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1501.     Morning everyone

          Catatonik - big hugs, hope you get some action soon!! The waiting is not easy. WEll, just under two hours till they get here, I've cleaned the house and Josh said is someone coming today mum, (like I dont normally clean lol). He is not silly! Ok, the excitement is mounting, thanks for all your lovely comments about today, it will be just so great to see his face.... camera is ready. Lots a love to you all. Be back with some pics and details later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

paulaxx (75 )    10:43 am, 24 May

1502.      Hi Catatnik

          RING THE CANCER SOCIETY - as Joystik mentioned they are simply awesome and will of course know all about every kind of cancer imaginable including kidney cancer. They have a great team of nurses, counsellors, the works and know the public and private systems - what needs to be done etc etc. Rattling cages is most important, and knowing what you need to rattle cages about!!! So get cancer society to tell you or your mum what needs to be done. It may well be growing fast OR it may just feel that way, as I've found with all my lumps, as soon as I found out they were cancer they suddenly seemed bigger and sorer and seemed to grow faster than they could have possibly been. The mind can really play tricks. So need to get confirmation on whether it is indeed growing fast or not. Other than that, can't help much sorry as all cancers are quite different. Good luck and big (((((hugs)))))) to your mum. Thanks for popping into this thread :o) Let us know how you get on.

soniat-d (153 )    11:20 am, 24 May

 1503.         Morning everyone

          #Phew that took me a while to compose, so must go again already, collect my precious Emily. They were such good girls while we were out, bless them :o)

soniat-d (153 )    11:21 am, 24 May

1504.         Just bumping this up.......

          off for a walk now in the lovely sunshine and will be back later to see how eveything went at Joshi's place...Your girls are gorgeous Sonia!Bet you get told that pretty often, but they just are. Hugs to you too.

joystik (281 )    1:12 pm, 24 May

 1505.      Yes I do get told that a lot Joystik ;o)

          Their curly hair and ringlets are captivating :o) But then I'm biased LOL

soniat-d (153 )    1:17 pm, 24 May

 1506.      Hi...

          Well that was so worth keeping it a surprise. His wee face lit up like a christmas tree. Nick the man from Make A Wish has pretty much assured us that Joshi will get his Salt Water Fishing trip with his dad. He had questions to ask and when he asked why he wanted that particular wish the tears filled up in my eyes, he said cos I love fishing and dont get to see much of my dad (Chris works alot). So in the next post will put in some photos of the meeting... thanks so much everyone, his dream seems like its gonna come true. :o) Very special day for us here xxxxxxxxx

paulaxx (75 )    1:20 pm, 24 May

 1507.      It must all be happening in Paula's house

          at the moment - how exciting - ooooh to be there and give Josh a huge congratulatory hug, you'll have to give him a hug from each one of us Paula! What a great day :o) xxx

soniat-d (153 )    1:20 pm, 24 May

 1508.      We were typing away at the same time Paula!

          Awww how neat, so did he not fully confirm it then? How does it work? I'm thinking of contacting them and asking them how we can contribute to the cause :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:23 pm, 24 May

 1509.      Hi boop2, re #1494

          Oh yes so true - I have a policy of only cleaning up the kid's playroom after they're in bed for the night, as I just hate putting away the same toys over and over again! So the house always looks good in the evening and when we wake up, then its basically downhill from there LOL. People generally come in through our back door for some reason which is straight into that room, so first impressions are always of chaos LOL

soniat-d (153 )    1:27 pm, 24 May

 1510.         paula that is great news

          it perks them up so much.

bogeyi (482 )    1:28 pm, 24 May

 1511.         Some pics

          Joshi with Nick discussing his wish... A very happy me with my darling boy Thinking of you all with enormous warm fuzzies xxxx

paulaxx (75 )    1:29 pm, 24 May

 1512.         Very lovely piccies Paula

          Josh looks so elated, its great. You're a stunning looking lady by the way, as it your family :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:31 pm, 24 May

 1513.      Sonia

          Thanks that is so cool, we were typing at the same time. That is amazing that you thinking of contacting them, I know how you feel. There will be a lot of causes I will be supporting from now on. The office is in Auckland, I am not sure if I am allowed to put their info on here?? So they send Josh's application to the board and make a decision then contact us as to when it will all take place and where. He is so excited. He cracked me up cos he may be in the paper (like you said Joystik) implying he'll be famous.He said I might even get my face on the back of the next dollar coin. LOL. He is so happy this is so wonderful.Yay for MakeAWish. xx

paulaxx (75 )    1:35 pm, 24 May

 1514.         Hya Landylass :o)

          Yep motivation plus! So (I was losing track of where you are at) does this mean the next chemo is your last one???? Hope you're coping with work OK, must be hard. ((((hugs))))

soniat-d (153 )    1:36 pm, 24 May

 1515.         Oh Sonia

          Thanks sweetness, takes one to know one!!!! Not that I agree with you, feel like I've aged a good few years in the last 7 months!! You are a very special lady! Thanks for sharing today with us everyone! means so much to us xx

paulaxx (75 )    1:37 pm, 24 May

 1516.         That's OK Paula

          I found their website ( the other night and it has their contact details - planning on contacting them next week and seeing what's what - still got a backlog of jobs to do - must get back to them!

soniat-d (153 )    1:40 pm, 24 May

 1517.         I just called them :o)

          They're sending a pack of info out to me. Just occurred to me we could offer fishing trip, boat trip, truck/bulldozer/digger rides, quad bike jaunts... Now just gotta talk the in-laws into it ;o) Should be a cinch (sp) ;o) I feel all warm and fuzzy :o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:23 pm, 24 May

 1518.         Re 1515

          Aw Paula, I can certainly understand why you'd feel that way - must be so hard. Wish the strain could be eased somehow. Do you get much "me time" with Chris working so much?

soniat-d (153 )    2:26 pm, 24 May

1519.         Hello

          everyone. i am new to this thread. It will be a year in july when my husband (29) got told he had a brain tumor. e have 2 very young children and are coping with it remarkably well. We are very busy with the children which I think helps. At this stage he has been told from MRI scans that it looks like a slow growing tumor and he could have a up to 10 years but in that 10 years things will deteriorate. We have been to the cancer society in auckland and had counselling and they have been great. Just wondering if there is anyone else on here who knows or is suffering from a brain tumor. One thing we all have in common is that we are all affected by cancer. The one thing I have learnt about this terrible disease is that life is so very precious and you must live life to the fullest each day.

churpy (131 )    2:34 pm, 24 May

 1520.         Ohhh Paula....what awonderful day for you all...

          and thankyou so much for sharing it with us all. How proud you must be of that lovely boy of yours. He is an inspiration to us all. I have said that before I know, but Paula, I really mean it, he just is. He is also part of a very beautiful and loving family. Your photos are just lovely. I'm so happy for you all and I hope he can get his wish soon, but I suppose next summer when its warmer would be better. Doesn't look like we are going out in our boat over winter, Kevin covered it all up yesterday, and put it to bed for a few months. WOW what a lovely day!! Hugs and love to you all.

joystik (281 )    3:21 pm, 24 May

 1521.         Hi Churpy

          Sorry to hear of what you're going through, the husband of a very close friend of my s-i-l's (sounds remote doesn't it, but it actually makes them very close in our family) got diagnosed with a brain tumor about 2 months ago (after showing signs first thought to be meningitis). Most of the tumor was removed surgically, and the remaining being treated by radiation which he started a couple of weeks ago. He's been given only 2 years. They have two boys slightly younger than our girls. He is apparently coping very well, but she's been really depressed grappling with this new situation. I've been wanting to call them, but my s-i-l says they're not ready to talk yet. Its frustrating, as although its a different kind of cancer, many issues are the same, I was wanting to discuss positively etc not wallow in the depression with them. I'm hoping they'll call me sometime soon. Did the cancer society mention a support group at all? How old is your husband? Wishing you both the best possible luck, and more ((((hugs))))

soniat-d (153 )    3:39 pm, 24 May

 1522.         Hi...

          Mum of 3 kids here. My 3 year old was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor 3 months ago. It's a big monster for a little lady to fight. Just wondering if theres any other mums or dads out there dealing with this? Havn't really had a chance to read through the whole thread yet.

twinkies_pn (0)    4:15 pm, 24 May

 1523.         bumping for news

          of Josh. Hehe I actually enjoyed being back at working and kickstarting the brain again. Only did 10-3. Felt like staying longer but know from past experience would be knackered tomorrow. So off to cook tea and put feet up. Trade off me being at work I have gone on strike on the housework!!!! Can't do everything. Will go again tomorrow for a few hours. I have finally learnt to pace myself!!! Yeah the ankle is coming right but don't think I will be wearing high heels for a while!

landylass (47 )    4:25 pm, 24 May

 1524.      Sonia

          You never cease to amaze me. With all you are going through, you are constantly thinking of others. Bless you! I do get a bit of time to myself. Its ok, my turn will come. XX

paulaxx (75 )    4:27 pm, 24 May

 1525.         Churpy

          I feel for you. I hope you get some comfort from the wonderful people on this thread. I have!!! Take care

paulaxx (75 )    4:29 pm, 24 May

 1526.         bumping fro all the


bogeyi (482 )    4:32 pm, 24 May

 1527.         Hi churpy and twinkies... sorry for what you

          have going on in your lives right now. Yes it is a MONSTER, but we are all fighting the same monster in here and with lots of determontion and positiveness we will win in the end. The cancer society are really great and are only a hone call away if you need to talk to someone. I was only diagnosed in March with Breast Cancer and had my operation on May 5th. This is all very new and fresh to me too. I have to have chemo and start in about 3 weeks now. We all help each other in here by sharing and caring and sending off lots of hugs!! So I just sent some off to you all, especially the wee 3 year old girl. Hope to see you again soon.....

joystik (281 )    4:34 pm, 24 May

 1528.      Twinkies

          Hi Since I first posted here about our son who is being treated for Leukaemia I have made new friends all over NZ. I am sorry I dont know much about the type of tumour your mentioned, but how are things going? Thinking of you

paulaxx (75 )    4:35 pm, 24 May

 1529.         Woops must have skipped a page

          wow Josh what a beautiful smile!!! Hope they can give you a date soon and get it organised quick. I would want to be doing it NOW! Churpy I have a niece with hubby with brain tumour. There are so many different kinds. He has been 2 1/2 years since diagnosis and is only 36. I have known several people that have died of brain tumours in last 2 years..... all of them within a few months of diagnosis. So the one positive you have to focus on is that he is going to have time. The first op Mr36 had upset his vision which is now out of focus. They have a young family 13-5 and its hard going on everyone. Good luck. You need lots of support from family and friends.

landylass (47 )    4:36 pm, 24 May

 1530.         Thanks guys :)

          gosh some of you brought me to tears with how fast your time was from diagnosis to surgery etc... im sure my partner will be glad to hear im human after all! (tears instead of We have her gp on the job & i told her to get sent for another scan in meantime so we can see a growth rate. I'll crack onto the cancer society tomorrow. Either way she'll need surgery (apparently chemo / radio are no good for kidney cancer) but she cant have surgery until her bloods stable... if that ever happens (she's on warfarin etc, prone to clots as well as chronic asthmatic, prone to pnuemonia etc). ugh i think its all just hitting me actually so gona go cry some more then get my sh#t together and come up with a plan. *hugs out*

catatonik (39 )    4:40 pm, 24 May

 1531.      Joystik

          Hi Thanks for your beautiful words, what a day. I know he is an inspiration I look at him and I find it incredibly hard to think back to the days when I sat beside him in the hospital with hardly any sleep, feeling like it was all a dream. I want it to all be over for him, because he seems so well at the moment.Two and half more years to go he is doing so well!!! He just hopped into the bath and he has some bruises from school, I guess I will always freak out when I see them. Today meant so much to us, thank you for being a part of it. xxx

paulaxx (75 )    4:41 pm, 24 May

 1532.         Landylass

          Hi, thanks for thinking of us too. Hope you have had a nice day. Take care and love from us xx

paulaxx (75 )    4:44 pm, 24 May

 1533.         Theres no harm in crying...I have cried more in ..

          last 2 months than I have ever cried in my entire life I think. You also have to try to look for the positives in it all. Sometimes I have looked and cant see any, and then after a time , yes they are definately there all right. Hope you have lots of love and support around you. I have and its just wonderful.(((HUGS))))

joystik (281 )    4:44 pm, 24 May

 1534.      hi Bogeyi

          Hows Ryan? How are you? thinking of you.

paulaxx (75 )    4:45 pm, 24 May

 1535.         Hang in their cat...

          its amazing what they can manage to do today. I got a friend thats dad needed a knee operation then he developed galls stones. They wouldn't operate because it was too risky. He was in such pain. They managed to get him under long enough to get a troublesome stone out and also operated on knee in a 2nd op where they kept him awake. They will sort something for her. Big (((((hugs))))))) cause sounds like you need them at the moment!

landylass (47 )    4:45 pm, 24 May

 1536.         paula i know what you mean with bruises

          my heart always stops when i see a new bruise.

bogeyi (482 )    4:46 pm, 24 May

 1537.         our appointment on tues wasnt to good

          his neutrafils had dropped they said dont panic to much as he is fighting a viral infection and the first thing it eats is the neutrafils, how can we not panic they are the counts we are watching and hoping to climb meaning tylers marrow is growing.Bit scared to see blood results tomorrow....Ryan is good, i have the flu and feel rotten.

bogeyi (482 )    4:52 pm, 24 May

 1538.         Oh bogeyi

          I'm sorry, these roller coaster carriages just dont let us off do they. Did you have to have a flu injection, we were all told we had to no choice. I do feel a bit yucky too, hope its not something brewing. I hate waiting for blood tests. Feel for you. All the best for tomorrow, will be thinking of you. Hope you feel better soon.

paulaxx (75 )    4:59 pm, 24 May

 1539.      Hi Cat

          Typed this lovely big reply just now and went back to check something and boom couldn't get back to it - grrr... what was I saying :o/!@!! Will my chemobrain ever go?!

soniat-d (153 )    5:06 pm, 24 May

 1540.         ((((((hugs bogeyi))))))

          That's not what you need is a sick house - poor Ryan - sounds like it's just a nasty scare caused by virus. Got all my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx

soniat-d (153 )    5:20 pm, 24 May

 1541.      Hi Cat

          It's perfectly OK to cry - we've all been there! Check out my posts in the first few pages of this thread - I was a mess I was! *red face* #shrugs#. Like Joystik said, I've never cried so much in entire life either - nor appreciated just how precious our life really is. In some ways cancer is almost a blessing in making us stop and reevaluate what is important in life, tricky thing is beating the monster away. We WILL do it ;o) I'm thinking if the cancer is just in one kidney its probably not such a biggy - can't they remove one kidney if necessary and thats still OK? I could be wrong. But anyway, yes the chemos available now are amazing (my own situation aside) - so tailored to each type of cancer, its unpleasant but the results are impressive, far better than what I thought when I was first told I had cancer. My cancer is a super aggressive one, and the radiation seems to be blitzing it, so there you go ;o) There is hope :o) Try and feel our cyber hugs enveloping you :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:30 pm, 24 May

 1542.         Hi.

          We're hanging in there for now. It has been a long journey, it's amazing how fast 3 months goes. Briyanna is in good spirits. She finished her final treatment aat the end of march and has been having regular appts and tests since. She had a chest xray, CT scan and an abdominal ultrasound this afternoon. We're hoping to get the results for these back before Friday. We're waiting anxiously for them because the results will show whether the cancer has spread. So sorry to hear about all these other people who are fighting the monster. Hugs to you all :-)

twinkies_pn (0)    5:32 pm, 24 May

 1543.         ** That should say

          "final radio therapy treatment" at the end of march.

twinkies_pn (0)    5:34 pm, 24 May

 1544.         Take care bogey....

          I got Mr14 starting to burn up something wicked and my counts are all down right now. Looks the the bugs are back to bite again this week. Hubby has told me to stay away from him!!!! Grr my boy is sick! Miss16 got the formal Friday night so hope she doesn't go back down with it again. Hope you are better soon and those blood tests are ok.

landylass (47 )    5:35 pm, 24 May

 1545.         Hi Twinkies

          Big hugs to Briyanna and your family. Fingers crossed for those results, the waiting is so awful. All I can do is pray for Briyanna and hope for nothing but elation on Friday as good results come back. I'm going to keep visualising that for you, and hopefully thats what you'll get ;o) Try and stay positive for her ((((((huge hugs)))))))

soniat-d (153 )    5:44 pm, 24 May

 1546.         Thanks sonia.

          We're trying to keep positive. It's an anxious wait. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully we'll get the results back tomorrow afternoon. We'll see.

twinkies_pn (0)    5:52 pm, 24 May

 1547.         Hi Sonia

          Many thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately the cancer society did not want to have a BT support group. So people with BT in the auckland area have set up there own and we take turns going to eachothers house. I am only happy to give you details etc if you would like. It is terrible that he is very down, completely understandable tho. One thing i have found is phonecalls about everyday things people are doing. Please just say if you want the details for him I am only to happy to help. I would rather not post them on the message board tho, but Im sure we could suss something out. take care.

churpy (131 )    7:16 pm, 24 May

 1548.         bumping


bogeyi (482 )    8:35 pm, 24 May

 1549.         That's wierd Chirpy - I wonder why they don't want

          one? Unfortunately these friends of the family live out of Auckland (middle of North Island actually) so I guess that's out, which is a shame. You've reminded me though to press my s-i-l about them, see if I can call them now. Fingers crossed for that... Thanks for popping in, you're welcome to lurk or post in here anytime (of course!), the more the merrier ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:37 pm, 24 May

 1550.      Hi Bogeyi

          How are things with you and your beautiful family tonight?

soniat-d (153 )    8:37 pm, 24 May

 1551.         doing ok thanks sonia

          i hate being sick. How are your beautiful girls.

bogeyi (482 )    8:40 pm, 24 May

 1552.      They're great thanks

          Emilys moving from pull-ups to panties and doing superbly, another easy toilet-train (touch wood) don't know why I dreaded it so much LOL. We all had sore throats past few days but everyone seems to be coming right, thank goodness. Wish the rain would stop, the lakes in the park have burst the banks - no painting opportunities for me :o/!!! Time to start listing a few items on TM instead me thinks!

soniat-d (153 )    8:44 pm, 24 May

 1553.         Wow what a busy place this has been tonight....

          lots of new posts - thats great. Must be bug time again I was thinking reading all that! Hope you feel better real soon bogeyi. Not much fun when Mums sick as well is it. And you too Paula, just keep away from the bugs please, and Landylass. We have Lauren here with a very mild cold which is getting betterafter only 2 days, so hopefully it has found our home too inhospitable to stay. I dont want it now or later. Did I tell you I was told NO to having a flu injection this year! They don't want it interfering with the treatment.

joystik (281 )    8:57 pm, 24 May

 1554.         Looks like the rain is heading down south...

          and is going to put a stop to our great run of golden weather. Today was stunning but that was specially put on for our Star of Southland, JOSH!! You rock Josh!! Your pic are beautiful, you smiley little chappy!! Bet you are looking forward to your fishing trip. Who knows, we might see you out there!!. Lots of love and hugs to you kiddo!!

joystik (281 )    9:03 pm, 24 May

 1555.         Thats strange about the Cancer Society Churpy??

          I have found them to be just brilliant down here. My support person Anita, phones up at random just to see that I'm ok and if I have any questions that I need answers for etc. They have been exceptional. Maybe there is another branch you could try. I think thats pretty mean to tell you to form your own group!! I'll send you some big warm hugs from Southland, and hope that make you feel better. xxx

joystik (281 )    9:12 pm, 24 May

 1556.         How old is Emily, Sonia? Shes doing pretty well

          at toilet training isnt she?? Lauren was good too but I think the less fuss you make the sooner they seem to come to it in a way. They will only do it when they are ready anyway. Did you get your lovely picture hung up in a nice spot??

joystik (281 )    9:15 pm, 24 May

 1557.         She turned 3 in March so she was a late starter!

          And while going through chemo, I couldn't be bothered with the hastle of "Quick quick I have to go NOW!" so I didn't try ;o) So I started her a year later than Lydia, but same learning pattern, and quickly dry most nights too (even though she still has a bottle b4 bed!?! Lucky me :o) (Touching wood the whole time LOL)

soniat-d (153 )    9:35 pm, 24 May

 1558.         Thats great Sonia, the less drama the better.....

          really I'd say. Righto off to bed for me after a busy day. Haveto make some Lycra bike pants for a lady tomorrow so better get to bed early so I am organised. Love and hugs to you all. Sleep tight xxxx

joystik (281 )    9:42 pm, 24 May

 1559.      Hey Churpy

          (Hopes you're still there) I just had a thought. Wherever your husband goes/has gone for treatment like Oncology/Radiation ward etc) put up an A4 flyer on the notice board saying "Brain Tumor Support Group" in big writing and tear off tabs with your phone number underneath. I've seen them in our Radiation ward and the tabs slowly disappear. Just a thought, though it does mean organising it yourself...

soniat-d (153 )    9:44 pm, 24 May

 1560.         'Night joystik

          Lycra pants? That's interesting ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:45 pm, 24 May

 1561.         Hi Joystik

          I too have a support person ring religiously every 2 weeks, she is wonderful. In regards to the BT Support group meetings, they didnt want one for a number of reasons. The main one being funds to have a counsellor in with all of us. The other being, with brain tumors being so fatal, it would be hard of the rest of the group if one person passed away.

churpy (131 )    9:52 pm, 24 May

 1562.         Hi Sonia

          that is a good point. However my hubby hasnt had his biopsy yet, we are on the "waiting list". Once the biopsy is dont they will no the make and model of the tumor, therefore they will no what chemo or radio to give. I will definately remember that once the treatment starts. many thanks for the thought.

churpy (131 )    9:54 pm, 24 May

 1563.      Yikes

          Thats no good! Aww Chirpy have a chat with us about whatever you feel, the cancers may be different but the feelings are much the same. ((((((((Big hugs)))))))

soniat-d (153 )    9:54 pm, 24 May

 1564.         Hey no worries :o)

          So its early days then. All I can say is, hey Radiation is pretty impressive on the cancer I have, so have faith in that if its offered. So how long's the waiting list? I'd really push to get that biopsy done - rattle cages! They may SAY its a slow growing one, but best get that confirmed ASAP. The biopsy will tell I'd imagine.

soniat-d (153 )    9:59 pm, 24 May

 1565.         Gosh, I have been out this afternoon and this

          place has gone mad. Joshi how lovely you look and your mum I am sitting here with tears in my eyes you are just beautiful. Good luck with your fishing trip. We have a 15 year old two doors down who has a brain tumour they operated on it about 4 years ago but sadly it is growing again and he has to have radiation. It is benign so that is a plus I guess.

boop2 (106 )    10:01 pm, 24 May

 1566.      Hi Boop 2 - yes its been an interesting day!

          I'm supposed to be sorting out this study - not much getting done! LOL Nice to meet new people here - wish it wasn't for this reason of course...

soniat-d (153 )    10:04 pm, 24 May

 1567.         Paula I just can't believe how kind

          and generous you are with everyone when you are going through so much it is so heart warming in here because they are real people with troubles of their own but still have time for others. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Love and Hugs to you all.

boop2 (106 )    10:06 pm, 24 May

 1568.         Sonia

          where his tumor is, is on the front left lobe which is his communication. They dont want to debulk as there is a huge risk of a bleed, therefore his communication will be affected horrificly and a specialist does not want this to happen. We have had our MRIs publicly. However the last mri (public) was in feb. The appointment for the rsults for this is JUNE!!! We were mortified. So we went private to discuss the results. The long and short of it is that since his symptoms at the mo are manageable he should just stay on the public list which is 6-12 months. IF his symptoms get worse during this time we will go private. $20,000 for a 2 hour op, but we have medical insuranace thank goodness. I really want to no what type of tumor it is so they can zap the bloody thing. we have got 2 very young children so that keeps us very positive and busy.

churpy (131 )    10:08 pm, 24 May

 1569.         Hey Chirpy

          The Cancer Society should have offered you counselling through them - did they do that? I've twice just turned up on their doorstep and both times they've taken me in to talk to nurses and counsellors straight away - 1/2 hour talks easy. Now I have an allocated counsellor (booked hour-long sessions for free) and she's great. Also a nurse should be allocated to you to check on your husband and see how he's doing through all this once operations and treatments commence.

soniat-d (153 )    10:08 pm, 24 May

 1570.         Yes

          we do have anurse ring us religiously every 2 weeks, she is wonderful, just a great support. We have been to counselling which has been fantastic, we see Lucy and think she is awesome.

churpy (131 )    10:11 pm, 24 May

 1571.         How good's your health insurance Churpy?

          How much of bill would you foot yourself? Glad you're taking the initiative and going private for quicker answers. I can understand the precariousness of the situation of it - debulking is cutting it away isn't it? Would you like to talk with our friend with the BT? I could see if they're interested. Would be a toll call though, but sounds like you're in very similar situations.

soniat-d (153 )    10:12 pm, 24 May

 1572.         We have regular care

          southern cross. So would still end up paying between $7000-8000. Hubby is only 29. how old is your friend? If they need someone to talk to I am more than willing to talk to them. One thing we have learned is that talking to people in similar situations helps emmensly. How are you going Sonia. I have just strted reading through ALL the pages here :) You are a very positive and brave woman, and sound like a wonderful women, mum and wife. Your girls sound beautiful. We have 2 boys 2 and 9 months. We love them to bits :)

churpy (131 )    10:25 pm, 24 May

 1573.         Hi churpy

          you are so right about sonia she is amazing. Good to have you in here they are so nice.

boop2 (106 )    10:40 pm, 24 May

 1574.         Wow Churpy he is so young

          Don't know Marshall's exact age, but Helen is close to my age so 37/38 and Marshall is about the same. They have 2 boys close in age, eldest about 4.5 and youngest about 3. Gorgeous boys. I'll ask my s-i-l tomorrow to see if they'd like to talk with you, I agree its best to talk with people in the same situations and yours are very similar, and he's only a month or two ahead of you in all of this. They're going through the public system - have no health insurance. If you check post 177 on page 4 thats my website, you could work out how to contact me in there... talk to you again later ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:18 am, 25 May

 1575.         I'd better get to bed soon eh ;o)

          Been up watching this season's grand finale of Desperate Housewives *yawn* was pretty good :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:21 am, 25 May

 1576.      So for tomorrow...(I'll be away all morning again)


soniat-d (153 )    12:23 am, 25 May

 1577.         Hi Landylass

          Hope the loogies are being kept away from you. So is this next chemo going to be the last one? Did I read that right?! :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:23 am, 25 May

 1578.      Hi Paula

          So how did Ryan sleep last night? I'm so happy for him :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:26 am, 25 May

 1579.      Hi Twinkies, Catatonic and Churpy

          Thanks for popping in, hope you come back sometime soon :o) Good luck with the sewing Joystik, hope I haven't forgotten anyone - off to bed now..... zzzzzz

soniat-d (153 )    12:29 am, 25 May

1580.         Good morning everyone....its soooo frosty here...

          but a beautiful day coming up, already lovely and sunny. Must have a shower, then fly about and do the house work and then off to Riverton for a walk on the beach and lunch. Hope you all have a great day doing whatever you are doing. Will talk again later. Bye for now....xxxx

joystik (281 )    8:47 am, 25 May

 1581.         Goodmorning everyone,

          I hope you all have a good day. Sonia what a gorgeous website!! Your daughters look adorable. My 2yr old wasnt adorable this morning and woke at 5am rearing to go for some reason, so then mr 9 months woke up too!! I find it hard when this happens as hubby needs all the sleep he can get so I do most of it. Do your meds that you take make you tired?Hubbys body has adjusted well but to start off with he was totally zonked out.

churpy (131 )    8:56 am, 25 May

1582.      Goodmorning everyone

          You are all so special!!!! I have Joshi home with a cold and a really BAD infected toe AGAIN :O( Darn it. Just waiting for his nurse to start this morning and I will phone her. Thanks Boop2 for your amazing words, we are all in this together, this thread has helped me more than anyone will know. Not having any family near is so hard some days but now I just get on here and there you all are. I dont feel so alone anymore. so THANKS!!!! Sonia you are such an amazing mum, with all you are going through you are so COOL, the kinda mum anyone would be proud to have! What a role model. Hi Joystik, thinking of you with love as always, will definately let you know when the fishing trip is sussed, Joshi is so excited. You are so thoughtful and no YOU ROCK!!!!:o) Hope everyone is hanging in there and having a good day, sun is shining here, but very frosty this morning Jack was very busy last night he must of got stuck I think. lots of love to everyone xxxxxxxxxxx

paulaxx (75 )    9:09 am, 25 May

 1583.      bogeyi

          Sending lots of good positive thoughts your way. Hope today is a better day for you. i really hope you are feeling better. xxYou are another awesome mum, hang in there!

paulaxx (75 )    9:11 am, 25 May

 1584.      Sonia

          Took Joshi a while to get off to sleep, he is planning it all in his head. Have a lovely day with that beautiful family of yours. xx

paulaxx (75 )    9:13 am, 25 May

 1585.         Hey everyone

          I have read some of this long thread, and wanted to say how AMAZING and STRONG you all are. Life is hard enough with kiddies but to be diagnosed with cancer is even harder. My grandfather died of a brain tumor last october, was very sad, i only wished my nana had the support you all have with each other. goidd luck on all of your journeys. xxx

kewlkiwi (42 )    9:17 am, 25 May

 1586.      sonia grand finale

          of desperate housewives when was that on grrrr did i miss something!! well today is the day that i have my biopsy and i have till 1.30 to wait ohhh it will be over today well i really hope it will be over anyway hope you girls have a wonderful day hugs xx

pomegal (91 )    10:06 am, 25 May

 1587.         good luck pomegal

          I wish you all the best.A big hug to you. Hi Paula and Joshi have a good day. Josh,I like nothing better that to feel a fish on my line my husband caught 3 snapper out here awhile ago and didn't stop beaming for a week. Hi joystick enjoy your walk in the sunshine. Hi sonia love to you and your family . Have you finished your heavy doses yet? Love to sonyai and Ryan the poor wee man.

boop2 (106 )    10:30 am, 25 May

 1588.      Hi everyone just here for a few minutes

          Had the wackiest morning - Lydia woke up complaining her legs and shoulders were sore (as she can overplay things we weren't sure if it was something serious or not) so all running late, go to my car after Brents left with the girls and battery is dead! Call parents-in-law not home, neighbours out, you get the idea - 40 mins to radiation appointment panick panick! Managed to sort it all in end, delay appointment, AA came started car, took into Coutts and got lovely loan car - all sorted! Phew! Just called school and Lydia's not right, so off to collect her. May be a while therefore till I get back. Hugs to you all till later ;o) xxx

soniat-d (153 )    11:18 am, 25 May

 1589.         sonia if it dosent rain it pours

          hope lydia is feeling better soon, hello paula,joystik,landylass,boop and everyone else. Appointment went ok bloods have stayed almost the same so they seem pretty happy,platelets 22 so we have to watch him closely and hopefully he can hold out to monday for a transfusion, other than this we are doing ok.Paula hope josh feels better soon was thinking if the boys want to email each other sometime could be quite cool for them if he wants to my email addy is on his site at the bottom.

bogeyi (482 )    12:42 pm, 25 May

 1590.      That would be cool for them to talk to each

          other bogeyi - glad his bloods are looking better :o) Yay!!!

soniat-d (153 )    1:57 pm, 25 May

 1591.         Lydia seems to be improving

          Growing pains maybe, never heard of them till now so I'm dubious - taking her to docs this afternoon - they're both sleeping now :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:59 pm, 25 May

 1592.      Sonia

          Hope Lydia is ok, poor wee lamb its hard when they are hurting.Let us know what the Doc says. Just got back from the hospital only takes an hour to get there, walked in they checked his toe, lanced it took a sample then we left. I started the antibiotics again last nite cos I could see it was flaring up, poor kid only stopped the last lot 3 days ago.Hope this time it clears it up. Good luck at the docs, hope she is feeling better real soon. xx

paulaxx (75 )    2:05 pm, 25 May

 1593.      bogeyi

          What a great idea. I will tell Josh and when he's feeling better, we'll get onto that. Hows your flu? Wow, his platelets are low, your poor things its hard waiting. Take it easy, thinking of you.

paulaxx (75 )    2:08 pm, 25 May

 1594.         Gee growing pains aye! I remember having them

          when I was little, or at least being told thats what it was. Always aching legs, that made me cry at night. My dear mummy would come in to me and give me a wee white pill in a teaspoon full of raspberry jam!! I can still remember that, and that has to be 37 or so years ago. So how come I can't remember what happened yesterday??? Hope Lydia is soon back to her cheery self again. Cars can be a pain and let you down right at the wrong time aye. We didn't go to Riverton. It came over quite cloudy and got rather cold so we have tucked outselves in here until the next sunny day. I have bike shorts to make off I go to do them right now.

joystik (281 )    2:11 pm, 25 May

 1595.      Hi Churpy :o)

          Hope you've recovered from the early start, not what you need eh?! I feel for you, I felt bad back in the chemo days when I was asking Brent to go get the girls up, give them breakfast... poor guy did it without complaint. This whole thing is just as hard (if not harder) on the partner. With us, everyones always asking how I am, but very rarely how Brent is - I ask him but he always answers "fine", "OK" "good", etc I don't think he's being honest quite frankly but it seems he doesn't want to burden me. It's hard alright. As for the tiredness, what kind of meds is he on? Are they chemo-type ones? With chemo yes I definately felt tired at first but seemed to get better with it as I adjusted. Chemo has a cumulative effect though, so after the initial low, I felt pretty good, but after each treatment things pulled me down a bit more each time. But each chemo's so different. His tiredness could also be from his own body combatting the tumor, or the pressure on his brain maybe, have you asked the nurse about it? Ne

soniat-d (153 )    2:11 pm, 25 May

 1596.      Cont'd...

          ... Never be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly they sound. You have the right to be aware of what is going on, helps to determine what sysmptoms are OK vs warning signs, you know? I didn't ask enough questions, or probe enough. Am now!

soniat-d (153 )    2:11 pm, 25 May

 1597.      Hi all, really want to keep talking

          but the fine weather's beckoning me to get back to that painting (gotta keep moving, want to get fitness up so I can get back to exercise as soon as my skin has healed, which it is doing very well :o)! Back later ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:14 pm, 25 May

 1598.         Hi Paula and Bogeyi, hope your boys are having a

          good day. Sorry to hear about the low bloods bogeyi. Hope it all gets sorted without too much intervention. Hes a very brave young man, your Ryan. And your Josh too Paula. He's got more than enough without sore toes again. Hopefully it can be sorted quite quickly too. All these thing that are normally rather minor, become just the opposite once there are bigger things involved dont they. Hugs to you both and the boys too. Wicked frost here too Paula. As it was thawing, it was dripping out of the big gum trees like rain, sounded amazing. Cold and cloudy now.

joystik (281 )    2:15 pm, 25 May

 1599.         Hi churpy, kewlkiwi,pomegal and boop, hope you are

          all having a kool day doing things. Bit of an early start for you churpy!! Our next door neighbours go to wrk at about 5 or 5.30 and quite often wake us up with there vehicles. Its like the middle of the night to me. Just lately though , since I've been having to sleep on my back, I've been getting up about then for a stretch and a wee walk about. Sorry to hear about your Grandad Kewlkiwi. Always sad when things like that happen at any age. The support in here is tremendous. I dont have any family where I live either, but have so many really good friends on here now, I just don't know where I would be without them all. Hugs to you all..xxxxx Hope your Biopsy has gone well pomegal.

joystik (281 )    2:22 pm, 25 May

 1600.      And another hundred!!


joystik (281 )    2:22 pm, 25 May

1602.         Hi Joystik

          Just popped my head outside for a minute and its 3 degrees. Brr, thinking of you. xx

paulaxx (75 )    2:41 pm, 25 May

 1603.         twinkies hopefully they come today

          one of the worst bits waiting. Paula where do you live, is it snowing or just cold/freezing.

bogeyi (482 )    2:44 pm, 25 May

 1604.      What a bloody

          nice thread this is. Im so glad i posted. Thanx for all the kind words sonia and joystick. My boys are having aBIG sleep at the moment. Sonia I can sympathise with your husband when you ask if he is ok. As a caregiver you dont want any extra burden on them, as you want your lovesd one to focus on getting better. There have been times when I wish people especially some of hubbies side would ask me how I was. But I have learnt to get on with life and put my energies into him. Our wee baby caught viral memngitis 3 months to the day that hubby got diagnosed. I nearly lost the plot then and just wished they would ask how I was. I feel this has made me stronger as a person and no one can surprise me with anything now. The mengitis experience hit us for a six but it made us stronger and together we know we can get through anything.

churpy (131 )    2:49 pm, 25 May

 1605.         Churpy

          Wow, you have and are going through so much. Keep your chin up. Hope you are having a good day.

paulaxx (75 )    3:27 pm, 25 May

 1606.      bogeyi

          I live about 10 mins out of Gore. Been here two years next week, time has gone quite fast. Chris just showed me a newspaper article of a darling girl from New Plymouth who passed away from ALL (the leukaemia) Joshi has, Im not trying to be a sad sack, just sometimes it hits home. Sad things are just so sad now. But thats life isnt it, youve been going treatment etc for how many years now???

paulaxx (75 )    3:30 pm, 25 May

 1607.         Those sort of things hit home when

          you're looking the illness in the eye. Until Briyanna was diagnosed, I felt sorry for people with cancer, now I sympathise with them. Just goes to show how selfish humans can be until something terrible smacks them in the face.

twinkies_pn (0)    3:37 pm, 25 May

 1608.         Twinkies

          I know what you mean.I was always sympathetic but now I have the compassion to go with it. So how is Briyanna doing? Do you go to Starship?

paulaxx (75 )    3:42 pm, 25 May

 1609.         Oh certainly get the BIG reality check

          alright. Cancer has never been far away from me with my Mum dying at 48, both Grandads at 65 and 68, and lots of other relations, a school friend at 21, but its just something else when you have it yourself. You dont know how it feels til its you and then you just have so much empathy for others suffering the same thing. My heart is especially out there with the children who have to endure this MONSTER. But together we can do it...we can fight this and we will WIN. Love and hugs to you all.

joystik (281 )    3:43 pm, 25 May

 1610.         Hey Paula, its 8 deg here so just a wee bit

          warmer. But 23 inside so thats pretty cosy. You keep warm and keep Joshi warm too. Hugs to you too.

joystik (281 )    3:45 pm, 25 May

 1611.         Thks Joystik

          Im feeling a bit sad, (tear rolls down cheek) some days are just a bit hard. I know you know that,I think when your tired its worse. I had to have an x-ray on Monday cos I cant sleep at the moment I have a really sore shoulder. I dont know what Ive done, but my gp is referring me to a specialist.After trying, naprosyn, codeine, and panadol I now have tramadol and even tho I woke in pain last night I didnt stay awake so hope tonight I get a decent sleep and tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for being there everyone

paulaxx (75 )    3:51 pm, 25 May

 1612.         She's chugging along.

          Sometimes I think she is completely oblivious to everything thats going on. She gets very tired and grouchy. We're down at Wellington Hospital. Would love to be a starship though, have heard it is great. Where are you at with Joshi?

twinkies_pn (0)    4:05 pm, 25 May

 1613.         Twinkies

          We are currently going through treatment at Invercargill hosp. Spent two months in Christchurch.Josh is getting most of his chemo at home from me, but there are still the monthly hospital visits and fortnightly bloods.Which we now can do at Gore so it is getting easier in that sense.

paulaxx (75 )    4:21 pm, 25 May

 1614.         You're brave doing it yourself.

          I struggle understanding it all. Some of the info shoved at me goes right over my head. How long has Josh been fighting for?

twinkies_pn (0)    4:27 pm, 25 May

 1615.         Its ok

          I have printed this spreadsheet and colour coded all the chemo, and all other drugs and what days etc so have got quite a handle on it now. Joshi was diagnosed in October last year. It seems so long ago some days and others like just yesterday its weird. With Josh's treatment its for 3 and a quarter years so we still have 2 and a half years to go. Whats the treatment path for your darling?

paulaxx (75 )    4:29 pm, 25 May

 1616.      thanks ladies

          i am back and still in one piece lol had the core biopsy which i wasnt expecting but the ladies and doctor were brilliant feel a bit better now just have to wait now 5 days for the results okies speak later hugs xxx

pomegal (91 )    5:03 pm, 25 May

 1617.         pomegal

          Hope the next 5 days go fast for you. Take care

paulaxx (75 )    5:29 pm, 25 May

 1618.      Hi everyone just got back from docs

          Will have to go cook dinner soon too #sigh# We have to watch Lydia overnight, possible bone infection (? never heard of that) apparently growing pains are only during the night. Her bones still sore. Its her right leg mainly. Hopefully it's nothing. Early blood test tomorrow if she has a bad night.

soniat-d (153 )    5:37 pm, 25 May

 1619.      Wow another hundy done and dusted

          while I was away! Amazing... hugs to all you lovely ladies :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:39 pm, 25 May

 1620.         Hi Paula

          Oh, I soooo feel for Joshy with the toe :o( Poor wee man, its just not what he needs right now. Sure hope the antibiotics work. Sorry too to hear about your shoulder, that does NOT help does it?! Bummer about the family not being near - here I am feeling sorry for myself that my mum's flown the coop, actually I'm over that now! Sure sounds cold where you are brrrrrr. Have you got good heating in your home I hope???? (((((((hugs to you and family)))))))

soniat-d (153 )    5:46 pm, 25 May

 1621.      Oh and I know what you mean about

          how good it is having this thread, it is SOO keeping me sane at the moment! Yay for all of you! Coming in here certainly removes the cabin-fever feeling when no-one visits day after day. Our friends are dropping by the kerbside left right and centre... Sometimes I think that's the worst part of all this, the friends I thought would stick with me through anything (as they have in the past) just can't cope with the big C :o/!!!

soniat-d (153 )    5:50 pm, 25 May

 1622.         Twinkies I've been thinking of you too today

          Its a shame the results aren't in yet, but I was surprised when you said they were expecting them today - usually it is a good 2 days was my experience anyway. ((((Huggs)))) sweetie. I'm still visualising positive results - hoping they'll become the real thing tomorrow ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:52 pm, 25 May

 1623.      GOOD LUCK Pomegal

          Try and distract yourself as you await the results, what will be will be ;o) No worries :o) Also, no news is good news with biopsies - the longer the wait, the better ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:54 pm, 25 May

 1624.      Hi Joystik :o)

          Sounds like you're having a good, albeit frosty day! The frost sounding like rain sounds cool :o) OK gotta gotta go, back later hopefully ;o) Sorry to those I haven't responded to yoet - I WILL get there!?!!

soniat-d (153 )    6:03 pm, 25 May

 1625.         twinkies i go to starship with my son Ryan

          he was diagnosed in 2002 with a rare blood disorder, in 2005 he had his transplant and all went well, in the last 6 weeks we have had a major hiccup and hes lost most of his graft, now we are waiting to see if its another transplant. You soon understand all the lingo and terribly long words and medication it will soon become second nature.

bogeyi (482 )    6:13 pm, 25 May

 1626.         sonia re the bone infection

          i remember when ryan was little he stopped walking and we had to go to starship to rule out an infection in the bone, as it can be serious.Hope she better soon.

bogeyi (482 )    6:16 pm, 25 May

 1627.         Sonia

          Do hope you have a good night with Lydia, and tomorrow she is feeling better.Yes this place has become my surrogate family, I feel heaps better about things this evening, just writing down that you feel grotty helps, I think because its acknowledged then you carry on a little lighter, I dunno.?? :o) Anyway thanks for starting this thread. Take care,be thinking of you tonight. Let us know how Lydia is tomorrow

paulaxx (75 )    6:36 pm, 25 May

 1628.         oh sonia

          let's hope Lydia is okay I know my boys had growing pains. Hugs for Lydia, Sonia, Emily and Brent. Hi Paula and Joshi and bogeyi and Ryan I do get the names mixed up at times but hey I know who I mean.Hugs for twinkies and pomegal we are all with you. Hi joystick not such a bad day here. Finish at the op shop tomorrow after 7 1/2 years will miss it like hell only cause I am moving else I would be there otherwise.

boop2 (106 )    7:17 pm, 25 May

 1629.      Hi boop2 and everyone

          Hey I can relate to how you're feeling leaving the job you love - I had to do the same when heavily pg with Lydia and man it was hard - I thought I was returning in a year which made it easier, but then found out being a mum was just TOO great to do part time ;o) Lydia is a lot happier and moving better on the leg, so hopefully it was just a "thing". Yes, I was told how serious bone infections are so we'll be on our toes tonight!!!

soniat-d (153 )    8:03 pm, 25 May

 1630.      Hi Pomegal

          Don't fret - the DH finale was in the States - we're waaaay behind here. We were loving it so much a while back we couldn't wait a week for the next episode so we downloaded all the upcoming episodes from the States. Did the same with Grey's anatomy. Now both series have ended so we suddenly have nothing to watch LOL

soniat-d (153 )    8:05 pm, 25 May

 1631.         I hope you wont mind me popping in

          I used to work for a Doctor who at the age of 23 was told he had stomach cancer and was only given 6 months...I worked for him for 7 years and he died just before he turned 90 ! He survived by eating a raw diet and he swore that eating a handful of different types of nuts every day would lengthen a persons life by 7 years. Hope this gives hope to someone.

herika (60 )    8:06 pm, 25 May

 1632.         Herika

          You should start a natural therapies thread. Do you know anymore?

sands7 (6 )    8:09 pm, 25 May

 1633.      Hi Joystik :o)

          The car's still at the doctors LOL - so typical of it really. It seems the more bells and whistles a car has, the more problems it has too! Wosrt one was a bout a year back it just started lost all its power (spasmodically of course) so I'd be cruising along the motorway and suddenly hit a slow rise and speed dropped to about 40kms, no matter what I did with accelerator pedal - felt like such a tosser driving along like that :o/!!! Turned out to be a clogged filter or something... Sometimes I wish I had my faithful Honda back ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:10 pm, 25 May

 1634.         No no, please post in here! I like to hear all

          this stuff and have no time to look in any other threads now ;o) Thanks for letting us know Herika! All this info is going into my melting pot. Have changed diet pretty radically already, not that it was bad to begin with ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:12 pm, 25 May

 1635.      Hi Sands7


soniat-d (153 )    8:12 pm, 25 May

 1636.         Hey Kewlkiwi

          Thanks for your post too, very nice of you to pop in and say all those nice things :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:13 pm, 25 May

1637.         just had a call from a friend to say ryan

          is in the local newpaper again, now have to hunt some copies down we dont have a delivery person at the moment seems they go through alot of kids.

bogeyi (482 )    8:15 pm, 25 May

 1638.      Hi Twinkies

          re 1607, oh how true! I was the same! Guess its human nature that everyone thinks it won't happen to them or their family. If only!

soniat-d (153 )    8:16 pm, 25 May

 1639.         Hi Sonia

          Sorry haven't caught up on your posts for a while. Hope you're feeling a lot better. How's it going - sorry too lazy to read all the posts since last time. I've got to go and have a colposcopy soon. GREAT! Just when heard Sis and Dad have cancer.

sands7 (6 )    8:16 pm, 25 May

 1640.         Hi Sands7

          Yes someone asked me about where I was with radiation but can't find the thread. Status is first 20 treatments completed. Over halfway through this next round on area above previously treated area (and extra little blast from behind my shoulder). Last Monday I had my last of 5 mega-blasts on the big lumps and the lumps seem to be shrinking like mad! Certainly feels that way, so that's exciting! My skin got very burnt, particularly in mega-blast zone, so piling on aqeuous cream like cake icing and putting huge gauze pad over it all and leaving on for hours. Its working magic, healing very well :o) That's current status ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:21 pm, 25 May

 1641.         How exciting bogeyi!

          Have you called the paper? Usually you can pop in to their office and collect copies, or they may even send them out to you. (You probably know that of course, just checking!) Any chance you can scan it in so we can all see it?!

soniat-d (153 )    8:24 pm, 25 May

 1642.      OMG Look at the time!

          Gotta get girls in bed! Bye now :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:25 pm, 25 May

 1643.         This is just the busiest place tonight....Hello...

          everyone. It has been rather an eventful day right round the country hasn't it. Poor wee Lydia, I do hope she has a good sleep and is feeling much better in the morning. Dear wee girl, she doesn't need stuff wrong too. Sorry you are feeling on top of the world either Paula..Hope you have a better sleep tonight and your shoulder is feeling a whole lot better tomorrow. Want my codiene?? The sent me home from hospital with a bottle full of it and I havent taken one, or anything else either. Maybe the xray will show something out of place. Hope you've got the fire stoked up - looks like a bit of wet weather for a few days now. Oh well nearly winter now, and then it will be spring again...I cant wait, I love spring time.

joystik (281 )    8:25 pm, 25 May

 1644.         Bogeyi, thats so neat having Ryan in the paper..

          Ask all the neighbours for their copy. Most people just poke the paper into the rubbish bin once they have read it anyway. Its exciting when your child features in the paper. Lauren was photographed at Intermediate, when 4 in the class made wooden blocks in their art class, died them all pretty colours, and then donated them to the local childcare centres for christmas. I was such a proud mummy. Hopeyou are feeling better tonight bogeyi, and Ruan too. Hugs to your family.

joystik (281 )    8:31 pm, 25 May

 1645.         Sorry you have been having a sad day Paula.....

          I was a bit like that this morning, after the weather turned cold and we decided not to go to Riverton. I sort of became a bit depressed about the whole thing and started the brain in overtime about what the treatment will be like and how sick I may or may not be, and the no hair thing etc, and on it went. It funny what your mind does if you let just a tiny bit of negativity in. Anyway, I snapped out of it quick when the courier arrived up with a most beautiful gift basket from my favoutite brother and sister-in-law in Nelson.It was full of hand mad choccies,fudge, perfume, hand and body lotion, bath bombs, foot things, just lots of very special things from a very special part of my family. So, you see I wasn't alone at all, someone was thinking about me. But I know, there are times when its sad.

joystik (281 )    8:42 pm, 25 May

 1646.         joystik what a lovely thought

          i have just looked at your profile where the heck is that....i know i know i feel stupid asking, dont forget to add nth or sth island so i dont have to embarass myself

bogeyi (482 )    8:48 pm, 25 May

 1647.         joystick I was talking to a

          lady in this street yesterday who is selling up and moving to Riverton where ever it is. What a lovely surprise getting all those goodies.Hope everyone has a goodnight.

boop2 (106 )    9:18 pm, 25 May

 1648.      Hi All Lydia's temperature is normal

          and she started twirling around on her supposedly bad leg before bed, so I'm not too worried ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:24 pm, 25 May

 1649.         good news sonia


bogeyi (482 )    9:27 pm, 25 May

 1650.      Sounds like the courier picked the right day

          to turn up with the goodies Joystik :o) Try not to worry too much about what's ahead, just deal with each step as it comes, I for one was pleasantly surprised at how fun and non-worrying/sickening the actual treatment was, truly! When's your LGFB course again? Anyway, guess what, my pretty bad start to the day got turned around when a parcel arrived in my letterbox too ;o) Thanks you sooo much Joystik, thats so nice of you, wow, fantastic! So did you buy that $5 book about phospherous etc. Is it worth the moeny? Also wondering if you've seen and breast cancer success stories with the CAA - out of idle curiousity? ;o) But hey, what a very pleasant surprise, and what a lovely gesture - thank you!!! ((((((hugs))))) xxx

soniat-d (153 )    9:31 pm, 25 May

  1651.   Sure is Bogeyi

          I so feel for you with what you're dealing with. May the tide turn soon for you and Paula and your darling boys :o) Well, our house looks like a tornado went through it, so better go get it sorted #sigh#. Hope you're all having a nice evening :o) Hope you're feeling better too Paula ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:34 pm, 25 May

 1652.      Good morning :o)

          Lydia seems fine this morning - yay!

soniat-d (153 )    7:48 am, 26 May

 1653.   Good morning Sonia

          I am so pleased that Lydia's better. Thanks for your understanding with my little head spin yesterday. I am feeling a whole lot better today. Be glad when i know what up with the shoulder. Hope you have a great day.

paulaxx (75 )    8:31 am, 26 May

 1654.      Joystik

          Its always the way here too when you feel like you are thousands of miles away from all who care someone sends something to say they are thinking of us. Yay, I am so glad you got some goodies.I am expecting something in the mail soon, some new slippers, calf skin, and possum. They should keep the tootsies toastie. Thanks for your support, hope you have a wonderful day Thanks for the offer of codeine, I hate taking any thing like this I was given some codeine too, but that didnt help only gave me something else to worry about (if you know what I mean). So just for now I will take the strong one at night just so I can sleep. Thanks though.x It will all be sorted soon enough. Its nothing compared to what all you fantastic ladies are going through. :O)

paulaxx (75 )    8:39 am, 26 May

 1655.   Hi bogeyi

          Wishing you a better day today and thinking of you and Ryan.

paulaxx (75 )    8:40 am, 26 May

 1656.      Good Morning everyone... pleased that Lydia's leg

          is not causing you too much grief Sonia. You're more than welcome, for the wee parcel we sent. We bought the books and especially Percy Westons Book about him curing his wife of cancer using the CAA. It is most interesting. We are into giving anything a fair hearing, that might do good. I think its really the balance of the calcuim to phosphorus that is up for the consideration. Look at some foods and how un balanced they are?? Bit frightening really isnt it. Hope you have a great day Sonia, and they get your car going real soon. Talk again soon....

joystik (281 )    9:05 am, 26 May

 1657.      Hi Paula, hope today is better for you too....

          I feel great and its not so cold today, even though its raining. Sometimesyou need a rain to quit the frosts for a while dont you. Got my sewing done yesterday so I dont quite know what I will do today. Might do some revision on my Real Estate course, so hopefully I can do the contact assessment next week and then get my registration, and start working!! Hows Josh today?? How is toe is not picking on him too much. Give him a big cuddly hug from me. Hugs to you too Paula and wishing you a better day...

joystik (281 )    9:10 am, 26 May

 1658.      morning joystil,sonia,paula,landylass

          and everyone else. we are good today so we are going to do the unthinkable, hit the shops its been so long since we have been shopping. Paula hope you feel better and hope joshs toe is healing, got your email...thanks.. will get ryan to send an email to josh over the weekend.paula glad lydia is better, joystik had a giggle with the sewing word thats a swear word around here my mum cant believe i dont have a needle and, my motto is if i cant buy it or my mum cant make it, we wont have it. have a good day ladies.

bogeyi (482 )    9:15 am, 26 May

 1659.   Joystik

          Joshi is seemingly ok, I sent him off to school today with a huge note in his lunchbox - not to forget his medicine at lunchtime. He was still a wee bit snuffly but it hasnt amounted to anything and he really wanted to go. They know they just phone me anyway and I'd be there in a flash to get him. Is is a lot warmer here today, i just thought I'd check the temp gauge and its actually 5 degrees, that cracks me up thought it was so much warmer! But it does feel warmer. Anyway have a fab day everyone. Thinking of you.

paulaxx (75 )    9:20 am, 26 May

 1660.   bogeyi

          Pleased to hear you are off to do a bit of retail therapy!!! Good on you. hope you get something nice for you!! Take care and thinking of you too.Love to Ryan

paulaxx (75 )    9:22 am, 26 May

 1661.      YAY for shopping...I haven't done serious shopping

          for such a long time. Think I will hold off now til the summer, and then it will be different styles. I think it seems warmer cos theres not all that white stuff lying about like there has been the last few days.. just checked the temp guage and its 8.7 outside and 22.4 inside. Wondered why I am getting round in just a tee shirt and no jersey. Heat pumps are not that expensive to run thank goodness. Our house is all electric heating anyway, so it doesnt matter what its have to be warm.

joystik (281 )    10:00 am, 26 May

 1662.   morning ladies

          hope you are all having a better day today and yes joystik you have to be warm when you live where you do lol we use to have diesel central heating when we lived down there and it was brilliant, well my plaster has a wee bit of blood in it this morning but i slept ok, the mr kept cuddling me last night and telling me how much he loved me orrrrrr i didnt even click until i recieved a txt from his mum that he could be going through a bit of stress also with loosing his dad to cancer in january so i have been giving him lots of cuddles too. i was told i can take the dressing off today after it has been on 24 hrs and i dont want to lol i dont want to see it at all what a wuzz eh, well back to sorting out my miss 4 as she has come home from kindy with the sick bug! sonia hope you daughter is feeling better too

pomegal (91 )    10:23 am, 26 May

 1663.   Thats so true. You have to be Warm!

          Chris was looking on the net today and saw a property in Edendale for sale and now i am starting to think, wow, we really are going to buy a place. Yay. Cant wait to have our own house. I dont care what its like, it doesnt have to be the best, just warm and a roof over. How exciting. 12 More pay days here and then off we go.The place he was looking at was 79 acres.We have been living in other people houses for over 10 years now and its time to settle for the children into their own home. :O). 12 months will fly.No more milking cows. Its been such a tie. We are going to take about 6 of our favourite girls with us though, they are lovely. Tee Hee

paulaxx (75 )    10:25 am, 26 May

 1664.   pomegal

          Thats lovely to have the cuddles and love coming on in. It is hard for the guys. Chris has found it very hard at times with our Josh's diagnosis as he lost his mum to Cancer. Hope you daughter feels better soon, hang in there 4 days to go.

paulaxx (75 )    10:28 am, 26 May

 1665.      Something to look forward to paula

          hi everyone cold here today but like joystick house is nice and warm

boop2 (106 )    10:36 am, 26 May

 1666.      thanks paula

          are you moving to edendale?? we use to live in waikaia down that way and i have a lovely friend who lives in wyndham that is a sharemilker lol where are you moving from?? and yes 4 days to go but hay i am not counting lol

pomegal (91 )    10:37 am, 26 May

 1667.   okies paula

          just looked at your profile and see you are in gore orrr i did really like gore when we was there i found out i was pregnant with my youngest who is now 3 when i took the test in the toilets there lol

pomegal (91 )    10:39 am, 26 May

 1668.      not too sure

          Pomegal. We are sharemilkers living just out of Gore at the mo, hoping to buy some land before the end of this contract.

paulaxx (75 )    10:40 am, 26 May

 1669.      LOL

          about taking the test in the loo laa. You'll always Gore in the nicest way huh?

paulaxx (75 )    10:41 am, 26 May

 1670.   Remember

          Whoops left out that word. You'll remember Gore! Runs out to splash water on face. To wake up!!!

paulaxx (75 )    10:46 am, 26 May

 1671.      hehe paula

          yes i do then me and my friend who still lives down there went to that nice cafe/bar on the corner for a celebration (decafe and cake) lol

pomegal (91 )    11:10 am, 26 May

 1672.      Hi all.

          We got the results of the xray, CT scan and a summary of the abdominal ultrasound this morning. The abdominal ultrasound showed that her remaining kidney, the site of the right kidney, and all other abdominal organs are currently clear of tumour. Unfortunately though we were told that the chest X-ray and CT scan show that the small tumours on her lungs had grown considerably since the last set of scans, and so the chemotherapy used so far is considered to have failed to stop the cancer. So now it's treated at recurrent wilms...

twinkies_pn (0)    11:29 am, 26 May

 1673.      cont'

          On Monday we will return to Wellington hospital to meet with the surgeon who removed her kidney to discuss an operation (scheduled for Tuesday) to remove the biggest tumours from one of her lungs. Then when she's up to it will start the next round of chemo. I think im still in a bit of shock. I was really beginning to believe that we'd beat it. Guess not.

twinkies_pn (0)    11:32 am, 26 May

 1674.      Oh Twinkies

          My heart goes out to you and your family. When you hear hard news like that, its so difficult to comprehend. We are thinking of you and will be here if you need us. Im so sorry. Kids are amazing, its not going to be easy but the sooner you start this next ordeal the sooner you are to beating it. Bless you and I send you some strength and love for the next tying time xxx

paulaxx (75 )    11:36 am, 26 May

 1675.      Sorry Twinkies

          I was trying to send you my message so fast I mistyped and meant to say this trying time. All the best, be thinking of you

paulaxx (75 )    11:42 am, 26 May

1676.   Greetings ladies

          Hey Paula that is good news about the house plans! I can still remember how excited I was when Brent agreed to look for a bigger (this) house, I was pg with Lydia at the time. First house we thought "oh no", second house, even worse and as we walked out onto street a real estate agent came out of the house next door and said it was about to go on the market, would we like to look at it? (This house ;o) Felt like I'd won lotto! Our friends thought it was "a dump" but we could see the potential and its certainly no dump now LOL! Fingers crossed it all falls into place for you :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:32 pm, 26 May

 1677.      hugs to you and

          your family twinkys

pomegal (91 )    1:36 pm, 26 May

 1678.   Hi Twinkies

          Yikes its kind of a mix of really good and bad news isn't it?! The fact there were no new growths in the kidneys was very good wasn't it? It's good they can operate on the lungs, at least with wee kiddies their bodies can recover really quickly so hopefully it'll be fine and dandy! Hey at least after they're cut out, it seems that more don't regrow where they were, so I think that's a good long-term sign. Its a real shame she needs more surgery, fingers crossed it all goes well. Are any dates being planned yet? ((((((Huge hugs)))))) to you xxxx

soniat-d (153 )    1:37 pm, 26 May

 1679.      Whoops Twinkies

          Sorry missed the Tuesday date - we'll be thinking of you then. Its a real rollercoaster this monster isn't it? Words fail me really. Cancer sux - big time. ((((Hugs))))))

soniat-d (153 )    1:39 pm, 26 May

 1680.      Hi Joystik

          Its hopeless at working out whether the contents of foods are good or bad (tend to go by gut instinct - how natural is it?) so sounds like that book is a good idea for me. Thanks again. Car's still at the docs - something keeps draining the battery and they can't work out what - sounds like its going to be a big time bill :o/!!! Thanks goodness they gave us a loan car - the parking guy at the hospital this morning (who knows me well by now!) asked me "How many cars do you have?!" LOL It's the third one I arrived in in two weeks LOL

soniat-d (153 )    1:44 pm, 26 May

 1681.      Ohhh twinkies...i feel so sad for you right now...

          but hopefully you will be able to get things sorted and after more chemo, your little one will be good as new again. Funny how you go to these appointments with such a lot of hope that things will be just fine, and how quickly your hope turns to anxiety and sadness. I went into my histology appointment feeling great and hopeful that I wouldn't need chemo or radiotherapy, and came out flattened completely. I have told myself many times since though, that there are many people much worse off than me, and things for me could also be much worse. Just remember we are all here for you and your family and I will send you lots of hugs now...

joystik (281 )    1:53 pm, 26 May

 1682.      We looked at houses at Edendale, Wyndham,

          Mataura, Gore and here in Otautau before deciding to come here. The property in Edendale was on the main road and had about 5 acres from memory, but the house was pretty old. Main road put us off too, cos my beautiful abyssinian cat had been run over and killed in Oamaru. Also we had a really flash 2 story house in Oamaru with a beautiful sea view, and so most things we looked at were pretty much a come down after that. Once I got off my 'high horse', I realised that there were so many other things we could have and do if we didn't put heaps into just a house. Our home here is a basic 3 bedroom on 1/4 acre, but we bought a boat, and a bus to convert to a mobile home as well, so thats another project!! It is great moving into your own home though. You will just love it and its really something for you to look forward too. Hugs to the lovely boy, and his family too...

joystik (281 )    2:00 pm, 26 May

 1683.      twinkies big hugs to you and your family

          i so know what you are going through, you think you are doing so well and then there is a set back.This is a great place to vent or just talk.Be strong.

bogeyi (482 )    2:37 pm, 26 May

1684.      Big hugs twinkies

          this monster can be such a roller coaster ride. Mr14 and I both went to Doc today. He has had the flu 39.5 temp Wed night but on the mend and I started coughing yesterday. I have chemo next week and Doc decided to leave blood counts today as will have to get them done on Tuesday anyway... so just got to keep an eye on temp over weekend. Had plumbing nightmare last night.... posted in the other thread. Miss16 got the school formal tonight so just waiting on her to arrive home from hairdresser. Her big brothers are away to Dunedin tonight on a stag party pub crawl. Just hope they behave themselves!!! Stag party was a last minute change of plan from next weekend and left miss16 without her ride to the ball as big bro that was taking her is now disappearing. Grandad has saved the day rolling out his old 60's merc!

landylass (47 )    2:57 pm, 26 May

 1685.      Paula it will be great for

          you to have your own place that you can do what you like with. How exciting. One of stepsons just sold his house last night as he is moving to north island. Nothing more stressful than buying or selling!!!!

landylass (47 )    2:59 pm, 26 May

 1686.      Hi landylass, that sickness thing is not too

          good for you is it. Hopefully it will all blow over duing the weekend. Just take it easy and watch the Crusaders win the super 14!! Bet Miss 16 is looking forward to the ball tonight.. Its a huge occasion for them now days isnt it. Dont think such a fiss was made when I was there, but I went to a country High School and I dont think much of a fuss was made about anything in the country. Much more laid back. Just had a ring from Oncology. Have an appointment to see Dr Perez on June 6th, and she said he may want me to have a CT scan and a Bone Scan, so I was able to excitedly tell her that I'm having the CT scan next week.

joystik (281 )    3:32 pm, 26 May

 1687.      She thought all going well with Dr Perez,

          I may be starting the following week and will be on FEC chemotherapy. Dr Perez is from Dunedin. Have you come across him on your travels?? Sooner it gets started, the sooner it will be finished now, so Bring it on!! Have you got beautiful weather in Oamaru today?? Its been raining all day here,but it is a lot warmer than yesterday at 14 deg. Hugs to you landylass.

joystik (281 )    3:35 pm, 26 May

 1688.      Hi pomegal, I had completely forgotten that you

          had been a South Islander for some part of your life recently. How do you like living in the North afterbeing down here where everyone is soooo....friendly? We think its great and the people just wonderful. Hope you are feeling ok today. Its just the waiting bit thats a pain aye. They had my results the following day, but the outpatients clinic was full so I had to wait 4 days. I already new in my own mind what my rsults were going to be before I went in though. You know that 'gut' feeling you get?? Hugs to you...

joystik (281 )    3:39 pm, 26 May

 1689.   Hi everyone

          Yes it is exciting, got to talk to the bank manager and accountant about our ideas, then we can really get out there and look. Bearing in mind that we stay near to the hospital for our boy. I am glad you are one step ahead of the oncologist by getting the scan done next week Joystik. Is the chemo that you ladies take i.v or oral. Or both? Just wondering. Hope you are all doing well this afternoon.

paulaxx (75 )    3:46 pm, 26 May

 1690.   Hey Sonia

          How are the girls this afternoon? No more sore bits for Lydia???

paulaxx (75 )    3:47 pm, 26 May

 1691.      paula what hospital does josh go to


bogeyi (482 )    3:48 pm, 26 May

 1692.      Landylass

          Hope everyone in your household gets better real quick!! Seems winter bugs are here with a vengance!!! Take care.

paulaxx (75 )    3:49 pm, 26 May

 1693.   Hi Bogeyi

          Josh goes to Invercargill hosp. Otherwise known as Kew. How are you all doing???

paulaxx (75 )    3:49 pm, 26 May

 1694.      we are good thanks

          do they have a seperate part for kids??? dont know how big the hospital is

bogeyi (482 )    3:56 pm, 26 May

1695.      Wet and cold here today

          Joystik. I have been under Dr Plaza, and saw Dr Chris Jackson I think his name was on Monday. I believe he is leaving shortly. Miss16 has just arrived home from hairdresser. Most girls putting hair up, mine wears it up all the time and just spent 2 hours getting it straightened! She is 7th form and last years formal it was long dress lots of curls etc. This year short dress and her and boyfriend and not even going to bother with the after party! Very laid back. I'm more concerned about what the 3 boys are getting upto on pub crawl in Dunedin tonight for stag party! Dad isn't going and might be a good thing!

landylass (47 )    3:57 pm, 26 May

 1696.   Well...

          They have a paediatric ward and that is where we get most of our treatment and if we get admitted we go there. Its an hours drive away. The nurses that deal solely with the Cancer kids are lovely and they are called the Outreach nurses. When Josh had his port put in a surgeon comes over monthly from Christchurch, but most treatment can be done there.Initally you get sent to Christchurch, thats when we were first diagnosed we went for 2 months.

paulaxx (75 )    4:02 pm, 26 May

 1697.   Landylass

          Hope your daughter has a fantastic time tonight. Arriving in style in the old merc :O)

paulaxx (75 )    6:40 pm, 26 May

1698.      cancer of the breast

          Kia Kaha sonia, god bless

rautahi (0 )    7:05 pm, 26 May

 1699.      Hi Paula :o)

          Lydias absolutely fine - they're running around the house like mad - time to get them into bed!!! Sorry had hardly any time on the PC today - did all my ironing while Emily slept so I could relax and watch a movie tonight ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:20 pm, 26 May

 1700.   Wow!

          Another hundee!!! Thanks everyone :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:20 pm, 26 May

 1701.         Awww Landylass

          Thinking of Kylie having great fun tonight, driven in style :o) How exciting - hope to see my girls do that someday ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:22 pm, 26 May

 1702.         Have been thinking of you alot Twinkies

          Hope you're OK. ((((big hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    8:23 pm, 26 May

 1703.         Evening

          here are a couple of photos of Miss16 first one at last years formal with her mates that also went to Germany she is in green; second one tonight She was so laid back about it this year!

landylass (47 )    8:29 pm, 26 May

 1704.         joystik

          we only lived there for 6 mths but i did really love it, it was through the winter of 02, yes the people were really lovely down there too, a little bit different to up north here lol

pomegal (91 )    8:30 pm, 26 May

 1705.      Sonia

          Enjoy your movie and your evening. Off for an early one Nanite and best wishes xx

paulaxx (75 )    8:37 pm, 26 May

 1706.      Landylass

          You must be very proud. She looks gorgeous. Very happy, I hope she has a wonderful night.

paulaxx (75 )    8:38 pm, 26 May

 1707.      I agree - Sie ist sehr huebsch!

          Aww Landylass - glad to see her looking so happy :o) My mum always insisted on sewing my ball dresses and only finished them like 1 hour before I had to go and they never fitted properly etc. In my pics I was stressed and embarrassed :o/!!! Why oh why did she do that to me?! LOL Character building, that's for sure! Awww I can almost visualise her bopping away on the dance floor now :o) Very cool!

soniat-d (153 )    8:44 pm, 26 May

 1708.         Hi all

          sonia so glad lydia is well again. landylass your daughter looks lovely oh to be young again.Hi paula and joshi how are you both?

boop2 (106 )    8:59 pm, 26 May

 1709.         omg this was on page 3 not good enough

          bumping up.Landylass i hope your daughter had an awesome time.Good morning ladies, yucky day up here today.

bogeyi (482 )    8:30 am, 27 May

 1710.         HI Bogeyi

          Now I've got the lurgey!!! How are you, shken it? Josh seems to be better than me so thats good!!! Hows Ryan? Are the others back from holiday yet?

paulaxx (75 )    10:10 am, 27 May

 1711.         Aw Paula these

          bugs are really doing the rounds! Its wet and cold here today. Sun tried to shine but its going to rain again. Kids had a wicked time last night but gave the afterparty a miss interestingly. Haven't sighted or heard from the big brothers this morning. I am presuming their wives/girlfriends would have been concerned if they hadn't made it home last night! Must go get Miss16 out of bed as she has a netball team to coach and then her own game this morning. Keep warm everyone!

landylass (47 )    10:25 am, 27 May

 1712.      Landylass

          You bet me to it, was just thinking about you and going to pop in and ask how it went for all last night. Glad they had a great night.Wonder if the guys are all feeling chipper??? Have a good day. Take care

paulaxx (75 )    10:30 am, 27 May

 1713.         morning

          a wet foggy day here today never mind have heaps to do.Look forward to the netball and rugby. Do Joshi and Ryan like the rugby?Come on Cruasders

boop2 (106 )    11:24 am, 27 May

1714.         Hi Boop2

          Joshi does like rugby but is not really that into it. He will be interested to hear the scores tho. Hope you have a lovely day

paulaxx (75 )    11:48 am, 27 May

 1715.         boop same with ryan likes it but not into it

          in a big way like some boys.Paula hope your feeling better soon, colds all gone now glad i got it worse than ryan as he didnt need that as well.Family came back on tuesday and had a blast thanks to nana and grandad.

bogeyi (482 )    12:45 pm, 27 May

 1716.      bogeyi

          Thanks. Glad they all had a blast!!! Yes I am glad to have the bugs and get a good dose if it means Josh doesnt get it. Heres hoping! Have a good weekend.

paulaxx (75 )    1:20 pm, 27 May

 1717.         Paula I hope you get better soon

          I think when you are down these things hit you more.

boop2 (106 )    2:25 pm, 27 May

 1718.      landylass

          your daughter is beautiful and what a gorgious dress too, she looks very happy hope her night was great

pomegal (91 )    2:48 pm, 27 May

 1719.         hi...

          to all you brave posters and parents here..Hope you all have a OK weekend and enjoy the rugby....

neldav (195 )    3:17 pm, 27 May

 1720.      Hi everyone :o)

          Had a fun time this morning trying on 70's costumes for a big 40th party next weekend :o) Wearing a dress wig too - least I know all about how to wear them now LOL. I'm going to be an orange and brown chick ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:34 pm, 27 May

 1721.         Sorry to hear you're under the weather now too

          Paula - get well soon :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:36 pm, 27 May

 1722.         Hi Sonia

          I will be fine, hard to avoid the bugs when they are rampant. Thanks for your get well wishes. Hope you are having a good weekend. Party sounds like fun.

paulaxx (75 )    6:22 pm, 27 May

 1723.         Thanks to you too Boop2

          Yes just been a bit run down. Be good as again soon Take care

paulaxx (75 )    6:23 pm, 27 May

 1724.         Sonia you should go as Elizabeth the 1st

          she was a gutsey lady just like you. I am going to take my seat for the rugby. Night

boop2 (106 )    6:31 pm, 27 May

 1725.         Have fun watching the rugby

          I didn't realise that when Brent cancelled Sky Movies a while back he cancelled Sky Sport as well?! Only just found that out tonight! He decided he needs to get a different Visa card, and found out Westpac do Rugby cards - so he's all excited and getting one of those LOL. I wanted to go out to the movies tonight but we're all out of potential sitters. Oh well, finally got to watch War of the Worlds last night - bit of mindless fun - quite enjoyed it actually :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:47 pm, 27 May

 1726.      LOL Boop2

          THanks for that! I actually think I'm pretty brave going in orange - not exactly my most fetching colour LOL - Brent and I will match - he's wearing orange shirt too with medallion down his sexy hairy chest and got an afro wig ;o) Yep looking forward to it alright!

soniat-d (153 )    7:49 pm, 27 May

 1727.         Hello ladies...I was hoping all would be well

          but I see there are still a few bugs lurking around here. Sorry to see you aren't so flashright now paula, and bogeyi. Hope tomorrow see you feeling a bit better, and hopefully the boys wont get a dose of it too. I heard Lauren coughing las night and feared the owrst but she was fine today. We went driving out in the country today, hence my absence on here. It came out lovely and suny after lunch and all the washing got dry on the line. It is raining again now though. But thats ok for watching rugby. I got a bottle of Malibu and some pineapple juice, so I might have one or 2 later on....I have one each for you all.

joystik (281 )    8:34 pm, 27 May

 1728.         Landylass, your daughter looked beautiful in her

          lovely dress. Did you make it or buy it? Or I suppose you can hire them too can you?? Glad to hear she had a fabulous time too. I showed her pic's to Lauren and she loved her dress too. Lauren has long hair just like your daughter. It gets everywhere!! Interesting that they wren't interested in the after party. I guess they grow up and get over that excessive drinking/partying thing. Hope you have had a good day too.

joystik (281 )    8:38 pm, 27 May

 1729.      Hi Joystik ;o)

          Ok I'm depressed again now - definately lumps in that area again, dammit dammit!

soniat-d (153 )    8:42 pm, 27 May

 1730.         Hi boop and sonia.....your party sounds like it

          will be a blast sonia. Those things are just great if everyone gets into the spirit of it and dresses up. Thanks for your email boop..nice to hear from you. I guess by now you will no the rugby score, if you have sky. We do but not the sport channels, so are waiting to watch it at 9.10pm on Prime. Go the CRUSADERS!! Hugs to you..

joystik (281 )    8:42 pm, 27 May

 1731.         Oh No Sonia!! Do you think they are new ones??

          Or the same ones that feel bigger?? Maybe just bigger than last time you felt them. I know before I had my op, I would be feeling the lump all the time , and I new it was getting bigger, and I was right. I HATE CANCER

joystik (281 )    8:44 pm, 27 May

 1732.         oh sonia..we all seem to be on a bloody

          rollercoaster, sending big hugs and here if you you need to vent.

bogeyi (482 )    8:49 pm, 27 May

 1733.         Everyday there are new things to make life

          a bit more challenging than it already was. My drain bloody hurts, where it goes into the skin. It seem to almost block up with goobies which you have to manually push along the tube. Sometimes in the middle of the night it starts leaking out at the top where it enters the skin. Theres still a lot coming out really, probably over 150 mls a day still. Is that normal.? I just feel so much for you sonia, you have had more than your share so far....Big hugs to you love..

joystik (281 )    8:53 pm, 27 May

 1734.         Well, I'm off to have a malibu and pineapple,

          and watch the rugby. The Crusaders had better win or that will just top the day off completely!! Hope you feel better tomorrow sonia,paula and bogeyi. I will be thinking of you all and sending you lots of big southland hugs.. Sleep tight..xxxxxx

joystik (281 )    9:05 pm, 27 May

 1735.         enjoy joystik

          hope you have a good night.

bogeyi (482 )    9:07 pm, 27 May

 1736.      sonia darl

          it was my 40th this year and everyone but me dressed up in 60s outfits which were really 70s outfits it was great and sooooo funny you will be amazed at what you can find in the $2 shop like glasses wigs etc for this sort of party mine was a ball but hay i was the birthday girl and wanted a nice outfit lol

pomegal (91 )    9:08 pm, 27 May

 1737.         Hmm Joystik I'm not sure about whats normal

          Is there such a thing??? I wish I could remember. I THINK that its probaly better coming out than welling up inside, whens the last time you saw a nurse/doc about it?

soniat-d (153 )    9:17 pm, 27 May

 1738.      Thanks everyone

          Kelsall just told me on the other thread that its most probably scar tissue - so hoping like anything thats the case! Off to lie down with hubby now. 'Nite all xxx

soniat-d (153 )    9:35 pm, 27 May

1739.         Here's the website the Cancer Society advised I

          visit when I was confused by conflicting recommendations for alternative treatments. At first I thought it was doctor-biased opinions (it may well be), but then when looking into this section for example under M its analysis of Melatonin, for example, was quite pleased (and glad it one of only 2 things I'm taking!) See also tract This is all giving me a better idea of why docs are so anti these things - they like clear double-blind etc studies done and lets face it, those wanting to take supplements are unlikely to agree to just try one for the whole trial when they know the benefits are likely to be better by a combined approach. My iridologist caved by the way and didn't want to recommend what of the list I was given by the other doc, I should take. Rather disappointed by that #shrugs#. Oh well, I'm off to take my Melatonin and hit the hay. Nitey

soniat-d (153 )    11:05 pm, 27 May

 1740.         bumping for the morning

          so foggy here this morning can hardly see past the deck.

bogeyi (482 )    8:37 am, 28 May

 1741.         so sorry sonia

          about the lumps let's hope it is scar tissue.hi joystick good result in the rugby although you couldn't see much. Two weeks till we shift and it is all go. Paula, Joshi, landylass hope today is a better day.Hugs and prayers for sonia.

boop2 (106 )    9:21 am, 28 May

 1742.         Dearest Sonia

          Hope you managed to have a restful night. I hope that what your feeling is scar tissue!!!! It sure is a rocky road this journey we are all on. We are all here for each other and that has made a huge difference to me. Thanks. You are never far from my thoughts. Big hugs xx

paulaxx (75 )    11:22 am, 28 May

 1743.         Joystik

          I am sorry that the drain you have in hurts. They are awful things arent they. After my hyster, they didnt put any in and two weeks later I hemmorhaged, then 4 weeks later needed more surgery and they decided this time they would put a drain in. It was such a deep one, and so not nice. Better to get it all out though, so hope it eases up soon for you.Will someone check it for you this week? Thinking of you and hope you didnt drink my malibu last night too quickly!Found it hard to get out of bed this morning that may explain it! ;O). Lots a love xx p.s I love Malibu!!!

paulaxx (75 )    11:27 am, 28 May

 1744.         Hi Bogeyi

          Your trademe name intrigues me, for ages I was putting 1 at the end. Then realised. Sorry about that. Hows the family today? Has the fog cleared to a nice day?Hope you are enjoying the weekend.Thinking of you.Your due some more blood tests tomorrow arent you? Try not to worry... :O)

paulaxx (75 )    11:30 am, 28 May

 1745.         Hi Boop2

          Two weeks till you move, gypsy day will have passed so it wont be so busy on the road. Where are you moving to again, I forget. hope the packing and sortings going ok. take care

paulaxx (75 )    11:32 am, 28 May

1746.         Thinking of

          You Twinkies with love. All the best for this coming week and what it has in store for you. Big hugs

paulaxx (75 )    11:34 am, 28 May

 1747.         Sorry if

          I forgot anyone. bumping for all the wonderful ladies who are courageously facing each day. love to you all

paulaxx (75 )    11:37 am, 28 May

 1748.      Hi Paula and everyone

          I'm back in "what will be will be" mode now, first panic, then this... ;o) I dunno, it's not so hard today, so hopefully it is swelling/scar tissue etc. As least most of the skin is looking good (just tanned ;o) now, high dose area is still nasty - back to nurses station tomorrow to see what they think... Otherwise fine - I took the girls to the Museum this morning and we had a great time. How is your family today Paula?

soniat-d (153 )    2:06 pm, 28 May

 1749.         What's Gypsy day???

          Sounds like fun!

soniat-d (153 )    2:07 pm, 28 May

 1750.         Hi Boop2 thanks for that ;o)

          So were you at the game? I heard about the fog, how disappointing, any talk of those who couldn't see anything getting a refund at all??? Good it was a good result ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:11 pm, 28 May

1751.       Hi Pomegal

          Yes it was a bit of a challenge finding a 70's dress that was flattering LOL. Its a bummer I have all these nice new clothes and for the big party have to turn up in a crappy rental dress LOL! But its all good fun, thats the important thing ;o) We've had some great dressup parties in the past, for my 30th we did criminals theme (I was a cat burglar ;o) and 21st was Rocky Horror theme (I was Magenta). Yep always try to find the most flattering dress up option - I call it pride not vanity LOL.

soniat-d (153 )    2:30 pm, 28 May

 1752.          Ok for a laugh

          Here we are at my 30th - That's Brent opposite me but we weren't a couple yet - he asked me out later that night ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:32 pm, 28 May

 1753.          Hi Sonia

          Love that photo. You look gorgeous I'm suprised it was only Brent that asked you out!!! Gypsy day is a term for when all the dairy farmers/sharemilkers etc move as it the end of the season and when the new season starts on a new farm.31st May every year. or 1st June. You see furniture trucks, cattle trucks you name it - its a busy day. my family is pretty good today thanks, in the, just whatever mood. Bit miserable outside but not that cold so alls ok. Hope you are having a good one!

paulaxx (75 )    2:59 pm, 28 May

 1754.          Hee hee Paula

          Yep love showing that off - me back in my skinny days LOL ;o) Nah, those 3 guys were all part of my tight group of friends I'd known for over 12 years at that point, so the going out thing was kind of taboo or something. Brent decided to break it anyway - we were just like Chandler and Monica in "Friends" actually, the keeping it secret for months, everyone finding out one by one etc etc ;o) Ah, those were the days!

soniat-d (153 )    3:22 pm, 28 May

 1755.       Gypsy day sounds cool :o)

          Love that kind of thing ;o) Busy, but exciting!

soniat-d (153 )    3:23 pm, 28 May

 1756.          Oh Classic

          I loved friends so can just imagine you all hanging out together etc. Cool!

paulaxx (75 )    3:32 pm, 28 May

 1757.          Yep miss those days

          All changed when kids arrived, see each other less and less. But we have big dinners together every 6 months or so now - wish they were more frequent - I miss my friends! :o/!!! Here we all are ;o) ... Sorry, in a reminiscing mood!

soniat-d (153 )    5:39 pm, 28 May

 1758.          Hi sonia, no I wasn't at the game

          just at home my son, wife and 4kids all went wild horses wouldn't keep them away. I do hope you get a good report tomorrow. Apart from a place what is a malibu? A drink? Paula, joystick and landylass hope your families are over that bug. am just moving into town and the house we have bought is so dirty can,t wait to get it cleaned.

boop2 (106 )    5:59 pm, 28 May

 1759.          Evening everyone...

          well our house is hopefully bug free again.... lol long may it stay that way now!!!! Hope you are feeling better Paula. Boop I don't envy you having to pack. hehe we have been here 7 years, built a huge garage and I would hate to even think about having to pack. Last shift we were like the Beverly Hillbillies!!!!! More space you have the more junk you keep. Something to be said for having a move about every 5 years and having a cleanout! Been wet here most of the weekend and thick fog today. Saw the rescue helicoptor had landed this afternoon, must have good GPS or something cause it was a pea souper. Was surprised he got in. Wow my ironing basket is only half full now. Took a bee in my bonnet today and attacked it! First few days in weeks I have actually felt NORMAL.

landylass (47 )    7:05 pm, 28 May

 1760.          hi ladies

          Just a message from joystik its her niece again she is back in hospital with an infection in the drain so all think of her it suxs poor aunty they said she could be in there 3 days i'll keep you posted

nessy20 (27 )    7:40 pm, 28 May

 1761.          aw poor joystik...

          she said it was getting really itchy. Tell her we are all thinking of her and hope she is home again soon.

landylass (47 )    7:42 pm, 28 May

 1762.       orrrr nessie

          thats terrible news please give her all our love and we will be thinking off her.

pomegal (91 )    7:46 pm, 28 May

 1763.          sonia those photos

          are gorgious (sp) you are one god looking lady hehe

pomegal (91 )    7:48 pm, 28 May

 1764.          We want to see the

          next one though! Sure you will look gorgeous.

landylass (47 )    7:50 pm, 28 May

 1765.          Joystik big hugs coming your way

          hope your out soon.Well Ryan has done it on thursday his platelets were 22, he was put on a low threashhold if any piteqeye (sp) or any concerns to get him to hospital asap, we are still at home and all going are going in tomorrow for platelets but so happy he has managed to hold out...hopeing this is good news in our favour.

bogeyi (482 )    7:57 pm, 28 May

 1766.          thats good news

          bogey.... hope he keeps out of hospital!

landylass (47 )    7:58 pm, 28 May

 1767.          Oh Joystik

          After her saying the drain was sore I wondered! Darn! Poor thing. Thinking of you will love and hugs. Paula, Joshi and Family. xxxxx Please pass on our sincerest kind wishes for a speedy return home.

paulaxx (75 )    8:08 pm, 28 May

 1768.       Bogeyi

          Wow Ryan is a strong young man! Excellent. Have a good day tomorrow. Hugs to you and Ryan and your family xx

paulaxx (75 )    8:09 pm, 28 May

 1769.          Hi Sonia

          What another awesome photo. Sometimes I miss my life in Auckland too. Always something to do or going on. Now with the kidlets its life on the farm and those times feels like another life ago. Oh well, memories, la la la la la la .... of the way we were. lol

paulaxx (75 )    8:12 pm, 28 May

 1770.          Re #1767

          I meant to say with love love and hugs not WILL. Head working ahead of my fingers. xxx

paulaxx (75 )    8:14 pm, 28 May

 1771.       Aww poor joystick

          Hopefully she'll get sorted in hospital pronto. (((((hugs))))) from afar sweetie xx

soniat-d (153 )    8:15 pm, 28 May

 1772.       Landylass

          Think I've scared those bugs away. Breaking into song on here I must be feeling better. Thanks and all the best to you.

paulaxx (75 )    8:16 pm, 28 May

 1773.       Hee hee hee Paula

          Now we all have our darling beautiful children - lucky us ;o) Was nice thinking of my maties just then - called one straight after posting the second photo :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:17 pm, 28 May

 1774.       Yes you are sounding much better Paula

          Yay for that! The best thing about getting sick is that wonderful "Top of the World" feeling you get when you come right ;o) Love that feeling :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:19 pm, 28 May

 1775.          Oh cool

          Its so nice to have a good catch up.You are so right - i was told I couldnt have children and knowing what you have been through, we are lucky and they are so beautiful. Hope you have a good nights sleep and all the best for this week. Till tomorrow. Nanite x

paulaxx (75 )    8:21 pm, 28 May

 1776.       Sonia

          I wish I lived closer!!!!! You are a very special lady x

paulaxx (75 )    8:22 pm, 28 May

 1777.       Hee hee thanks Pomegal - I did back then LOL

          Hey Landylass I'll try my best, but won't be able to hide the radiation burn peeping out of the neckline ;o/!!! Damn I wish I could put tanning lotion on/makeup #sigh# Got some fake eyelashes (as I still have none!) Hopefully we'll work out how to put those on! Will get some piccies I'm sure ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:23 pm, 28 May

 1778.       (((((Smootches)))) Paula

          I feel all alone up here with all you special ladies so far away (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    8:25 pm, 28 May

 1779.       OOOOHHHHH Sonia

          I think I left a piece of me in Auckland. So you can have that ok. When you feel really lonely, i'm there with you. (That sounds a bit silly)but I would love to come back one day for a visit and I would definately love to meet you and your family. We are only a typed message away in reality. Big hugs

paulaxx (75 )    8:30 pm, 28 May

 1780.          Good luck tomorrow

          Sonia sorting out whats going on with those lumps.

landylass (47 )    8:33 pm, 28 May

 1781.       Oh my goodness - look at this

 Just checked this out and Josh came running now we have sore tummies from laughing. Nanite

paulaxx (75 )    8:38 pm, 28 May

 1782.       Absolutely Paula

          You'd be welcome here anytime, as would you other lovely ladies ;o) Hey Landylass, now the lumps have kind of gone or something LOL Talk about a huge drama over hopefully nothing! Gotta talk to my nurses about the high-zapped zone - ouchy ouchy ouch! Was reading stories to the girls and HAD to abandon them to change dressings - its bleeding now - thats not good?! Why do these things always start up on weekends?!? Panadol time...

soniat-d (153 )    8:51 pm, 28 May

 1783.       Great to hear good news bogeyi

          Big pat in the back to Ryan - brave young man :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:52 pm, 28 May

 1784.          Good Luck

          Hey, hope you get rid of it, our heart is with you.

tobby  (31 )    9:03 pm, 28 May

 1785.          thats what we need a girlie

          get together.

bogeyi (482 )    9:04 pm, 28 May

 1786.       Sounds like a great idea bogeyi

          I hope I didnt take the seriousness of this thread away with my attachment. It was too cute not to share. Sonia hope that your wounds ok, not great that its bleeding. :o(

paulaxx (75 )    9:24 pm, 28 May

 1787.       Yep it was very cute Paula - infectious laugh!

          Ouchy - I just can't work out what to do - tried leaving it without cream, made it even worse, so back no to covering in cream - roll on Monday! Having a forbidden Rum and Coke now to take my mind off it ;o) How are Josh's toes???

soniat-d (153 )    9:29 pm, 28 May

 1788.       not at all sonia

          have seen that and my kids love it especially the snorting bit. We all know laughter is the best medicine.

bogeyi (482 )    9:29 pm, 28 May

 1789.       Here here Bogeyi

          How awesome would that be?!? Hey, you're not too far from me ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:30 pm, 28 May

 1790.       I wanna come too..

          One day. Joshis toes are okish. Still on antibiotics, after the hosp lanced it and took a swab, it lost that really angry look. I just really have to deep on to it. Sonia would aloe vera help your burnie bits??? Glad you liked giggle puss xx

paulaxx (75 )    9:37 pm, 28 May

 1791.       Could do Paula

          Will see what the nurses say tomorrow - they a great, obviously this is what they're there for, see it all the time. I'll just be asking a few more questions tomorrow, like what to expect it to do, versus what shouldn't happen. Never dealt with burnt skin like this before, so its a steep learning curve!?! Man, I feel for Josh, I know I keep saying that, but I really do! Poor wee man, not fair! Glad the lancing eased it a bit...

soniat-d (153 )    9:54 pm, 28 May

 1792.          sonia just over west way

          im a westie..

bogeyi (482 )    9:57 pm, 28 May

1793.       Well

          Better sneak off to bed. Will be thinking of you Sonia and Bogeyi tomorrow. All the best and hope you have a good nights sleep.

paulaxx (75 )    9:58 pm, 28 May

1794.       I know Bogeyi

          I'm right off Onewa Road exit, so Waitakeres not far at all by motorway, have a friend out that way and bought and collected our garden feature from Kumeu ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:04 pm, 28 May

 1795.       Nightie night Paula

          Hope you have a peaceful night and wake up all nice and refreshed ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:08 pm, 28 May

 1796.       I'll be off at the crack of dawn again for my next

          zap... 9 treatments to go (but thanks to planned therapists strike week after this one, will be over 2 weeks to completion). Grrr!

soniat-d (153 )    10:09 pm, 28 May

 1797.       PS Thanks Tobby ;o)

          Thanks for popping in and posting :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:10 pm, 28 May

 1798.          nite sonia and paula

          better get some zzzzzzzzzzz's as we to are off early to hospital..sleep well all.

bogeyi (482 )    10:16 pm, 28 May

 1799.          poor joystick

          Infections are damn painful.Please give her my love. Sonia is it your burns that are bleeding? If you could like paula says use aloe vera it would be soothing. Good news about Ryan.I liked the cat paula great sound effects.Hope your day goes well tomorrow for everyone. Night

boop2 (106 )    10:31 pm, 28 May

 1800.          Yep Boop2

          Its all in the mega blasted area (rest of area healing beautifully). The aqueous cream soothes it nicely, but I'm not sure if the area needs moisture or dryness now - questions for nurses tomorrow ;o) Must get onto other things b4 bed, so nightie night all xx

soniat-d (153 )    10:42 pm, 28 May

 1801.      OMG Silly me missed that I was posting

          the next hundy - WOW is all I can say, thanks all for helping me through this. Love talking to y'all ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:44 pm, 28 May

 1802.         Morning all.... hope you

          are able to get some help with those burns today Sonia. Beautiful day here.... the sun has finally found us again. I'm off to work for a while, and going to a movie later. Just heard from our German "daughter" this morning and that has put me in a good mood for the day now!

landylass (47 )    9:46 am, 29 May

 1803.      Morning everyone

          Hope Sonia and Bogeyi got on ok with their dr's appointments today. Thinking of you. xx

paulaxx (75 )    12:10 pm, 29 May

 1804.         just called in to see how you all are

          joystick I hope you are feeling heaps better. sonia you too.paula, joshi, ryan and bogeyi hugs from me

boop2 (106 )    12:52 pm, 29 May

 1805.         Hi Sonia

          I have been following the thread but first time posting. Just wanted to say how I loved visiting your website and reading all about you and your family! My daughter is called Lydia too. I thought your new 'hairdo' looked amazing...10/10. All the best.... wish my bathroom looked like yours!

1800 (276 )    1:19 pm, 29 May

 1806.         Hee hee 1800

          Thanks for that - glad you liked! How old is your daughter? Great name ;o) Have not come across another young girl called Lydia till now!

soniat-d (153 )    1:22 pm, 29 May

 1807.         Hi all didn't get to see doc today

          he was too busy, but thats OK can't really feel any lumps in that area today, hopefully its just scar tissue after all. Did see another doc and nurse about my burn, its not pretty! Apparently will take 2 more weeks to heal over, just heaps more aqueous cream and dressings till then - and wet area to remove so I don't tear of the new skin cells.

soniat-d (153 )    1:25 pm, 29 May

 1808.         Who's your German daughter landylass?

          Exchange student? Yikes, have you told me abiout her before - most probably knowing me LOL. I've been having fun in the german thread ;o) I'm very rusty with it nowadays!

soniat-d (153 )    1:30 pm, 29 May

 1809.         hay bogeyi and sonia

          dont forget me i am only 10 mins away from kemeu hehe, sonia hope you are feeling a bit better today i am looking forward to my weekend in napier as it is keeping my mind off my results, i am sooo scared now when the ph rings not that it can when i am on here lol, have a good day ladies

pomegal (91 )    1:54 pm, 29 May

 1810.         All the best

          for the phone call pomegal. Thinking of you. U ok Sonia, hows the burnie bits???

paulaxx (75 )    1:56 pm, 29 May

 1811.      Hi Pomegal

          Hey, all I can say is "No news is good news!" The longer the phone takes to ring the better, from my experience (of the reverse, ie bad news comes super-fast!). Distracting yourself is best - what can you do? I'm currently completing the Southern Cross claim for the rest of the family (which is almost 10mths worth of claims LOL). Why do all docs just put "Consultation" on the receipts. Got a few phone calls ahead of me, asking everyone what we were there for!?! I was so whacked out with everything going on, I wouldn't have a clue!!! Anyway, I'm rambling!!! Lots of big "good luck" wishes and vibes being sent your way ((((hugs))))

soniat-d (153 )    2:21 pm, 29 May

 1812.      Hi Paula :o)

          Feeling fine thanks, just a little tired, and uncomfortable there definately. Just put a new lots of cream and dressings on so feeling pretty OK now. Have got to watch for spread, no infection at the moment according to Friday's swab. How's Josh today?

soniat-d (153 )    2:23 pm, 29 May

 1813.      thanks paula and sonia

          they have the radiologist come in on a tuesday so i dont think the results would be in till late tuesday at the earliest ohhh will go and start packing my bags hehe but then i wont have any clothes to wear lol ok then i could,,,,,,,,,do some baking as my man will live on it while i am away, yes thats it i will go throw my head in the oven, well not in the oven but you know what i mean lol

pomegal (91 )    2:27 pm, 29 May

 1814.      Thats good

          Josh is pretty good today thanks, still a bit snuffly, but I cant keep him home with just a snuffle, he feels good otherwise. His leg thats weak from the stroke, must give him pain, he limps alot. He tells me its his ankle. So I try to let him feel "normal"and give him some space. I forget are you still receiving radiation on the site thats burnt?

paulaxx (75 )    2:27 pm, 29 May

1815.      He's a brave boy alright Paula

          No the radiation I'm having now is directly above that area and is not supposed to be overlapping what's already been done, but doc pointed out today that it is overlapping a little at the very top, but only like a few mm's. Rest of the already treated area that was my breast LOL is healing beautifully, just like a nice tan now really ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:32 pm, 29 May

 1816.         Oh now I get it

          Whilst you are getting radiation, are you also on chemo? (What a way to get a tan by the way) You sound in good spirits, even though your hurting, you are so amazing!!!

paulaxx (75 )    2:36 pm, 29 May

 1817.         No, no ;o)

          Finished chemo back in March or something like that, Then had a few weeks break for body to recover. Then I had the standard breast area radiation blast, over the whiole breast area shaped like an upside down archway (when they thought there were no more lumps after initial surgery). A few weeks into the radiation we realised I was riddled with new lumps, but had to finish the blasts already being done. Once that series of 20 blasts was finished they started a new big long rectangle area right above the treated area (thats what I'm having now) plus, on top of that, after a few days they gave a mega blast for 5 days on the major lumpy area within the finished area. That areas like a small rectangle (2 x 3 inches) within the already burnt archway area. Hope that makes sense? Reason its so damaged is in the breast archway area they treated right to the skin surface (as there's not much there now ;o) so the skin was already pretty damaged before the mega blast began. Yep, feeling pretty good really, after the che

soniat-d (153 )    2:47 pm, 29 May

 1818.      Cont'd...

          ...after the chemo I had, this is really a piece of cake!

soniat-d (153 )    2:47 pm, 29 May

 1819.      Wow

          I still say your amazing. After everything you've been through. Its incredible. We are off to Christchurch this time next week. Back to the place that we spent two months when Joshi was 1st diagnosed, It will be good to see all the team at the childrens oncology ward but its weird walking into places where it all began. I felt for you the other day, when you said you pretend it tickles when your girls tickle you.Small things that others so take for granted. I am so proud of you and dont really even know you, hope its ok to say that.

paulaxx (75 )    2:53 pm, 29 May

 1820.         I felt

          Like jumping in the car today and going to look for Joystik. Presuming she is in Invercargill hosp, it would take me an hour to get there, but dont know her surname and cant rock up to reception and ask where Joystik is... they might think I've finally lost it. Besides I have to stay near incase school phones me for Joshi or Cass. But the thought was there. Poor Joystik. We are thinking of you, :o)

paulaxx (75 )    3:04 pm, 29 May

 1821.      Hi Paula, It starts with M ;o)

          If that thought makes you wierd, then I'm wierd too LOL That's exactly what I'd be doing! ... Re #1819 Honestly I'm not that amazing LOL but thanks anyway! I can relate to that wierd feeling, I felt the same when I went back to the Breast Clinic. Have only been there to get BAD news, and did again just recently, so now I feel really wierd about that place! Assuming (one hopes) that all this nightmare actually ends at some point, it'll sure be wierd going back there for the mammograms!?!

soniat-d (153 )    3:35 pm, 29 May

 1822.         All the best pomegal on your outcome.

          sonia you sound bright were you pleased with the news you got today? hi paula and Joshi.Did you have a good day at school Joshi?

boop2 (106 )    3:39 pm, 29 May

 1823.         #1806 re Lydia

          Thanks for your reply (don't expect that with all these messages you receive!!) My Lydia is 13...and boy is she grumpy right now...must be all those hormones...was hoping to avoid all that...but maybe not! Nice to meet another Lydia too! (don't expect a reply..just happy that you read it. xx)

1800 (276 )    3:50 pm, 29 May

 1824.         thanks boop

          and the little girl waits

pomegal (91 )    3:50 pm, 29 May

 1825.      boop2

          Hi I am good thanks.Now Heres Joshi... Hi Boop2 yes I did thank you. But I dont like Mondays because I have a lot of homework.I better go and do it bye Short and sweet from my darling. Have a good afternoon boop2

paulaxx (75 )    3:58 pm, 29 May

 1826.      Sonia

          The last time we were at that ward in Christchurch Joshi had just had a stroke, on top of the leukaemia we felt like it was happpening to someone else, that we were somehow watching from the outside. We will just walk in there and get the chemo say hi and feel very lucky to be able to walk out this time not push him in a wheel chair. Glad you share my feelings tho!

paulaxx (75 )    4:09 pm, 29 May

 1827.         Hi Boop2

          I didn't really get news today - Dr Benji was too busy for an impromptu meeting and he's only here Mondays. I'm fine though, doesn't feel like lumps now, and if they are they are small, can wait a week ;o) I'm focussing on trying to CHILL...... Relaxxxx.... ;o) Haven't been doing much of that lately!

soniat-d (153 )    5:30 pm, 29 May

 1828.         Sonia those burns sound awful...

          sooner you are finished the better. Yeah the German daughter is our exchange student. Got an email this morning telling me she had been showing a friend her NZ photos as friend was thinking of coming out and all of a sudden looking at the photos she got really homesick for us all out here. Its nearly a year ago since she arrived and was only here 10 weeks, then Miss16 stayed with her for 8 weeks over Xmas. She is coming back out when she finishes school at the end of next year. Would love to think we might get to Germany but can't see it happening in near future as we would all want to go and just so expensive.

landylass (47 )    5:32 pm, 29 May

 1829.         Hi 1800 I always try and reply ;o)

          I couldn't in the beginning of the thread, much as I wanted to! Now its all under control ;o) Shame about the teem thing LOL I suspect my one may be just the same when the time comes. They say the easy toddlers are the horrible teens, and vice versa. If thats the case, Emilys going to be a super easy teen LOL ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:32 pm, 29 May

 1830.         Hang in there Pomegal

          this is the hard bit, the waiting. Good luck for when you get them.

landylass (47 )    5:33 pm, 29 May

1831.         lol Sonia....

          I was told what they are as toddlers repeats as teenagers. Argh Mr14 was a nightmare as a toddler! Miss16 was a neat toddler and is proving so as a teenager!

landylass (47 )    5:35 pm, 29 May

 1832.      Awww Landylass

          How cool would that be if she came out again?! Tell her if she wants to see Auckland she can stay with us :o) I love meeting Germans, and was a teen when I was there, so can kind of relate ;o) Hey, don't worry about the burns, its only the mega blast part thats the problem, the rest was a doddle, and I'll tell you how much cream to put on - I didn't put on nearly enough! The area being treated now, I'm putting enough cream on and stillno colour so looking good :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:35 pm, 29 May

 1833.         LOL Landylass

          It'd be great if it worked out that way! Lydia could break us in slowly and then we could brace ourselves for Emily LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    5:37 pm, 29 May

 1834.         Hi Paula when will you be in CHCH

          with Joshi I am due to go over and would love to give him a hug he is such a brave wee boy.That is good sonia hope everything heals quickly for you. My boys were night mares as teens sorry to say.

boop2 (106 )    7:15 pm, 29 May

 1835.         well we had a shitty day (sorry just venting)

          Were told today they are preparing for a 2nd transplant they have a big meeting with all the docs to discus it on Friday, they want to start and get things organised as its easier to back out (if not needed) than to get everything organised in time if its needed.(does that make sense) Ryan had platelets and blood today about 5mins before his platelets were finished he started to have difficulty breathing 5mins later we had him on oxygen as he was really weazy, was getting worse he was having anaphylatic attack he had 2 nebulises to help open the airways and if that didnt help they had adrenalin waiting thank go we didnt need that.He had a second dose of phenergan so was really knocked out for the day.We arrived at 8.30 and finally got home about 6pm. what a day

bogeyi (482 )    7:51 pm, 29 May

 1836.      Oh Bogeyi :o(

          That's no good at all! At least they're being proactive,even if thats not good news. I prefer that to the old "wait and see" thing. You must be so drained and exhausted. Do ((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))) help at all??! Wish we could help... ((((((((((More BIG HUGS)))))))) xxx

soniat-d (153 )    7:56 pm, 29 May

 1837.         thanks sonia hugs received gratefully

          joystik hope you are feeling better today..

bogeyi (482 )    8:00 pm, 29 May

 1838.         Oh bogeyi

          You poor darling. I hate days like that. Feels like nothing is happening quickly enough and then its all happening too quickly. I am so sorry you had a shi**y day. Poor Ryan will be exhausted and so will you be. Is your head spinning again. What a hard road your on. Hang in there. Sending you heaps of cuddles and strength. Thinking of you.

paulaxx (75 )    8:14 pm, 29 May

 1839.         Boop2

          We arrive in Christchurch monday 5th. Josh has first day of assessment on Tuesday. Wednesday Choc ward for chemo and bloods late in the morning. Thursday another full day of assessment. Friday drive back home. Are you going to be a the hospital???

paulaxx (75 )    8:16 pm, 29 May

 1840.         Bogeyi

          Just remembering how scary it is when your child goes through something like that. We are here for you. Hope you can get some rest tonight.

paulaxx (75 )    8:19 pm, 29 May

 1841.      Well said Paula

          Just what I was thinking too Bogeyi, must be so hard. So whereabouts is all this taking place? Auckland hospital by any chance? (You get my line of thinking ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:40 pm, 29 May

 1842.         Ok gotta go

          Rest of my family is in the big shower having a ball! Time to collect towels etc and retrieve them ;o) Got my new dressing on now ahhhh feels soo good, now I'm all set!

soniat-d (153 )    8:40 pm, 29 May

 1843.         Sonia

          Nanite have a good nites sleep x

paulaxx (75 )    8:55 pm, 29 May

 1844.         Just popped in

          to wish you all nanite and I hope tomorrow is a better day especially for Ryan, Bogeyi and Joystik. Hope your sore bits are on the mend too Sonia. Thinking of you all with love

paulaxx (75 )    10:38 pm, 29 May

 1845.         Thanks Paula :o)

          You too ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    11:26 pm, 29 May

 1846.         good morning ladies


bogeyi (482 )    8:18 am, 30 May

 1847.         bogeyi

          How are you today??? Hope you got some rest. Hows Ryan? I am thinking about you so much!!! Wish we could do more.

paulaxx (75 )    8:31 am, 30 May

 1848.      Morning Paula, Bogeyi and all you lovely ladies

          I'm off to my treatment now - hope you have a good morning and a much better day :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:44 am, 30 May

 1849.         we are ok thanks paula

          as you know as this point now if you look at ryan you would not know he is so sick, hes much better was having pains in his legs last night quite bad dont know where that came from.We are back at hospital today seeing the dentist...oh what fun. Thanks for caring :)

bogeyi (482 )    8:47 am, 30 May

 1850.         Saying Good Morning to all

          you brave people. I have so little to offer, except that of my love and support and extolling the virtues of your courage. I watch and read this thread a lot, and I have learnt plenty. (((Hugs))) to all the courageous people here!

angel9991 (41 )    8:49 am, 30 May

  1851.      Angel

          Thank you for your caring words. Have a nice day

paulaxx (75 )    8:52 am, 30 May

 1852.      forgot to put i won $500 dollars of vouchers

          this morning off 97fm for the new sylvia park shopping centre.

bogeyi (482 )    8:54 am, 30 May

 1853.      bogeyi

          Yes when they look "well"its very hard to comprehend! Luck at teh dentist. Hope today is an improvement on yesterday. Lots a love and hugs Paula and Joshi and family.

paulaxx (75 )    8:54 am, 30 May

 1854.      Yay - You deserve IT

          Couldnt have happened to a nicer person.

paulaxx (75 )    8:54 am, 30 May

 1855.      Sonia

          Hope your treatment today is effective - yet gentle on those sore bits. Have a great day. Chris and I are going to the movies. Divinci Code, here it is cheaper on Tuesdays so bonus! Have a good one. Thinking of you all

paulaxx (75 )    8:57 am, 30 May

 1856.      paula enjoy the movies if you go

          Ryan has it all planned for me to take him to pirates of the carribean 2, xmen 3 and cars he must think i am made of

bogeyi (482 )    9:01 am, 30 May

 1857.   Thanks bogeyi

          I havent been out without the children for sooooooo long.Hope the school doesnt phone me in the middle of the movie lol. I know what you mean Josh is always telling me knew things he would like to have. Its hard to draw the line! I am so stoked for you winning the $500 I hope you buy something just for you!!!

paulaxx (75 )    9:30 am, 30 May

 1858.   bogeyi, sonia paula landy,joystik

          sunbeamnz good morning and if i have forgotton to put your name there i am sooo sorry but i have a funny brain at the mo am wishing you all a good and pain free day with lots of snuggles and hugs u are all in my thoughts today

pomegal (91 )    10:34 am, 30 May

 1859.      boop2 and 1800

          the same applies to you darls hehe just went and had another looksee, and i suppose i better get off here as i will never get a ph call when the line is busy will i

pomegal (91 )    10:36 am, 30 May

 1860.      oh sonia that must have been real tough

          that lovely wee boy is so brave please give him a big hug and tell him we are all rooting for him.Good to see you hanging in there pomegal, fingers crossed.Hi Paula , no but my son lives in Spreydon which is not far away I have to go over to pick up some furniture but as yet still waiting to hear.I am getting it made. Hi Angel nice to see you here it is such a warm caring thread I can't stay away .

boop2 (106 )    11:27 am, 30 May

 1861.      hello ladies

          Sorry havent posted for a few days. I will read the posts and then write back once my wee ones are sleeping.

churpy (131 )    11:52 am, 30 May

 1862.      Hi everyone :o)

          Wow congrats Bogeyi - well there you go, thats Karma working its magic ;o) Simply awesome! Tell us what you think of the movie Paula, Brent LOVED the book, but we've heard mixed reviews of the movie. I really want to see it (have never had time to read the book - spend all my spare time on here LOL)! Thanks for the kind wishes, wound is getting worse, more blood today #sigh# but its not bothering me as much (ie not very sore) so who knows, but they say its at the worst it'll be now and should start improving in next couple of weeks ;o) The therapist today said they were finding it interesting seeing what it does, as it usually happens after patients have finished their treatment (the end of treating that area was 2 weeks ago) so they don't often get to actually see it. Glad I'm such an interest to them LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    12:26 pm, 30 May

 1863.   Thanks angel9991 :o)

          I wonder how many others read this thread but never post? LOL! (I know you have posted b4 angel - thanks again ;o) Glad the message is getting out there and that people are learning - that's why I'm on here mainly, hoping I can save another woman from the same nightmare. If anyone does find a lump nice and early thanks to reading our threads we've love to hear about it - your odds are soooo great if you find them early. Remember everyone "Early detection is your best protection"!!! #Gets down off my soapbox# LOL ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:31 pm, 30 May

 1864.   Hya Churpy ;o)

          I've gotta put my one to bed now too ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:32 pm, 30 May

 1865.      Afternoon... just dashed

          home for lunch. Went and had my blood test this morning for chemo on Thurs. First time they had trouble getting blood thru my port. So got all the plumbing attached and just wait for the news the counts are ok now. Off to have phsyio on the ankle and see whats going on with that. Its still giving me grief and I hardly slept last night. Lovely sunny day here.... hope everyone is having a good day. Will have a catchup read tonight.

landylass (47 )    12:36 pm, 30 May

 1866.   Thought it would be appropriate

          to put a website in here... Come on people get clicking to help with mammograms.

kathrynf1976 (30 )    12:37 pm, 30 May

 1867.   Thanks Kathryn

          Yep that's a fave site of mine - Funnily enough I am wearing a t-shirt and bracelet I bought from them today actually - I've got Breast Cancer written all over me today LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    1:17 pm, 30 May

 1868.   ok...

          i have done all i can do for the breast cancer page and i will even get a e mail reminding me to click every day, hope you girls are having a great day xxxx

pomegal (91 )    1:54 pm, 30 May

 1869.   Hi...

          back from the flicks and I enjoyed it a lot. Chris has read the book and like you Sonia I just wasnt ready to commit to something like that at the time.(had other things on my mind). Chris felt the movie portrayed the book well.I like the scenery too, having been to Paris, bought back a few memories. Going to clickon the breast cancer site too.Thinking of you all x

paulaxx (75 )    2:31 pm, 30 May

 1870.      ok ladies advice please......i have thought for

          ages about having a mammogram and didnt know if you have to be at a certain age before having one done (does that sound stupid)and where do you go for one and cost (cost no issuse just approx cost) i feel silly asking but it has palyed on mind alot about getting it done so to me that is my body saying go and do it for piece of mind. Gawd i feel like a teenager asking adults for

bogeyi (482 )    3:32 pm, 30 May

 1871.   Good on you bogeyi

          I don't know about the age for free mammograms as its older than me - 45 maybe? Landylass knows... I was 37 when I was first diagnosed with advanced BC, most of the ladies I saw in Oncology with BC were my age too. Its never to early to Mammogram! Costs around $140 I think. You go to your doc first to request a referral, don't let them talk you out of it (mine did, when my lump would have been nice and small, dammit!). Hope all is well in your family today - wishing you all the best :o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:08 pm, 30 May

 1872.   Thats great that you enjoyed it Paula

          Cool! Brent and I decided last night to buy tickets to the INXS concert in September - I'm all excited now - can't wait! (Hope the timing will be OK with whatever lies ahead for me, so trying not to get TOO excited ;o) I was bummed when the U2 concert fell through, glad to have something new to look forward to ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:12 pm, 30 May

 1873.   Yay Sonia

          That will be an awesome night. It is so important to have something to look forward to. Would love to go to that myself!!!We are going plan an overseas holiday for when Joshis treatment has finished. Somewhere warm, for longer than two weeks I am thinking. Good on you guys, I love INXS. Really enjoyed the search for the new lead singer too.

paulaxx (75 )    7:02 pm, 30 May

 1874.   bogeyi

          Well Done! I too have considered having a mammogram, did find a lump when Cass was a wee one.Got referred to specialist who said it felt ok, that it was probably hormonal??? Blocked milk duct??? Anyway I went off the pill and it went away. I am lucky I know!!!! Mum has hers tomorrow. Be waiting for that phone call. Think you are doing a wonderful job as a mum and for having a check up. Hugs to you, Ryan and your family xx

paulaxx (75 )    7:06 pm, 30 May

 1875.      thanks as we all know moneys not the issue

          piece of mind is.My nana had breast cancerabout 19yrs ago and it just sits in the back of my mind. Paula we have been to fiji with the kids 3 times and would go back in a heartbeat, we love the tropical weather.Sonia before you know it that concert will be here and you will be rocking your socks off.

bogeyi (482 )    7:11 pm, 30 May

 1876.   Yes I know both Brent and I LOVED that INXS

          show - we have all the song performance Videos downloaded onto our PCs and I play my favourites here while sorting paperwork etc - Jordis was a fave of mine, her and JD ;o) Yep, can't wait!

soniat-d (153 )    7:44 pm, 30 May

 1877.   Keep an eye on the site of that blocked duct

          Paula - thats where my tumor started. It blew up while I was breastfeeding and then died down so I couldn't feel it anymore, and I forgot about it... Don't want to panic you, my story's unusual, but just thought I'd mention that ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:47 pm, 30 May

 1878.      Hope you make the booking soon Bogeyi

          Let us know how it goes ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:48 pm, 30 May

1879.   Well, its a double episode of Apprentice

          tonight, so won't be here much tonight, better go deal to those dishes now ;o) Have a nice evening all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:49 pm, 30 May

 1880.   MMMM Fiji

          Thats just what I was thinking. Ok Sonia - my heart did do a little jump when you said that. Perhaps I ought to be going for a lookie too. I just downloaded Marty Casey's trees (paid for version)(you never know who reads these) I liked that song heaps. MMM now I'm thinking Sonia. Just phoned mum to wish her luck, its been 3 years since her last one! Sonia that lump I felt was about 4 years ago? :o\just had some blood tests done for routine checks last week would anything show if it was gonna, in blood tests??? Sorry if its a silly question, or is it only with a mammogram? Just curious.

paulaxx (75 )    7:57 pm, 30 May

 1881.   Sonia

          Im not panicked easy, your just caring I know. And thanks xx

paulaxx (75 )    7:58 pm, 30 May

 1882.      bogyei, I'm sorry I don't know your age, but down

          here in Wellington you can self-refer for a yearly mammogram (without going through your gp) if you are aged 40 or over. You can only self-refer if it is just for a screening mammogram, i.e. no lumps or other problems. I had one done last week and it cost me $106. As my gp only thinks it is necessary to have one every 2 years (yet breast cancer society etc say yearly between ages 40 and 50) I will self-refer myself every year from now on.

mimi1 (224 )    8:00 pm, 30 May

 1883.   Thanks for that info Mimi1

          That advice about 2 yearly (or nothing at all?) before 40 scares me, I think thats been revised I think I heard. As a general rule, young cancer is more aggressive and spreads faster, old cancer is slower and so on, so last I heard the recommendation was younger women (particularly those with any fam history - not that I have any) have one annually, and older women every two years. All these lumps I have in me now were invisible 8 months ago on ultrasound and mammogram, if that's any indication of the speed of growth. Scary man :o/ !!!

soniat-d (153 )    8:29 pm, 30 May

 1884.      Hi Paula

          No blood tests only show it once its metastatic (my blood tests are still clear ;o). My big lump was found about 2 years after the blocked duct, so maybe you're OK, but there are 12 different types of cancer, all grow at different rates. Don't want to panic you - its probably nothing (usually is nothing), just thought it was worth mentioning ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:31 pm, 30 May

 1885.   Definately don't panic

          but I say a mammogram would be a good idea in both your and bogeyi's cases, just to rule any trouble out, so you can relaxxxx ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:33 pm, 30 May

 1886.   Thanks again

          Sonia, after finding the lump, i have been diligent with my self exams, will definately consider going for a check tho. Thanks

paulaxx (75 )    8:35 pm, 30 May

 1887.   Oh, further to 1883

          The reason everyone thinks that the 2 year thing first, then down to one year, is OK is because thats what the goverment is prepared to pay for (and lets face it they're only prepared to pay for chemo for women who are dying from it, not those who could live a fruitful life if they did) so its all backwards really. Its based on odds, less younger women get it, but if they do, its bad. The older you are the more likely you'll get it. Something like that anyway ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:38 pm, 30 May

 1888.      Yeah Sonia you are right

          over the yearly screens between 40 & 50. I was told this was the age they can grow quickly. After 50 you can go back to 2 yearly. You can get a free one from 45 but they will only do them 2 yearly, regardless of any family history etc. I even offered to pay for one inbetween but they just won't do them. I was finally eligible for free ones but had to go private the year inbetween so opted to have them all done private thank goodness. I agree with Sonia that they can grow rapidly. Mine grew quite a bit in the 5 weeks between diagnoisis and surgery. Nurses told me it frightens them the age of women they are seeing with it ie late 20's & 30's whereas there is a myth out there woman only need to worry about mammagrams when they hit 50!

landylass (47 )    8:51 pm, 30 May

 1889.      Good on you bogey for

          winning those vouchers.... its nice to see them go to someone deserving!!! Hope you have fun spending them.

landylass (47 )    8:53 pm, 30 May

 1890.      Just thinking of

          Joystik. Love and hugs from us xx

paulaxx (75 )    9:02 pm, 30 May

 1891.   Hi landylass

          Hope your ankle isnt causing you too much pain. Hugs to you

paulaxx (75 )    9:04 pm, 30 May

 1892.   No worries Paula

          #Gets off my soapbox again# LOL Sorry about that - its just on the other thread Landylass and I and some of the other ladies all determined that we'd gone through MAJOR stress in the year or two before we were diagnosed. So we're sure the stress may have been the trigger. So whenever there are really major stresses in your lives (like what you and bogeyi are going through I'd imagine) you would be best to mammogram annually, just to be safe ;o) Stress is a trigger, rather than a cause though from what I'd heard and read. Breast checks alone are good, and definately better than nothing, but a mammogram is the only thing that would have found my lump early enough to have resulted in a better outcome that what I'm facing now. Hope all this helps, without causing a panic!?! :o) xxx

soniat-d (153 )    9:36 pm, 30 May

 1893.      HI.

          Briyanna had her operation this morning. 3 lumps from her left lung were removed and we now know there is at least one on her right lung. The plan is to leave this for radiation/chemo. The operation went without a hitch and the surgeon was happy with the outcome. Briyanna was noticably sore following the op however once she was settled into her room and the epidural started to work she seemed much more comfortable. Sleeping for most of the rest of the day. I expect if things go to plan she will be recovered enough in a week to move onto the Oncology Ward where she will stay for a further 5 days or so for the first of her Chemo treatments - for this Chemo regime she needs to stay in Hospital, as she will be on intravenous fluids etc whilst on the treatments. Am so incredibly tired, didn't get much sleep in the hospital last night. Have come home for some ZzZzZz's. Hope you all are feeling well.

twinkies_pn (0)    9:37 pm, 30 May

 1894.      Hi Landylass :o)

          Yes, hows your ankle? Must go now watch the Apprentice, only just got the girls down - Emily had diarhea (sp?) which held it all up. Hope its nothing major?!

soniat-d (153 )    9:39 pm, 30 May

 1895.      Twinkies

          Thanks for letting us all know, you have been on our minds. I truly hope you can have some rest and try not to worry tonight about Briyanna, she is in the best place and will be well looked after. Good on you for getting away for some sleep. Its hard to do, but your body will be better for it. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. love and hugs to you and your family

paulaxx (75 )    9:49 pm, 30 May

 1896.      Big hugs twinkies....

          how do you explain all this to a 3 year old? These kids just amaze me what they cope with. At least the op is now behind you. Take one day at a time and we are all thinking of you.

landylass (47 )    9:55 pm, 30 May

 1897.   Sonia

          That makes sense about the stress. Certainly given me a banquet of thought. Still not panicking though, but very grateful for your insightful advice!!! Ok I will keep you posted when I make my appointment. This is going to sound daft but I am still waiting for appointment for the shoulder, once I get that sorted I will find out who does them, Im picking because of my age (36) it will be a private affair, so once again it will be Invercargill??? or maybe even Dunedin.

paulaxx (75 )    9:57 pm, 30 May

 1898.      I don't put much faith

          in breast exams, I had one done at Drs not long before mine was found by mamagram. But it was deep in breast and would have been very large before I could feel it. Mammagrams all the way in my book!

landylass (47 )    9:57 pm, 30 May

 1899.      Sonia

          Poor Emily. Hope her wee tummy settles down soon.

paulaxx (75 )    9:58 pm, 30 May

 1900.         Sonia you must be full of energy

          getting on your "Soapbox". Ankle is just one of those stupid annoying things and I am getting frustrated its been nearly 2 weeks and not making any progress. I'm getting near end of chemo and getting grumpy!!!!

landylass (47 )    10:00 pm, 30 May

1901.         Thanks :-)

          I've come away from the hospital tonight feeling confident that the op went well but also extremely anxious about the upcoming chemo/radiation. Mum is staying with Briyanna tonight. Struggling a bit at home with the younger two tonight however (they're 23mths and 6mths), all out of routine. Finally got them both asleep at 9:15. Am beginning to feel my wheels coming off a bit. How do you explain this to a 3 year old? I've told Briyanna that her body is broken so the doctors are trying to fix it so she can come home and ride on her bike again. She's happy with that idea for the mean time.

twinkies_pn (0)    10:03 pm, 30 May

 1902.         Paula I was getting them

          done at Mercy in Dunedin and I think from memory it was $120. Just needed a referal from GP. I think sometimes they may also now like to do ultrasound as well. In premenapausal ladies breast density can be an issue reading the mammagrams in some people and I think the ultrasounds are easier to see.

landylass (47 )    10:03 pm, 30 May

 1903.         Oh twinkies you have

          got your hands full with younger ones at home. Hope you are getting lots of support from family and friends. I can't try to imagine how hard it must have been leaving her tonight.

landylass (47 )    10:04 pm, 30 May

 1904.         A silly

          question but just wondering cos now I'm just about bruised lol from feeling them all night... what my hormones would be doing after having traded in my Ute this time last year (hysterectomy). Does it make any difference to have had one of those. I got Chris to feel and he felt something different in the side where I had this huge breast abcess whilst feeding Cass, maybe its just that - scar tissue - still not panicking just curious and learning new bits all the time... Thanks

paulaxx (75 )    10:08 pm, 30 May

 1905.         Twinkies

          I know how hard it was for us with just one extra let alone two. You are doing so amazingly. Hang in there. One day at a time.

paulaxx (75 )    10:10 pm, 30 May

 1906.         Just remember Paula

          that something like 8 out of 10 lumps are benign. I have a relative that had heaps of investigations in her 20's & 30s and is now well in her 50s and had no further problems and never developed bc.

landylass (47 )    10:11 pm, 30 May

 1907.      Yea

          thanks Landylass. Im sure its fine. I will get them checked out though - PROMISE

paulaxx (75 )    10:13 pm, 30 May

 1908.         It is hard.

          We moved to palmerston north from Australia in March of last year. I found out that my husband was having an affair so waved him goodbye just before christmas. Then cancer strikes in February this year so have moved down to Wellington temporarily. Havn't really had the chance to make any good friends but have mum over here for the meantime. Am currently considering moving back to Australia but we'll just see how Briyanna gets on. We just do one day at a time. You know how it is.

twinkies_pn (0)    10:15 pm, 30 May

 1909.         Take care of yourself

          too Twinkies and grab any help going that is offered!

landylass (47 )    10:17 pm, 30 May

 1910.         Oh Twinkies

          It never rains but it pours huh. You are a very strong lady!!! Consider this your new friends place and come over anytime. We are here for you.That is our new family motto, one day at a time. Glad you have the support of your mum. Keep your chin up. HUGE HUGS COMING YOUR WAY

paulaxx (75 )    10:19 pm, 30 May

 1911.         twinlies all the best and hugs

          wish I was closer too help you.Glad you have your mum there.

boop2 (106 )    10:44 pm, 30 May

 1912.         twinkies sorry about the spelling

          Gosh this thread has been busy tonight. Well done bogey splash out on yourself. Hi Paula & Joshi I have the divinci code but haven't read it yet as it is too big to hold in bed.Hope you two get better soon. Hugs to landylass I am sure you are allowed to get grumpy. Hi pomegal are you still waiting? Hugs for Ryan. Thinking of joystick and wishing her a speedy recovery.

boop2 (106 )    11:03 pm, 30 May

 1913.      yes boop2

          the little girl still waits arrrrhhhhhhh twinkies hugs for you i know what its like been away from what you know although i havent had breast cancer (touch wood) am waiting results i know its hard, phoned my mum this morning as she also had a biopsy for cancer of the uterus and she is also waiting her results but hay shes going to greece on saturday so thats a good thing to take her mind off it eh, righty may be back this affie for a little while but have to get my bags packed as i set off for napier tomorow morning yeeehaaaa a bit of r and r with the mil, hope the rest of you are feeling good and getting the results you are wanting, hugs to all in this wonderful thread xxx

pomegal (91 )    10:02 am, 31 May

 1914.         morning ladies

          twinkies big gentle to briyanna and you to, i signed her website the other day its a great way for family and friends to be updated without bothering you everyday. Gorgeous day here today but a nice day means tedius washing off i go to hang the second load.

bogeyi (482 )    11:42 am, 31 May

 1915.      Hi Twinkies

          Oh boy, what a day you had, sorry I wasn't here to send hugs - sending them now ((((((hugs)))))) xx I loved what you told Briyanna about riding on her bike again, thats perfect! I think its best for her little mind to have faith in whats being done to her and not getting worried (thats just my take on all this). Awesome Mum :o) Oh Boy, you certainly have your hands full, good to hear your Mum is helping out. I don't know what else to say except wishing you all the very best, and come and vent/chat here anytime ;o) xxx

soniat-d (153 )    1:17 pm, 31 May

 1916.         Hey bogeyi can you tell me the addy for

          that website? Tried googling but couldn't find anything. Thanks :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:20 pm, 31 May

 1917.      Hi everyone

          Thinking of you all. Thanks for all being there when just lately I've needed a friend. Thanks especially Sonia who started this thread. You are so special.

paulaxx (75 )    1:21 pm, 31 May

 1918.         How long have you been witing for the results

          now Pomegal? Seems like ages to me. Thats a good sign ;o) Have you chased them up?

soniat-d (153 )    1:23 pm, 31 May

 1919.      Cheers Paula

          Sorry its taking me a while to catch up with all this - lots happened while I was away from my desk! Hope you get things checked soon so we can all breathe a sigh of relief ;o) Like having you here in this thread too - it helps us all, its great :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:25 pm, 31 May

 1920.         Hi sonia

          been meaning to ask you if your mum was back from her trip yet?How's things going with you you are such a ball of energy.?I would love that site too. No news of joystick yet.Love to twinkies and briyanna.Hugs for pomegal. I have only been through Napier and it looked like such a nice place.Hi Paula how goes it today?

boop2 (106 )    1:26 pm, 31 May

 1921.      Sonia

          Thanks for that. Hope you are ok today, hows Emily?

paulaxx (75 )    1:27 pm, 31 May

 1922.      Oh, BTW my favourite INXS TV show song

          was Jordis' Imagine - don't know how many times I've watched that! That Trees song was great too. Its funny I think JD's song was better on the show than the version they cut to the album. Keep meaning to play the two back to back to work out what they changed!?! Excited about the concert, thats for sure ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:27 pm, 31 May

 1923.      Boop

          Hi to you. All good here thanks. Joshi at home today having a rest day.

paulaxx (75 )    1:28 pm, 31 May

 1924.         Emily's fine today thanks - very happy :o)

          Don't know whats up with her wee bowels these days - all over the place! Gotta go change my dressing soon, getting ouchee... Got a call from my Oncologists nurse today saying he wants me AND Brent to come and see him next Friday morning for a BIG chat. Got me akll nervous now - think I've been back in denial mode lately. Now the butterflies are fluttering!?@

soniat-d (153 )    1:29 pm, 31 May

 1925.      Oh far out

          phone calls like that are better done as soon before the actual time as practicable. Now you'll be wondering whats up. You poor thing! Hope the dressing change goes ok, ouch!

paulaxx (75 )    1:36 pm, 31 May

 1926.         hi sonia and paula

          sonia cant for the life of me find the website now will keep looking.Twinkies if you see this can you post her site, hopes shes feeling better today. OMG i have never felt so happy with toys been destroyed as i do now, Ryan is outside with his 13yr old mate and they have 2 toy trucks that they are racing down the drive they are being smashed up, dented wheels falling off, but the laughter from ryan is sweet music to my ears, then he comes running in with a huge smile laughing cause now it has no roof,bumpers,seat or wheels.

bogeyi (482 )    1:40 pm, 31 May

 1927.         Bogey

          That bought such a smile to my face cos I know exactly what you mean. Lately Josh and Cass have been playing so well lately and the screams and laughing I just sit and listen and smile. So many mixed emotions go through your head dont they? Makes my day to hear him laughing :O)

paulaxx (75 )    1:44 pm, 31 May

 1928.         will see if i can snap a photohe has just come in

          laughing cause theres not much left of the what else can i give them to destroy.

bogeyi (482 )    1:47 pm, 31 May

 1929.         That's great Bogeyi

          Boys are cool :o) Would love to see a piccie!

soniat-d (153 )    1:52 pm, 31 May

 1930.         Re 1925 Yeah I agree Paula

          Dora the nurse is a bit of a nightmare really, she's always so serious, you can't help but worry!?! And just now it felt all lumpy below my stiches line again. Man I hate this - will make a few calls now I think. Really thnk that area needs more zapping...

soniat-d (153 )    1:53 pm, 31 May

 1931.         ok hope i have dopne this right

bogeyi (482 )    2:09 pm, 31 May

 1932.      bogeyi

          He does look ecstatic.His face is telling a story of its own! YAY to see him having so much fun. It really does look tropical in Auckland today

paulaxx (75 )    2:15 pm, 31 May

 1933.         beautiful here today paula

          blue sky hardly a cloud in the sky, t shirt day today.

bogeyi (482