and have bloods done..

          first before I amadmitted to Day surgery. They will decide then whether they will do the op and cover me with anti biotics or wait till the following friday and put me on the acute list. Of course, if the bloods are right, it will just all happen tomorrow.

joystik (281 )    1:59 pm, 29 Jun

 3674.   Oh thanks

          Sorry I remember you said that already.Be thinking of you then even more than usual. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

paulaxx (76 )    2:11 pm, 29 Jun

 3675.      No thats ok Paula, you have a lot on you mind

          every day too.. Is Josh a bit better this afternoon?? I reckon you will be right you know. Our Sonia will be out getting Brent all the stuff he likes, and lovely friesh fish, just caught, cos she knows how fresh he likes it. Maybe she will make hime some lovely hot scones for afternoon tea, or shortbread, or perhaps a chocolate cake?? Just kidding too, not thats naughty really isnt it. Just come back to rain again here now but still warm.

joystik (281 )    2:17 pm, 29 Jun

 3676.      Hope you're feeling ok Bogeyi, funerals never

          make you feel great do they. I've been thinking about you this morning. Hope Ryan is OK today. He'll be watching the mailbox for his game to arrive.

joystik (281 )    2:19 pm, 29 Jun

 3677.      Hi Boops, thanks so much for your parcel which....

          I got today. The courier driver must be dyslexsic! He left it at the neighbours 2 days ago and she only found it this morning, but clearly addressed to my house!! Might have some later on I think. Sometimes I put them in boiling water to remove the skin and then cut them up and sprinkle sugar over them....delicious. Hope you are having a good day and not doing all the windows on one day!!

joystik (281 )    2:35 pm, 29 Jun

3678.      paula thanks so much for your lovely email

          that was so nice to come home to, the funeral was beautiful to mark the life of a beautiful girl.

bogeyi (482 )    2:43 pm, 29 Jun

 3679.       sonia i have visions of you down by the

          harbour with your fishing rod catching him fresh fish....

bogeyi (482 )    2:45 pm, 29 Jun

 3680.       LOL everyone

          You know me too well! OK no its too cold to fish LOL but yep, went to supermarket for more fresh veges and made soup for lunch - it was for me too :o) He's not too bad actually, I think after watching me go through that chemo he thinks twice before complaining that he feels bad LOL

soniat-d (153 )    2:54 pm, 29 Jun

 3681.      Hi lovely ladies!

          I have popped in here from time to time - you are all awesome. I started a thread and was advised to post here. Okay - here's my story. I had a mastectomy/reconstruction (R) nearly two years ago with no further treatment required. I have since discovered lumps under my reconstruction and my doctor has referred me for an ultrasound. When I took my referral form in I was told I would need a mammogram as well. Although I feel fairly confident that it will just be scarring, muscle or something like that, I am a little scared. I went through the whole process of diagnosis nearly 2 years ago thinking it would be nothing. Has anyone else had lumps under reconstruction? Can I still get breast cancer after mastectomy?

meridian1 (293 )    2:55 pm, 29 Jun

 3682.      ((((hugs))))) bogeyi

          Glad thats over and that it was so lovely. How old was she? I'm assuming it was cancer - thread says it all CANCER SUX! I hope that she is happy now and free from pain - my thoughts go to the family...

soniat-d (153 )    2:59 pm, 29 Jun

 3683.      Hi Meridian

          OK don't want to scare you, but yes thats what I have. I didn't have reconstruction, luckily for me in this case, or it wouldn't have been found for much longer. Recurrance is pretty common sadly BUT in the words of my dear specialist "local recurrance is a whole different story to if its spread". There are ways to treat it. Radiation the most likely start, if that is what it is. Radiation has shrunk all my lumps ;o) Good luck! Please let me know how you get on - happy to talk offline too ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:04 pm, 29 Jun

3684.      Thanks sonia

          I have to dash out, but I will be back later to check in. My cancer was ductal carcinoma in situ. Any more thoughts on this would be helpful. I will bump when i get back in. Thanks again sonia - your support is appreciated (to the point of teary eyes!)

meridian1 (293 )    3:07 pm, 29 Jun

 3685.      Bogey

          Your welcome. Glad to hear it was as nice as can be for such an occasion. Sonia - Soup tee hee. I was just being naughty! ;o)

paulaxx (76 )    3:41 pm, 29 Jun

 3686.      sonia she was 16 and a breath of fresh air

          whenever we saw her, yes it was cancer.

bogeyi (482 )    3:44 pm, 29 Jun

 3687.      i'm back

          I wish I knew the stories behind alot of these posts without having to read 3600 odd posts! Congrats on such a great thread Sonia and co. I am waiting for the appointment for my mam/ultrasound and possible biopsy to be scheduled. When they took my breast they found that just a small area had become invasive, most was still contained within the ducts.

meridian1 (293 )    4:12 pm, 29 Jun

 3688.      Sonia,I was just joking too......hope you aren't

          offended by all that!! Hope your soup is lovely as I'm sure it will be..I think we are having chowmein, havent decided yet, not as organised as you Sonia.

joystik (281 )    4:20 pm, 29 Jun

 3689.      Sorry you will have had a sad day Bogeyi....

          never a pleasant time especially ssaying good bye to someone so young. Hugs to you....

joystik (281 )    4:22 pm, 29 Jun

 3690.   Hi Meridian1

          Sorry I don't know what a ductal carcinoma in situ is, but guessling a lump in a milk duct which is what mine was too. Plus I has either 1 or 3 affected nodes out of 32. What treatments did you have after your mastectomy?I was thinking surgery may actually be first for you (if it is cancer, may not be). Hope you're getting it investigated pronto ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:32 pm, 29 Jun

 3691.      Also, I was shocked at how common local

          recurrance is - they didn't explain that to me well enough thats for sure, or I'd have demanded my lumps be looked at much earlier! I had so many lumps start at once, it din't feel like lumps, more like a hard muscle or something. Wasn't diangosed till after I'd started radiation, so had to continue with that, rather than operate. Mere's my online diary since recurrance was dignosed, if you're interested...

soniat-d (153 )    4:35 pm, 29 Jun

 3692.   Ha ha ladies, yep I make a mean vege soup

          Yum yum LOL Got Lamb vege stew on for tonight - thats yummy too ;o) How is Joshi now Paula? And has your shoulder settled down?

soniat-d (153 )    4:37 pm, 29 Jun

 3693.      Thanks sonia

          I will definately check your website out. I had no treatment after the mastectomy. My surgeon said that they had taken all the affected breast tissue plus a good margin around the areas affected. Ductal Carcinoma in Situ is in the milk ducts, and only becomes dangerous when it becomes invasive (spreads out of the ducts). I am definately getting it looked into, and have a very thorough GP.

meridian1 (293 )    4:44 pm, 29 Jun

 3694.      Hi Meridian1

          I have to say I'm a little gobsmacked that you had no other treatment, guess it was not as aggressive a cancer as mine was? Mine is a bit of a doozy - recurring before I even finished my treatment is very unusual (though another case presented only about 10 days after mine, I wish I could talk to that lady but... privacy, confidentiality, blahh blah...). If you take the web address back to the dot co dot nz you can see my main website which has my full story (in short forms!) in the first 3 links - the May-September 2005 link includes my original diagnosis and op if you're interested. Because I was having radiation after the op I was advised against a reconstruction at the time of the mastectomy, as the radiation could "shrivel" the new boob etc. Glad we did that! Now have no plans to reconstruct ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:12 pm, 29 Jun

 3695.      Sonia

          I am going back and forth from your diary to this page. I am so in awe of you! Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) isn't an agressive cancer - it is non-invasive, but can easily turn invasive, as mine had started. I have been so brave around my family/friends through everything. I'm not feeling very brave right now.

meridian1 (293 )    5:19 pm, 29 Jun

 3696.      Can I ask how old you are Meridian?

          Were you public or private for the op etc? (Idle interest :o) Don't be in awe of me LOL I'm no saint believe me! Sorry you're not feeling brave now, know exactly what you mean. Try not to worry till you know for sure - whatever it is you can worry/rejoice then ;o) Lets hoping rejoicing is on its way ;o) Good luck, stay in touch, very keen to hear how it all goes for you ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:24 pm, 29 Jun

 3697.     hi Sonia

          I'm 36, and went private (have insurance). I spent so much time after my diagnonis in 2004 reassuring and comforting others , and I have started doing that again (it really wears you out - I'm sure you know). I know that the chances of it being nothing to worry about are high, but I can't help feeling like I have been here before. You ARE inspirational, not just to me, but to many others who visit this thread!

meridian1 (293 )    5:29 pm, 29 Jun

 3698.     Sonia

          thanks for asking, my shoulder has settled down. Joshi is concerning me, but havent heard back from the hospital so obviously they are not!!! Might phone again tomorrow. His gums are looking bright red! I dont know what that may mean but with all thats going on with him, well you know - Im a mum and mums worry. Yum your soup and stew sounds delish!!! Ive just coated 24 meringues for the concert supper tonight for the wee ones and made tan square for the adults. Should be a good night. Keep warm and hopefully tomorrow yoú will all be feeling heaps better. You are so amazing!!! (((((hugs)))))

paulaxx (76 )    5:46 pm, 29 Jun

 3699.     bogey

          16 - Not fair is it. Thinking of you tonight! Take care xoxo

paulaxx (76 )    5:48 pm, 29 Jun

 3700.      Hi Paula :o)

          The red gums could just be a side-effect of his chemo? My chemo affected my gums badly, but feels like they are recovering now. I can understand your worry, yep I'd ring by all means, just probe away - Mums know best. ((((hugs)))) back at ya ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:57 pm, 29 Jun

 3701.         I hear you Meridian ;o)

          ((((hugs)))) my dear - I know, once you hear/feel of a lump in a breast, after what we've both been through, its the automatic assumption that comes to mind. I really have to turn my mind over and think "nooooo sonia that was just you, remember the odds" LOL. Oh, I hope its nothing, I really do. Glad you have insurance it does help (I've maxxed out mine now though!). Demand an ultrasound (better than mamms IMO) ASAP to get it over and done with ;o) Then you can hopefully relaxxxx :o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:01 pm, 29 Jun

 3702.      And yet another hundy quietly slips by ;o)

          How'd I miss that? LOL

soniat-d (153 )    6:02 pm, 29 Jun

 3703.         You have been through

          much more than me sonia - much much more - as have others on here. I'm nearly finished reading your diary (in between tending to my kids etc). Will move onto the rest of your site next.

meridian1 (293 )    6:07 pm, 29 Jun

 3704.         Beautiful girls!

          What a gorgeous family you have Sonia!

meridian1 (293 )    6:34 pm, 29 Jun

 3705.         OMG my girlfriend just rang and said shes

          coming to pick me up and taking me to bingo, should be a laugh or am i showing my age.Never been before.

bogeyi (482 )    6:59 pm, 29 Jun

 3706.         sounds

          like fun bogeyi. Hope ya win!

meridian1 (293 )    7:01 pm, 29 Jun

 3707.      Awww thanks Meridian :o)

          Have fun bogeyi!

soniat-d (153 )    7:21 pm, 29 Jun

 3708.         Ohh lucky you Bogeyi....hope you win.......

          sounds like fun too me.....good luck....

joystik (281 )    8:18 pm, 29 Jun

 3709.         Hey Joystik

          So how's you hair holding up? Do you mind sharing? I was lucky - mine didn't fall out till after round 2. Its looking better by the day now I'm pleased to say - have decided its getting close to decent. Brent and I have just decided that we'll have a quick holiday this month - Aussie or Fiji. Must make sure I'm back before the 26th Paula ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:02 pm, 29 Jun

 3710.      bump

          hugs to all

trishm (34 )    9:02 pm, 29 Jun

 3711.         Ohhh sonia, my brain....I was meaning to ask you

          about hair. No mine hasn't started to fall out yet, but I have just noticed over the past couple of days, that my hair hurts!! You know what I mean?? Its not so much my head as my hair! Sounds a bit ga ga doesn't it?? Was it like that for you before yours fell out? They told me it would go about 21 days, which will be next thursday. How long did it take before yours had all fallen out?? One lady there yesterday said hers started to fall so she got a Number 2 but it never all fell so now she has a very sparse number 2 all over. Mine feels lke its just waiting to come out......

joystik (281 )    9:49 pm, 29 Jun

 3712.         Paula, hope you have a lovely time at the concert.

          I would go for the supper!! Sounds delicious. Were you making the caramel slice?? Bit of a cook are you?? I used to do home baking all the time but the more I baked, the more we all ate!! And I always made all the yummy suff that we all oved, like Ginger crunch, Raspbery cream slice, Louise cake, Neenish tarts, Muffins for africa. Weightwachers almost got 3 lifetime members.

joystik (281 )    9:53 pm, 29 Jun

 3713.         Sonia, you have got quite a list of supplements...

          a few of them are what we are taking here too. Kevin and Lauren are taking them all the same as me, especially the CAA, Coral C Calcuim, and the CoQ10+Omega3, then I take flax seed oil, Vitamin C and Iron. I feel great and some of it must be from the supplements. I dont think Chemo is renowned to make you feel great?? Your dinner sounded really yummy Sonia - I love home made soup and we have it often in the winter.

joystik (281 )    9:56 pm, 29 Jun

 3714.         So are you wearing your wig at all now Sonia???

          Or just going with your hair now? I think it looks lovely in the pic I have sitting in front of my computer. It suits you short just as well as it did long. I wonder if it will stay a bit curly?? Mine has so many grey ones in it now,, it will look really grey when it comes back. Some of the older ladies at Look Good - Feel Better yesterday, didn't even have wigs! They were completely hairless and just had a wee cap of whatever on. Very brave I thought

joystik (281 )    10:00 pm, 29 Jun

 3715.         Yes Joystik I had sore hair too!

          (Hair follicles actually, but felt like the hair) Apparently that doesn't happen for everyone, but it happened to me, bigtime! I made the mistake of headshaving after about 1/2 the hair fell out. Why did I regret the shave? Well, afterwards the hair stubble felt like knives when I lay down at night etc. So I attacked my head with parcel tape - pulling out all the loose hairs I could (glad no one was watching that show!!!). That felt better, but if I ever have to do this again in the future, I WILL NOT be head shaving!!!

soniat-d (153 )    10:02 pm, 29 Jun

 3716.      Cont'd...

          So my advice, don't headshave, put up with the stragglers (I thought it might look better bald, but no!). By all means cut it shorter, but make sure you have a good inch or so left on each hair shaft - enough for it to lie across the head when you lie down, rather than only being able to stick up. I think its the hair follicle thats sore, which is why the hair stubble hurt sooooo much when pillow pressure was applied to it. The follicles will be sore for a while I'm sorry to say. ((((hugs)))) it will pass in a few weeks hopefully.

soniat-d (153 )    10:03 pm, 29 Jun

 3717.         The holiday sounds like a lovely idea. I am

          supposed to collect up some forms from the travel agent to renew Kevin and My passports - they expired last July. I renewed Laurens but didnt do ours and now the price has doubled!! Lauens had a baby pic in it and was so cute. Where do you think you will go? We think we will go to Perth as we have friends there and one of Kevins sons is there also. Might go via Norolk Island one way, so as to see Kevins Aunty who has lived there for years and is now 96.

joystik (281 )    10:04 pm, 29 Jun

 3718.         Hi Joystik ;o)

          Well I'm headcovering free in the house now, unless its cold. So glad I coloured it - looks good :o) Trendy wooly hats if cold. Going out (its cold) so wear my wig then. If it were summer, Id probably be ditching the wig altogether about now. Yeeha! That'll be you soon enough ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:05 pm, 29 Jun

 3719.         Yes I was stunned at everyone turning up bald

          at my course - I thought "I'll NEVER do that!" and I haven't! Yep, it is brave, but for me it wasn't lack of bravery, rather pride in appearance ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:07 pm, 29 Jun

 3720.         Fiji is most likely

          Warmer! Also have cousing living there building a resort so can get good deals we believe on the fab new resort - about to send an email off - gotta get cracking! Got to get it over before the ultrasound in 8 weeks ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:09 pm, 29 Jun

 3721.         Thanks for that Sonia, I thought thats probably...

          what it was all about. The back of my head is fine but the top mainly and a bit on the sides is quite hurty at times. Lots of people say just shave it off, but I remember what you said about shaving and I think that would be worse than this. Its quite short now - about 1 1/2 - 2 inches all over, so I'm just gunna leave it at that and let it drop out everywhere. The oncology nurse said once it starts to fall, it will only take a coule of days before its all out. The prickle thing doesnt really appeal to me...

joystik (281 )    10:09 pm, 29 Jun

 3722.         evening everyone

          well it was a fun night.Ryan to had sore hair and when we shaved it he said it was prickly and worse.He didnt like it when it fell out as it goes everywhere and made him itchy.

bogeyi (482 )    10:09 pm, 29 Jun

 3723.         Meridian

          I hope it all goes well for you. How many children do you have? Chin up.

boop2 (106 )    10:10 pm, 29 Jun

 3724.      Oh, no my hair is straightening ;o)

          Much happier about that! Has a curl round the lower back though!

soniat-d (153 )    10:10 pm, 29 Jun

 3725.         Yes for me it would be a pride thing too I afraid.

          I would be the first to admit that there is nothing fabulous about looking at a bald woman who looks sick as well, like most of these woman did yesterday!! I wouldn't go to the dairy even without hair!! The lady next to me was quite 'butch' and she said 'ahhh stuff it - i dont care what people think'. But to me its not about what other peple think, its more about how I feel about my self and how I look.

joystik (281 )    10:12 pm, 29 Jun

 3726.      Yep the hair on lower back of my head

          was the last to go and the very front. Top, sides and upper back of head went first. You sound just like me LOL! ((((hugs)))) Joystik, glad I could help you with that - noone told me not to shave, wished they had!

soniat-d (153 )    10:13 pm, 29 Jun

 3727.         Hi joystick

          Wondered if you got them they are so nice . I love them with icing sugar and icecream. If you leave them in a fruit bowl on the bench or somewhere they will ripen up real good.Tomorrow is a big day for you will be thinking of you. Love Bet

boop2 (106 )    10:14 pm, 29 Jun

 3728.         Much the same thing for me as going out without

          make-up on. I have never done that either. Some days I put on make up just to mow the lawn, but its what i'm used too. I was amazed at the ladies there yesterday that had no idea about how to put makeup on. Almost like they ar from anothe planet to me, or perhaps its me thats from the other planet. Thanks for all your helpful advice Sonia....Big hugs to you....

joystik (281 )    10:17 pm, 29 Jun

 3729.         Exactly joystik ;o)

          I've often said I forget at times what I'm dealing with (even when sick from chemo) but when I looked in the mirror - yikes! It all came home to hit me. That was only after shower, before putting something on. I decided to just not look in the mirror till covered! I seriously recommend you get some cotton seamless as possible beanies. Most comfortable on the sensitive head. I then put a lovely silk scarf over the top, pretty dangly earring and makeup and voila! I looked gorgeous ;o) (No modesty required when compared to the canvas I started with LOL)

soniat-d (153 )    10:17 pm, 29 Jun

 3730.         sonia , where do you get all that energy?

          Lovely soup and stew you can't beat it.Men are sooks when they are ill I think they moan a lot more than the fairer sex.Hope everyone is better tomorrow. Take care.

boop2 (106 )    10:19 pm, 29 Jun

 3731.         Yummy Bet, I will be ready for a bowl of them

          when I get home from hospital tomorrow night seeing as I cant eat after 7am!! I will feel like me throat has been cut as well. Don't think the anorexia will set in during the day though. Plenty of reserves on this chick!! You are lovely Bet and very thoughtful. Hope you have left some windows for tomorrow. Supposed to be a sunny day here. Big hugs to you too.....

joystik (281 )    10:20 pm, 29 Jun

 3732.      LOL Joystik

          I'm on your planet now! I used to only do eyebrow pencil and mascara (religiously though). Now I have replaced mascara with eyeliner (eyelashes just growing back now - about 2 or 3mm long) and eyeshadow - a new discovery for me and I LOVE it! Mine are smokey grey and pink and silvery tan base. Also a bit of foundation and a flick of blush. I have looked better during chemo and till now than for years LOL You're welcome Joystik, so glad I can help - nighty nite - best of luck 4 tomorrow xoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    10:23 pm, 29 Jun

 3733.         Yes another lady yesterday had a wee soft beanie..

          from Kathmandu. It was lovely and soft and she said she would have frozen to death if she hadn't worn a hat. She had a lovely coloures scarf tied over the top and once she had her makeup on, she look absolutely stunning. She was a maori woman slightly older than me and another one that had never worn makeup. She truly looked beautiful and yet look positively sickly when she arrived, but no sign of it when she left. Where did you get lovely scarves fom?? I havent seen any in town, but then I haven't really looked either.

joystik (281 )    10:25 pm, 29 Jun

 3734.         joystick it was my pleasure

          I just felt you deserved a treat .The front of our house has actually got a bit of a shine to it now, much better.

boop2 (106 )    10:25 pm, 29 Jun

 3735.      I think its all the supplements I'm on now boop2

          The stew is soooo easy, as is the soup. The soup is super-fast, put all the veges through the foodprocessor on the grate setting add to boiling water with beef stock, add pasta when boiling - ready in 10 mins. yummm ;o) Was my staple when chemoing, couldn't stomach much else ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:26 pm, 29 Jun

 3736.         Thanks have a good sleep too...

          I will let you know later tomorrow how I get on. They thought I could be there til 6pm. Good nite - sweet dreams.....

joystik (281 )    10:27 pm, 29 Jun

 3737.         Sweet dreams to you too Boop,......

          you will sleep like a baby after all the work you have done.. Nite nite...

joystik (281 )    10:28 pm, 29 Jun

 3738.         poor wee joshi

          are his spots itchy Paula? He seems to be going through the mill at the moment. Tell him I am thinking of him and looking forward to his holiday which is going to be so great for him. Hugs to you Paula

boop2 (106 )    10:29 pm, 29 Jun

 3739.      From that US website ;o)

 I can loan you mine if you like ;o) I mean that - mine were gorgeous. My fave was the leopard skin one (sounds dramatic but its lovely) and soft pink, purple and blue ones ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:29 pm, 29 Jun

3740.      Hey all,

          Am home tonight, left Briyanna with mum, had a slight breakdown this afternoon. One of the little boys that Briyanna has been quite close to during her hospital stays passed away this morning. He had wilms. So a million thoughts have been going through my mind all day. Briyanna is so tired and not looking like the little girl in the photos from Christmas last year. Thinking and praying for you all as always.

twinkies_pn (0)    10:31 pm, 29 Jun

 3741.      Bogey, have a feeling you are

          going to win the jackpot tonight.Here's hoping. That was too young to die, how sad.Hugs

boop2 (106 )    10:32 pm, 29 Jun

 3742.      Bogeyi, that is interesting about Ryan having

          sore hair too. I wont be doing the shaving thing, not after hearing your and Sonias coments on the subject. Glad you enjoyed your night out!! Bit of fun aye?? Did Ryan have platelets or blood today?? Sorry about your wee friend that died. Kevins daughter died nearly 6 years ago, and she was 27, but it was very sudden and unexpected, and takes a lot of coming to terms with. Hugs to you Bogeyi.....take care of yourself wont you, while you are busy being a Mum and caring for everyone else. Nite nite....

joystik (281 )    10:33 pm, 29 Jun

 3743.      Awww Twinkies - (((( hugs )))))

          You've had a rough day like bogeyi - when reality hits its scary - doesn't mean its briyannas fate though - please remember that xoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    10:33 pm, 29 Jun

 3744.      Boop2

          I have two children (5 and 10) of my own but I spend my day caring for 3 preschoolers. Great job! Hope everything goes well tomorrow joystick! I will keep checking back here and keep you updated with how things are going for me. Sleep well everybody! xxx

meridian1 (293 )    10:35 pm, 29 Jun

 3745.      OK I'm off to get those dishes done and lights out

          But before I go here's an awesome article I was reading tonight Antioxidants and effect on chemo and radiotherapy.

soniat-d (153 )    10:36 pm, 29 Jun

 3746.   'Night Meridian

          Sleep well, look forward to talking with you again soon ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:36 pm, 29 Jun

 3747.      Oh twinkies I'm sorry you are having a rough time.

          Its just deadful when these diseases claim wee peoples lives. Briyanna will be fine and i am thinking of you all and praying for her. She is in good hands, but of course the treatment will take its toll on the wee dot. Life is just not fair so many times is it. You have a good sleep tonight and things will seem better tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all there.....Shes a very brave wee girl and you are a great Mummy too....

joystik (281 )    10:38 pm, 29 Jun

 3748.   hey

          I'm back, glad I wore the waterproof mascara tonight!!! I didnt think it was going to be that hard. But OMG seeing him up on the stage just broke my heart all over again. I kept saying to myself this is good, look hes up there like the other children, up with Cass, where he should be. But he kept looking at me smiling and its so hard!!! Sorry to be sad. I am just so proud of him!! He is amazing. Ran off the stage at one part before singing to have his puffer then up he went again. It was so cool!!!!

paulaxx (76 )    10:38 pm, 29 Jun

3749.      Hi meridian, thanks for you kind thoughts....

          I'm sure it will all go fine. I will be thinking about you too as you undergo your tests. Are you a caregiver for Kids Start?? I used to be a few years ago and just loved it. I had the best bunch of kids, and parents ever. They all still keep in touch even today. Take care and have a good sleep....Hugs to you too....

joystik (281 )    10:41 pm, 29 Jun

 3750.      Joystik

          Joshi had sore HAIR too. When his fell out completely it was sensitive, well you know what I mean. So instead of shaving it off at that stage I washed it everynight! We made jokes in the bath about his hairy chest. It was cute. Took the whole falling out thing and made it a laugh for him. I cant imagine what its like for all. You are all so amazing!!!!

paulaxx (76 )    10:42 pm, 29 Jun

 3751.      Awww Paula

          Tears of pride ((((hugs)))) thats cool. I'd be balling too! What a great mum you are. He's such an awesome boy - can't wait to meet him! xoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    10:43 pm, 29 Jun

 3752.      Another hero in the making....hes a great boy...

          and no wonder you are proud of him Paula. He's just lovely and you are such a great family. Hope he is feeling better tonight, and his spots are better too, otherwise I might get to see him tomorrow!! I have to be in at 11am so I will have to crack up the pace and get going in the morning. Love and hugs to you all and take care of that lovely boy....and Cass too of course.....they are very special...nite nite.

joystik (281 )    10:45 pm, 29 Jun

 3753.   Twinkies

          I know its hard, just like Bogeys day, I found out last week that two of the boys I knew from Christchurch passed away from Leukaemia and another one is on her way(different Cancer). Its hard because this was happening a lot before Cancer even came into our lives but now its real people and children that we have met, its become reality.Im sorry you've had a hard time lately. Thinking of you with love and hugs

paulaxx (76 )    10:47 pm, 29 Jun

 3754.      Must be that most people get sore hair then.......

          my head has never been sensitive, but it is now. Rohan the Oncology nurse said not to pull my hair out becausethat irritates the folicules badly. So I wont be doing that. Thanks so much for the offer of the scarves Sonia, I may well take you up o that offer yet!! You're so sweet and lovely too.....

joystik (281 )    10:48 pm, 29 Jun

 3755.   Hey Sonia

          Thanks. Yes it was so cool. Cant wait to meet you!!!!!!!!!! How exciting Fiji. Sounds awesome. Be just what you all need! Love to you my friend xo

paulaxx (76 )    10:48 pm, 29 Jun

 3756.      Nanite

          Joystik, I will phone them tomorrow - if we dont see you all the best for everything. Take care Love and (((((HUGS))))) to you xoxo

paulaxx (76 )    10:50 pm, 29 Jun

 3757.      I think thats when it hits home the hardest, when

          it becomes people, that are real people to you, that are losing their lives. Sad, very sad and I feel for you all in that situation..

joystik (281 )    10:50 pm, 29 Jun

 3758.      Maewest where are you?? Working I suppose and

          too busy t be here. Goodnite and sweet dreams to you too....

joystik (281 )    10:51 pm, 29 Jun

 3759.      hi joystick

          I'm with Porse. I have great families as well - I love it!! Thanks to you guys I have cheered up heaps. It's nice not to have to put on a brave face. Bed for me now - nite nite :-)

meridian1 (293 )    10:51 pm, 29 Jun

 3760.      Sonia

          Thanks for saying that about the gums. I didnt know that can be a side effect. I showed Chris tonight and I wont tell you what he said lol. Hope your cold is heaps better, feeling the sand between your toes, watching the sun setting paddling in the warm water - oh man I wanna go too. We are saving for a holiday too, might be a while yet but its exciting just thinking about it.

paulaxx (76 )    10:53 pm, 29 Jun

 3761.      Yeah,

          This afternoon I've been down in the dumps realising the possibility that I could lose Briyanna. I picked up my sword (as Luke would say) again tonight and will go back tomorrow morning and stay with Briyanna till we get rid of this monster. I cut Briyanna's hair short but didn't shave it. She's had no probs with sore hair as far as I know anyway. She's slowly losing it :(

twinkies_pn (0)    10:53 pm, 29 Jun

 3762.      Twinkies

          Tomorrow is a new day. Try and get some sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow thinking one more day closer to the end of the treatment and Briyanna being all better. Easier said than done when you are watching and in the hospital all the time. But keep your chin up we are here for you (((((hugs)))))

paulaxx (76 )    10:59 pm, 29 Jun

 3763.      Boop

          Wow lots of messages tonight, I had a bit of reading to do to catch up. yes Joshis spots are itchy.But not all the time. just the odd one. It looks like flea bites, but they arent! No fleas. No-one else has any bites so its a mystery.Thanks for your loving words. Means so much to us. xo Hope you have a lovely nights sleep and a good day tomorrow.

paulaxx (76 )    11:02 pm, 29 Jun

 3764.   OMG

          Look at the time, nearly pumpkin hour. Better go and get some sleep. Thinking of you all with admiration and love. Till next time nanite xxxxxxxx

paulaxx (76 )    11:03 pm, 29 Jun

 3765.      Hey there again sonia-d

          Hows it all going with the cancer.I hope you are getting better and the fighting is going well. You are so from our houehold again.

globalandworlds (4)    11:10 pm, 29 Jun

3766.   Cheers Globalandworlds

          Just popped back in briefly b4 bed (hi all - what are you all doing up #slaps# LOL). I'm pretty good thanks - lumps still there godammit but they seem to be shrinking. Fingers crossed! Thanks for posting :o)

soniat-d (153 )    11:22 pm, 29 Jun

 3767.      A quick good morning from me

          I'm just about to fly out the door to work. Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. Had my boss's funeral yesterday. It was a morning funeral and got home around 6pm. Needless to say, I was in bed early!Glad it is all over. I will catch up on all the postings tonight. Joystik all the best for today. Hope the bloods are all good. Have a lovely day everyone. XOXO

maewest (75 )    7:11 am, 30 Jun

 3768.     joystik all the best for today will be thinking of

          you.Paula you must be so proud of josh, as sick as they are they just want to be normal and I know from experience that it takes alot of effort from our kids to join in and keep the pace....WTG josh. Twinkies im sorry you had a rough day, hope today is a good day for you all.Hi sonia hows the household today?.Boop thanks for the wishes hope you have a good day.

bogeyi (482 )    8:03 am, 30 Jun

 3769.     Joystik all the best

          getting that port in today. I dashed home late last night as Miss16 was playing her last time for the school house choirs... glad I did as she took away cup for best accompanist again. Away back to Dunedin this morning for todays blast and home again tonight when I will have a catch up read. They have machine maintenance next Friday so yah get a long weekend! Passed my Bar Managers licence at Polytech so stoked about that too. Road was really dicey on Monday when I went down. For those that know the area I just crawled down Kilmog and off motorway! Had rain yesterday and clear today so hope no ice this morning. Have a good day everyone.

landylass (47 )    8:45 am, 30 Jun

 3770.     Good to hear from you Landylass :o)

          Hope radiation's going well ;o) I'm amazed at my back, the second lot of radiation went all the way through me, and I have the exact shape of it as a tan on my back - amazing! Have a safe trip and talk to you on the weekend ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:48 am, 30 Jun

 3771.   Hi Bogeyi and Maewest

          Girls on the mend - off at school and creche today, they were right as rain yesterday afternoon and I felt like a fraud having kept them home LOL. I've got it still, not too bad at all, just runny nose and phlemmy cough. Should be right by tonight. Brent is good, no complaints from him , thats a first ;o) Guess seeing me with that second lot of chemo put illness into perspective for him LOL

soniat-d (153 )    8:51 am, 30 Jun

 3772.     Good morning all....up early to have my breakfast

          by 7.15am!! Going to jump in the shower now and then off to town about 10, to be there by 11am for bloods and then Action about 1.30pm hopefully. Will be pleased to have this done and then No more operations for me thanks!! Thanks for all your happy thoughts and kind wishes too. Have a great day everyone and hugs to you all....

joystik (281 )    8:56 am, 30 Jun

 3773.     Ohh landylass, lovely to see you again on here....

          bet you were a very proud Mum too last night at house choirs. Well done to your daughter. Glad the Radiotherapy is going well for you. Congratulations on passing your Bar Managers Licence, thats great news. Take care on the roads wont you. We had rain yesterday, but a wee frost this morning so that makes for icy roads. Hugs to you and see you later on.

joystik (281 )    8:59 am, 30 Jun

 3774.     Hi maewest, good to see you, I missed you!!.....

          hope today is a beter day, and for you too bogeyi and Twinkies too. Hi Sonia,glad the little girls are better today. Now its just you to get better, and especially before your holiday. Hi Paula and Josh. Hope Josh is feeling better today. Take care and keep warm everyone. Beautiful sunny day here today....Love and hugs everyone....

joystik (281 )    9:01 am, 30 Jun

 3775.     Morning

          Joystik - all the best for today. no news from hospital... will ring them I think! Bogey - thanks,you said it. Have a nice day

paulaxx (76 )    9:05 am, 30 Jun

 3776.     Sonia

          Goodmorning, glad you all well on the mend. Great, must be all that TLC you dish out an dthe soup and stew of course!!!! Keep me posted on your holiday plans - Im excited for you! (((((Hugs)))))

paulaxx (76 )    9:06 am, 30 Jun

 3777.     Landylass

          HI, Congratulations, next time we come through your way, might be something a bit stronger to wet the whistle eh???? Glad your treatment going ok. Been thinking of you heaps. xo

paulaxx (76 )    9:07 am, 30 Jun

 3778.     Maewest

          That was a long day. Hope you had a good nights sleep. Have a lovely day xo

paulaxx (76 )    9:09 am, 30 Jun

 3779.   Hi Paula :o)

          We decided last week we're going to aim for the week after Brents birthday in August so leaving around 12th August. Will depend on flights and accomm - Fiji definately the plan - woohoo! Can't wait!

soniat-d (153 )    9:15 am, 30 Jun

 3780.     Damn Brent called and Emily coughing away again

          Guess I'll have to give her heaps of cuddles again this morning - what a pian ;o) LOL Shame she's not fixed but she's soooo cuddly like this, its devine :o) ave a good day all

soniat-d (153 )    9:20 am, 30 Jun

 3781.     Typo city LOL

          Sorry 'bout that. Hi Joystik - best wishes for today :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:21 am, 30 Jun

 3782.   Hi yawhwat

          Come on in and say hi - vent away!

soniat-d (153 )    9:37 am, 30 Jun

 3783.   Oh hey Joystik

          Bit late now LOL but I found out the name of my wig - its "Date" 6836 ;o) Getting mine serviced next Wednesday ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:48 am, 30 Jun

 3784.     Hi everyone

          I hope you are all feeling well this morning. Sending out warm wishes and gentle cyber-hugs to you all!

meridian1 (293 )    11:28 am, 30 Jun

 3785.     Sonia

          Oh poor Em the wee button, it is lovely when they are all cuddly and snuggly. Not fair that they arent well tho! August - wonderful. Hope you are having a lovely day.

paulaxx (76 )    11:30 am, 30 Jun

 3786.     hello all. my name is Angie and i have cancer..

          lol sorry it just occurred to me that i sound like I'm at an AA meeting. Ive just spent the last 6 weeks in hospital and its so good to be home in my own space.Ive come to grips with the fact that i have this thing inside me but I'm determined it wont beat me.the surgeon's took away 8 inches of my bowel several inches of my stomach and the stomach sack ovaries and uterus and some of the stomach lining so everything that could go has gone.the good news for me was that the liver was clear .now i just wait to heal and then start the chemo.on wards and up wards i guess .

yawhwat (53 )    11:38 am, 30 Jun

 3787.     Angie, wow

          It's always hard to know what to say. You sound so strong and positive and that is what you need to kick this monster in the butt! I hope you are being well looked after while you heal. Love to you!

meridian1 (293 )    11:49 am, 30 Jun

 3788.     Sonia

          I know what you mean about the lovely snuggly cuddles your wee ones give when they are unwell. I kind of re-affirms how much they need you. Nothing like Mummy when they are unwell - I hope she's feeling better soon. My appointment for the ultra-sound is at 4.30pm Monday. They willl biopsy then if they need to as well.

meridian1 (293 )    11:54 am, 30 Jun

 3790.            Angie

          Thats wicked, you have been through a lot. Glad you are home now. Hope you have lots of people making you feel special. Keep up the wonderul attitude.

paulaxx (76 )    12:21 pm, 30 Jun

 3791.                  Meridian

          Hi, hope you are having a nice day today.

paulaxx (76 )    12:24 pm, 30 Jun

 3792.            Angie

          Loving thoughts to you. Share your feelings with us, there are hundreds of us who watch this thread continually.

dize5 (455 )    12:33 pm, 30 Jun

 3793.            Hi Paula

          Yes thanks - I'm having a good day. My Porse kiddies are down having their naps now. It is so great that you guys are here. I followed pomegals posts and was so relieved for her when her results came through. Unfortunately I miss alot of what goes on in here - you only have to miss a day or two and you can be totally out of the loop - like missing an episode of your fav TV show.

meridian1 (293 )    12:39 pm, 30 Jun

 3794.            Hi Sonia - lovely idea of

          a holiday in Fiji, I just love it there, so beautiful. Reading your post re make-up, have you tried Loreal "Volume Shocking" mascara, it really makes the most of what you've got, My eyelashes have always been flea bitten looking LOL! and this actually makes me look like I've got lashes!! Have a lovely weekend all!

solarouge (46 )    12:43 pm, 30 Jun

 3795.                  meridian

          I know what you mean. Its incredible how fast this thread grows. Its been such a comfort to me. Porse? Im not sure what that is - sorry???

paulaxx (76 )    12:53 pm, 30 Jun

 3796.            Sorry Paula

          Porse is a Childcare service. I am what they call a Home Educator (flash name aye!) Porse only deals with in-home care. Fabulous organisation and I have a fabulous job!

meridian1 (293 )    12:58 pm, 30 Jun

 3797.                  meridian

          You are one of those very special people. Glad you love your job! Thats great! Tis a flash title. I'd be proud too. Take care

paulaxx (76 )    12:59 pm, 30 Jun

 3798.                  LOL Meridian

          Like missing your favourite TV show?! What a classic! I know what you mean though LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    1:03 pm, 30 Jun

 3799.            Thanks Paula

          You take care to! Give your Josh an extra hug from me please - he sounds like a real trooper! I have missed most of your/his story, so I don't know what his monster is, or how old he is - but I can tell he is a treasure that you are extremely proud of.

meridian1 (293 )    1:03 pm, 30 Jun

 3800.             Well aren't you a clever thing Meridian?!

          What a great job - its great that you love it - so important. I only had two jobs I didn't love - and for those two didn't hang around long ;o) How are you feeling about things today? You're sounding positive and happy :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:05 pm, 30 Jun

3801.         Here's Johi's story Meridian

soniat-d (153 )    1:07 pm, 30 Jun

 3802.      Yeah Sonia

          and there are so many posts that catching up isn't an option when my kids are around needing my attention for this and that. My only chance is when my littlies are napping during the day, and when my kids are in bed at night (but then hubby gets jealous LOL). I really should be doing vacuuming or something right now - but hey, that will wait.

meridian1 (293 )    1:08 pm, 30 Jun

 3803.      well we are home and ryan dosent need blood

          or platelets so hopefully we can stay away till thursday. I forgot to tell you guys with all thats been going on the last couple of days, Ryan received a package from the managing director of xbox it was full of all sorts of goodies 8 games, shirts,caps,swaetbands,key rings,bag tags, soccer ball and a personal letter from him, it bought back a sparkle in ryans eye we dont get to see often now, hes was sooooooooooo happy.

bogeyi (482 )    1:08 pm, 30 Jun

 3804.         Wow angie - 6 weeks in hospital

          Goodness you will be relieved to be home! How are you feeling? Its amazing how the body can adjust, even when all your "spare parts" are taken out. Fight the fight, attitude is everything ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:09 pm, 30 Jun

3805.      Awwww cool bogeyi

          What a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mum - you made his day as much as xbox did ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:11 pm, 30 Jun

 3806.      Sonia

          thanks for Joshi's website. What a darling boy.

meridian1 (293 )    1:36 pm, 30 Jun

 3807.      I am feeling more positive Sonia

          What ever will be will be. I haven't been dealt anything I can't handle yet - and you are right, there is no point stressing out until I know whether I have anything to stress out about.

meridian1 (293 )    1:44 pm, 30 Jun

 3808.      thanks sonia, hes playing games now

          one happy wee boy.

bogeyi (482 )    1:46 pm, 30 Jun

 3809.         Bogeyi

          OMG - that is so cool. He deserves it. Great, tell him we think thats the best!!!!! Great about his bloods today too. :o)

paulaxx (76 )    2:32 pm, 30 Jun

 3810.         meridian

          Thanks for your kind words about my/our boy. He is very cool!!!! ;o)

paulaxx (76 )    2:33 pm, 30 Jun

 3811.      well I'm feeling a little better

          every day and cant wait to get on with my life.I'm 49 yrs old with alot of life ahead of me.sometimes i get thinking about what if but then i push it away i just cant allow myself to even go there.wonder if I'm burying my head in the sand but its the only way i know to get through this.

yawhwat (53 )    2:46 pm, 30 Jun

 3812.      So at the moment there is no visible cancer left

          in you yawhwat? I have about 12 lumps in me and my bloods are still saying everything's fine ;o) It's funny how when I first got BC last year I demanded it out IMMEDIATELY and my mind ran riot etc, and now I'm like "hmmm so have they shrunk today?". Cancer is quite a journey, and an education! You'll be on with life soon I'm sure. Positive attitude and determination will get you there faster :o) Take care of you ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:34 pm, 30 Jun

 3813.      BAD NEWS

          My best friends wife just came home today.She has cancer on her left breast.Few lumps. Family all a mess.Hope they all hang in there well.Sonia again you are strong and the Lord is watching over you.

globalandworlds (4)    3:42 pm, 30 Jun

3814.      Hi there Globalandworlds

          Well thats bad news - but depends on size and aggression of lumps. Hope they don't panic too much till its necessary... Breast cancer is one of the most survivable cancers - I know heaps of women who have gone on to old age without any recurrances etc. Its a shock when you find those lumps though - no doubt about it. Is it confirmed as cancer?

soniat-d (153 )    4:09 pm, 30 Jun

 3815.      bumping

          cause i can.

bogeyi (482 )    4:44 pm, 30 Jun

 3816.      Hi ladies, I'm back!!........

          Went in and had the bloods done at 10.45, then striaght up to day Surgery. After waiting almost an hour, the IV Nurse, Peter, came in and said they had to wait for my Full blood count to come back from the Lab, but the machine that reads it was on the blink. So about 1/2hour later, I was taken into the changing room to do the paper work and get into the theatre gear. Then I was walking down with Kevin and the Theatre nurse, when IV Nurse appeared and said No Sorry, Not Today!! My nuetrafils were at 0.4 and need to be at 2.0+for surgery!! So I got back into my clothes, had a nice cuppa tea and sandwiches courtesy of Southland Health, and came on home. They think now I will have it done on the acute list next friday and they will transfuse the chemo thru it as soon as its in!! Bit of an anti climax to the day but there are worse things in life!!

joystik (281 )    4:47 pm, 30 Jun

 3817.      Hi Bogeyi, so pleased for Ryan....he's one boy....

          That certainly deserves treats of all kinds. Pleased he's having a great time with his package of goodies. That was a great thing for X-Box to do too I think.

joystik (281 )    4:49 pm, 30 Jun

 3818.      Hi Paula, no sign of you at Kew today....and I

          looked everywhere for you too. Even arrived early just in case you were there. I think it will be tuesday and fiday for me next week now....

joystik (281 )    4:50 pm, 30 Jun

 3819.      SNAP!!! wig is the same as yours....

          except a different combo of shades, more into the reddish browns and coppers and blonde streaks!! Fancy that aye, out of all the choices there were. Hope you are all feeling much better today. So much happens on here in a day, like some one else said, if you miss a day it like missing an episode of your favoutite programme. Thats so true.

joystik (281 )    4:53 pm, 30 Jun

 3820.      oh joystik what a bummer

          always a pain when you prep yourself an operation and then its cancelled.

bogeyi (482 )    4:56 pm, 30 Jun

 3821.      Hi glodalandworlds.....sorry to hear about your

          friend, but as others have said, just because its cancer that doesnt mean a death sentence. I have cancer and I am certainly not going to die for a long time yet..not til I am really old and growly! You have to think positive and look for the good in everything, and stay away from negativity. So much can be done for cancer, especially Breast, now days. There is heaps of hope. Dont look to far ahead, and stay positive..Hugs to you and your friend...

joystik (281 )    4:57 pm, 30 Jun

 3822.         Hey Bogey

          Hows your day been otherwise???

paulaxx (76 )    5:12 pm, 30 Jun

 3823.      Joystik

          I waited all day for the phone to ring, cos something said dont phone them... kinda thought that we'd be in that car and meeting up with you today. No - well I was out getting the eggs with Cass around 4ish, Chris said hospital on the phone.They do want to do bloods for Josh before he has his visit Wed.So Im sorry you went early especially (just in case).You have been in my thoughts all day. I looked at the clock and wondered several times, whether you would be asleep yet or in recovery?? Blast those neutraphils! Better to be safe. So you are neutrapenic at the moment.Hows your cold??Take it easy tonight. love Paula and Josh

paulaxx (76 )    5:16 pm, 30 Jun

 3824.      hi paula,

          Ryans good thanks hes emerged from his room for a breather and then gone Hows josh feeling today?

bogeyi (482 )    5:23 pm, 30 Jun

 3825.         Hi Bogeyi

          Josh okish. Rash on tummy now like a series of red hive like spots?? I looked up the internet red gums and methotrexate came up, interesting reading. Like Sonia said side effect? Joshis nurse said it could be a mucosa???? Just glad the hosp ph'd to see how he was cos, hes also had aching joints etc.My mind goes into overdrive sometimes. Glad to hear you guys ok. Sounds like you had a fun night last night...

paulaxx (76 )    5:29 pm, 30 Jun

 3826.         LOL Joystik

          Mine is reddish with coppery streaks too ;o) For some reason looks almost honeyish in my peb pics... but its not! Its a cool wig - like minds eh?!

soniat-d (153 )    5:36 pm, 30 Jun

 3827.      Hi Paula

          So did they say the red gums are OK? Mine didn't go really red but they receded and got tender. Hope the rash isn't anything major. Sorry to hear he's still in the wars - hope it clears up soon xoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    5:37 pm, 30 Jun

 3828.      Joystik you must be a little disappointed

          about the op not proceeding. I kinda know the feeling when I called in expecting to go to chemo that afternoon and it was postponed cos of low bloods - its like my own boby was letting my future down!?! Not! Just happens, sorry to hear that though ((((hugs)))) So when are you rescheduling?

soniat-d (153 )    5:51 pm, 30 Jun

 3829.         Hey Sonia

          Thanks hun. Well the nurse mentioned something about mucosa???? for the gums. I dont know. We shall see if the rash hasnt cleared up by next week. Might just be one of those mysteries, like when we in Christchurch Joshi peed blood for over a week. Couldnt understand or explain that either it was awful!! I still think you are on to it with the gum thing being a side effect! You really are getting very well educated in this topic. You are a great support to all. Love and hugs xo

paulaxx (76 )    6:01 pm, 30 Jun

 3830.         My typos keep on coming LOL

          That should've read WEB pics Joystik ;o) LOL Hi Paula, yep chemo really mucks the body up, wish it wasn't happening to Joshi... Have to say my radiated area feels plain wierd now - think its been radiated to the max all right, sometimes feels like its seperate and could just fall off! Other times feels really swollen but its not, etc etc. Hope that clears with time. Any of you women able to tell me if it will? #shrugs# Yep Paula, I feel like I know it all re chemo LOL Sure I don't though, only my own experience!?! There are many different chemos out there, its amazing... Hope you have a great evening and that Joshi has a decent sleep tonight. I'm willing those spots away... if all our wishes could clear them away they'd be long gone! We think of him constantly (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    6:15 pm, 30 Jun

 3831.      Hi Karen here.

          Paula,May i ask what your little boy has.Sounds pretty serious.How old is he.Poor thing i hope he is getting better.Isnt Sonia just to gorgeous she is just awesome i reckon.Just such a dol i think.She just does so well.God Bless her.

globalandworlds (4)    6:19 pm, 30 Jun

 3832.      Hi Sonia Karen here

          Hows it going there dear.Im useing my good friends tm account.I love the community part.How are you going and coping.I use his tm account quite often.My sisters oldest child who is 4 has leukimia,Sorry bout the spelling if it is incorrect.He has had it for a few years i think.Sad but they battle quite often.SO do you have a family.If so they must be so wonderful.Mind you i have heard alot about you.You are quite famous all over the country.Well my family are here with you always.Love From Karen.

globalandworlds (4)    6:41 pm, 30 Jun

 3833.      Sonia

          You really are such a darling. Willing Joshi's spots away. The same goes here with you my friend. If our intention to heal everyone was as powerful as the action/treatment, there would be no sickness, and you most certainly wouldnt have been given what you have!! You are so special to us! xo Youre never far from our thoughts

paulaxx (76 )    7:42 pm, 30 Jun

 3834.      Karen

          Hi, Josh has Leukaemia. He is just going through a bit of a rough patch which it sounds like you understand. Thanks for your concern

paulaxx (76 )    7:43 pm, 30 Jun

 3835.         Oh Karen - I agree

          SONIA IS AMAZING!!! ONE IN A MILLION! ONE OF THOSE EARTH ANGELS. Hope she knows how much she means to everyone on here. ;o)

paulaxx (76 )    7:45 pm, 30 Jun

 3836.      Hi Paula

          I do hope Joshi's spots clear up soon. There are so many side effects from chemo and everyone seems to react differently. I seem to remember Landylass was having a terrible time with her gums for a while.Blimmin (can't think of a printable word strong enough!!) drugs. You just have to focus on the positive side of them. Hope all is going ok in your world. (((Hugs)))

maewest (75 )    7:56 pm, 30 Jun

 3837.      Joystik

          What pain that you didn't have your portacath op today. You can never tell with the bloods. I got caught out a couple of times. Felt great but the bloods were too low for treatment. The wig I had looks very similar to yours and Sonias. We must all have the same taste! Much as I don't regret the decision to shave my head, I do remember that my scalp suffered with pinpricks when I hit the pillow. In hindsight I would have taken it back to a #4. I went for my first trim on Wednesday and had bright pink/red streaks put through it. A tad radical for me...but why not??!! Roll on next week for you and one more treatment down!! Good girl. Are you watching the netball. Go the Sting!! (((Hugs))) to you too.

maewest (75 )    8:02 pm, 30 Jun

 3838.         Guys! ;o) xoxoxoxo Thanks sweeties :o)

          Shux! I'm blushing! Famous around the country Globalandworlds?! How'd that happen? LOL *Blushes again*. I have two gorgeous girls, Lydia aged 5 and Emily 3. Both have Brent's eyes and colouring, otherwise Lydia is my mini-me. Emily is like 99% Brent, a petite litte pixie (Brent USED to be skinny LOL ;o) with wicked sense of humor. I'm a proud Mum :o) Here they are...

soniat-d (153 )    8:04 pm, 30 Jun

3839.      Yawhwat you have been

          going through a rough time but you seem to be handling it okay. Good girl.Welcome to this thread.It is a great place to air your feelings and get support.I don't think Sonia realises what she has done for us all by starting this thread. One amazing lady!

maewest (75 )    8:07 pm, 30 Jun

 3840.      Sonia, hi, the plan is now to go to Oncology

          clinic on tuesday, do more bloods, then fit me in to the acute surgery list for friday, do the port op, and then as soon as its in, transfuse the chemo in as well. Sounds like a good plan to me! The neutrafils were 0.4 today and dropped from 0.8 on wednesday.So they said I was nuetrapenic and they were worried about using high doses of antibiotics to cover me at this stage, when they could do it next week without the extras. I just found my discharge note from when I was re-admitted with that infection, and my neutrafils were 8.4 then, so its a big drop isn't it. Never mind it will happen.

joystik (281 )    8:07 pm, 30 Jun

 3841.      Hellooo Sonia

          I still haven't caught up on the reading on here. Hope you and your girls are feeling better tonight. Fiji...WOW...good for you. You deserve a good break. I am heading to bed after the netball. A 5.45 start in the morning.

maewest (75 )    8:10 pm, 30 Jun

 3842.      Yes it will Joystik

          It's amazing how quickly your count can come up. Are you still feeling good?

maewest (75 )    8:11 pm, 30 Jun

 3843.      Paula

          ryan gets really red gums sometimes dosent say they are sore but when he smiled all you could focus on was his gums.With his cyclosporin he got swollen gums and that was terrible for him, it was also painful the gums were growing over his teeth, luckily all has settled down now.

bogeyi (482 )    8:34 pm, 30 Jun

 3844.      Thanks Bogey

          Picking it is just a reaction, but they sure are red and yes when he smiles he could stop traffic!!

paulaxx (76 )    8:41 pm, 30 Jun

 3845.      Hi Joystik ;o)

          Pretty sure from memory thats what Landylass did. Portal op then chemo straight in ;o) I was amazed by that, but she said it went in fine. Am sure it will go ahead like that ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:49 pm, 30 Jun

 3846.      Hi Maewest :o)

          This thread is a lifesaver for me too - without all of you I'd be posting back and forth to myself all the time LOL! Yep glad I started this thread (though lets face it, at the time it was for purely needy reasons, needing hugs, and wow did I get them!xoxoxo) Thanks all, wishing you all a lovely night, off agin now to put my girls in bed. Emily's hottie bear has vanished - any pshychics out there can tell me where it is? Thanks ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:53 pm, 30 Jun

 3847.         im picking to check under brents blankets

          im sure hes hogging the hottie.

bogeyi (482 )    9:02 pm, 30 Jun

 3848.      Hi maewest, not much rest for you ever is there???

          It will be a bit chilly at that time of the morning to start work wont it. Yes, I feel really good and have done right thru this chemo except for that first week with the nausea. You just cant tell with the bloods though. I had this idea they would be fine, so I was really surprised when they said they were at 0.4!! They would have only proceeded with the op if they had been over 2, and then reluctantly. You have a good sleep after the netball and keep warm tomorrow at work. Hugs to you .....Dont think the Sting are going to win this lot!!

joystik (281 )    9:06 pm, 30 Jun

 3849.      Well sonia, our wigs are probably the same then...

          yes definately great minds all right. I will have to post a pic once I start wearing it. Look in the toy room for the hottie!!Could be there??

joystik (281 )    9:08 pm, 30 Jun

 3850.      What is good to eat o make your white cells.....

          come back quicker?? Any hot tips on the subject or will it just happen??

joystik (281 )    9:10 pm, 30 Jun

 3851.       joystik it will just happen

          10 weeks ago when ryan lapsed he was 0.02 and he got even lower that they couldnt get a reading at all, it took 9 weeks to get to 1 (im sure he was going for the record at how long he could be neutrophenic) now its dropped back to 0.77.

bogeyi (482 )    9:16 pm, 30 Jun

 3852.       Paula, I didn't especially go early, just really..

          ended up that way, but I looked for you. So when will Josh have his bloods done?? Does he go to Kew for that? Hope his spots are gradually going somewhere else?? School holidays now so he wont have to be concerned about school for a couple of weeks. Are you going away or saving that for the end of the month?? Thanks for thnking about me're special too Paula.... Hugs to spread around your home...

joystik (281 )    9:16 pm, 30 Jun

 3853.       Ooh Joystik

          I can't answer that one. I'm sure they will be up this week. Even a couple of days can make all the difference. Hmmm the Sting were a bit outclassed tonight. Shame. Could be a bit chilly in the morning. Frost forecast. Brrr. Have you found that hottie uet Sonia? Hi bogeyi. Hope you are having a nice evening. Hugs to you and Ryan.

maewest (75 )    9:18 pm, 30 Jun

 3854.       Thanks bogeyi, thats all I need to know......

          I certainly dont feel any affects from the counts being so low, but hust shows how low it does go with out you actually being aware. Is Ryan still playing his X-Box??

joystik (281 )    9:18 pm, 30 Jun

 3855.    Ryan who, whos he

          if you mean the stranger down in the bedroom hes doing great.

bogeyi (482 )    9:20 pm, 30 Jun

 3856.       Just found a bit about increasing white cell count

          green leafy vegetables, carrots, oranges, avocados, oysters(YUK!) yoghurt, just to name a few things, and anything higher in Viamin E. So I eat most of that anyway already. It will be wait and see on tuesday.

joystik (281 )    9:21 pm, 30 Jun

 3857.       Bogeyi, that was

          so cool receiving that box of goodies. Good on you for getting in touch with them. And good on them for responding so quickly. I bet Ryan is having a ball.

maewest (75 )    9:21 pm, 30 Jun

 3858.       joystik your right you never know

          the night before we found out about his relapse we were at west wave pools, ryan was having a right royal time being smaked around by the waves, well the next day we found out not only was he neutraphenic but his platelets were 16, i nearly vomited i felt like a bad mother..

bogeyi (482 )    9:22 pm, 30 Jun

 3859.       Yeah right I get the idea Lauren is..

          a bit like that too. She will stay in her room playing her x=box for HOURS!! She has downloaded heaps of music on to hers so that booms out of the den as well. Shes not really a girly girl at times!!

joystik (281 )    9:23 pm, 30 Jun

 3860.       It must be so hard for

          you and Paula, bogeyi. Trying to decide all the time what is best for the boys and yet letting them have fun when they feel up to it. I don't know how you do it. I admire you both so much.

maewest (75 )    9:25 pm, 30 Jun

 3861.       Bogeyi, thats just the thing isnt just...

          cant tell from looking at a person whats happening with their blood counts. Gee platelets at 16 is very low, mine post op were 342 but must find out what they are now....probably 16 as well!!

joystik (281 )    9:27 pm, 30 Jun

 3862.       That goes for twinkies too

          And all the parents who are coping with this. (((HUGS))) to you all.

maewest (75 )    9:29 pm, 30 Jun

 3863.       thanks maewest i think i am the lucky one

          because Ryan takes it all in his stride hes very grown up for an 8 year old.

bogeyi (482 )    9:31 pm, 30 Jun

 3864.       I'm away to bed now

          Ooh I hate early starts! Have a good night everyone and a happy day tomorrow XXX

maewest (75 )    9:40 pm, 30 Jun

 3865.       have a good sleep maewest

          nite nite

bogeyi (482 )    9:44 pm, 30 Jun

 3866.       See ya Maewest.....have a good sleep and a

          goodday working tomorrow wont you. Nite nite

joystik (281 )    9:59 pm, 30 Jun

 3867.    Nanite Maewest

          Thanks for thinking of us. We like Bogey have a very grown up 8 year old. Last night was a bit of a hard one when he just wanted to go and be with the other kids, we had talked about it before we left saying after the concert some of the children will no doubt go outside, Josh and Cass its best you dont. They said ok. As the night wore on sure enough the older kids went out in the cold and dark carpark of the hall to play (as you do when your that age) but of course its different when your there and want to do it too. Poor Josh kept asking and I had to say no, I felt so bad, he clung to me like wet paper, saying please. But it was so cold, with the fires etc. I just couldnt - Sometime it is hard. So thanks for that understanding. Just been in and given him a throat lozenger to try and stop the coughing. I think im going nutty!!!! Even Cass said to me tonight, remember when Josh used to play on the tramp with me. He cant do that now mum. I said I know but he will again. :o/

paulaxx (76 )    10:01 pm, 30 Jun

 3868.       These bloods

          are so interesting arent they. Josh's neutraphils were .52 last Friday. So be interested to see what they'll be like on Monday. His platelets are usually over 600. Thats quite high! Tehyhave been dropping again lately so be really good to know what they are. When he had his brain hemmorhage they were high! But that was the drug at the time that caused that.

paulaxx (76 )    10:03 pm, 30 Jun

 3869.       well i think i will go to bed and read a mag

          have a good night everyone..

bogeyi (482 )    10:08 pm, 30 Jun

 3870.       Yes Paula,its all very interesting, and something

          i didnt know anything about, cos I didn't have to. Now I want to know all about it. Yes poor Josh...its just not fair sometimes when all you want to be is a kid like all the other kids around. Im off to bed now too so sweet dreams everyone, have a good sleep, keep warm and I will see you tomorrow. Hope you found the hottie Sonia?? Nite nite everyone....hugs all round too....

joystik (281 )    10:16 pm, 30 Jun

 3871.       you all nearly got away from me

          Gosh there is so much going on.Twinkie Love to wee briyanna and to you it must be hell.Bogey that was just so neat for ryan. Did you win at bingo? Paula and joshi have a goodnight sleep and hopefully you will feel a bit better tomorrow.Hi maewest has the weather improved any it has been absolutely beautiful here today.Hi sonia you are a celebrity by the sounds of it. ( I think an angel) Nice to see you back on here landylass pleased you passed your tests.Hi joystick, I too have been thinking of you today lets hope next week. Hugs to all you other ladies that are fighting this monster. Night

boop2 (106 )    10:19 pm, 30 Jun

 3872.       night

          everyone. Sweet dreams xo

paulaxx (76 )    10:24 pm, 30 Jun

 3873.       Nightie night everyone :o)

          I've been ironing for the past 2 hours lucky me. Nope never found the hottie - Em has these hiding places where huge things like her pillow can disappear and then a week later they just reappear LOL. Wow its been another busy night! Joystik - I've been told nothing increases it, I'm sceptical of that, but thats what everyone told me. They said "that means the chemo's working!".

soniat-d (153 )    11:14 pm, 30 Jun

 3874.    OH, I was referring to raising the

          blood cell count LOL

soniat-d (153 )    11:15 pm, 30 Jun

 3875.       Karen here

          Take Care Sonia.Havea good sleep love.Em sounds like a hard case.Kids you just gotta love them.

globalandworlds (4)    11:23 pm, 30 Jun

 3876.       Sweet Dreams

          to all you special people! xxxx

meridian1 (293 )    11:50 pm, 30 Jun

 3877.       bumping for the morning

          gorgeous day here, hubby has gone up north for a golf competition (boring) will be back tomorrow so while hes away we shall Boop didnt win any money my girlfriend did $18 but it was alot of fun.Paula hows josh this morning, Ryan was complaining of aches last night and had trouble getting off to sleep.

bogeyi (482 )    8:50 am, 1 Jul

 3878.       Good morning bogeyi

          I hope Ryan is feeling better now. It must be heartbreaking for you when he is in pain. I don't know his story, but my heart goes out to you and all the other mums of sick children. Glad you enjoyed your night out. It sure sounded like fun!

meridian1 (293 )    8:59 am, 1 Jul

 3879.       morning meridian

          hes seems fine this morning, xbox is going.If you have a look at his website it will explain all otherwise i would need a good week to tell

bogeyi (482 )    9:09 am, 1 Jul

 3880.       joystik thanks for the message on his site

          yes music also plays loudly as hes playing, quite cool really that you can download onto xbox comes in really handy when we are in hospital as we dont need to take extra music discs all on the xbox (even mums music)

bogeyi (482 )    9:20 am, 1 Jul

 3881.       bogeyi

          Glad Ryan is feeling better this morning. Thanks for the web address. Another absolutely gorgeous boy!!!! I must say, a few tears shed when reading about him. I was the same reading about Joshi. Man - Ryan's thumbs are amazing!! My love to you and your beautiful family ;-)

meridian1 (293 )    9:46 am, 1 Jul

 3882.       I know, they are amazing and stunning boys

          aren't they Meridian? :o) They're always in my thoughts... hi everyone, good morning. Boy, did we sleep in this morning LOL Brents just having his shower, girls having breakfast LOL. HI globalandworlds, yep Em's a classic ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:49 am, 1 Jul

 3883.       Hey Sonia

          I've had a good look at your site this morning to (and shed tears there as well). You are beautiful! I was up at 7 for my daughter's netball - but it is dreary and raining here and the netball was cancelled. Her dad was all set to come and watch her play (he hasn't seen her play before as works on Sat mornings), so he was highly disappointed in the weather.

meridian1 (293 )    9:59 am, 1 Jul

 3884.       Ive just been doing some catch up

          reading on this thread and my heart aches for all of you. everyone is so brave and the kids have so much to deal with. Its been a very long night with very little sleep thats the time when things start to run around in your head. things id rather not think about so I'm grateful to be able to come here and talk to you all about it(((((0)))) hugs to you all.

yawhwat (53 )    10:14 am, 1 Jul

 3885.       Bless you Angie

          You are going through alot. Sorry to hear you didn't get much sleep. You have everyone's support here, and it's a great place to let your feelings out. So many people here can relate to how you are feeling to some degree so you are definately not alone. Hugs (very gentle ones) to you.

meridian1 (293 )    10:21 am, 1 Jul

 3886.       and ...............

          hugs to all the incredibily brave, inspiring, beautiful children and their families!

meridian1 (293 )    10:24 am, 1 Jul

 3887.    Morning Everyone

          Another glorius day down here in Southland ;o). Hi Bogey. Wat you going to do now daddy's away playing golf?? Joshi much the same this morning.Thanks. Cass has a bit of a temp and a bit out of sorts, so watching them both. You know how it is. They had words a moment ago and I had to say to Josh, darling give Cass some of the compassion shes given you, next minute I turn around and hes cuddling her and shes crying into his shoulder! Hes telling her its ok, if she has to go to the dr, he will give her one of his emla patches in case she needs a blood test. They really do get on so well! TOO Cute!! Have a lovely day everyone.

paulaxx (76 )    10:35 am, 1 Jul

 3888.    Guess who forgot her appointment this morning?!?!

          ME! Br Benji just called (my stupid iPAQ crapped out yesterday and we can't get it going again - has ALL my appointments in it?!). How wierd - talking all week about how its today - and... d'oh! I'm so annoyed with myself *fume* *fester*!@#*!. Rescheduled to Wednesday morning - Brents away again then so will have to take girls with me?!

soniat-d (153 )    10:43 am, 1 Jul

 3889.               paula I am going to take the kids and do a

          some retail therapy...yahoooo Sonia what a bugger, who says computers are so easy.....

bogeyi (482 )    10:50 am, 1 Jul

 3890.               Sonia

          *@!^% - thats so annoying! Not your fault!! Bogey - yay, mum and I used to go to St Lukes all the time when I was little. Where you heading? Have fun!

paulaxx (76 )    11:17 am, 1 Jul

 3891.               Good morning Sonia and Paula

          Another beautiful day up here.Bit cold though.Bryan is making me a cup of tea right now.Yay.Cam has gone to soccer with mates and Jesse is just still asleep lol.Using bryans laptop and his tm account.Rotorua is cold right now.Oh its so chilly i have air cond on heat.Jesse used to hide things when she was little as well.Goodness me and like Em they were always big things and you will search and search.Hows NorthCote today and Gore.Cruisey day for us.

globalandworlds (4)    11:32 am, 1 Jul

3892.                  Hi Karen

          GOREJUS day here today - lol. Think I might just sneak into my wardrobe and have a bit of a clean out. Been annoying me for a while. Both Cass and Josh are happy by the fire watching a video. Have a lovely day

paulaxx (76 )    11:36 am, 1 Jul

 3893.               Good morning everyone.

          I'm after a piece of advice. A good friend of mine in USA has Abestos Cancer in his lungs and abdomin. Three months ago he had radiactive pellets inserted in his abs, to try to shrink the tumours before they could operate. The last few times I spoke to him online the pellets hadn't worked and his entire body hurt and he had been vomiting for days. Now he hasn't come online at all for the past three weeks. What I'd like to know is, if he is in hospital and has had an operation how long would he usually be kept in for?

sweetncheeky (295 )    11:41 am, 1 Jul

 3894.               LOL i spoke to soon

          Jesse just woke up.I dont know typical 16 year olds they just sleep and sleep.I have enough grief from her during the week.Trying to get her out of bed for school is nuts.Oh well thats my girls.LOL.Shes wrapped up in her blanket and turned telly on watching a DVD.LOL she wants chips for breaky.Well she wont be getting that.Fruit or cereal.:)

globalandworlds (4)    11:41 am, 1 Jul

 3895.               Sweet and Cheeky

          What state and city or town does he live in.Call the hospital in that region.

globalandworlds (4)    11:44 am, 1 Jul

 3896.               I would call

          if I knew his full surname Global. His family have instructions to contact me if he dies and I haven't heard that way. I've also looked up the newspapers in his county and there's no one in the Obituraries with his first name for the past 3 weeks.

sweetncheeky (295 )    11:52 am, 1 Jul

 3897.               What hospital would he have gone it.

          Do you know.From Karen.

globalandworlds (4)    11:58 am, 1 Jul

 3898.               He lives in

          Wisconsin but I can't call and ask for someone only knowing the first name and initial of his surname.

sweetncheeky (295 )    12:51 pm, 1 Jul

 3899.               Thats quite a dilemma sweetncheeky

          If you don't know the surname - you don't know your friends surname??? Anyway, fingers crossed - its a bummer the brachytherapy didn't work - thats what I was thinking of trying next?! Hope he's OK anyway.

soniat-d (153 )    1:28 pm, 1 Jul

 3900.          Wow another hundy!

          Thanks everyone for keeping me company through this wierd journey (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    1:28 pm, 1 Jul

 3901.          Its a GORGEOUS day here too!

          Got the deck doors open and the sun pouring in :o) So instead of going to my mega-important meeting *slaps back of hand one more time* I took the girls out to buy Lydia her ballet outfit - she starts ballet lessons in a few weeks :o) She looks gorgeous in the little leotard and skirt etc uniform - I got so excited I bought her the works, even a silk tote bag with ballet shoes printed on the front LOL. She's rapt! Emily wanted to go to classes too LOL but I told her she's starting swimming and that made her happy (hasn't been able to go to that till now because of her ears). So two happy girls going down for their rests now ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:35 pm, 1 Jul

 3902.             sounds odd

          I know Sonia but long story which I won't go into. I was hoping someone would have an idea on how long hospital stays could be after major operations like he may have had done. I lost my Mum to cancer and another friend in Australia has her 4th bout of cancer. She's had breast cancer twice, a cancerous mole on her head removed and now has tumours on her lungs which she is undergoing treatment for at the moment.

sweetncheeky (295 )    1:41 pm, 1 Jul

 3903.             Hi everyone,must have been the morning for a great

          big sleep in!! We didn't get up unil 9.30, with the sun streaming in the windaow. But, hey its saturday and we are up at 6.45 all week for school. Beautiful morning here but its started to cloud up a bit now ready for rain later tonight. I'm off for a walk in a minute to get a lotto ticket. Sorry you missed your appointment Sonia!! Thts the sort of thing I would do just lately!! Lucky its re-scheduled not to far away. Little Ballet girls are so cute aren't they!! And swimming for Emily...she will enjoy that. IV nurse told me I could go swimming with my Port in!! How handy! Especially if there was a heated pool around..

joystik (281 )    1:46 pm, 1 Jul

 3904.             thats the one thing Ryan misses

          is being able to swim.

bogeyi (482 )    2:09 pm, 1 Jul

 3905.             Awww sorry to hear that Bogeyi

          For the past 2 years Emily's been bummed about that too. Not for the same reasons of course, by any stretch, but it was hard saying she couldn't do it when her sister and cousins could. Why can't Ryan? Hope thats not a silly question... ((((hugs))))

soniat-d (153 )    2:49 pm, 1 Jul

 3906.             Man i am so tired now

          I have done all the housework.And got beds re made for the weekend because we have people coming.Yippee(that was just my sarcasm.LOL)Nah they are ok people but to christiany for me.Thinking about going down to the snow next week with the kids.Jesse thinks its a wicked idea and guess what she has fallen asleep on the couch.Poor kid i think she is getting sick.Cam well he is still out and havnt heard from him.Not impressed either he should be home from soccer like hours ago.Oh well.He better not be doing things that i told him not to be doing.Probably went into town with his mates.I hope.

globalandworlds (4)    3:07 pm, 1 Jul

 3907.             Is Cam home yet globalandworlds?

          Em is in a whiny mood, she's still not right... Lydia's full of beans though. Boring afternoon trying to cheer Em up, almost sorted now, so we're off down the road to say hi to Brents parents and they're off for a few days from tomorrow. Its great they live so close - we walk past 8 houses to get to their LOL

soniat-d (153 )    4:24 pm, 1 Jul

 3908.             I'm sooo jealous

          of all you lovely people who had a lie in this morning. I was up at 4.45am to start work at 6. It was so cold! Home now though and off to a 40th party tonight. (Yawn!). Won't be late cos got to back at work at 10am in the morning.I'm not complaining really, as I enjoy what I do and have 3 days mid week off.Just a shame everyone else (sometimes!).Just a shame that everyone else socialises at the weekend like normal people do! Been a beautiful day here. Sitting in the last of the afternoon sun.

maewest (75 )    4:44 pm, 1 Jul

 3909.             Nice they live so close that you can walk to visit

          Sonia. Emily must be feeling a bit off colour still. Maybe a trip to the Grandparents will cheer her up no end. Lauren and I went for a walk and as usual spent ages longer than I intended, because I stop and chat to everyone. Passes he day nicely. Have to think about an easy dinner now. It will be pizza and something???

joystik (281 )    4:45 pm, 1 Jul

3910.             Hi Maewest,pleased you've had a nice day working..

          Its been pleasant here too but has clouded up a bit now so that might mean no frost tonight. Supposd to rain here for 3 days now. Was nice to go for a walk with Lauren in the fresh air though. Hope all is well with you. Keep warm and I must get the tea sorted. See you soon..

joystik (281 )    4:47 pm, 1 Jul

 3911.             Hi Global, hope your boy has turned up back home

          by now. The do tend to lose track of time, especially if they are with their mates. So, where do you go to snow from your place?? We are just 2 hours from Queenstown where we live here, but don't really do snow!! Seems like a waste doesnt it. Bit too cold and mucky for me. Have your visitors arrived yet?? Sometimes its lovely having people to stay, but I find now I have to be in the mood or I dont enjoy it at all. Talk again soon....

joystik (281 )    4:51 pm, 1 Jul

 3912.             Oops

          Spot the blooper in my last post!! I have been sitting in front of computers too long today. I must start proof reading before I hit the send button! Sorry to hear Em is out of sorts Sonia. Hope she's better tomorrow. How's Josh tonight Paula? He's having a rough trot.It must be hard when he can't join in with the other kids. His time will come! Same goes for Ryan and Briyanna. I think of them every day. Hows the scalp Joystik? It will be tender for a while. My sis came and stayed for a month after my 5th treatment. She massaged my scalp every night using lavender oil. It was just bliss. My hair has grown in quite thick and even. I think those massages contributed to that.

maewest (75 )    4:54 pm, 1 Jul

 3913.             Still no hair has fallen out Maewest, and I am ...

          checking constantly!! Actually my scalp felt so much better todayand no where near as painful as it had been, thank goodness. I did see the wee error in your post, but then most of mine have letters or words missing so thats just how it goes. I often think I should read it before I send too, but usually think after I have sent it!!

joystik (281 )    5:05 pm, 1 Jul

 3914.             Hi Sonia

          What should i say to my boy when he gets home.I have rung everyone i can think of and he isnt at any of there places.Im getting freekin worried like hell man.We were so sweet about things last night after our discussion as i laid new rules.I wondering if he is thinking he will be like Bries Son Andrew off Desperate Housewives.Np surely not hes not like that i hope.Never know with kids going through that age at 12.They can turn on ya so much.Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.I getting quite worried.

globalandworlds (4)    5:25 pm, 1 Jul

 3915.             HI...

          Sending you all love and thoughts. We are off to pick up takeaways and have a cruisy night. So hope you have all had a great day. Josh is much the same. i am hoping tonight he will have an earlier night and that might help a lot. Have a lovely night everyone xo

paulaxx (76 )    5:28 pm, 1 Jul

 3916.             All the best Paula

          Yea im cooking gourmet chicken patties.Hope Joshy does have an early night for your sake love,Try and have a good sleep.Take care and might hear from you tomorrow.Lol i am addicted to the TMMB now goodness me.Sorry if i am being rude but how old is Josh.

globalandworlds (4)    5:31 pm, 1 Jul

 3917.             sonia, Ryan has a pic line in his arm at the

          moment and will get another hickman in his chest but they cant go swimming while they have these in.Worked well with the last transplant as he had it out before xmas and we have a inground pool so he got to swim the summer away.Yahoo ryan had his haircut and is looking gorgeous (about time)

bogeyi (482 )    5:40 pm, 1 Jul

 3918.             Joystik, my hair

          started falling out a day or two after 2nd treatment, exactly when they said it would. It's the only time I had a good cry, when Paul was shaving my head!! That only lasted 5 mins though and then I started laughing. Once it has gone you just get on with it. I will be thinking of you this week. It's a bigun. (((HUGS)))

maewest (75 )    5:51 pm, 1 Jul

 3919.             Bogey

          how old is ryan.Hair cuts are great.Oh my goodness when Cam was young he hated it like hell.It was a mission to get him up on the chair but when i got him up there he was a good boy and had finished stomping his tantrum.

globalandworlds (4)    5:53 pm, 1 Jul

 3920.             globalandworlds hes


bogeyi (482 )    5:54 pm, 1 Jul

 3921.          Hi Joystik ;o)

          When it starts falling out, you'll know, you won't have to check! It just happens suddenly. I remember mine started majorly in the shower and the hair was all running down me and down to the drain. After that shock I went back and checked my pillow and yes there were a fair few hairs there. It happened in my second cycle, looks like you'll be like that too ;o) Mine stopped being sore a little around now too, then after that second chemo, got sore again then out it came :o/!!! Wishing you all the best Joystik, we'll be date wig twins together, and look FAB ;o) ((((hugs))))

soniat-d (153 )    5:55 pm, 1 Jul

 3922.             Is Cam home yet Global

          These kids are sent to try us...and they do. My boys are 25 and 21 now and have to admit they have never given me any grief, apart from, perhaps when my older one bought his first car at age 17 (saved up from his paper round!). Unfounded worry really. We are all very close now (always have been though). I love it. They are my best friends and allies.

maewest (75 )    5:57 pm, 1 Jul

 3923.             Hi Global

          Hope your son's home now. I can't advise sorry, my kids are way off putting me through that torture! (touchwood!). Ems all fine and dandy, the walk down the road did the trick ;o) Lydia showed off her new ballet gear to Nanna and G'dad (put it all on of course ;o) and looked gorgeous :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:59 pm, 1 Jul

 3924.             Sonia, because I shaved

          my hair off I didn't have that drama, but I remember rubbing my head with a towel until it was raw trying to dislodge all the remaining bits!!! There is no easy way really.

maewest (75 )    6:00 pm, 1 Jul

 3925.             So pleased Em is feeling better

          I hope you are going to post a pic of Lydia in all her ballet gear. How cute. I never had all that cuteness with boys :( Unless you count cub scouts uniforms. Hehe

maewest (75 )    6:04 pm, 1 Jul

 3926.          I used parceltape maewest LOL

          Felt great :o) I headshaved the day after that shower - booked it as soon as I'd toweldried! Won't be headshaving again...

soniat-d (153 )    6:04 pm, 1 Jul

 3927.             after we shaved ryans hair they told us

          to rub the scalp in the shower with a wet flannel.

bogeyi (482 )    6:06 pm, 1 Jul

 3928.          Oh yes I will I promise!

          As she was parading around today I was thinking "Damn, no camera, gotta show the MB ladies a pic" LOL Awww scout uniforms... cuuuute ;o) I think little boys outfits are gorgeous, guess its that "grass is greener" thing, but yep, have to admit, I loved dressing her up in that and showing her off. Really suits her ;o) She was plie'ing and arabesquing all round the lounge room LOL

soniat-d (153 )    6:09 pm, 1 Jul

 3929.          Thats great they gave you such advice bogeyi

          I wasn't told a thing!?!

soniat-d (153 )    6:10 pm, 1 Jul

 3930.             i think they told us as ryan was really upset

          and crying, even the nurses couldnt stay in the room as he was making them

bogeyi (482 )    6:12 pm, 1 Jul

3931.             Wish I had

          that advice last year! Parcel tape...great idea. And the wet flannel bogeyi. I could have been a bit kinder on my scalp! Ooh how cute Sonia..ballet steps already! The new Margot Fonteyn. Can't wait to see a pic.

maewest (75 )    6:14 pm, 1 Jul

 3932.          Awwwwwwww poor sweet Ryan

          I can imagine how he was feeling. Its very isolating when something so visibly and obviously bad is happening to just you and noone else around you. Worse for him as no wig to hide behind... I feel for him xoxo

soniat-d (153 )    6:17 pm, 1 Jul

 3933.             It's not fair

          What these children have to go through. Poor Ryan. It is such a big issue to lose your hair especially in one so young. Maybe some funky caps would do the trick and make him feel better. (((HUGS))) for Ryan

maewest (75 )    6:25 pm, 1 Jul

 3934.             I had better get

          my skates on. Have to leave in 1/2 hour. I will check back in later on tonight when we get home. Have a lovely evening everyone XXX

maewest (75 )    6:28 pm, 1 Jul

 3935.             OMG Cam just walked in the door.

          He has been beaten up,He just said that he woke up down an alley were the kids from his school beat him up.Cause they know he is apparently gay.So i just cleaned him up and he is in the shower right now.Called the parents of other kids and they are in deep trouble.I am furious.My poor boy.Thanx guys for the concern of Cameron.will update more later.He also said that he didnt come home cause he was scared i was going to growl him.Poor kid.Man im so angry.Karen

globalandworlds (4)    6:31 pm, 1 Jul

 3936.          Ryan's hair has grown back now Maewest

          I'm pretty sure. Came back curly and he hated that too! I think he looks soooo fabulous now - most handsome young man ;o) Hya bogeyi :o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:42 pm, 1 Jul

 3937.             oh thanks sonia will put a new pic up soon

          correct he didnt like the curly hair and boy it was thick. OMG globalandworlds is he ok????

bogeyi (482 )    6:44 pm, 1 Jul

3938.          Wow Global

          What a turn of events! So is he actually gay and did you know about this? Isn't he only 12??!? I'm stunned - are the other kids 12 too? I hate that kids can be that mean and vicious - I have some gay friends and know what they've gone through, and continue to. Its a tough road but good on them. I don't know what else to say... ((((hugs))))

soniat-d (153 )    6:45 pm, 1 Jul

 3939.             Wish my hair grew back that thick bogeyi ;o)

          You can tell Ryan I'm jealous if you like - I am ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:47 pm, 1 Jul

 3940.             Yea Sonia he is gay

          he confessed the other day,Yesterday,i am just adjusting to that.He must have thought that oh well Mum took it well so will me friends.But no it was totally opposite.Other kids 12-13.WHat little brats im so peeved.Urrrr. Im on the laptop and he is cuddling next to me.Keeps on saying love you Mum.poor kid must be horrified.he says hi to you all.

globalandworlds (4)    7:16 pm, 1 Jul

 3941.             OMG Karen

          Thats awful. Lucky hes got you i'd say. (((((hugs))))) Oh and Josh is 8 too.

paulaxx (76 )    7:17 pm, 1 Jul

 3942.             Hey Bogeyi

          Did the retail therapy do its thing????

paulaxx (76 )    7:18 pm, 1 Jul

 3943.             Sonia

          I was thinking about you while we were driving in to Gore to get our takeways. Hope you are having a nice night. Funny how us going to get dinner in town is a 45 minute trip. I really didnt appreciate what I had in Auckland when I lived there. Wouldnt go back to such a busy place, as the country is so peaceful and I love it. Hows Brent is he over his cold, and Emily and Lydia are they feeling on top again? Hope so. Hugs to you and your family.

paulaxx (76 )    7:21 pm, 1 Jul

 3944.             hi paula

          yeh it was fun just me and the kids, no hub by to sigh and moan, but the shops are so busy anyone would think its xmas..

bogeyi (482 )    7:21 pm, 1 Jul

 3945.             Wow

          Ryan must be a bit more tolerant of the shopping thing than Josh, he wants to go after 5 minutes.Unless we are shipping for him of course. So how short is his hair. Josh's has grown back heaps too - quite thick and quite a bit lighter.

paulaxx (76 )    7:24 pm, 1 Jul

3946.             Hi Paula hows it going

          Yea i am going over to each of the kids that were involved tomorrow and giving them a rark up.Sounds like Josh has had it pretty tough.Poor sweety.Hugs to you all.Hey i was thinking about Sonia to before

globalandworlds (4)    7:27 pm, 1 Jul

3947.             still got covering but heaps shorter than what

          it was, hes going to lose it again so will try and keep it short so he dosent get upset again. will oad up a pic in a minute, hes cut it so he can have that messy look the boys like.

bogeyi (482 )    7:36 pm, 1 Jul

3948.          cool

          Waiting to see the cool dude.....

paulaxx (76 )    7:37 pm, 1 Jul

 3949.             Joystik

          Just wanted to let you know, just secretly between us ;o). half way to Gore tonight I realised that the apple crumble that was cooked was still in the oven - which was on!! Luckily when we got home, we werent met by smoke!!! Just a wafting cinnamon, brown sugary apple kinda smell lol.

paulaxx (76