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1001.      Gee this is getting big now isnt it?????

          just goes to show how many peopleout there are affected by the MONSTER!! Love and hugs to you all - whoever and wherever you all are xxxxxxoooooo

joystik (281 )    7:20 pm, 12 May

 1002.   Amazing eh?!

          I've never manged to get a thread of mine past a few hundred! Thanks everyone, means the world to me :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:37 pm, 12 May

 1003.      You and me both Sonia.......

          wouldn't have dreamed there were so many people out there interested in giving and sharing the way people have on here.

joystik (281 )    7:49 pm, 12 May

 1004.   *Slaps a big high five to Tishie* !!!

          I didn't even know the "correct" name for a Thundy is LOL - I'm still a bit green around the gills when it comes to MB's LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    8:24 pm, 12 May

 1005.   Thanks Christine :o)

          Its been getting a few hits today!

soniat-d (153 )    8:31 pm, 12 May

 1006.      Poor Josh...

          one of my step sons had that problem when he was 8-10. Had ongoing problems and ended up with both toenails being taken off after a couple of major clip backs. Was awful at the time but solved the problem permanently. The weren't certain they would grow back but they did and quite normal.

landylass (47 )    9:07 pm, 12 May

 1007.      Evening ladies...

          yeah still feeling a bit nausea tonight but better. Also got a good explanation from GP on Day 4 yuk. So glad I changed Drs! I am on quite high dose steroids and while on them your body stops making its own. When I stop them it takes a few hours for my body to start producing again hence the few hours of yuk! They are like anti inflamatories. This chemo is upsetting my digestive system and I guess it gets a go at it in the few hours I don't have the steroid in my system. Expecting the tired hubby home about 10.30. Hope I sleep tonight as he is going to be one tired boy! I had the cancer society lady turn up for a chat like 20 mins before my GP appointment so was a bugger having to rush her away. Have a good weekend everyone.

landylass (47 )    9:12 pm, 12 May

 1008.      landylass I hope you feel better tomorrow

          hugs to you.Poor wee josh's toes as if he hasn't enough please give him an xtra big hug from me today.Hi joystick continue feeling better hug for you too. Sonia so glad you had it a bit better today it is very cold here but with a nice fire going and a warm house not so bad and of course the crusaders winning adds to it. I had to work today at the local op shop but tomorrow I am determined to sit and read all your web site.

boop2 (106 )    9:44 pm, 12 May

 1009.   Aww Landylass

          Thats a bummer about the cancer society lady turning up late - mine used to do that sometimes too - I learned with her to book her in on days when I had nothing else planned. Even then she managed to turn up like yours half an hour before I had to collect Lydia from Kindy. Guess if person before us has lots to talk about it drags on. Did you manage to arrange another catch-up session? Your new doc sounds great - that's awesome. I wish I'd kept seeing my new local doctor through my chemo - think he'd have wanted to check out my hard (lumpy) area months ago - he's good like that :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:47 pm, 12 May

 1010.   Read ALL my website Boop2?!

          That'll take you a while! LOL! Remember its chronological in reverse, so if you're going to read it all its best to start at the bottom and work up ;o) Feels wierd knowing so many of you guys are reading it! But thrilled you find it so interesting!

soniat-d (153 )    9:49 pm, 12 May

 1011.      Yeah Sonia...

          She said she would catch up with me this week but I didn't know when. She is sooo nice too. Like a spare mum as she is a older lady! Have a great weekend with the girls and good luck for your new blast next week.

landylass (47 )    9:57 pm, 12 May

 1012.      Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow...

          landylass. Not nice feeling yuk like that it is. Yes hubby will be tired - hes a had a few big days too hasn't he. Weekend now, so you will be able to catch up on sleep perhaps. Thanks for the hugs boop2, I got them. I feeled hugged all day, so I must be getting heaps from everyone!! Thats got to be a good thing. I'm off to bed now, feeling a bit tired again. Had a couple of people ring tonight from out of town, wanting to come and visit over the weekend, so I will have to be looking my best seeing as I have told them I am just fine and dandy!! Sleep Tite and hugs for everyone, especially Josh and Ryan. See you all tomorrow.

joystik (281 )    10:07 pm, 12 May

 1013.      Good morning every one.......

          gee look at the time!! I didn't wake up until 9.00, was really tired last night. Its a fine but cloudy day here so will have breakfast and go for a wee wander outside I think. hope you all have a good but not to busy day. See you all again soon....

joystik (281 )    9:18 am, 13 May

 1014.      Morning Sonia & all the

          other wonderful ladies in this thread. Wow, over 1000 posts!!! that is awesome! Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and strength to continue the fight. Take care, Cheers Claire

cole2 (360 )    9:49 am, 13 May

 1015.   Hi Joystik ;o)

          Yes we all slept in too - lovely! Brent is taking the girls out Mothers Day pressie shopping this morning, so I've got the morning free to do what I like! Have decided to go clothes shopping again (received heaps of Westfield vouchers for my birthday!). So I'll send the family to Glenfield, and I'll go to Takapuna ;o) Trouble with clothes shopping now is, the fashion is clearly plunging V necks and I simply can't wear those anymore, not only with the mastectomy but also the burn patches from the radiation - not a good look! Also, I've given up wearing the prosthesis for now (too sore on burns) which means tops can't be too floppy/clingy either?! So finding flattering (and remotely trendy!) tops is getting harder and harder to find *sigh*. In the scheme of things though... not a biggie is it?!

soniat-d (153 )    9:51 am, 13 May

 1016.   Thanks Claire

          Yep this thread has helped me unbelievably - I so appreciate everyone who comes in here and posts :o) xxxxxooooo

soniat-d (153 )    9:56 am, 13 May

 1017.   Bumping

          for all you strong lovely ppl... hjave just read the whole thread ( what a mission lol) and so glad everyone is being there for each other, and yet so sad that so many people have suffered or are suffering from the monster,be it themselves or others.... my dad has just went through this and the more support the better.. kia kaha guys...

chill_nz (4)    10:11 am, 13 May

 1018.      I've been keeping an eye on this too!

          As I said a few pages ago, my brother and his son both have cancer and it is reassuring to see you all being so positive and brave. Bro finished his chemo - finally - yesterday and feels pretty low today but so glad that part is over. The wee guy finishes in September. Last week they had chemo together and sat and compared porto-caths. You have to laugh sometimes!

wasala (750 )    10:51 am, 13 May

 1019.      Hi wasala...I have been thinking about your

          2 boys since you posted on here, and wondered how they are doing. Nice to think that part of the treatment is over for your brother at least, and not too much longer for the little fella. I think when fighting this Monster, you have to be brave and especially positive. Sometimes its not that easy, but much better knowing that you aren't doing it on your own. Give the boys a big hug and tell them they are in our thoughts daily. Actually, hugs to you all.

joystik (281 )    12:33 pm, 13 May

 1020.      Hi cole and chill....thanks so much for popping...

          in to read this thread and offer your support. It means so much to us all in here. Don't they say that a problem shared is a problem halved?? I think that is so true. Hugs to you for showing you care too...

joystik (281 )    12:35 pm, 13 May

 1021.         Hope the shopping has been a pleasant........

          experience for you Sonia. I found last week, before I went into hospital, that most of the clothing was very fitted, with plunging necklines too. No exactly what I was looking for either!! At the time I was looking for baggy shirts that buttoned down the front and found none. All the shirts were very tailored and fitted. However the day was saved, when I had a look in the backest corner of the closet and found about 6 from when I was much bigger, and they have been perfect. I've got these soft prosthesis thingys down my top today, and I havent ever had boobies that small. Rather fascinating....there has to be a funny side to all this doesnt there. Ha ha ha...

joystik (281 )    12:40 pm, 13 May

 1022.         Hi you guys

          Joshi is now on 6 hourly antibiotics, not so much for him or me, waking him at 2.30 in the morning. But its all worth it!! I am so grateful for everyones comments and Josh was reassured to, it is a common ailment just one you dont need when dealing with "the monster". I wonder how Ryan is I do think of them often too. Love the additions to your site Sonia, you clever thing! hi Landylass and Joystik hope you are all feeling ok. Sonia I feel for you with the clothes selections, not fair when probably a bit of retail therapy is what one needs!!! Hope you found something nice. Josh is not too happy with life at the mo, but playing racing on the x-box with dad is kinda helping the mood lift. Take care and lots a love xxxxxxx

paulaxx (75 )    2:43 pm, 13 May

 1023.         See what lack of sleep duz

          I meant not much fun for us!! LOL. Runs off to splash water on her chops and wake up xx

paulaxx (75 )    2:44 pm, 13 May

 1024.      Hi everyone :o)

          Had an pretty good shop thanks, managed to find a few things amongst all the "nope"s LOL! (2 tops, 1 skirt, flash pjs set from Sussan, earrings, socks (for inside my new boots :o) Its madness out there, glad to be home ;o) Still have some grocery shopping to do - hopefully the girls will be in the mood to go with me a bit later?!

soniat-d (153 )    3:28 pm, 13 May

 1025.      Hi Paula, Josh and Family

          Have been thinking about Josh heaps - I was wondering whether they could at least do the toenail corner cut thing now? I know that won't fix the infection, but just wondering. I had that first a few years before the big op and it did clear things up for a good few years. Man I feel for him (((((hugs for a brave young man)))))) xxx

soniat-d (153 )    3:31 pm, 13 May

 1026.         sonia...if I lived near you I'd offer to go

          shopping with you - you'd feel better about not finding much that you like....I have the same problem at the moment! It gets hard when you hit don't want to wear the teenage fashions for fear of looking like a tragic old slapper but you can't bring yourself to buy anything remotely nana-ish either!! LOL! I haven't spent so little on clothes in my life as in the past 3 years. I used to goi clothes shopping every weekend, sometimes twice! Kids wrecked it for me - less money and a worse figure! Glad you managed to get yourself quite a bit :o)

tishie (60 )    3:36 pm, 13 May

 1027.         Hi Wasala

          Is your brother down because hes just had the last treatment (ie he's ill)? Or is he past the end zone? It is scary when you've been having checks every 3 weeks (and in my case bloods every week) to nothing - like stepping out of a plane without a parachute really! I was in cloud 9 though thinking yay the chemos over, hopefully he'll get that too. Would be a real shame if he didn't as it really is something to be celebrated. Sending ((((hugs)))) to them, hope things improve soon :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:40 pm, 13 May

 1028.         The shopping trip sounds like a success......

          Sonia. Glad you found a few things you like in amongst all the stuff that doesn't suit any more. With me, it has to be exactly right or its wrong and I just don't buy it. Some times my poor hubby sits and waits for me, and after several hours I return empty handed, or with more Plants for the garden, when I was supposed to be buying clothes.. Hope your grocery shopping is not to taxing. We have a small supervalue just up the raod and although it is considerably dearer than say Pak'n'save, it is far more convenient and is right here, so we support it 100%. Talk again later. You sound really happy, I'm pleased.

joystik (281 )    3:41 pm, 13 May

 1029.         hiya soniat,paula,landylass and everyone else

          paula we are doing ok still going to hospital 3 times a week,Ryan got platelets and blood on fri. Ryan should of been flying out to disneyland today for 15 days so feel sorry for him. Paula pity you guys arent closer ryan lives on his xbox for hours....what else can they do, he loves it would be great to have a xbox buddy i cant stand playing it to long.

bogeyi (482 )    3:44 pm, 13 May

 1030.         Ohhh, tishie, that all sounds rather tragic....

          but I know what you mean. Everything I saw in the shops either looked like it was for those under 18 or those over 70 and there wasn't a great lot in between. Hopefully it will improve. And its all made for really skinny people, and that I am NOT!!. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and Mothers day tomorrow.

joystik (281 )    3:44 pm, 13 May

 1031.      Hi Tishie - yep that would be fun!!!

          I can so relate, had that issue myself before this. Look at my figure in my wedding pics then look at me now - sad man, but hey, worse things.... I'm losing track of your due date - when is that again? My friend who's overdue still is, 4 cm dilated but no action, just intermittant labour pains then it stops. She's facing induction Tues/Weds if no more progress. Man they're frustrated, both their boys arrived before/on time!

soniat-d (153 )    3:44 pm, 13 May

 1032.         Hi Paula, Josh and family......nice to see you

          are up and running. Yes, pity we weren't a bit closer too, my daughter is in the bedroom with her friend playing the XBox. Theres always room for more people to pla it. She plays hers with very loud music going as well though, so you may not enjoy that so much. James Blunt at the moment I think!! Sorry Josh that life isn't treating you as good as it could be, but I'll send you some more hugs and hope that helps just a wee bit. Hi Bogeyi and Ryan, glad to see you are keeping on with the onwards and upwards thing too. I been thinking of you all too and will send more hugs off to you right now too. Love to you all.

joystik (281 )    3:49 pm, 13 May

 1033.         hiya joystik i can relate to that

          ryan got a surround sound in his room from make a wish foundation so he to plays the loud music (black eyed peas) with his xbox.

bogeyi (482 )    3:52 pm, 13 May

 1034.         Oh Bogeyi Poor Ryan

          (Re the Disneylan thing). That sux man - is it delayed or cancelled?

soniat-d (153 )    4:01 pm, 13 May

 1035.         Hi Sonia

          He does feel awful ie. sick, headaches etc but I think you're right. It will be a kind of come-down thing too. It's a bit like after I had my last baby, I really missed my obstretition (sp!) for weeks. Have you been to Naturalwear at all? My aunt owns it and she knows everything there is to know about forms and prothesis. She might be able to find you a more comfy one! She is really lovely and outgoing and makes all her customers feel a million dollars!

wasala (750 )    4:05 pm, 13 May

 1036.         Hi Wasala

          Small world eh? Yep Naturalwear is where I go for mine - its just because of the rash, the only way I'm really comfortable is when I'm wearing nothing but its too cold for that LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    4:08 pm, 13 May

 1037.         sonia yes he can go but when hes well

          was really hard he was over the moon to be chosen and then CRASH he got sick again.He is really amazing though my daughter would complain as she does but he said oh well at least i can go sometime...bless him hes so grown up for 8.

bogeyi (482 )    4:11 pm, 13 May

 1038.         Sonia I'm glad you've been there

          She's Christine but you probably saw someone else. They're all very kind and caring!

wasala (750 )    4:13 pm, 13 May

 1039.         I'll say bogeyi

          What a fantastic attitude for such a young man. He's star quality alright!

soniat-d (153 )    4:45 pm, 13 May

 1040.      hugs

          you never get too many.

svce (56 )    5:01 pm, 13 May

 1041.         Hi everyone

          I have been trying to catch up on all the threads since I have been away. Trouble Is, by the time I got to the end I can't remember who said what!!! And I thought the chemobrain had been left behind in the dust! Oh well. So lovely to meet Landylass. Joystik, we went as far as Invercargill, but was there the day of your op. Felt you had enough on your plate. Funny, I thought about you all every day and wondered how you were all getting along. It has a strong pull, this message board. Hello to all the new ones who have joined in. Such sad stories but so good that you can share them on here. Straight back into work for me..busy,busy. One of my 'new'friends had a double mastectomy on Wed and is due home tomorrow. She is coping really well.Be interesting to see how she manages the drains once home.Having one was bad enough!

maewest (75 )    5:43 pm, 13 May

 1042.         sonia:

          my caesarean is booked for Thurs 25/5, so only 12 days to go - 11 days really coz today is pretty much over. As long as there's not a rush on emergency caesars - otherwise I'll get bumped down the list (and quite rightly so). Still stuck on names, here's my list in no particular order: Jared, Mason, Hudson, Ryan, Kyan, Kian, Elijah, Aiden, Finn, Quinn, Micah, McKay, Jarrah, Ellery, Jed, Ezra, Xander, Xavier, Malachi, Todd BUT having said that, when I go back over the list a few days later I think "what was I thinking writing XXXX down? Yuck!" so it changes all the time! You can all give me your opinions if you like. The name has to work with Noble as the surname. No 'N' names because I'm not into alliteration for names and no 'B' names because the middle name will most likely be John after a friend who died 4 years ago and I don't want my son to have the initals BJ!! LOL!!

tishie (60 )    6:44 pm, 13 May

 1043.         bogeyi:

          do you think having cancer makes kids more mature? I do. When my friend Toni had leukaemia (20 years ago) she was like a 11 year old with a 40yo mind. It was remarkable how her attitude to everything changed in the nine months she battled for. I guess having to go through something that major at any age is bound to affect you dramatically. When Ryan does eventually get to go to Disneyland he'll be able to think how if he'd gone in May it would all be over and just a memory instead of having it ahead of him :o) You must be so proud to have such an awesome young man as your son, I know I would be! :o)

tishie (60 )    6:50 pm, 13 May

 1044.         joystik & sonia...I struggle with the

          clothes being for skinny chicks too!! I never used to. 10 years ago (before kids, I might add) I could walk into any shop grab a size 10 and look great in it. Now I grab a 10 - 12 because in my head I'm still that size and yet for some strange reason I can't wriggle into it in the dressing room!! LOL!! Funny how much a size 10 has shrunk in the past 10 years!! LOL!! I weighed 47kg when I was late teens/early 20's so I ate like a horse. Everyone said it would catch up with me because I'm no gym junkie and I just laughed their comments off - now who's laughing???!! I'm ignoring the fact I'm 36 weeks preggy atm, this is a problem I have when I not preggy!

tishie (60 )    6:54 pm, 13 May

 1045.         Hi again

          Sonia, glad to hear you bought some nice bits, they have talked about doing the wedge thingy on Joshi's toes but wont do it while he is on treatment :o/ Guess its for a reason, that outweighs all these jolly infections. I would love to be nearer to you to Bogey1 and Joystik, I have been playing on the x-box this arvo and even in a porsche cant seem to take those corners too well. poor Ryan I know too well what its like for these boys to have to put off special things for their health, its not fair. Its amazing how they learn to accept the disappointments along the way. Josh is waiting daily for the mail from Make-A-Wish he has asked for a saltwater fishing trip with his dad. I guess they take into account he may not be well enough on a certain day, if he gets that wish anyway. oh well I will pass on your loving wishes to Josh and go set my alarm for the midnight meds. Loads a love to you all

paulaxx (75 )    7:06 pm, 13 May

 1046.      Damn Paula now I really wish you lived up here!

          I'm sure we could take him out on our parents-in-laws very flash launch for a fishing jaunt - total luxury! Though I'm guessing he's thinking true one-on-one fishing - used to love doing that too! Offers there though ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:31 pm, 13 May

 1047.         Mason Noble sounds awesome to me Tishie ;o)

          No pressure! LOL!!!

soniat-d (153 )    7:32 pm, 13 May

 1048.      On behalf of all my TM buddies here

          Thanks svce! ;o) (((((((back)))))))

soniat-d (153 )    7:33 pm, 13 May

 1049.         Before kiddies I was a size 11

          (ie big 10 or small 12) After kiddies a size 13 now after chemo I'm a sixe 15. Arrgh! Now nanny is back in action I'm planning on getting back into the exercise ASAP!

soniat-d (153 )    7:36 pm, 13 May

 1050.      Oh Sonia You Darling

          That is such a lovley thought. I just told Josh and he looked like he was gonna bawl. When I left Auckland I met my hubby in Whitianga and thats where we lived when Josh was born, you can imagine the fishing we did then. Now we live way down here and well ... really appreciate what we had now we dont have it any more. Thank you so much for that, your offer is wonderful! I am sure he will get to go again one day. It will be a dream come true for him. xx We still have family in Whitianga and Thames so hope to get up there sometime??

paulaxx (75 )    7:36 pm, 13 May

 1051.      Hey no worries! Offers truly there

          Look us up if you're ever in Auckland, truly ;o) I'd have to run it past the in-laws but I'm positive they'd be eager to do that for Josh :o) Here's us fishing off the boat to whet your appetite LOL ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:43 pm, 13 May

 1052.      Great Photo

          Just told Chris about your offer and we are both touched. Showed the kids your photo looks wonderful, love the feet in the bucket. A friend from Whitianga just came to stay for duck shooting and bought chiller bags full of seafood, snapper, mussels, oysters and a cray for me. So even though we didnt catch them ourselves it was nice to have a taste from back home.

paulaxx (75 )    7:49 pm, 13 May

 1053.         Hi,

          I hope all you laDies have a great mothers day with your families. Hi ryan sorry you didn't get to Disney Land be better to go when you are feeling better. I love fishing too so hope you get there with your dad, Josh.Hi Joystick, landy lass sound a bit brighter today.Sonia I am off to the website now please don't disturb me.

boop2 (106 )    7:55 pm, 13 May

 1054.         Yummy, all that seafood......

          my very best friend called in tonight just before dinner with some fresh Blue Cod that she had bought in Riverton. We will have it tomorrow. Blue cod is just delicious. We bought an 8m Bayliner just before last christmas, but so far have only had it out on the lakes and catching salmon. It was ,oads of fun and I'm sure something Josh would enjoy too Paula. Kinda have to pick the weather pretty carefully to put to sea in Foveaux Strait!! We do plan to go over to Stewart Island, after I'm better now. A few things are on hold for a while. Also my cruise ship trip is scheduled for when I am better. I know how disappointed I am about what I cant do now that I could have before, so Its a 100 times worse for these eager young fellas. Big hugs to you all.

joystik (281 )    7:59 pm, 13 May

 1055.         Hi maewest, you could have looked me up

          last friday. I was quite wide awake and chirpy by about 4.30, just went down hill again about 11pm when the nausea set in!! Great now though, came home monday morning and all is going well. Had the drain out, 3 to go, but that will happen in time. And I am getting used to sleeping on my back now. Would love to hear how your friend that had the bi-lateral got on. I dont know anyone else thats had one done at my age, but I had a few visits from staff at the hospital, who wished they had, when they had the one done. Great to see you back anyway

joystik (281 )    8:04 pm, 13 May

 1056.         Wish I had known that Joystik

          I would have called in to see you. Saw my friend yesterday. I was absolutely amazed how neat her chest looked after the op (yes I did have a look!) She has opted not to have reconstruction. She has had a long time to think about it all as she had chemo and radiation first, to try and shrink the lump. She will get her results next week. Will keep you posted on her progress.

maewest (75 )    8:17 pm, 13 May

 1057.         That's interesting they did it the other way

          around Maewest - how big was her lump? And (I almost daren't ask this) how much did it shrink after the radiation?

soniat-d (153 )    8:31 pm, 13 May

 1058.      So Tishie

          are your initials TB by any chance?

soniat-d (153 )    8:34 pm, 13 May

 1059.         Joystik - have you got some nice Zofran

          for the nausea? I lost 1/2 my stomach last month - not cancer for me but a congenitally foreshortened osophagus being repaired for the 5th time and the nausea is still bad. My brother and I borrow Zofran from each other all the time. Luckily he lives round the corner!

wasala (750 )    8:34 pm, 13 May

 1060.      Ah well

          off to put the girls to bed - then its movie night :o) See you all later!

soniat-d (153 )    8:35 pm, 13 May

 1061.         Hey wasala, I only had the nausea

          until they gave me decent anti nausea drugs that worked. They tried 4 different cheap ones during the night which made no difference , and first thing next morning, my favourite nurse arrived and gave me the 'top shelf' ones and bingo, I was fine from there on, with no more nausea. Thanks for the tip though. Who knows when I may need to use your suggestion.

joystik (281 )    8:38 pm, 13 May

 1062.         See you tomorrow sonia....have a good sleep

          and enjoy your breakfast in bed for mothers day in the morning. Those two dear wee girls will be just busting to do it for you. Hugs to you all and take care.

joystik (281 )    8:40 pm, 13 May

 1063.         Maewest, I get my results next week too...

          on wednesday. Where did your friend have her surgery done?? My scars look pretty good too actually. I looked at them straight away as soon as I woke up, just incase it had all been a dream and they hadn't done the op!!What age is your friend if you don't mind me asking?? I'm 44.

joystik (281 )    8:44 pm, 13 May

 1064.         Joystik Zofran is the top shelf one!

          Also known as Ondansetron. It costs $40 odd dollars per tab when you're actually in hospital and some hideous amount on prescription too. If you've got another one that works though, stick with it!

wasala (750 )    8:45 pm, 13 May

 1065.         Hi sonia

          I have just been through your website and feel drained.I just can''t believe how much you have been through you will get better. I thought you looked very pretty with that wig on it suited. You have a lovely home and husband he is a bit of a hunk. The wee girls are delightful. Is Brent a builder? What a great trip wee josh would have in that boat.I keep thinking of you and the other girls fighting this horrible disease and pray for you all. You are all so brave and courageous.Hugs

boop2 (106 )    9:02 pm, 13 May

 1066.         Her Lump was big

          don't know the dimensions, but very large. The surgeon said it had shrunk. It never got picked up in 1st mammogram because it was hiding behind a large cyst. Op at St George's, Chch.She has just turned 50. Sonia, your website is amazing. Haven't read it will have to be in stages.

maewest (75 )    9:23 pm, 13 May

1067.         Thanks Boop2 - glad you liked it!?!

          I'll have to tell Brent you think he's a hunk - that'll make his night! (I think he is to BTW ;o) He's up getting the girls to sign Mothers Day cards for me (they should be asleep by now!), so popped in here quickly ;o) Oh, no Brents not a builder by trade, its his hobby! His grandfather was a carpenter and taught his a lot of tricks, and he works out the rest. Hes a clever man :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:26 pm, 13 May

 1068.      Don't expect you to read it all Maewest ;o)

          LOL Thanks, I'm proud of it too! Many yeears in the making!

soniat-d (153 )    9:28 pm, 13 May

 1069.         I am pleased you had

          a successful shopping trip Sonia. Nothing like a bit of retail to lift the spirits. I have found a wonderful 2nd hand shop (sells on behalf of). They also sell new stuff..retailers lastr year's stuff. Never come out of there empty handed!!

maewest (75 )    9:31 pm, 13 May

 1070.         Hi maewest

          glad to see you got home safely. I woke up early this morning feeling fine, had brekky but went back to bed and had another sleep. Grr had a massive blood sugar of 25.5 last night! It should be about 7! Dam pills. My own fault, swigged down some pills with a drink of coke. I will learn the hard way! Feeling heaps better today. Normally in for a big crash tomorrow but have cut some pills in half and will try to wean off them instead of just stopping this time and see if that makes any difference.

landylass (47 )    9:52 pm, 13 May

 1071.         Great to see you landylass,hope you have

          a better day tomorrow than today. I'm just off to bed so came in to say a quick good night to everyone. Hope you all have a lovely mothers day tomorrow. Especially think of people like myself who dont have a mother anymore, but I still thibk about her every day. My daughter makes up for it now. Hugs and happy thoughts to you all. See you all tomorrow.

joystik (281 )    9:59 pm, 13 May

 1072.         I don't have a mum

          anymore either Joystik, glad to see you are still doing well! I'm off to bed too... been out for a big tea... make up for tomorrow if I am crook!

landylass (47 )    10:01 pm, 13 May

 1073.         are my initals TB????

          No - did you try stalking me on whitepages??! LOL!! If you did, TB is my BIL. I'm TM & hubby is HB. I'm off to read more of your website.....I did a quick flick through the photos, they're great!! Your wig is very realistic. I love wigs, having not been blessed with the sort of hair I'd like, and having never mastered the art of using a hairdryer or straightener properly!! I think I missed some essential girly-gene when it comes to hair styling! If I try blowdrying my hair I end up looking like a reject from Bon Jovi!!! Hhahaaa!!! I have one blonde wig and two hairpieces which I love but I don't wear very often because I don't go out anywhere worth using them, such is life after kids.

tishie (60 )    10:24 pm, 13 May

 1074.         hi sonia

          have been reading your thread on and off for a while but never said anything till now. i wanted to wish you all the best of luck, i know that cancer is a horrible disease as my uncle had cancer a few years ago. keep up a positive attitude and know lots of people are thinking and sending ther good wishes. Tania

netdog1 (28 )    11:31 pm, 13 May

1075.         paula i hope josh gets his wish

          ryan was gobsmacked when it arrived.tishie yes i think these sick kids are very mature, he cracks me up since about 4/5 he would go down to theatre and tell the surgeons what he needs done, even now they ask him all the questions i am just back up to correct

bogeyi (482 )    11:47 pm, 13 May

1076.      LOL Tishie! Nope no go!

          Oh that's funny about the hair - my hair has always been dodgy - never in my life have people said "Wow love your hair" never! But since I started wearing this wig I get a comment every few weeks!!! Who's my hairdresser? Wow you've just had your hair done; Those highlights are amazing; Where do your girls get their curly hair from?... etc etc. I'm silently dreading losing the wig now - everyone's going to be highly disappointed LOL! It's starting to really grow now, so maybe a few weeks away from going to the hairdresser and making a plan - first step will definately be dyeing it - lots of grey hairs now #sigh#!

soniat-d (153 )    12:06 am, 14 May

 1077.         Hi Tania

          Thanks for posting and the knd wishes :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:06 am, 14 May

 1078.      I'm off to bed too soon

          We've just watched "Elizabethtown". Not sure what I thought of it actually. Cool towards the end though :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:09 am, 14 May

 1079.         Morning Sonia

          Wishing you and all the other fantastic Mums in this thread a wonderful Mothers Day. Relax, put your feet up, enjoy the day and most of all enjoy your precious children!!! Have a brilliant day, Cheers Claire

cole2 (360 )    7:59 am, 14 May

 1080.         good morning wonderful mums

          hope you have a lovely day with your family. I have been up most of the night with 2 vomiting kids and worried ryan would be next, so far so good hes not been sick, so my eyes are hanging out of my head this morning.

bogeyi (482 )    8:06 am, 14 May

 1081.         Good Morning and Happy Mothers Day....

          to you all. Hope its a Happy Family day for everyone. The weather is yuk here. Been raining all night and just had sleet and hail now. Tragic for the family missing at sea off StewartIsland following a trawler sinking last night. There were 9 people on board , 3 generations of one Bluff family, returning from Muttonbirding. I dont think there would be any hope for them now. Three were rescued last night and 6 including children still missing. My love and thought to all of them involved.

joystik (281 )    8:52 am, 14 May

 1082.      Good Morning and Happy Mothers Day

          I hope you are all feeling special this morning and being treated like royalty. Thinking of you all and wishing you the nicest day possible. lots and lots and lots of love Paula. Bogey1 I hope you are coping with the sick kids - poor you. Lets hope Ryan doesnt get it !!! Fingers Crossed. Take care xx

paulaxx (75 )    9:32 am, 14 May

 1083.         good morning paula

          hope you have had a good morning, i hope to he dosent get anything to as you know when your neutraphenic (sp) its not good.Been a fun mothers day 2 loads of sick bedding and another to put on, vaccumed the floor now cleaning my oven (yuk) who said being a mother isnt

bogeyi (482 )    11:00 am, 14 May

 1084.         Oh man - bogeyi

          I wish I could come and clean your oven for you!!! Yes being neutrapenic is a worry, Josh's last bloods were quite good, but there are so many bugs going around its a bit scary. Chris bought Josh a card and pressie for me and naturally it bought tears to my eyes. The rest of my day has been cruisy thanks, I feel a little guilty with what you are going through, doesnt seem right - today of all days. I hope it impoves for you. Yes there isnt a manual mummy button you can turn off just cos its mothers day. When theres sicky washing and stuff like that, we were designed to go on auto pilot and ride it out. Thinking of you. xx

paulaxx (75 )    11:19 am, 14 May

 1085.         nah its cool paula find it quite funny

          actually, i dont need pressies my daughter made me 3 lovely cards and wrote a poem, really all i want is ryan to be well thats all i ask.

bogeyi (482 )    1:01 pm, 14 May

1086.         Oh bogey

          you don't need the bug in the house for mothers day. Hope Ryan doesn't catch it. Horrible Joystik about that boat. I woke up one night having an awful nightmare about people in the sea. Went to Moeraki Boulders for lunch next day for Mothers DAy and we sat and watched "Time Out" rescue unfolding at Moeraki!!!!! Was just awful after the nightmare the night before!

landylass (47 )    1:21 pm, 14 May

 1087.         bogeyi

          I know what you mean. Health is the most important thing in the world. Lots a love

paulaxx (75 )    1:47 pm, 14 May

 1088.      Hi everyone :o) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

          Golly bogeyi, I don't envy you this day - yikes, I had cleaning kids sick up - did that not so long ago with Emily - while I was in my last chemo round - the smell really got to me bigtime when I was feeling nautious also! I have my fingers crossed that Ryan doesn't get it xxxxxxxxxx

soniat-d (153 )    2:16 pm, 14 May

 1089.      Hi All

          I've had a nice Mothers Day so far - though Emily's diarrohea (sp) ish again and unhappy - must be a virus I gues the way it comes and goes... Went out for brunch this morning with rest of Brents family to celebrate, nice food, kids were all great so very enjoyable. Pretty tired again, so off for a lie down now while the girls nap :o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:18 pm, 14 May

 1090.      happy Mothers day

          everyone!! Hope you all had a great day. Hugs to everyone. christine

gregp3 (5 )    7:41 pm, 14 May

1091.         I scored well.....

          a massage so thats gonna be a treat when my chemo is finished and before radiation starts! Hope everyone had a good day. So cold and wet here... snow out on the range so I guess another cold day tomorrow. Little bit of nausea today but not bad... haven't taken any of those pills today and weaning myself off steroids this time instead of just stopping them so see what tomorrow brings.

landylass (47 )    7:52 pm, 14 May

 1092.      That's good that you're weaning off the steroids

          this time Landylass ;o) I can't fathom how almighty the crash would have been before you did that?! I'm jealous - oh how I'd love a massage! Our nanny reckons massages are bad if you have cancer in you (like me I mean) and that it makes it travel faster. Same goes for exercise... I reckon thats a load of booha ;o) Has anyone else heard that????!!

soniat-d (153 )    9:16 pm, 14 May

 1093.      A big thanks from me Christine!

          Hope you had a good one :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:19 pm, 14 May

 1094.         Good night ladies....pleased to see you have ...

          all got through Mothers day ok. I had a lovely day, and added to my flower collection somewhat. They are just beautiful. Hope the sickness has left your house before tomorrow bogeyi, thats just not nice at any time is it. Big hugs to you all, and talk again tomorrow.

joystik (281 )    10:05 pm, 14 May

 1095.         Glad you all had a good day

          Good luck for tomorrow with all the treatments.bogeyi hope your family are fine again tomorrow.

boop2 (106 )    10:11 pm, 14 May

 1096.         thanks joystik and boop2

          tyler is still vomiting but kirsty was fine this morning.Ryan said he felt a bit sick so who knows with him if its anything or not.We have a appointment with docs tomorrow so will see what the day brings..sweet dreams everyone

bogeyi (482 )    10:14 pm, 14 May

 1097.         Fingers crossed for you for tonight and

          tomorrow Bogeyi - sorry it was such a rotten day for you!?!

soniat-d (153 )    11:58 pm, 14 May

 1098.         Good Morning everyone......hope you are all......

          ready to start another week in fine style. Hope all your little kids are feeling much better today, bogeyi, and over the worst of there bugs. And Emily too sonia. Another showery day here today by the looks of things. Bit od snow on the low hills, so I guess that means winter is all but here. Wont be doing a great lot today. Good luck for your treatment today sonia. Hope you are feeling much better landylass and this round of chemo is not being too hard on you. Hi paula, ryan,boop2, and everyone else I havent mentioned. Take cae of each other, and hugs to you all.

joystik (281 )    8:41 am, 15 May

 1099.         Brrr

          Morning everyone. Chemo from last Wed caught up with Joshi and midnight meds, so we'll be snuggling by the fire today. The steroids for him finish today - yay, they really make him a grizzly bear. Hope Ryan didnt get the bug!! Keep warm everyone and lvoe to you all xx

paulaxx (75 )    9:35 am, 15 May

 1100.         See my fingers are too cold to type

          Love properly. That or lack of sleep. So LOVE to you all xx

paulaxx (75 )    9:36 am, 15 May

1101.     Hi paula and Josh....hope two are lovely and warm

          by the fire. Any sign of snow over your way?? We have a little tiny bit on the low hills, and I hope thats as close as it gets for now. We only get snow on the ground here once a year on average, but there hasn't been any for the past couple of years. Any way, hope you are feeling a bit better by the end of the day Josh. Love and warm hugs to you both....

joystik (281 )    10:11 am, 15 May

 1102.         bump..... back to the top again.......


joystik (281 )    11:56 am, 15 May

 1103.     I got Miss16 home

          today threatening to throw up. Rung school and the flu bugs have hit. So there is this weeks challenge, avoiding that. She had a really busy weekend with sports and work so hoping a good sleep might just work! Down to 1/4 steroid tablet this morning and still no crash so maybe its worked!!!! haha Sonia my GP just told me on Friday to start doing 10 mins exercise twice a day, and I will be in there for my massage. Whole hour of bliss so I'll be taking the risk!!!!

landylass (47 )    12:03 pm, 15 May

 1104.     Oh dear landylass...I hope you dont get any ....

          of these schoolbugs, that would be something you can well do without. Like you say, she might be just over tired. They get like that too. Glad to see they've recovered all the bodies from the boating tragedy. So sad. We were living in Oamaru when the Time Out went down. That was so awful. I knew this had happened before I went to bed on Saturday night, and I woke almost hourly, and stressed about those poor people in that freezing cold water. But considering it had happened at 2.30pm, they would have been long gone by then anyway in those temperatures. Shame that 2 made it too shore and died before rescue. One has to be very respectful of the sea. Hubby was a fisherman for years and has the greatest respect for it.

joystik (281 )    1:44 pm, 15 May

 1105.     My hubby and his brother

          both used to be in SAR and we have friends that were commercial fisherman too. At least this one looks like just total bad luck and not some idiott in Wgtn making inappropriate rescue decisions. So sad for so many from one family and community.

landylass (47 )    1:58 pm, 15 May

 1106.     Yes true. Hubby spent most of his commercial

          fishing days out of Westport and Greymouth, and saw a lot of his friends and colleuges lost to the sea in various accidents over the years. They always found it difficult from the West Coast, to get Rescues underway from Wellington, because they had no idea what the conditions were even remotely like. Hubby gave up that type of commercial fishing and moved from the Coast before it got him too, thankfully!

joystik (281 )    3:08 pm, 15 May

 1107.     What time do you have

          your appointment on Wed Joystik?

landylass (47 )    3:22 pm, 15 May

 1108.     Was Just thinking about your

          appointment on Wednesday 2 Joystik. Josh is feeling a little better thanks. He stayed in his jama's all day so was nice and warm and cruisy, thanks so much. No sign of any snow around here today, yesterday it was threatening alot but nothing eventuated. Hi Landaylass, Sonia, Bogey1 and everyone else hope your days been a good one. love Paula

paulaxx (75 )    3:50 pm, 15 May

 1109.     joystik

          Did you live on the West Coast. We spent 5 years there prior to moving here 2 years ago.

paulaxx (75 )    3:52 pm, 15 May

 1110.     Bump


paulaxx (75 )    3:52 pm, 15 May

 1111.         ...

          I just wanted to be the one to post 1111. :o)

paulaxx (75 )    3:53 pm, 15 May

 1112.     hope everyone is recovering from the bugs

          joystick you are right about the westport bar it is treacherous it has claimed a few since I lived here. Has your husband any relations here? Hi Paula where did you live on this beautiful Westcoast. I live at Hector a small towm 35 k's north of Westport.It is so cold here today snow up on the hills behind and you can feel it getting real chilly.

boop2 (106 )    4:16 pm, 15 May

 1113.     Hi landylass and Paula, my appointment is

          at 10.45 on wednesday morning at outpatients, so I guess I go prepared for a long wait do I?? It was terrible the first appointment I had there. Appnt was at 3pm and I got in at 10 to 6!!, only to be given the worse news of my life. Never mind, I am well over that now. No paula, the day got better and better here too, and the showers less frequent. In fact it has been really lovely and sunny most of the afternoon. Hi Josh, glad you a feeling a little better than yesterday....must be the big hugs I sent you.

joystik (281 )    4:25 pm, 15 May

 1114.     No I haven't ever lived on the west coast.........

          Hubby fished from there in the late 70's early 80's, and then decided to give up fishing out of there while he was still alive!! We fished in Golden Bay and Marlborough Sounds for some time and then sold up the little boat and brought a 130ft deep sea longliner and went half way to the islands fishing. Sold that now too and trying to be retired, sort of!! I have some friends from Chch with a holiday home at Hector, Sherri and Ray. No family living there but sadly, hubbys daughter buried at the cemetery there, so we visit several times a year to see her.

joystik (281 )    4:32 pm, 15 May

 1115.     The West Coast is a beautiful part of the

          country, and Kevin would especially like to live there still I think. It has become rather over priced though now, I feel. We have just been there in the last school holidays, and nothing has really changed from the last timewe were there. Boop, I dont kow now whether its Hector or Granity that my friends have their bach. I shall be finding out soon though cos Kevin wants to go there and stay in the next school holidays.

joystik (281 )    4:36 pm, 15 May

 1116.         Paula, we have been here in Otautau for just 1...

          year, and prior to that were in Oamaru for 2 years. Before that we were in Nelson for 4 1/2 years. Not much further south we can go now is there? Are you involved in dairy farming? Gypsy day must be coming up pretty soon isn't it?? It is quite nippy outside, but the heat pump is set on 24 deg and its just lovely indoors.

joystik (281 )    4:39 pm, 15 May

 1117.         Hi joystik and Boop

          We lived on the West Coast on the Road to Arthurs Pass in a wee settlement called Taramakau Settlement. It was so isolated coming from having family at my back door in Whitianga to knowing no-one. We were and still are sharemilking so spent 5 years there and did enjoy it but as I say very isolated. Had to spend two hours in the car a day just to take Josh to school and back as there were no school buses. Chris was so busy on the farm as we didnt employ people at that stage and I was pregnant with Cassielle. So it wasnt an easy time. We are here for 3 years and this coming season will be our last. We are selling our cows and then ??? My mum still lives in Hokitika she moved down when we were still there 4 years ago.

paulaxx (75 )    5:00 pm, 15 May

 1118.         hi Boop...

          we want to come back and visit your neck of woods!!! Hubby wants to go up the Denniston Incline for a visit and explore further north. He was in a National Youth Brass Band many moons ago and was billeted at the town at the bottom of the incline starting with W... can't recall it now. Nearly every house had a bandsman in it which totally blew them away for a small place. We got as far as Westport a few years ago on holiday but ran out of time to go further north. Loved the place.

landylass (47 )    5:04 pm, 15 May

 1119.         Was it Waimangaroa landylass?? We both love it

          but with having Lauren at college, the High School in Westport didnt have a very good reputation, so we thought better of moving there. The other alternative was to board her in Nelson and send her to college there, but seeing as she is the only one I've got, that wasnt an option either. We went up to Deniston last year, and the charming creek walkway, which is beautiful too. Doesnt rain there anythin like it used to 20 years ago. Much nicer climate now. Well I think so anyway.

joystik (281 )    5:15 pm, 15 May

 1120.         Thats the place!

          We have been saying for last 5 years next Xmas we will go camping up that way but it still hasn't happened yet. Maybe this year. It was July school holidays were were in Westport and I would love to see the place in summer. Have heard a few hair raising stories about fisherman on the coast, bet you were glad your fella got out of it!

landylass (47 )    5:18 pm, 15 May

 1121.         Yes paula,I know where Taramakau is too.

          We had a motor home when Lauren was much younger (pre school) and roamed about all over the coast, exploring. There are so many beautiful places there but a lot of them way too isolated for my liking too. Where do you think you will go to from Gore?? Will you stay in the South Island? I guess where Josh is nearest to treatment he needs would be a big consideration. We have moved around a lot too - 18 moves in 22 years I think it is.

joystik (281 )    5:18 pm, 15 May

 1122.         Hey Sonia....where are you today???

          I've missed you in here today. Are you still getting over a hectic Mothers day?? Maybe we will see you after dinner. Which reminds me, mine is ready so I better go. Blue cod (fresh) and home made jacket potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. See ya

joystik (281 )    5:20 pm, 15 May

 1123.         I'm away to see if I

          can get miss16 at least drinking. Been in bed all day and doesn't worry me she isn't eating as she is still feeling sick, but got to get some fluids into her. Catch you tomorrow. Wonder how Sonia got on with radiation today.

landylass (47 )    5:21 pm, 15 May

 1124.      Hi there ladies

          Been out at appointments ALL DAY!!! As for the last one - the iridologist - all I can say is WOW that man is amazing! But I have to come back - hungry kids to feed ;o) More later - can't wait to share it all ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:25 pm, 15 May

 1125.         Looking forward to update

          sonia... got the girl eating and drinking so maybe we are over the worst... sometimes nothing like a good catch up sleep to do the trick!

landylass (47 )    7:31 pm, 15 May

 1126.         Thats good landylass, you at least need to be

          drinking or you can ge relly de hydrated quite quickly.. Hopefully she will be up and running in no time flat.

joystik (281 )    7:49 pm, 15 May

 1127.         Good to see you sonia,...look forward to hearing

          all about it after your dinner has been eaten and your sweeet little girls are all tucked up in bed. I havent been able to get back online since my last post before I had my dinner. I didn't know what else to do with myself.

joystik (281 )    7:55 pm, 15 May

 1128.         OK a quick post or 2 before bathtime ;o)

          Firstly went to Herbal supplements doc this morning after the radiation. After discussing my history he prescribed (1) Melatonin (2) Di-indolmethane vegicaps - I bought those then. Then to order through another distributor, all Usana brand supplements (1) Essentials (a mega multivitamin) (2) Selenium (3) CAL-MAG plus (4) Bioflavonoids (5) BioMEGA (6) Co-Enzyme Q10. I enquired about the grapeseed extract I'd read about and he said ah yes thats in the Bioflavonoids. I asked how much it would all cost and he said the Usana Essentials is about $100 per month...?!?! "The cost of health eh?" I thought...

soniat-d (153 )    8:04 pm, 15 May

 1129.         When reviewing my history

          we discussed my lack of sleep (hence the melatonin) and all the stress I allowed into my life to which he shook his head at me and said "Oh dear, you silly girl!". I agreed with him!

soniat-d (153 )    8:05 pm, 15 May

 1130.         Reason I was out all day was

          At radiation this morning I had my two newly usual blasts from in front and then behind. They came back in to do the new mega-blast on the lump cluster and said whoops its not set up yet (they forgot to book it in to the machine or something) so I'd have to leave that until tomorrow. I said no - can we do it later today (was really pysched to blast them today)? They said yes 2.10pm so I had to go back then. I got there real early but lost a lot of that gain trying to get a park!? They ran half an hour behind so had to get my s-i-l to collect Lydia from school (Emily was already in Nanna's care for the early afternoon). The blast was heaps longer than my other treatments, which I liked (the burn won't be good though!?)

soniat-d (153 )    8:12 pm, 15 May

 1131.      I forgot to say, at the supplements doc

          this morning I told him I was also seeing iridologist this afternoon, and the doc told me not to! He said that his recommendations are the most effective, naturopaths a bunch of hoo har etc etc

soniat-d (153 )    8:14 pm, 15 May

 1132.      (Brent's sorting girls so I'll keep going)

          So then I go to the Iridologists this afternoon. I've been to him twice before, in 2000 and 2002 when trying to conceive the girls. In 2000 he did a full reading and noted some interesting things - the one I remember most being that I have a prolapsed uterus (which I knew was right). That amazed me at the time. I fell pg 7 weeks later ;o) In 2002 he said I was fine and didn't need anything - Emily was freshly conceived at that time - pg test 2 weeks later. So I trust this guy ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:18 pm, 15 May

 1133.         So, today he digs out my file and says so whats

          the problem today? I said I was feeling depleted, had had BC last August, chemo therapy now in radiation. Thats all I chose to say - wanted to test him! He looked at his notes and said breast cancer eh? Was that in the right breast? I said, why yes. He showed me notes and said, "yes see at your last reading I said you had a knotted milk duct in your right breast". There it was in black and white, and thats where the tumor started, location wise... I was gobsmacked! But wait, there's more!

soniat-d (153 )    8:21 pm, 15 May

 1134.         So then he read my irises, first my left

          and said "I don't want to scare you, this doesn't mean anything yet, but you have a knot in your right breast in a duct between your nipple and armpit" No danger yet, but keep an eye on it. (So then I'm thinking thats funny, supports my lack of trust of remaining breast) He reinforced that cancer doesn't spread from one to the other - it goes a different way, nodes liver etc.

soniat-d (153 )    8:24 pm, 15 May

 1135.         Then he moved to my right eye

          And paused for a long time and said "Chemicals started this tumor - very clearly, it was some very strong chemicals" I said "what like from food like coke phenylalanine etc?" he said "oooh no, something must stronger than that"

soniat-d (153 )    8:30 pm, 15 May

 1136.         I asked him what else he could see,

          he said he could see some inflammation in my nodes, but nothing too worrying. At this point I was disappointed, and said "well the cancer has returned - can't you see that?" he said "Oh no (sympathy talk, then) I only see your own body's (things, can't remember the term). Cancer is a foreign body so I can't see that, I can only perhaps see when it has affected the body. Hmmm I thought, but then he had seen the nodes inflammed, that is where the big ones are... Is no one else blown away by what he could see? There's more but must put girls to bed now ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:32 pm, 15 May

 1137.         Well I'm blown away totally sonia.....

          by this guy and what he had to say. I read all your post out to my hubby and he was just gobsmacked too. The guy obviously knows what he's doing doesnt he. Some of the supplements that h recommended for you sound like what we are taking, but with slightly different names. We are using CoQ10 enzyme plus omega 3, CAA and Coral C. The CAA contains selenium, boron, iodine, silica, Chromuim, Folate, vits B,C,D and E and bioflavinoids.

joystik (281 )    9:06 pm, 15 May

 1138.         They have to be on to something when they can

          look in your eyes and tell you whats going on with the rest of your body aye??? Bit like the way clairvoyants know so much about things without telling them anything. But in different sort of way.

joystik (281 )    9:09 pm, 15 May

 1139.      I Know Joystik - amazing eh?!

          His name is Brad Crouch :o) So anyway... He then started to write down his prescription for Biostrath and Zambrosa and I decided to tell him about seeing the other guy this morning and what he'd prescribed. He looked dubious and asked to see the list, which I showed him, and (I'll try to keep this short) big discussions about docs vs naturopaths, marketing companies like Usana charging over-top prices for supplements not so great etc etc. He ticked the Co-enzyme Q-10 but said get it from other than Usana - shop around for best price. He put ?'s against a few others, x'd essentials etc and I was confused about what to do, told him I trusted what he said but I really wanted to not only re-balance my body but also fight fight against the C. He said he'd look into the usana products, compare with his own and will give me his recommendations by phone in a few days. I did get the Biostrath now though - yuck it tastes gross, but also tastes absolutely loaded with good stuff ;o) Hold on Zambrosa for now...

soniat-d (153 )    9:26 pm, 15 May

 1140.         The other thing I've forgotten to mention is

          Vitamin C. Doc recommended IV Vitamin C injections (kind of like chemo in high doses). I mentioned this also to brad and he said yes, you need at least 10 grams per day (which is what doc said). I'm meeting the doc who does these injection tomorrow to discuss, but don't start this till after radiation. I have quite a few questions for him! I also have some more questions for Brad when we next talk!

soniat-d (153 )    9:31 pm, 15 May

1141.         Thanks for telling me what you're taking Joystik!

          I'm trying to digest all this new info as fast as I can! Have you heard anything about IV'ing Vitamin C? Seems very new, and not enough solid evidence, good evidence, but not much of it as few people do it. I'm guessing its also expensive!!!

soniat-d (153 )    9:35 pm, 15 May

 1142.         Whoops! 1134

          That should read I have a knot in my LEFT breast

soniat-d (153 )    9:38 pm, 15 May

 1143.         wow sonia you have had

          a full on day, your brain must be over loaded with all the new info.

bogeyi (482 )    9:38 pm, 15 May

 1144.         Wow Sonia

          thats getting into info overload. Interesting that they can agree on some things though. Keep us updated.

landylass (47 )    9:39 pm, 15 May

 1145.         sonia I am simply amazed at what he said

          you have certainly had an interesting day. What is he looking at exactly when he looks into your eyes? Does all of what he said make sense to you? Hugs for your girls

boop2 (106 )    9:40 pm, 15 May

 1146.         Have any of you hear dof Paul Kirk

          or the company "A Stress Free Day"? He beat terminal bowel cancer, and now helps other get over terminal illnesses. I've met him, and highly recommend him - he has (I think) an 8 out of 10 ratio for curing termial illnesses. ( - and no, I am not a sales person :-) His message makes sense.

jelik1 (59 )    9:43 pm, 15 May

 1147.         joystick you are not going to believe this

          Sheri and Ray are my friends too they have their holiday home across the road from me in Hector.I look after it for them. Sheri is not impressed with CH CH . It is a lovely home everything is growing around it now. We have sold our house here and are moving to Westport but it really is a wee bit of heaven here.What name is your step daughter I could pop some flowers on for you is it at Mokihinui or town? NZ is a small place.Buller high hasn't got a good name.

boop2 (106 )    9:52 pm, 15 May

 1148.         Hi Paula hugs for Josh

          We have a camper bus and went for a trip down the coast to Taramakau and all the wee places off the beaten track it was husband comes from Hoki.I can understand it being lonely it is a bit like that here too Hector is mainly holiday homes now and where I am I hardly see a soul all day.I have a great friend who came from there they were agreat farming family but he is over 80 now before your time.Your daughter's name is unusual I have never heard it before.

boop2 (106 )    9:59 pm, 15 May

 1149.         Hi landylass

          I am a bit further on than Waimang. and not far from Charming Creek, Ngakawau end. Have you read the books about the Denniston miners early days? They are going to make a movie about it I think it is called "The Denniston Rose" WE are moving into Westport next month and I really mean this all you ladies that want a holiday are welcome at our house we have a bit to do on it but by summer it will be finished hopefully. 3 months waiting list for a new kitchen here.

boop2 (106 )    10:05 pm, 15 May

 1150.         Hi Boop 2 yes amazing eh?

          Its iridolgy and it looks at all the coloured part of the eye - every part of the eye reflects the health of specific parts of your body - they have this big map of the eyes out in the waiting room. I was really sceptical of iridology etc before I saw him the first time, each time he amazes me more and more! Funny thing is, I'm sure my eyes have changed colour through the chemo etc, they used to be bright blue, now very murky!?!

soniat-d (153 )    10:06 pm, 15 May

 1151.      I'll say bogeyi

          Man is my head spinning! Thought it good to type it all down, to help me remember it all!

soniat-d (153 )    10:07 pm, 15 May

 1152.         That is really facinating

          I know once I had my eyes tested the optician told me to get my thyroid tested at the doc's it was alright but amazing what you learn.

boop2 (106 )    10:09 pm, 15 May

 1153.         I think when you are not well your eyes do look

          like that but they will come right.

boop2 (106 )    10:11 pm, 15 May

 1154.      Here's the kind of Vitamin C info I'm reviewing


soniat-d (153 )    10:15 pm, 15 May

 1155.         An interesting quote about why research so slow

          Vitamin C used in cancer therapy has been a controvesial subject for a long time. Now a new study shows that Vitamin C administered intravenously can be more than 25 times effective than Vitamin C administered orally when used against cancer. Further interest and studies are set to follow after the study was conducted by highly respected experts of their fields of medicine. If it works, what will this mean for drug companies? ... After all Vitamin C is incredibly inexpensive and there would be no way for drug companies to profit from this research. ... The study was released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

soniat-d (153 )    10:19 pm, 15 May

 1156.      What is iridology - its shown here


soniat-d (153 )    10:23 pm, 15 May

 1157.      Sorry - you can tell I'm all excited about all

          this eh?! Anyway the other important thing Brad said was that he'd noted back last time that I had a strong resilient body, can't remember the words exactly, but generally one that stays healthy and lives long. So he said that it has weathered the storm very well so far, and holds me in good stead to battle this through. That was a really good thing to hear at this point ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:24 pm, 15 May

 1158.         Hi all you lovely ladies

          Glad to see you having good chats today - I've been thinking of your sons and families today bogeyi and Paula. Hugs to to Landylass, and Heather thanks so much for the letter - received that today - no chance to read that yet LOL but will take it with me to read tomorrow ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:26 pm, 15 May

 1159.         sonia will go to those

          sites tomorrow.Night I hope you sleep well

boop2 (106 )    11:58 pm, 15 May

 1160.         Sonia

          Good Morning, wow did you actually sleep with all that buzzing around in your head? I love people like that, who can give you information about yourself from just looking at you, or in your iris's. You go Girl. You are doing so well. My dr tried to get me to do the i.v vit c with Josh. I am considering it definately between courses of chemo etc. have been told by the hosp NOT to do anything else. Boop2 Cassielle means Angel of Joy, because I was told I couldnt have children well say no more. Funny how you know where Taramakau is Joystik cos a lot of people who live on the coast dont, ha ha. I do hope you are all having a good day, my boy has gone to school just till lunch though. He is very grumpy and sensitive at the moment. So I dont want to push him too hard. Thinking of you all with loads of healing light surrounding you while you sit at your pc's and huge pink clouds of unconditional love coming to you from me. Have a nice day xx

paulaxx (75 )    9:29 am, 16 May

 1161.         Bogey1

          How did you get on with the Dr's are the kids on the mend? Thinking about you, hope this week is a better one for you. Take care

paulaxx (75 )    9:31 am, 16 May

 1162.         morning all

          well done sonia you soung good. Josh probably likes seeing the other kids at school does he paula? I think we know the coast fairly well travelled up and down quite a bit you never get sick of the view from Grey to Westport it is fantastic and very rugged.Have a nice day paula.

boop2 (106 )    10:39 am, 16 May

 1163.         Thanks for all that information sonia,...I had

          such a terrible time staying connected to the site last night. Every time I refreshed the page I lost it and then couldnt get back on. Was it just me or anyone else. I went out and announced to my somewhat amused hubby, that if it didn't improve I was either going to the Pub or bed!! I was just so lost with out my mates to chat too. I went to bed at 10.30. You info was so interesting sonia. All that stuff is so good really. After all, at the end of the day its probably an overload of chemicals that have got us all into this mess in the first place, and by being able to balance all that out with natural stuff, has to be good. I will be taking all my bottle to the Dr tomorrow to see what they say about it.

joystik (281 )    11:42 am, 16 May

 1164.         Morning landylass, sorry to see you have ....

          doubled your quota of sick kids today. Thats really not included in the plan is it??? Hopefully they will be better tomorrow and the bugs will have flitted out the door again without having had time to settle near you. Its a beautful day here. Nurse came and took all the dressings off. They were so starting to annoy my skin yesterday, and I had been scratching like mad, especially where the drains go in. She didnt take any drains out though. Seems to be too scared to now after what happened when the first one came out. The one on the no lymph side drained 175ml in 24 hours, so thats no where near to coming out. You stay well and warm and have a great day.

joystik (281 )    11:47 am, 16 May

 1165.         Hi paula and Josh.....hope Josh is enjoying

          being at school for the morning, and they aren't working him too hard!! Is cross country tomorrow now?? It is supposed to be a lovely day again tomorrow. Its really warm and sunny here now. There aren't many places on the coast that I haven't poked my nose into, while we were roaming around in our camper. We spent quite a few months on the coast, and aren't the type of people to stay on the main hi-ways. Oh no not us, we go up every dusty side road and have a cuppa about 20 times a day, and poke about in all the creeks and rivers, set fishing lines and look for fresh water crawlies. Thats us!! The west coast is a lovely part of New Zealand. Haven't really done any exploring in the North Island yet. Any way I must carry on, I have got so many people that have sent me flowers, cards, emails, chocolates, smellies, and I need to reply to them all. Hope your day is super sweet paula, and love to you all.

joystik (281 )    11:53 am, 16 May

 1166.         Well, boop2 its a small world alright isnt it???

          I got an email from Sherri and Ray this morning telling me all about how she knows you, and what a wonderful couple you are. I met Sherri through Rays sister Cathy, who is my friend. Sherri is a lovely person, and Ray too actually. Thanks for offering the use of your home for a break...I think thats just so nice of you. You are special. Take care and have a great day.

joystik (281 )    11:56 am, 16 May

 1167.         hiya ladies

          kids are better, kirstys fine, tyler is off again today as he has a headasche still, kirsty and tyler are off to aussie tomorrow so no point in sending him to school in case he picks up something else. Appointment went good yesterday 3 docs are all excited with smiles on there faces, there is SOMETHING going on Ryans neutrafils are coming up every so slowly we got as low as you can go 0.00 they couldnt get a reading six weeks ago, about 3 weeks ago we were at 0.03 last fri 0.28 and mon 0.41 he is still highly neutraphenic but they are happy they are thinking that MAYBE something might be happening.Although they are all smiling i am happy but not getting to excited yet as i dont want to get my hopes up and then it all crashes.

bogeyi (482 )    11:58 am, 16 May

 1168.         Hi bogeyi

          I'm glad to see the numbers going up - much better than not, even if a long way to go eh? Fingers crossed still for your brave wee man :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:50 pm, 16 May

 1169.         hi sonia

          exactly going up slowly is better than going down, just dont want to get my hopes up and then have them dashed.

bogeyi (482 )    12:53 pm, 16 May

 1170.         Hi Joystik, how frustrating that must have been

          I wondered where everyone was last night LOL - thought maybe I'd scared you all away! I probably have divulged too much of myself on this thread *shrugs* but, hey, when you been examined and prodded by docs week in and week out, had your medical and lifestyle history queried by so many profesionals, I now feel like its tatooed on my forehead anyway! LOL

soniat-d (153 )    12:53 pm, 16 May

 1171.         Hi Bogeyi

          I see hoping as OK its the expecting to be wary of - I keep hoping, but try not to expect ;o) (((((hugs))))))

soniat-d (153 )    12:55 pm, 16 May

 1172.         Hi...

          Yes Josh does like seeing the other children at school. Probably a refreshing change of scenery for him, must get a bit tired of looking at my face all the time. Yes the West Coast is pretty and it is lovely to be able to return to old haunts. I dont know where we will end up after here, but Josh is our priority so it will be in the South Island. Close to treatment centre. Keep smiling everyone. Off to pick up my boy. Hugs n Loves

paulaxx (75 )    12:56 pm, 16 May

 1173.         Sorry joystik

          forgot to say yes x country will be on weather permitting. Josh is just going to watch with us. Hope he feels ok with that on the day. If I dont poke my head in here again. All the best for your appointment tomorrow, will be thinking of you!! xx

paulaxx (75 )    12:58 pm, 16 May

 1174.         paula i think the same with ryan he must get

          sick of looking at me, they miss there friends and the interaction with kids.

bogeyi (482 )    1:04 pm, 16 May

 1175.         Yes bogeyi, that is good news, up is better than

          down or staying stable. Glad the bugs are clearing out from your place. Hope they are not moving to the Southland region, cos we dont need bugs down this way thanks. Actually, that is one thing I have found with having 1 child, she hardly gets any bugs and colds and stuff, which is great. Hope is continues. Think shes only have about 10 days off school in her entire school life. Any way, good luck for continuing good results for Ryan. I think about you guys every day lots of times and send you warm fluffy hugs. Hope you are getting them all!!!

joystik (281 )    1:14 pm, 16 May

 1176.         Information such as you were posting would....

          never scare me away Sonia. You can never have too much information when you are fighting something like this. It will be interesting to see what they have to say when I rock up with my bottles of stuff tomorrow, at the histology meeting. Some Drs are pretty sceptical really arent they. I remember telling one Dr years ago that I was taking Evening Primrose for PMT, to try and control things a little. And he said, have you tried having a glass of water, it would do the same!! But theres more. He went on to say 'the problem with you women, and especially red heads like you, is that you like to sharpen your tongue, at least once a month, and have a go at someone, and then call it PMT!!' I changed my Dr and didnt go back to that one. He, incidently, thought he was so funny saying that, but I think he believed it too. I shall let you know what they have to say about CoQ10-Omega3, CAA, and Coral-C.

joystik (281 )    1:21 pm, 16 May

 1177.      Hi there back for a short while

          So saw the Vitamin C doc today - we had a LONG talk, I really probed... He was extollong the virtues of vitamin C injections of course (his office had a window to next room where people were reclined taking their vitamin c injections @ $75 a pop and the cynic in me kept thinking "yes but you would say that wouldn't you? This is your business!"). He described how body cells absorb C and turn into water etc and cancer cells turn in to ammonia and kill themselves. Drew graphs, diagrams, gave me a huge printout to take home and read etc etc. I aksed about their results what are their stats and he said they've only been doing it for 9 months or so?!?! But big results overseas... Here I am - the guneapig again! Wish I could get recommendations for this from an impartial phyician of some sort! What to do... what to do???!!!

soniat-d (153 )    1:43 pm, 16 May

1178.      I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Joystik!

          Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

soniat-d (153 )    1:51 pm, 16 May

 1179.         Thanks sonia...for all the good luck.

          Yes hard to know what to do when you are going to be one of the first to have this tried on, so to speak. How often do you have these injections at $75 a pop?? Weekly, daily?? I was going to have a look and see if I could find anything else about it too. Last night on here was the pits, Man, I tell you, I hate it when that happens. Its better today but still not 100% by any means.

joystik (281 )    2:14 pm, 16 May

 1180.         No probs Joystik ;o)

          It's compelling reading, I'll send you a copy if you'd like?! The treatment would be twice a week for three months to start with, so that's about $1800 for that, then once a week or fortnightly or something ongoing after that. I can't remember exactly the ongoing bit. It wouldn't start till after chemo and radiation complete. He pointed out that (in my case with it recurring) this would just be "buying me time" until docs work out what switches cancer cells off. I didn't like that concept so much, but I guess that is the reality. I just try to turn a blind eye to that most of the time!

soniat-d (153 )    2:22 pm, 16 May

 1181.         soniat-d

          interesting info re vitC. Do you remember last year when the MeNZB debate was going on? Some doctors pushed the benefits of Vit C. They reckon that when a person is diagnosed with Meningococcal disease one of the first treatments (along with a/biotics) should be high dose iv Vit C.

mimi1 (224 )    2:37 pm, 16 May

 1182.         sonia please keep posting

          I find all of this so interesting I haven't had breast cancer but my sister has and she won't talk about it at all if I ask her something she changes the subject. I am trying to store all this knowledge as I think it helps to know about things. I don't know about the vitamin c it sounds fine but expensive ,does that matter if it works. Afriend of my husband had cancer many years ago I can't remember where now but they gave him so long to live they sold their house and went for a trip to Wales where they came from, had a great trip . Someone told him to drink carrot juice and he did by the gallons even wwhen he had a bath the ring around it would be bright orange he is 78 and still going strong the doctors had no answer to it but were absolutely amazed as all signs of it were gone so who knows?

boop2 (106 )    3:01 pm, 16 May

 1183.         Hi paula

          Did josh have a good day at school ? Good luck joystick you are certainly fired up. It is a beautiful day in the Buller lot's of sunshine.

boop2 (106 )    3:05 pm, 16 May


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missbehave (30 )    3:09 pm, 16 May


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missbehave (30 )    3:10 pm, 16 May

 1186.         Hi Missbehave

          Oh please - share away!!! I'm absorbing all the info I can! Yes I have to say, I like the concept of vitamin C in hig doses - what he said all make sense. My gut feel says "do it" and its been right so far when the docs were wrong ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:26 pm, 16 May

1187.         Hi Mimi1

          Thanks for posting. Yes I've found it being used to treat Aids also! I did read somewhere that for some reason it doesn't work on Leukemia (sp), they're not sure why...

soniat-d (153 )    3:29 pm, 16 May


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missbehave (30 )    3:38 pm, 16 May

 1189.      That's interesting about the carrot juice boop2

          Brad told me that all purple vegetables, fruit etc works well on Breast Cancer. Thank goodness I LOVE beetroot! The other interesting things this morning's guy said - Cancer loves sugar and soaks it up (hence my insane sweet tooth recently, so must put kerb on the sugar-rush sugars and shift to slow-release sugars).

soniat-d (153 )    3:39 pm, 16 May


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missbehave (30 )    3:43 pm, 16 May

 1191.      Wow Missbehave :o)

          Thats impressive! Yep I'm hoping to stun the docs (again) too, this time for the better ;o) Thanks for all that, very cool :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:46 pm, 16 May


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missbehave (30 )    3:48 pm, 16 May

 1193.         Hi Boop2

          Yes thanks Josh did have a good day at school. He never ceases to amaze me, well actually you all do amaze me. :O)

paulaxx (75 )    3:51 pm, 16 May


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missbehave (30 )    3:53 pm, 16 May

 1195.         misbehave, that is so interesting, and thanks for.

          sharing that with us on here. There has to be better ways, orat least alternatives to all these chemical treatments that are so harsh. It is just so enlightening to hear a story such as yours. It gives everyone hope doesnt it.

joystik (281 )    3:55 pm, 16 May


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missbehave (30 )    3:59 pm, 16 May

 1197.         All the best to you # 1

          Early this morning my uncle passed away, from the dreaded disease. No more suffering for him now, the only comfort for us is that he knew he didnt have long and tried to see everyone before his time. We only found out about his cancer like 4 weeks ago.I had posted a thread on here back then, saying that my uncle wanted to have a party, just so he could see and remember everyone, before the cancer really set in. A wake I guess you call it. I hope you will beat this #1, big hugs to you.

aroha20 (428 )    4:03 pm, 16 May

 1198.         missbehave thanks for sharing that info

          very interesting.

bogeyi (482 )    4:10 pm, 16 May

 1199.         Thanks Aroha :o)

          Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hey I love that party idea - thats awesome - it always hits me at funerals that everyone turns up AFTER they die to pay their respects and say all the nice things they wanted to say about them. Much better to say it to their face when alive - and what better way than at a party!! Thanks for the hugs! And thanks for posting ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:53 pm, 16 May

 1200.      Another hundeeeeee!

          Dances round the desk ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:54 pm, 16 May

1201.         misbehave that is so good

          Everyone must feel a bit more positive after reading that I think it is marvelous. gotta get tea be back later to read up on everything. Lots of hugs for healing

boop2 (106 )    5:14 pm, 16 May

 1202.         dont ya just love hospitals

          get a call asking if i can bring ryan in to see a doc tomorrow (sure no problem)ask what time, well we open at 8am so if you can come in early HOPEFULLY you will be seen first, ha ha ha ha ha didnt think such a word (first) existed in hospital rooms.

bogeyi (482 )    5:20 pm, 16 May

 1203.         Thats good bogeyi ;o)

          Chances are you'll get seen on time(ish!) for once ;o) Is it a stretch to get there that early? It would be in this household LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    7:18 pm, 16 May

 1204.      Hey Landylas :o)

          No time no hear - hope you're doing OK :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:20 pm, 16 May

 1205.         Sounds familliar rang me and

          asked if I could be there at 9am instead of 10.45!! I said to the lady I would have to get up about 5 just to be here by 9 but she wasn't fazed at all. Not really a problem if you look at the bigger picture, more an inconvenience. Hugs to Ryan, and you too.

joystik (281 )    7:23 pm, 16 May

 1206.         yep as i have a 10yr old and a 5yr old

          but tomorrow morning i am dropping my kids and parents off at the airport at the un goddly hour of 4am so i will be wide awake when i get home just need to get the boy up.

bogeyi (482 )    7:23 pm, 16 May

 1207.         Ohhh true...thats an early start, perhaps you

          could give me a wake up call before you go to the airport. Hope the kids have a great holiday. Wish I was going too.

joystik (281 )    7:25 pm, 16 May

 1208.         haha so do i

          maybe next time when ryans better.

bogeyi (482 )    7:25 pm, 16 May

 1209.         Oh Bogey1 and Joystik

          Both of you have such early starts. Poor you. Will be thinking of you both tomorrow at your hospitals. I have just got home from swimming pool, I ventured out tonight by myself and did an aqua aerobics class, what a hoot! Kept waiting to hear mummy but no didnt happen! Anyway hope tomorrow is good for you all round. Take care Hi Sonia hope youve had a nice day. Got a mental picture of you dancing around your lovely desk at the 1200th post, made me smile out loud :O). have a good night everyone love to all

paulaxx (75 )    8:56 pm, 16 May

 1210.         Thanks paula, its probably not that bad really....

          but I have been sleeping in and not doing too much and tomorrow I have to. But oh well, if thats the worst thing that happens tomorrow, I will be stoked. Hugs to you all and Josh too. Hope he's feeling like watching the cross country tomorrow. I will be thinking about him too. He's a very brave young fella.

joystik (281 )    9:29 pm, 16 May

 1211.         all the best joystick will be

          thinking of you tomorrow.HUGS Love to Ryan and Josh at his cross country. night

boop2 (106 )    11:04 pm, 16 May

 1212.      Morning All

          Bumping to the top. Page 3 is no place for all you lovely ladies to be. Have a great day.

cole2 (360 )    10:25 am, 17 May

1213.         morning

          Hi paula hope you have a nice day for the cross country. Enjoy, Josh. Very cold here this morning but it shows promise.

boop2 (106 )    10:32 am, 17 May

 1214.      Thinking of you today Joystick

          Hope the results are as good as can be! Let us know how you got on ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:12 pm, 17 May

 1215.      Good morning lovely ladies ;o)

          I think my lumps are shrinking! :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o) ;o) :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:13 pm, 17 May

 1216.      Wahooooooooooo!!!!!!

          That is exciting news Sonia. Yippee for you and your family, absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!

cole2 (360 )    2:22 pm, 17 May

 1217.         bumping for Joystik...

          grr still two crook kids and not wonderful myself! Dragged myself to local hospital appointment yesterday to have to kill an hour because of muck up! Was feeling really seedy, made it to appointmnet and crashed home back to bed myself! Just checking in for news of Joystik.

landylass (47 )    2:35 pm, 17 May

 1218.         that is great sonia

          just what you needed too hear. Poor landylass sounds pretty rough I hope everyone improves soon in your house. Waiting for joystick to report in.

boop2 (106 )    3:09 pm, 17 May

 1219.         (((((hugs)))))) Landylass

          Maybe we should also have a thread called "Chemo sux!"" - it sure does! Try to look after yourself first and foremost - your kids will have to try and take care of themselves - they're dealing with much less than you after all! Hang in there, as we all know - it DOES get better!!! ((((((more cyber hugs)))))) xxxx

soniat-d (153 )    3:39 pm, 17 May

 1220.         I know cole2 and boop2

          Its amazing - I've suddenly gone from "Man I hate that I can feel that!" to "Umm... where's it gone?!" Its looking good as far as I can tell #SMILES# :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:41 pm, 17 May

 1221.         Bumping again for Joystick

          Hope your specialist is a kind soul telling you your news in the best way possible :o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:11 pm, 17 May

 1222.         keep smiling sonia

          you are going too win. I am giving you the biggest hug I can.

boop2 (106 )    4:14 pm, 17 May

 1223.         Thinking of you Joystik

          Thanks Boop2. Cross country went well. Josh was happy to just watch. Which made it easier for all I think. Yay Sonia shrinking lumps :o). Hope you have all had a nice day. Off to sort dinner???

paulaxx (75 )    4:15 pm, 17 May

 1224.         Landylass

          Do hope you can rest while all this is going on at your house. Hope you feel better soon.

paulaxx (75 )    4:17 pm, 17 May

 1225.         bumpty bumpty


netdog1 (28 )    4:34 pm, 17 May

 1226.         Hello ladies......well today didn't go quite how..

          I had hoped it would, and it has all left me feeling a bit flat, to put it mildly. I will need 6 months chemo and then possibly radio therapy, depending on how the chemo goes. The diagnoses wasn't great and reads: High grade infiltrating ductal carcinoma, 5cm diameter. Surgical margins negative at least 6cm. 10 of 16 Lymph nodes positive. ER/PR - positive, HER-2 positive. That will mean something to anyone that knows. To me at the moment it means CHEMO for 6 months.....

joystik (281 )    4:38 pm, 17 May

 1227.         Oh there was one bit of good news........

          the right breast showed completely normal breast tissue. Thats great!! The Registrar said another good thing is No More Mammograms!!

joystik (281 )    4:40 pm, 17 May

 1228.         A total of 16 lymph nodes were removed and ....

          examined, and of these 10 are partially to completely replaced by tumour! One of 3 apical kymph nodes contains metastatic tumour. That is the not so good bit. He said there is no involvement with the blood, and because of that at this stage they would not be doing a bone scan or brain scan.

joystik (281 )    4:44 pm, 17 May

 1229.         oh joystik...

          I'm sorry to hear you've got 6 months of chemo ahead of you. The jargon means NOTHING to me, you might as well have written it in Swahili but I get the gist of what you said. Well, all the best and keep coming back to us for support when you need it. I'm glad you've got such a supportive husband - hope he has someone he can lean on when he needs to. :o) {{big hugs}}

tishie (60 )    4:46 pm, 17 May

 1230.         Hope you are feeling better Landylass and ...

          dont get completley dragged down by the teenagers bugs in the house. Hubby had a Dr appointment today to and was left sitting in the waiting room for 1 3/4 hours, for whatever reason! When he went up to the receptionist for the second time and informed her that I was in the car, and wasn't that well, she more or less told him that it wasn't her problem and that he would have to wait. Someone else in the waiting room overheard the conversation and when he was called, asked the Dr to take Kevin in stead of him. I still have faith in at least some of humanity!!

joystik (281 )    4:48 pm, 17 May

 1231.         Thanks tishie,,,,,,,,I told him I had to come in..

          here and tell all my friends what has happened today. He's just fine with that, and is happily building a stirfry for tea. Smells yummy too.

joystik (281 )    4:50 pm, 17 May

 1232.         Good news for you Sonia....I'm chuffed for you....

          that things areworking really good for you with this new radiation. Thats got to be a bonus. I took all my supplements in and showed them to the registrar, and he said keep on taking them, they wont do any harm, and will only do good. He said you always need to have hope, love and NO STRESS!! Any you will win. That was nice of him....Omah, I think his name was.

joystik (281 )    4:53 pm, 17 May

 1233.      Oh Joystick my sweets

          I do understand all that jargon and know exactly what it means! You have the opposite breast cancer to me, which means the Taxotere I took and hated and did nothing, will not be prescribed I'm pretty sure. Herceptin is on the cards though. The normal chemotherapy that I was on first, that you will most probably have for 6 months, really isn't that bad, truly it isn't. The nausea can be countered by good meds that really work, cover the hairloss with a fab wig (mine was free)/hats - hey its winter, perfect ;o) Honestly, when I was going through that first chemo I used to see other mopey cancer women and thing "Hey, come on, its not that bad!" I kept smiling! Hugs my dear - I have some tips for you, will email or snail mail them ;o) ((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    4:54 pm, 17 May

 1234.         I'll be back soon....Lauren needs computer to

          do some homework.

joystik (281 )    4:54 pm, 17 May

 1235.      Hey joystick that guy sounds great :o)

          Better than the plonker I had! Thats so great. This stuff I've just started taking (from my iridologist)Bio-Strath Elixir is apparently dynamite to take during chemo (wish I'd known that at the time!) helps the body to ride the wave, come back faster so you get through the chemos bang bang bang! I kept having delays with mine as bloods didn't recover.

soniat-d (153 )    4:57 pm, 17 May

 1236.         Joystik

          I feel for you with todays news, my Joshi and I send you the biggest, gentle hugs and will constantly keep you in our thoughts. Maybe we will catch up with you at Kew one day?? Love and Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

paulaxx (75 )    4:59 pm, 17 May

 1237.         {{{{{Hugs Joystiks}}}}}

          not what you wanted to hear I know! Take 24 hours to digest, then start learning about your treatments etc. That word chemo is one hell of a shock none of us want to hear. Grr I'm feeling ratshit today.... buts its NOT THE CHEMO! When I first heard I had to have it [it wasn't meant to be in the big plan!] I thought omg 150 + days of it and it sounded awful, but think of it as maybe 6-8 doses and it doesn't seem so bad. YOU CAN GET THRU THIS! What about your drains?

landylass (47 )    5:42 pm, 17 May

 1238.         strange....

          breast cancer is something I never paid much attention to. Yet now I find myself drawn to this thread (it started coz I was stalking sonia, what with her being a fellow U2 fan and all!) Then I bump into a friend I don't see often and she tells me her 40-something sister has BC & had a double mastectomy recently, there's all this stuff in the news about BC drug funding and then today my daughter's teacher told me that my sister did her mammogram last week! I hope it's not a sign, I'm only 31! Sorry, enough about me....I didn't mean to waffle on, it's just something I do - ask anyone!

tishie (60 )    6:54 pm, 17 May

 1239.         Sonia, that's great news

          that they're shrinking. May they keep on going down. Hugs to you Joystik. Yours sounds similar to mine, except I was her2 -ve.

nztrader2004 (477 )    7:06 pm, 17 May

 1240.         Hi Paula and Joshi......I had been reading through

          this before I went to bed last night and then woke up really early, and started thinking all this stuff that was quite irelevent to anything necessary. But in the middle of it all I was thinking about Josh, and the cross country, and what an inspiration he is, so young and all that, and so wanting to be out there doing it, like all his mates. Made me feel so much better. But I got Josh and Ryan mixed up, and went looking for you two at Kew, and didnt find you, cos it was Ryan that was going to hospital today!! Hope you had a great day, and thanks for the hugs. I needed extras today.

joystik (281 )    7:10 pm, 17 May

 1241.         I just went in there thinking everything was....

          going so well to date, considering, and then when he started reading out the diagnoses I could almost feel the world coming down round me..I have to have a bit of an explore now and see what I can find out about the treatment before I get to the oncologist, in 4 weeks time. The Oncologist comes down from Dunedin, so it might be the one you have landylass. I thought she could be a lady?? Not sure though.

joystik (281 )    7:14 pm, 17 May

 1242.         *hugs* for you joystik

          you guys all have been in my thoughts and prayers recently... bug *HUGS* for y'all

chill_nz (4)    7:17 pm, 17 May

 1243.         Hi boop2, bogeyi, cole, trader, and have I missed.

          anyone?? Hope not. Thanks so much for just being there for me today and sending me all your good wishes and lots of love and hugs. It means so much to me - I cant tell you just how much, but its BIG. I will always remember you all and how much this all means to me and my family here. Big hugs and love to you all.

joystik (281 )    7:20 pm, 17 May

 1244.         hi joystick

          we will hug you even harder from now on and when you get a bit down we will all be here to lift your spirit. God bless

boop2 (106 )    7:28 pm, 17 May

 1245.      Hi Joystik

          (((hugs)))) I've been thinking and thinking and really think you should push to get a CT/MRI scan done pronto - to check no more little lumps are about before you start your chemo. Once chemo starts, no operations are possible! But more importantly, its great piece of mind for you when they say "no more visible cancer anywhere" (and they do pick up very small lumps on it). I think that scan is WAY more important than a bone one, so the CT's the one to push for. I suspect the public system is just shying away from paying for one, so either you or your husband need to push for this. Complain about how long they made you wait for this op, insinuate past negligence if necessary - whatever it takes! JMTCW ;o) Its a rough day today (I know all too well that sensation of your world coming down!) but it WILL get better, and believe it or not, that 6 mths will go quickly ;o) Also, all this stuff I've been reading offers lots of easy free things you can do to help fight the fight, I feel very empowered after reading it

soniat-d (153 )    7:42 pm, 17 May

 1246.      Cont'd...

          ... - will send you down a copy ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:42 pm, 17 May

 1247.         joystick

          I am thinking of you. I am off to the surgen tomorrow to see what he says about my lump. You are all amazing!! Christine

gregp3 (5 )    7:49 pm, 17 May

 1248.         Dear Joystik

          When I was reading what you wrote to us I got a lump in my throat as with all you are going through to be thinking of us. You are such a lovely person. I'm sorry we werent at Kew today. I wish I had been now!!! Will be on Friday though we have what they call clinic where the oncologist from Christchurch comes down and sees all the cancer kids. So that will be interesting. WE WILL MEET ONE DAY FOR THAT I KNOW! I do hope you have a good nights sleep. Take care. More hugs to you from us, I was talking about you at the dinner table tonight and my husband and daughter send you their hugs too! xx

paulaxx (75 )    7:50 pm, 17 May

 1249.         I asked about a bone scan today........

          and Omah said they had done extensive testing of the blood, and in a situation like mine, if nothing shows in the bloods, then they don't routinely bone scan unless there are other symptoms. Because I dont have any other symptoms of any other health issues, they arent doin it. Actually I dont know if they can at Southland anyway.

joystik (281 )    8:32 pm, 17 May

 1250.         Yes, paula and Josh, one day I'm sure we will meet

          up down there at Kew. I was sure I would recognise you if I saw you, from your pics you posted, and if I didnt, I'm not scared to rock up to a person and ask. Thanks so much for your love and hugs paula from all of your family. It is so good for the soul knowing that you're not on your own. My love and hugs to your family too.

joystik (281 )    8:43 pm, 17 May

 1251.         Hi Joystik,

          proabably same oncologist. I only saw him the first time in Jan as he was on leave for 6 months. Neices hubby in Invers is also under him. I have a lady oncologist and she is lovely. Ask for copies of results/referals then you have them in black and white and have them to refer to when you start asking questions. You can't absorb it all in one hit and its great to have them to refer to. I wish I had made more use of my GP in the early days as he has been a godsend at taking the time to re-explain stuff in detail and give me links to check out and resolving issues like the Day 4 yuk!

landylass (47 )    8:49 pm, 17 May

 1252.         Will be thinking of you tomorrow Christine,.....

          and hope all goes well for you. Theres always lots of hugs and warm fuzzies going round in here and you will be getting heaps too, like I have. Take care.

joystik (281 )    9:32 pm, 17 May

 1253.         Landylass, I think he said mine was a lady from

          Dunedin so it might be the same person. Getting a good GP here could be a challenge. My husband just went to a new one today, and said he was great and very informative. The one I went to locally in now in town, and a new one here, but they only stay about 6 months and then move on.

joystik (281 )    9:37 pm, 17 May

 1254.         Well,it looks like it must be bed time for me.....

          Hopefully I will sleep better tonight than I did last night. Might take a couple of panadol for my headache which arrived at the hospital, with the diagnosis! Hope you ladies all have a lovely restful sleep and I will see you all again tomorrow.. Take care and hugs from me.

joystik (281 )    9:55 pm, 17 May

 1255.      Happy birthday

          Happy birthday and don't forget your birthday wish, all the best and everything will be fine.

levonne (233 )    10:11 pm, 17 May

 1256.      Nitey night Joystik

          CU tomorrow ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:40 pm, 17 May

 1257.      Bumpity bump

          for a new day. Hope all had a good night sleep and are ready for face another chilly day. Thinking of all who are fighting the monster. Best wishes, Claire

cole2 (360 )    8:03 am, 18 May

 1258.         Hi all.....

          just an up-date on my mum. She had surgery on Wednesday - no problems at all. I nearly kicked her in the A#$e afterward - she still had the oxygen mask on and said to me "I shouldn't be lying here, I should be up and doing something". But that aside, the Drs are pleased with her progress and she is coming out of hospital today. Is there any do's and don't I can tell her what she should do at home? Would appreciate any hints. THANKS !!!!

dingbat (356 )    10:05 am, 18 May

 1259.         morning and love to all

          Joystick hope you had a goodnight,s sleep it is a big ordeal you have to face but sonia's attitude helps so much I feel she is so positive now. I just wish you all the luck in the world now as you start on this journey.How are your husband and daughter coping they sound pretty good.? Hi paula and Josh well the cross country is over now are they playing rugby and soccer at your school.Hugs for you Josh. Hi sonia and ryan how's it going?

boop2 (106 )    10:22 am, 18 May

 1260.         Morning Joystik

          hope you managed to get a good nights sleep last night and the sun is shining today.

landylass (47 )    10:27 am, 18 May

 1261.         Dingbat tell her

          just to take it easy!!!! Glad it all went well for her. She has just had surgery and its really easy to want to be doing things, especially once the drains are out. She should be playing ladies and enjoying some pampering!

landylass (47 )    10:29 am, 18 May

 1262.         Sonia...

          how are you coping with all the running around everyday... apart from the stress of juggling the girs? Just wondering if the tiredness is starting to have any impact on you?

landylass (47 )    10:30 am, 18 May

 1263.      Hi Dingbat

          My advice to your mum would be to rest up but remember to do the arm exercises - very very important and improves confort ;o) Wishing her all the best!

soniat-d (153 )    10:48 am, 18 May

 1264.         Hi Landylass :o)

          Coping with it all much better now thanks - have nanny come most afternoons for 2 hours which really helps! Appointments at the mo are generally at 9.30am which is working well for us now that we're used to it. It means Brent has to take both girls to school and creche and he's late to work but he's not complaining. For me its excellent as I'm out by 10am and have a good hour and a half to run errands etc before collecting Emily. I'm hoping when Nanna returns next week she can help take Emily to creche a few mornings so Brent can get to work earlier... hopefully! Feeling great actually - this new high vitamin mix combo gloop I'm taking is really helping - I feel great, and I'm sure the melatonin I'm taking at night is actually making me wake feeling more refreshed - coincidence maybe, but I think its working! The change in the lumps recently is amazing - now its like "What lumps?!" Feels like it did 2-3 months ago (ie feels firm like a tight muscle) so hopefully these 2 last big blasts will finish them off. B

soniat-d (153 )    10:55 am, 18 May

 1265.      Cont'd...

          ...But best of all, as I see it, this means the rest of the treated area will be cancer free at the end of this - how awesome is that?! :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:55 am, 18 May

 1266.         That is so positive...

          man you have had one hell of a rollercoaster ride! You have the making of a good book here. Just shows you have to be pro-active and look after no1 because if you don't no one else is going to do it for you. Just great to hear you so positive.

landylass (47 )    11:00 am, 18 May

 1267.      I'll say! :o)

          **Dances around the room** La dee da dee da - Wohoo! ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    11:04 am, 18 May

 1268.         hehe feeling a bit like that

          myself today. Still got 2 sick kids but I'm feeling heaps better and feeling like doing something today so best get off here! Just realised its been over 6 months now since this all started. Have a good day!

landylass (47 )    11:10 am, 18 May

 1269.         Does it feel like its gone fast Landylass??

          For me its wierd, it feels like ancient history (the chemo) but also like its been like this forever! Seemed to go pretty quickly at the time though ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    11:18 am, 18 May

 1270.      Hi Sonia, Landylass, Boop2 Bogey1 and Joystik

          And anyone else too of course. Just dropped in to say hi and thinking of you. Love from me p.s everyday is another day closer to being better. Josh says affirmations every day just like that one. He told me last night when he couldnt sleep he thought it was time he watched less t.v and got a bit more active. Cute eh? (he doesnt have tv in his room by the way) :o)

paulaxx (75 )    1:05 pm, 18 May

 1271.         hi pauls,sonia,landylass,joystick,boop

          and everyone else.Paula if going by what they say children shouldn't have in there room Ryans is way otta bounds he has his room set up like a Another appointment today and neutrafils are going up still (very slowly) but hey they are going up the right way.

bogeyi (482 )    1:23 pm, 18 May

1272.      Hi Paula and Bogeyi

          Sending love and hugs to your lovely boys and the rest of your families :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:34 pm, 18 May

 1273.         WOW!! What a positive happy bunch...I'm just so

          happy to have found all you people in here. Coming in to see how you all are each day and sharing stories of hope is just what a person needs whe they are in the middle of all this. I went to the local GP this morning. He is new here, in fact new in NZ from Holland I believe. I discussed with him wanting to have a CT scan, and filled him in on all the reasons why I think I should have one. Went through the peace of mind thing and how I have really been let down to a large degree by the health service. He agreed totally with me and is going to first approach my specialist, on my behalf, and if he gets no luck there, try other specialists until he can find one that will OK a CT scan for me. He says that GP's cant order up CT scans, that you have to be referred through a specialist. He will either phone back today, or I will phone him tomorrow morning. If I have no joy there then I am taking my cause to my husbands new Dr. He seemed to be very pro active. We shall see and I will keep you all posted.

joystik (281 )    1:42 pm, 18 May

 1274.         Great to hear you are feeling so much better....

          landylass. Actually you almost sound dangerous....much like Sonia!! It is so wonderful to see that there is life during and after cancer!! I must admit I was pretty sad last night and again this morning until I went to the Dr and spoke about it with him. It just seemd so hopeless, all this waiting, and appointments weeks away, and not knowing, and people assuming to know how you are etc. I mean, how can a person that doesn't even know you, look at you and say 'you dont appear to have any other health problems'?? What ever!!

joystik (281 )    1:46 pm, 18 May

 1275.         Thanks for the hints......

          picked up mum and took her home. I left her watching some videos with my niece. Told her to rest and told the neighbour to set the hose on her if he finds in the garden (joking). But I know resting is going to be hard but there are other keeping an eye on her.

dingbat (356 )    2:35 pm, 18 May

 1276.      So do you want

          to see what my Josh and Cassielle come home to after school(and wake up to) He's mine, name Teddie. He can to the hospital with us last week and one of the girls like Joshi getting her chemo was not happy!! So our lovely nurse said she wanted to see him, I guess I've been raving so I went and got him out of the car. I then asked if the other wee girl could see him , might cheer her up.He did and she ws so happy.OOhh warm fuzzies all day :o)

paulaxx (75 )    2:50 pm, 18 May

 1277.         Well,how goegeous is that paula????

          I think I want one. What kind of dog is he? It would make me not want to go to school even, I would just want to stay at home and play with that wee bundle of fun all day. Hope you are all having a lovely day in your house today. It has been a beautiful day here with lots of sun and a warm breeze blowing. The support lady from the cancer society called in to see me this afternoon. She's Anita and she was just lovely. She is going to get me a CT scan within a week!! I hope so. Hugs to you all and Josh.

joystik (281 )    4:17 pm, 18 May

1278.         Joystik

          Thats great news about the scan!! We have a lovely lady well two actually who have given us untold support since we found out about Josh.Well....Teddie is a Bichon Frise and he is my baby! Sometimes when its quiet no kids around he and I have some fun! He is adorable.Just what this family needed, well, the kids and I anyway Chris is a bit of big dog fan, we now have two labs and a foxy cross and ted. 2 Cats 6 chooks, so will be a bit like the clampetts when we leave her next year. I am glad you had such a good visit with the lady from society. I cant believe you have been in sun, its been grey and gloomy all day. Raining and very cold now. Still we are all warm so thats ok.Curried saussies for tea, that will warm us up anyway, dont know how my chemo boy will go with them but its worth a try.Lots a love Paula

paulaxx (75 )    4:26 pm, 18 May

 1279.         It has clouded over here now and is looking.....

          a bit showery round the hills, but who cares after such a beautiful day. Supposed to be sunny again tomorrow. We are having steak,spuds (out of my garden) swede and carrot mashed together, and silverbeet for our tea. And right now I have to go and have a glass of Saints Sav Blanc. Sound good??? I think so.

joystik (281 )    5:15 pm, 18 May

1280.         Oh Yum

          Sure does sound good. I might have to go and have a medicinal Stones Green Ginger. Cheers Enjoy your lovely dins. It all sounds delicious. xx

paulaxx (75 )    5:18 pm, 18 May

 1281.         OMG I AM DANGEROUS!!!!

          Have a laugh at my expense! There is not much of me left in good working order now!!!! Canned down the dam stairs just before lunch. There I was sprawled all over the floor, books and mags everywhere... hehe a bleedin great dictionery dug into me ribs, twisted knee, left ankle and sprained the right!!! At least there is safety glass in the door at bottom and I never went thru that! Anyway kids were both in bed and came running and Miss16 stood there and laughed when they realised I wasn't dead! I must have looked SOOO funny! Been to Dr and had physio this afternoon on ankle but boy I am going to have a few bruises tomorrow I reckon..... haha won' t that be funny showing up on my scan on Monday!!!! Sprained that ankle years ago and it just gave way. So thats me resting up for next few days. Dr also sent me for blood tests seeing the kids have been home sick just to see whats they are doing too. Grr thats all I need now is a phone call saying I'm sick and off to Dunedin!!!! hehe I'm still laughing...

landylass (47 )    6:03 pm, 18 May

 1282.         my jaw

          is about the only bit of me still working!!!

landylass (47 )    6:04 pm, 18 May

 1283.         Oh Landylass

          I hope you are ok! It is good to laugh but your ribs might not think so with all the bruises. Take care!! We have always found something to laugh at too, but I am sorry you had to hurt yourself! Keep smiling :)

paulaxx (75 )    6:45 pm, 18 May

 1284.         Bogey1

          Just had to say I am pleased Ryans counts are on the way up... YAY. Have a good night.

paulaxx (75 )    6:46 pm, 18 May

 1285.         Hey Joystick :o)

          Thats simple awesome news about the CT scan! Well done! You're sounding a bit happier today too which is great! Positivity is everything ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:12 pm, 18 May

 1286.         OK Ladies, so that document I told you about

          that I got from the Vitamin C guy (Gerald Lewis @ CAM Ltd) that I've found really helpful - Everything from how you breathe to what you eat, medical solutions etc etc to beat cancer. Excellent information for those who have cancer and those who want to avoid getting it! You can read it off my website Diary page at - the link is in pink under today's diary entry. Let me know if you have any problems opening it. Check out section 3 for starters, gives you a good idea of what this doc contains :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:53 pm, 18 May

 1287.         Somewhere, WAY back in this thread

          I popped in to say hi, and offer my best wishes to you all...having had a pretty rough time with members of my family fighting the fight...well today we've heard that it has reared its ugly head for someone I love again. Im not going to ring her tonight coz I know how it is for them trying to keep a grip...and there'll be no shortage of teary calls no doubt. But have been reading some of this thread and would like to say you guys are awesome:-) It is such a help for people like me to be able to follow how things are for you on a daily basis...and would guess that it is good for you guys to have an outlet:-) Long may this thread last...hope you dont mind a lurker, I might point this thread out to someone who may feel like she needs an outlet too.

gretel11 (71 )    9:40 pm, 18 May

 1288.         Absolutely Gretel :o)

          Hi to you and thanks for lurking LOL Hugs to your family, sorry to hear your latest news. The title of this thread says it all really. Tell them to check out my link and that document - lots of excellent free advice on battling cancer ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:45 pm, 18 May

 1289.         will do that soniat-d

          ...unfortunately its round 3 for this person, young family and all...but she done it before and she can do it again (but its not fair she has to) wont post anymore details in case shes here, or others are that dont know...was thinking today (without being disrespectful) how come so many scientists are working on the most rediculous studies while this thing barges its way through us all. IMHO its time to stop dreaming up ways to make life easier, and start working on ways to stop us all going through the heartache this disease causes. You in here are a great inspiration:-)

gretel11 (71 )    9:52 pm, 18 May

 1290.         hi sonia

          you sound so so good I am delighted for you will go and read your site later. I spent the day in the garden it was so lovely and now I have so much too catch up on. Have you only two more treatments?

boop2 (106 )    10:57 pm, 18 May

 1291.      Nope boop 2 - heaps to go

          Just one more mega blast on the lumps on Monday (day off tomorrow - grrr) and other radiation continues for another 3 weeks or so... Am feeling very happy at the mo - where have those lumps gone dammit?!

soniat-d (153 )    11:01 pm, 18 May

 1292.         good for you joystick getting the scan

          It was a lovely day here today.I hope things move quickly for you regarding treatments. Hugs landylass you do like to knock yourself around at least you can laugh about it. Are the kids getting any better? Hi Paula your Joshi sounds such a lovely wee boy. I have a grandson Joshi he is 20 next month and I love him too bits. Hi Sonia good news about Ryan hope they continue raising. Love to you all, night

boop2 (106 )    11:04 pm, 18 May

 1293.      Morning all, thinking of each and every one of you

          Bumpity bump

soniat-d (153 )    7:41 am, 19 May

1294.      Morning Sonia

          You beat me to it this morning. Wishing you a brilliant day and don't forget to get dressed from the neck up today, he he. Have a good one :)

cole2 (360 )    7:48 am, 19 May

 1295.         morning ladies...well i am angry this morning

          looks like we will need to go back to hospital, why dont they just listen sometimes!!!

bogeyi (482 )    8:30 am, 19 May

 1296.         Good Morning

          I am thinking of you all and your wonderful families. Love to you today and every other day. Hope its a good one for you. Bogey1 I hope today's ok, we are off to see our specialist today. Thinking of you. Sonia you are such an inspiration. :O)

paulaxx (75 )    8:58 am, 19 May

 1297.         hope all goes well

          paula say hello to josh from us.

bogeyi (482 )    9:00 am, 19 May

 1298.         Hi everyone, nice to see you are up bright and

          early and off to get stuff done. Didnt get on here much yesterday and it will be less today. So much to sort out. I need to get this CT scan sorted and change to a Dr that will be with me for the whole ride, not just a few weeks and then move on!! Sorry to hear about your fall landylass. Hope you're not too sore and bruised today. Sonia, the article you posted is so interesting. Havent read it all but I will be. Good luck for your treatment today. Glad your lumps are retreating and FAST!! Thats what we all want to hear. Hi Joshi and Ryan. Hope today treats you well, Hugs to you both and to bogeyi and paula, ohh and tedd!! Hi to cole, boop, gretel and dingbat too. Hugs to you all too and hope your day is sweet. Nice to see other people posting but not so nice to see other people suffering this terrible thing that we all have in common. Take care all of you and if I dont see you again today, I will be thinking of you, and will see you tomorrow. I've been invited to a make up evening tonight. Sh

joystik (281 )    9:14 am, 19 May

 1299.         Should be fun.....


joystik (281 )    9:15 am, 19 May

 1300.      and another hundred!!!


joystik (281 )    9:16 am, 19 May

 1301.      Hi Cole2

          Yep managed to do the whole package today LOL - will be a while b4 I do that again! LOL

soniat-d (153 )    12:55 pm, 19 May

 1302.         Hi Paula and Bogeyi

          Thinking of your sons and your families. Hoping things go well today :o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:18 pm, 19 May

 1303.         Hi Joystik ;o)

          No treatment for me today sadly (machine being serviced) so went a visited a brand new baby girl instead :o) My lumps are still shrinking - feels like 3 months ago now! Woohoo! Will try and contact Dr Benjamin today, quiz him on a few things... Yes that is so great that document eh?! Wish I'd been given this 6 months ago - its why I wanted you to read it ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    1:20 pm, 19 May

 1304.         Sonia

          Big hugs right back at ya :o) Had a wonderful visit with the Oncologist from Christchurch. he hasnt seen Josh since he had his brain hemmorhage and was so pleased with what he saw. Made an appointment to get chemo in Christchurch when we are up that way the week of 5th June for the brain assessment. So we are feeling good about the visit. He said you are doing a great job as parents - oh yay!!! Feels good. The nurses said I was so diligent to get up at 2 am to give Josh his meds - we could have worked it into the awake hours.Bottle said 6hourly????Oh well, I did it.I'll know for next time. They could of told me!!! Have a fantastic afternoon ladies xx Hope Ryans visit went well, Joshi said hi too.

paulaxx (75 )    2:55 pm, 19 May

 1305.         Joystik

          Teddie send his love xx So do we!!! Thinking of you.

paulaxx (75 )    2:56 pm, 19 May

 1306.         Hi Paula

          Thats great the meeting went so well and was so positive. Yep amazing what the docs don't say - you can't win sometimes eh?! Oh, I would have done the same thing too BTW ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:25 pm, 19 May

 1307.         Thanks Sonia

          Its wonderful the support you have all given us. Your all amazing thanks. Sonia, your website is great, going to have a good read of all that info you have put on it when I get a chance. Thanks you are helping so many people! Reading all these posts I got to thinking last time mum had a mammogram it showed some funny lumps, they repeated the mammogram and they said they were ok. Last night I made a special point of phoning her and asking when her check up was, she said how weird they just confirmed appointment today. So I will be interested to hear how that goes. It is so important to keep an eye on them isnt it.Last time the lady doing the test said OOH somethings ups here looks like lymph involvement, Mum and I freaked.Then she said later that afternoon oh no its ok.That was a little disturbing.Chris's mum passed away with the Big C, a long time ago, so feel for him some days with Josh and all.Thats why we have to remain so positive in this battle eh? So thanks you help me and so many others every d

paulaxx (75 )    3:38 pm, 19 May

 1308.         day!

          You all do. Lots a love to you and yours Paulaxxx and family xxxxxxxx

paulaxx (75 )    3:39 pm, 19 May

 1309.      Hey no probs Paula

          Yes do read all that info - there's lots of interesting info, and it seems very objective and reasonable, and doesn't ramble on! (Very important! LOL) I still can't believe how these lumps are disappearing - amazing!

soniat-d (153 )    3:50 pm, 19 May

 1310.         Hey I was just thinking Paula

          About your mum - if mammogram still unsure make sure she asks for a digital ultrasound - cancer stands out really well on those - mine are/were(!) big dark ovally circles. When's the appointment?

soniat-d (153 )    4:05 pm, 19 May

 1311.         Well,what a busy day today has been. The cancer

          society here are just so brilliant you know. My support lady Anita, is just so good at getting stuff done and finding out whatever you want to know. She rang to speak to my specialist to organise a MRI full body scan for next week. He is in Sydney on a conference, but will be back in the office monday. She told me to phone him as well, on monday, and if there is a problem she will come with me to make sure it happens. She also contacted oncology, and my start date for Chemo looks like 4 weeks time. The oncologist is Kate Baiston I believe. Same one as yours Landylass? I also had a query reguarding the contraceptive pill and whether I should be still taking it, considering my cancer is all receptor postiive? I thought NO, but had never asked or been advised, but Anita phoned up and found out for me and it is a definate NO in capitals!! So Hopefully I dont become too delicate in the next couple of days with the sudden onslaught of hormones.

joystik (281 )    5:07 pm, 19 May

 1312.         So it has been quite a busy day all round......

          but hubby and I managed to find time for a lovely long walk out in the beautiful sunshine. It was just the most fabulous day here. A typical Southland day I think, well for this part of southland anyway. We dont get the wind here much. Tonight I am going to a Makeup evening with my neighbour, which I am looking forward too. Hubby is slaving away out there preparing an earlier dinner so I am ready to go on time.

joystik (281 )    5:11 pm, 19 May

 1313.         A day off sonia...well thats a bit different aye.

          Pleased all is going so well for you. You are such an inspiration to us all. I told my cancer society support lady about you and she was so excited for you too. She has booked me in for the 'Looking good' programme on June 28 so thats something to look forward too. A chappy Bob from Auckland comes down to do the programme here. He brings wigs from Hair creations for people to buy. Isn't that where yours came from?? I asked about those silky pillows too, and she said as far as she knew, it is a Southland thing and they are only available here. I will see what I can do though. Hugs to you sonia and those 2 wee girls.

joystik (281 )    5:18 pm, 19 May

 1314.         Hi Paula and Josh, good to see your meeting

          went well. Its always great to get affirmation that you're doing a good job as a parent, especially when thing are pretty tough going, as in your case. Parenting is a hard enough job at the best of times with out these extras thrown in. I cant speak more highly of the cancer society here, they are brilliant and very pro active. You need people like that when you dont feel like you can cope with stuff. Hope you've had a day the same as was gorgeous here allday. Sun has just gone down here so hoping for another one the same tomorrow. Hugs to you all at your place tonight, even teddy. Take care xxxxxxxx

joystik (281 )    5:23 pm, 19 May

 1315.         Thats so great Joystick :o)

          I really feel like this thread has helped you which is great. So glad the CT's next week, awesome! And the LGFB course is FANTASTIC! Yay for you ;o) Yep Hair creations are where I got my wig from (just washed it now - its on the stand drying...). Landylass was disappointed with the range they brought down, so maybe visit their website ( and see if there are any you like - if so ask them to make sure they bring that one down ;o) I thought it was funny at my LGFB course I already had my wig (though still had my hair) and was the model for all of them, and they said how good my one was and yes it was a popular one, but hadn't come along with one! Its amazing how much of a difference the wigs make - the transformation of the other women was just WOW! Have fun :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:42 pm, 19 May

 1316.         I just got real proactive today

          and called up the breast clinic and said I want an ultrasound next week to see how things are going (ie to make sure there are no more lumps in the area no longer being treated etc) Booked for Thursday. I'll discuss it with Dr Benjamin and if he says it useless then maybe I'll cancel, but I just think it'll be good to see how things are progressing. I'm no good at waiting/surprises LOL ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:44 pm, 19 May

 1317.         bumping for all the wonderful


bogeyi (482 )    6:57 pm, 19 May

 1318.         Hi everyone

          you all sound good today. Have been so busy. Have a nice weekend.

boop2 (106 )    7:59 pm, 19 May

 1319.         Sonia

          Hi, I will tell Mum about the digital ultrasound, thanks. Her appointment is the 31 May. I feel a bit bad after having a questionable mammogram three years ago, she cancelled last years appointment because I had a hysterectomy which went a bit pear shaped and she came down to me her and helped out. Darn I wished I'd known that, she didnt tell me that though! So hopefully this one will be ok. Thanks for that. Have a lovely night.

paulaxx (75 )    8:09 pm, 19 May

 1320.         Joystik

          Sounds like you have had a lovely day weather wise and time for a walk too, thats great you felt up to it. Yes the weather here was awesome, yes a typical Southland day. Teddy is tearing around the place while I type this and I can hear to children in their beds whispering to him, they are supposed to be sleeping. He is so cute its hard to say no, he's teething so biting anything he can and loves biting Cassielles pj pants. Again cute but not a good habit to get into. tee hee. Glad the ball is rolling for yourscan, thats good news. My lady from CCF was at the hospital today gosh they are lovely people. Well have a good night, sleep well.

paulaxx (75 )    8:14 pm, 19 May

 1321.         Bogey1

          How did you get on today at the hospital? Is Ryan ok? Thinking of you

paulaxx (75 )    8:15 pm, 19 May

 1322.         hi paula, CCF up here is wonderful

          as well such a lovely bunch.Ryan ended up having platelets today so we dont need to go back tomorrow.wont give anything for his cold as he hasnt spiked a temp????i will be angry if we end up there tonight as he has his weekend all planed out.

bogeyi (482 )    8:52 pm, 19 May

 1323.         Bogey1

          I know what you mean.If they would just give them something even for the just in case... these things always crop up for us on a Friday. I am amazed that Josh hasnt needed blood or anything for ages (hope that didnt jinx anything). His platelets are always around 600 or so that does concern me a bit, cos they were high when he had the bleed in his brain, they tell me not to worry. His hb is aourd 100 at the mo so thats good. Neutraphils were 3.5 so considering he is getting chemo from me everynight he is doing pretty well to hold those counts up there. Long may it last! Platelets fascinated me when he got those - the colour! Well I hope you have a nice weekend at HOME. Take care love from us here.

paulaxx (75 )    9:00 pm, 19 May

 1324.      Love to both your sons from me too

          Hope things go well tonight and over the weekend ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:21 pm, 19 May

 1325.         hiya sonia how are you today

          hopefully he will be ok i am taking ryan and his friend to the circus tomorrow.

bogeyi (482 )    9:25 pm, 19 May

 1326.         Nanite Sonia & Bogey1

          Sonia hope you have a lovely weekend with those two darlings of yours and Bogey1 let us know how the circus goes. Have fun. We were going to go to the one down here but Josh wasnt well enough. Love to you all Nanite xx

paulaxx (75 )    10:16 pm, 19 May

 1327.         Hey thats great bogeyi

          We LOVE the circus ;o) Haven't had one round here in ages, we were just thinking the other day :o/ !!!

soniat-d (153 )    10:56 pm, 19 May

 1328.      Nitey nite Paula and family too

          Hope you have a good one :o) Oh I'm feeling fine Bogeyi, making a few radical changes to my diet - off now to watch the Apprentice then crawling into bed... zzzzzz... Nite all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:59 pm, 19 May

 1329.         Hi Sonia

          and to all on thread. Stay strong. I was diagnosed with BC 31. Lymph nodes involved. Had a CMF chemo treatment which was 3 months, then 6 weeks radiotherapy...then 3 months chemo again. gosh the memories. like a treadmill. You do get thru it. I am now 49. You are all positive and that really truely helps. I believe that. Myself, I wasn't too ill on chemo at all, lost my hair - thats all. Kept as busy as usual and used to think it was just another virus (like the flu)and that after treatment it would go away. Dr Benjamin was my radiotherapy bloke, and yes I remember he was not too 'friendly' I had Mr Evans. He was good. Someone told me once they work around 60 - 70 hours a week to see everyone they can. They are dedicated to others. I will be thinking of you all. Best wishes.

janzjanz (520 )    11:23 pm, 19 May

 1330.      Lost

          Both my grandparents to this and worst of all my grandmother never smoked a day in her life yeah It sucks big time.

kgeorge (48 )    11:25 pm, 19 May

 1331.         google this

          to avoid cancer google cottage cheese and flax seed oil

matson (106 )    1:02 am, 20 May

 1332.         Hi janzjanz

          I wish I'd done radiation in the middle like you! Thats what I wanted to do but my docs said "Oh no, we don't do it like that!" (!?!?) Oh well, radiation definately worked now, so fingers crossed for the long term ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:34 am, 20 May

 1333.         morning ladies

          well we staryed at home no temp, has a sore throat and coughing but looks good...phew Hope everyone has a good day today

bogeyi (482 )    8:38 am, 20 May

 1334.         God Bless You Sonia

          God Bless you SOnia. I just grabbed the whole family and we all sat around the computer looking at your photo and we prayed and prayed for you.We pray that your battle will get rid if the cancer and that you are so gifted to have a strong family,just look at your girls. Sorry but we are in tears. I lost my wife 2 years ago with bell cancer.They never found it the first time she went in and then after a while she started feeling sick and tiredness was killing her and then about a month later she was dead.So i know the path is horrible like i said God Bless You.

globalandworlds (3)    8:50 am, 20 May

 1335.      Thanks so much Globalworlds :o)

          The prayers definately seem to be working (touch wood) so thank you very much for that - and thanks for popping in. Very sorry to hear about your wife - (((((big hugs))))) to you and your lovely family ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:05 am, 20 May

 1336.      Thats sounding positive bogeyi :o)

          Hope things keep improving today - wishing your family all the best :o) Hugs to everyone else out there battling the monster.

soniat-d (153 )    9:08 am, 20 May

 1337.         You seem like

          you have a beautiful strong heart.God is with all the way and so are we.Even though we dont know you but my sister inlaw and i, after reading your profile and looking at you and your daughters we knew straight away that you are strong. just remember that god is watching over you and he is leading your path of life.

globalandworlds (3)    9:11 am, 20 May

 1338.         Hugs to everyone today

          That is so true Sonia you are an inspiration to all. How are the girls and Brent? Hi ,Paula and sonia hope the wee boys are feeling better and Josh enjoys the circus. Hi landylass how are you after the fall? Joystick hope you have another lovely day like we have in the Buller you feel so different when the sun is shining.

boop2 (106 )    10:23 am, 20 May

 1339.      Morning Sonia

          & all the other lovely ladies in this thread. Wishing you all a fab weekend. Remember to take some time out for yourselfs and enjoy the sunshine! Thinking of you all, Cheers Claire

cole2 (360 )    10:26 am, 20 May

 1340.         Hello all

          Thinking of you all on this gorgeous day. Have a lovely one My poor Joshi last night had such an aching leg he was crying. He said its just like it used to be,before treatment which made me feel sick, he used to get aching legs at night prior to diagnosis, it was the leukaemia in the bone marrow pushing on his wee bones and really hurting him. Gave him pain relief, he seems better today. He kept saying last night what if its the cancer mum, I said It wont be darlin, just an achy leg. So he has the same fears as we do, only natural I guess. He is good today so I must have set his mind at ease. Thanks for letting me vent that wee worry!!! xxxxxxxxx :o)

paulaxx (75 )    11:49 am, 20 May

 1341.         Big hugs to Ryan

          and Josh.... hope all is going well this weekend for you both. You are both just inspirational. I am playing ladies and resting up the ankle and knee! At least I can walk on it today. Grr my mouth has got sore now from chemo and that was the only bit still in working order! Have a good weekend everyone.

landylass (47 )    12:04 pm, 20 May

 1342.         big hugs to all the ladies

          and big squishy hugs to josh. Went to go out this morning and some buggers had been through our cars, we live down a long drive way off rd both cars out the front of the house, took digital camera left car radios,mp3 player.Looking for money i am guessing, asked hubby about his golf clubs (now we have a very serious look on our face)gone no clubs walk back to the house and there are his clubs at the end of our drive, all zips open but clubs all left???guessing they are looking for money....haha wont find any spare around here, but boy am i mad feel kinda unsafe.

bogeyi (482 )    12:13 pm, 20 May

 1343.      bumping

          thinking of you all.... (hugs)

chill_nz (4)    12:49 pm, 20 May

 1344.         Aw bogey

          thats the last thing you need at the moment. Some real scumbags around. At least they didn't do too much damage.

landylass (47 )    12:52 pm, 20 May

 1345.      Thanks all ;o)

          Aww Paula, sorry to hear about Josh, hopefully its just his mind playing tricks on his body, as mine does ;o) I have my fingers crossed that nothing comes of it xxxx Please forward my (((((((cyber hugs)))))) to him ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:18 pm, 20 May

 1346.         Thinking of all you lovely people

          I'm in a major sort-out mode, sorting out the girls playroom at the mo - quite a mission! Back to it while the girls have their sleeps... Brents in with Lydia having a rest too LOL

soniat-d (153 )    2:22 pm, 20 May

 1347.         ah paula the poor wee man

          I hope it is not what you are thinking. Hugs to you and Josh.Bad buggers around bogey they wouldn't get a lot of cash here either.

boop2 (106 )    3:42 pm, 20 May

 1348.         Hi...

          Oh man Bogey1 that sort of things makes me angry. hope you made it to the circus. Thanks for the hugs Sonia and Boop. He is so huggable too I love passing them on from you :o).

paulaxx (75 )    3:46 pm, 20 May

 1349.         joystik

          How are you feeling after stopping the pill? Just checking in. Love to you and yours xxxx

paulaxx (75 )    3:47 pm, 20 May

 1350.         hi girls, yes made it to the circus

          the boys had fun, now they are playing xbox and psp waiting for pizza to arrive.

bogeyi (482 )    4:52 pm, 20 May

 1351.         Oh good

          bogeyi that is great. Hope everyone else has had a good day too.

paulaxx (75 )    5:26 pm, 20 May

 1352.         hows josh today paula


bogeyi (482 )    5:27 pm, 20 May

 1353.         Hi...

          He's not too bad thanks, pain in leg seems to have subsided, the aches do come at night when he lies down to sleep so we'll see how we go. Sneezing a fair bit today??? Tis the season and all tho so as much as I have tried to keep him away from bugs, you cant avoid them sometimes, Might not come to anything. Whe you go out and Ryan is neutrapenic do your hospital recommend him wearing a mask?? just curious

paulaxx (75 )    5:35 pm, 20 May

 1354.         Bumping for the evening

          Keep thinking of Josh and Ryan - glad they had fun at the circus bogeyi. Evening all - how are things today Landylass and Jioystik?

soniat-d (153 )    7:47 pm, 20 May

 1355.      I've discovered the ultimate easy diet

          I can't believe how impactful that document was for me!?! I've immediately stopped eating any high-glycemic foods (including choccies, jubes, biccies which I'd developed a MAJOR craving for in last year, cancer obviously causing the craving), coke, coffee, alcohol... (all were in moderation of course). The thought of any of them feeding my lumps makes me so NOT want them at ALL! They're all still sitting there in the fridge/pantry but I'm not remotely tempted?! Fantastic! Trying out organic veges and fruit now too... list of improvements goes on! Feel GREAT :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:53 pm, 20 May

 1356.         Hello every one...its taken me ages to read ...

          through everyones posts since I was here last. The makeup party was really good last night, and it was great to go out and look quite normal, with my wee false soft boobies!! There were 8 of us there and 3 of the ladies I haven't met before, and was quite confident that the wouldnt know the difference. I had a long jacket on and kept my drain and pipes well hidden. Ha ha ha. It was a fun evening and I spent $145 on more makeup, has a couple of wines and a fabulous supper and got home at 11.30pm There was such a beautiful white frost on the ground then too. So this morning we all slept in. Didnt wake up til 10.00 and got up about 10.30. Then spent the afternoon with my real estate friend. Went to list a property and then to Winton for coffee and alook in the gift shops. A great day.

joystik (281 )    9:53 pm, 20 May

 1357.         Hi Sonia, you sound wonderful actually, you get

          better every day. I had a look at the hair creations site for the wigs and I like heaps of them, so it might be hard to chose. Apparently there is someone in Invercargill that has a big range of there stuff as well as what comes down with the LGFB people. So I will have fun choosing wont I. Looks like I will be on Herceptin according to CS lady, but I havent seen the oncologist yet. What else have you changed in your diet?? I've cut out the fairy mushrooms and contraceptive pills!! Hubby is cooking and using low phosphate foods and hi calcuim. I am taking Vitamin C 1000mg as well. We eat a lot of fresh fruit and vege anyway. He even planted rainbow silver beet today.

joystik (281 )    9:58 pm, 20 May

 1358.         Hi Paula and Josh.....sorry you had a pain in your

          legs last night matey. Hope you're feeling heaps better tonight. So far since my op I really have to say that the most pain I have had has been from sleeping on my back. I havent used any pain relief since the saturday morning following my op, except for a headache on wednesday, which pleases me no end. It has been such a beautiful day here, but man alive, what a FROST!! What was it like at your place?? Cold again tonight, so another tomorrow I suppose. Hope teddy snuggles in and keeps you lovely and warm Josh. Love and hugs to you all from me. Have a good sleep.

joystik (281 )    10:02 pm, 20 May

 1359.         Hi Ryan and Bogeyi....hows things with you guys??

          How was the circus? Was it Webber bros one??, with the elephant?? I was going to see it when we lived in oamaru, but a high tension wire used to hold the big top up, broke and the show was cancelled! But I did take Lauren down to see the animals. I think I like the other one better with the high wire and no so many aminlas etc. Any way, I hope you have had a great day, and dont go getting any sniffly things that make you crook. Take care and love and hugs to you all at your hoses too.

joystik (281 )    10:06 pm, 20 May

 1360.         Whats happening at your house landylass....

          recovered from your fall?? Hope so. I been thinking about you and hope you didntdo your self too much mischief!! Kids better now?? Fabulous white frosty morning here, and there too?? When I woke up, I said I dont think theres been a frost, (even though there was a doozy last night when I came creeping in at 11.30) but with the heat pump on at just 16 deg, it is so warm right through the house. Hope all is well with you anyway - hugs to you too. See you tomorrow.

joystik (281 )    10:09 pm, 20 May

 1361.         Hello boop2..I bet it was lovely in the Hector ...

          region today. Had an email from Sherri and she said you sent your love...I got it, Thanks. I send you some back too. She said she passes on some of my emails to you! Hope its the mostly clean ones?? Hi to you globalandworlds, chill and cole. Sorry to read what you have gone through with this thing. It doesnt treat people right does it. Its great to see new people posting and sharing on here. Love and hugs to you all too.

joystik (281 )    10:13 pm, 20 May

 1362.         Hi Joystik...

          glad to hear you had a good night out last night. Does you good eh! Yeah everyone back on deck here... kids were back at school yesterday. Can't believe I have no bruises... well except for a massive one on my ankle! I must have bounced well. Got your parcel in the mail today.. don't know if you saw my earlier post. Very naughty of you, but thanks!!!!!!!! My lot have all deserted me tonight so have been busy knitting by the fire. Grr looks like despite having a couple of extra balls more than required I am going to be short so there is Mondays challenge to try and find some more of same wool! You sound so good Joystik!!!!

landylass (47 )    10:20 pm, 20 May

 1363.         bumping for a new day

          good morning sonia,paula,landylass,joystik well its been an interesting day with being broken into, circus, and then the 2hr saga with pizza hutt.Ryan was on full form not going to bed unitl about 11.15pm.Paula we do keep ryan away from crowds but if i was to go to a place with lots of people we get him to put a mask on. Well nighty nite best i get some sleep.

bogeyi (482 )    12:14 am, 21 May

 1364.         morning

          Gosh everyone is so busy what would you all be like if you were 100%. I must go and read that diet sonia I need all the help I can get regarding diets.

boop2 (106 )    8:15 am, 21 May

 1365.      Hi boop2

          It's not a diet as such - I've just made it into one LOL! Now just the thought of any sugar getting in and feeding the lumps makes me think NO NO NO!!! Same with the ph thing - has put me off alcohol, and now I'm snacking on apples, grapes, carrots and dried apricots! I'm a little worried this morning feels like the lump has grown back a bit - or is it my imagination? Also, looks like my menopause has officially reversed as I thought it was - hope thats a good thing ;o) Can make you go crazy, all this. Must go, taking girls to Kelly Tarltons this morning - silly me agreed to do it yesterday when it looked like it was going to rain today - now its beautiful sunshine, and we're going underground! LOL

soniat-d (153 )    9:36 am, 21 May

 1366.         Goodmorning

          Bogeyi, thats interesting, the hospital here said we dont have to worry about the mask thing, thats why I asked you. I am kicking myself a bit, last night we (the community) were invited to a potluck dinner to farewell a lovely family in the area.Naturally we wanted to go, but I knew kids would be out in the dark having a ball in the night air.Anyway got Josh and Cass so rugged up, sure enough hardly saw them all night and they had a whole lot of fun.Today he is struggling to walk and has a sore throat and a cough!Man this is hard.The boy he sits next to at school had a cold too, maybe he picked that up??? Needless to say I am watching him like a hawk. Again sorry to vent! thanks for all the love and thoughts. have a good day

paulaxx (75 )    10:02 am, 21 May

 1367.         sonia

          is it just refined sugar? or any sugars?. Only fruits are a high source of sugar too, and I'm afraid I'm not a huge fan of snacking on fresh veges ( why is it my kids will eat raw carrot and not cooked carrot??)

sunbeamnz (72 )    10:04 am, 21 May

 1368.         Sonia

          Have a great time at Kelly Tarltons that is a really neat place to go. Thinking of you and your beautiful family

paulaxx (75 )    10:05 am, 21 May

 1369.         Hi landylass

          just a thought if you have no luck finding the matching wool let me know the colour and code etc and I will have a look down here for you. Have a nice day

paulaxx (75 )    10:07 am, 21 May

 1370.      Hi joystik

          No frost here this morning but it was a beauty y/day. Teddy is still in that I will cuddle you when I feel like it otherwise just let me chew on you while my puppy teeth sort themselves out stage. He does love cuddles and attention though and being that cute, well he gets heaps. Your amazing with the lack of pain relief you are taking or have taken. It does get yucky sleeping on your back though night after night - I was like that after my hyster. Hope you are having a nice day - lots a love from us

paulaxx (75 )    10:12 am, 21 May

1371.         bogeyi

          Is Ryans cold better? Hope the pizza was worth the wait after all that.

paulaxx (75 )    11:45 am, 21 May

 1372.         paula he is doing well hes a box of fluffys

          pizza hut was nice heres the story.CCF booked us pizzas for sat 6pm, 6.30 comes and ring them sorry cant find an order they cant of filed it correctly (alarm bells ring by that reply, im thinking they can see it and are making excuses)said thats ok will pay myself and will sort it out with CCF asked how long, he said about half an hour (makes around 7pm)he also included 2 side orders free, 7.40 ring them back where are our pizzas, sorry it seems they have deleted your order when it was put through (gave me some lame excuse how it happened)by this time i was angry saying some not nice words as this was for ryans special day and they were meant to be here at 6pm.He greased and apologised and said the order was now at no charge if we still wanted to go ahead i asked can you guarantee my credit card wont be charged, yes he said.8.15 pizzas arrive driver wants money go through the saga again have to ring again so they can tell the driver no money needed.About half an hour later a call from pizza hutt sorry they

bogeyi (482 )    12:08 pm, 21 May

 1373.         Oh...

          That would have made me a tad angry too. After the day you'd had with the car and everything, you must a very long fuse. Glad to hear he's doing well though.

paulaxx (75 )    12:43 pm, 21 May

 1374.         Gee bogeyi, sounds like yesterday wasn't really

          your day in lots of ways! It does make you mad when people stuff you around like that though. Seems like there are lots of break in's up your way. I read of a few others on the message board last night as well, and someone else a week or so back that had the wheels stolen off their car. Some people need less time on their hands for mischief!! Hope Ryan enjoyed the circus and is fighting fit today. It has been raining here but is clearing now for a fine and sunny week. Hugs to you all.

joystik (281 )    2:11 pm, 21 May

 1375.         i am torturing myself grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

          am trying to make sence of my letter and look up what a stereotactic biopsy is ya know (word for word) now i know what it means but when i google i only get the core stereo biopsy and my appontment only says biopsy not (core) and i am sure when i was phoned about it she did say it was the fine needle! but am not 100% sure, ohhhhhh now i dont wanna go as i always thought if you know whats coming you can prepare yourself, well fine needle and core (to me) seam like a total different thing i am not looking anymore as i am working myself up now, not long to go and it will be over and i can focus on making my trip down to napier, maybe i should start planning that to keep me occupied lol

pomegal (91 )    2:19 pm, 21 May

1376.         Hi pomegal, I have just googled it too and see

          that you can get a stereotactic needle biopsy or a stereotactic core biopsy. So if you think she said Needle, then you are most probably right. I had a core biopsy, and it certainly isnt anything to worry about. I didn't find it painful at all. Don't worry about it, I know thats easy for me to say, but maybe a few lovely big Hugs sent you way would help??? I've sent them....take care pomegal, we're all here for you, OK?

joystik (281 )    3:02 pm, 21 May

 1377.         Hi Paula and Josh.....hope you aren't doing

          anything too hectic today..time for a day off I think. Lauren made pikelets for lunch so that was nice. Sundays are generally pretty quiet around here work wise. Only noise is a teenagers stereo!! Raining today too, or at least it was, starting to clear now ready for a fine week. Hope Josh doesn't get a cold or flu, but it is a difficult one. He only wants to do what everyone else is doing. Life is so NOT fair sometimes. Give him a big hug, and his sister too, and teddy!! Talk again soon.

joystik (281 )    3:06 pm, 21 May

 1378.      Hi Sunbeamnz

          He said refined sugars, and reiterated not NO sugar, just avoid the high-peaks in your blood glucose levels by eating low-glycemic carbohydrates. I've still to research it all (got more reading ahead of me!), but know what gives me the glucose highs and are avoiding them like the plague! And am focusing on everything in moderation!

soniat-d (153 )    3:06 pm, 21 May

 1379.         Hi joystik

          No we are just cruising today. Pretty peaceful, I am hoping he doesnt get anything too. The only thing I am doing is being a referee to the two darlings. Late night has its downfalls.I just made up a song and got them to sing it to each other whilst they were in the middle of a bit of a to do. They ended up laughing and cuddling it was so funny. Enjoy your relaxing day, mmmm pikelets. Love to you and your family xxx

paulaxx (75 )    3:42 pm, 21 May

 1380.         Hello Sonia, how was Kelly Tarltons?? Haven't ...

          ever been there but it does look like a great place to explore. Actually we found Auckland a bit big and scary for us country people!! So, we didn't stay too long on out last visit. Have some relations to visit at Green Bay, and some others at Pakuranga, and then left I think. Its a while since actually, possibly about 8 years or so, so it will be busier than ever now. Yes, that sugar thing is very interesting isnt it. I must read more too. There is such a lot to learn about and dicifer in all this. We just changed to white hi calcuim bread because of the phosphates in grain bread, which I just love. Especially the MacKenzie Station sort with the green label. You gwet that up there too?? Its delicious.

joystik (281 )    4:43 pm, 21 May

 1381.         Paula, are you on a dairy farm?? Are the cows....

          out yet for winter?? The day is looking much happier now with blue sky appearing everywhere. YAY for a sunny day tomorrow. Yes, one thing with having only one child is you dont get sibling scraps!! Lauren made a good job of the pikelets, and we had fresh apricot jam that I made....mmmmm it was lovely. Keep warm and safe...xxxxx

joystik (281 )    4:47 pm, 21 May

 1382.         Oh no whats wrong with grain bread Joystik???

          That's what we love too, though the girls have way more than me, I only have probably a couple of slices a week... haven't heard of MacKenzie Station one though. The girls love Kelly Tarltons. It keeps getting better, but after seeing Sydney Acquarium, its just not in the same ballpark! We thought KT's was great till we saw the Sydney one! Its great for the kids in awful weather though! Hey I can understand Auckland being to big to attract you guys, its simply not geared for tourists or visiting NZ'ders... if any of you ever plan on visting Auckland, look me up! Would be glad to show you around :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:22 pm, 21 May

 1383.      Hey Pomegal

          I'm with Joystik - try not to worry too much, I also say core biopsies are a piece of cake! My wise doc (I only have one of those LOL!) said the ones who spend all their time surfing the net for info on the cancer they have are the ones that generally lose the battle - I'm not sure why, assuming its because they find all the bad stories and panic etc etc. So anyway DON'T DO IT! ;o) ((((((Big cyber hugs)))))) from me too :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:28 pm, 21 May

 1384.      Anyway, Hi to All :o)

          We had a lovely days, girls were great and had a great time. Brent finished waterblasting the back deck, finally, yay! while we were away. This afternoon Brent played with them while I painted the house (lowest level which was previously just raw wood) - have wanted to do this for ages - looks soooo great, though long way to go, just chip away at it a bit every day while the sun still shines :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:33 pm, 21 May

 1385.      thanks again joystik and sonia

          yes i wont worry cause i am tuff ya know lol well i will be cleaning heaps this week thats for sure, its amazin eh when i am angry or stresses i clean mad i know lol no more looking on the net for it ohhh no

pomegal (91 )    7:34 pm, 21 May

 1386.      LOL Pomegal

          I'm in the cleaning and changing house around mode at the mo - poor Brents in shock at all the changes LOL!

soniat-d (153 )    7:37 pm, 21 May

 1387.      Joystik

          Yes we are on a dairy farm, 400 + cows. Chris is in the process of drying off at the moment. Doing so many a day to make the whole task not so monotonous (sp). Guess what, a lovely man from Make a Wish just phoned and I have to keep a secret till Wednesday, thats when he is coming to surprise our boy. I feel like balling just with the kindness and I know how much this will mean to Josh. hope I can keep it together on the day. I read your post about Auckland and I used ot live in Green Bay a long time ago. In fact I lived in Auck for 25 years and when I went back there a few years ago it even scared me lol. I have grown accustomed to being in the country now. Have a lovely evening ladies. Thinking of you all often.

paulaxx (75 )    7:47 pm, 21 May

 1388.         It does suck...

          My mother was ony 29 when she left me, my brother and sister and our father. I was 6.

wombleness (679 )    7:48 pm, 21 May

 1389.         How cool Paula :o)

          Do you know what the surprise is?! Now I'll be waiting eagerly to find out on Wednesday too! I'm thrilled 4 you guys! How exciting :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:54 pm, 21 May

 1390.         Thats very sad Wombleness

          All I can say is, your mother didn't leave you, she was taken, and by no means willingly! Are you mammogramming regularly? As the billboards say "Early detection is the best protection". Wish I'd paid more attention to that!?! Big hugs to you :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:59 pm, 21 May

 1391.         Hi Sonia

          I used to love Kelly Tarltons too.I think he is getting his wish for a saltwater fishing trip.Im not too sure?? He also mentioned Cassielle so we shall see. This sort of thing makes you feel so humble. There are some very very special people out there. Love to you and your family

paulaxx (75 )    8:04 pm, 21 May

 1392.         paula that is so cool..ryan was gobsmacked

          when make a wish came to our house..paula i lived in green bay as well from baby to sixteen, what street did you live in??

bogeyi (482 )    8:07 pm, 21 May

1393.      Classic

          I built a home in Avonleigh Road. I also lived in Blockhouse Bay Road for a few years. It is a small world isnt it.

paulaxx (75 )    8:09 pm, 21 May

 1394.         I didnt actually hammer the nails myself lol

          I shoud say my husband (at the time) whoops let out a skeleton then lol got someone to build the house for us...

paulaxx (75 )    8:10 pm, 21 May

 1395.         lived in la rosa st


bogeyi (482 )    8:12 pm, 21 May

 1396.      If I

          remember right thats not far from where I was is it. I left Auckland in 1995. It really doesnt feel like 11 years ago. What was Ryans wish?

paulaxx (75 )    8:14 pm, 21 May

 1397.         yep it was off godley rd, virtually opposite

          avonleigh.his wish dare i say was a big tv,xbox and surround sound, i know bad

bogeyi (482 )    8:17 pm, 21 May

 1398.      Oh no your not!!

          Joshi also had a shopping spree on his so he could go out and buy xbox games or a laptop. It just the age we live in. Im not sure what the Auckland hosp was like but Christchurch soon as we got there he got a ps2 control put in his hand. Hey what ever makes them happy thats what I think.For all they go through they deserve it! I think his wish was great.

paulaxx (75 )    8:20 pm, 21 May

 1399.      I meant

          the shopping spree was a second choice, he didnt ask for both. Dont want to sound a bit greedy. Gosh the man sounded so nice. Imagine doing that for a job, making childrens/peoples wishes come true. I'd be no good I'd be crying. I am such a sook at the best of times now emotions seem so close to the surface

paulaxx (75 )    8:23 pm, 21 May

 1400.         he has a ps2 but that took a back bench

          when the xbox arrived, this has been a blessing he gets so many enjoyment hours out of it and if we stay in hospital we take it with us.Our friends faces are priceless we will be sitting in the lounge and the rooms shaking and sounds like a train is coming through the house, i say thats ok just ryans surround sound going.

bogeyi (482 )    8:24 pm, 21 May

 1401.      im sure he will be over the moon have you

          been told which one they are doing for him, we received a letter to say which wish they were doing.Paula how old is josh again, sorry forgot.

bogeyi (482 )    8:26 pm, 21 May

 1402.   Thats

          great. Sounds like fun. Yea we take ours too when we have time in hosp. Im going to have a milo and watch the dancing so have a great night. Hope Ryan keeps well and lovely talking to you a fellow Westie (i mean that in the nicest possible way). Josh met Ewan Gilmour at Inv hospital this year, that was interesting. :o)

paulaxx (75 )    8:28 pm, 21 May

 1403.   Havent gone yet

          Josh is 8 - birthday in Dec. I think the fishing trip is the one. He apologised for not getting to us sooner, but we werent in any hurry. People gave Josh so much when he was diagnosed then Xmas and birthday in the same month. I think this has worked out beautifully.

paulaxx (75 )    8:30 pm, 21 May

 1404.      Paula that is just fabulous news isnt it....

          that young lad just deserves so much for what he has had to go through. Do they come to your home on wednesday?? Oh well cow farming aye...I grew up on a dairy farm in Golden Bay so I know whats involved in that industry. Lovely sssing all the new babies around in the spring isnt it. Our rellys live in Wood Bay road, so is that really Green Bay at all?? Shows how much I know

joystik (281 )    8:31 pm, 21 May

 1405.   Joystik

          I dont know either. Thats quite bad and I lived there! Yes the babies are gorgeous in the Spring. Thats my job to feed all the calves. My friends from Auckland would crack up if they could see me on the tractor and getting stuck in the mud and cow poo's. Cant believe this is our last season. We are taking a few of our favourite cows with us. :o)

paulaxx (75 )    8:34 pm, 21 May

 1406.      Sorry Joystik

          Forgot to say yes they come to our home, Joshi has no idea so will have the camera and video on hand to capture that moment. It will be so special. Thanks all of you for getting excited for us. YOUR ALL LOVELY :o)

paulaxx (75 )    8:46 pm, 21 May

 1407.      Sonia, apparently grain breads are high in.......

          phosphorus which isn't that great for you, but then its probably no worse than too much sugar. Its is really about having a good balance between phosphorus and calcuim if it comes down too it. But high sugar is bad, I know. I much prefer grain breads to white anyday. Isnt that going to be a lovely surprise for wee Josh.

joystik (281 )    8:47 pm, 21 May

 1408.      yes joystik its

          green bay.

bogeyi (482 )    8:48 pm, 21 May

 1409.      bogeyi

          is Ryan on any special medicine that he has to take regularly?

paulaxx (75 )    8:50 pm, 21 May

 1410.      Paula, you might be on the tele or in the ....

          Southland times?? I will keep an eye out for you. Its so terribly exciting for you but for us all too. Hugs to you all.

joystik (281 )    8:53 pm, 21 May

 1411.      yep

          he has cyclosporin twice a day, acyclovir 4 times a day,voroconzole 2 times a day, co-trimoxazole 2 times (weekends only, magnesium when i can get it into him, eye drops and sometimes amoxale (sp) for swollen gums.

bogeyi (482 )    8:56 pm, 21 May

1412.      Oh Joystik

          Thanks. You are so lovely. I am so grateful for all of your wonderful support and love. Big hugs to you all

paulaxx (75 )    8:58 pm, 21 May

 1413.      That a lot

          Isnt it amazing how all these technical terms and drug names just roll of our tongues now. Poor boy, now Ive forgotten how old he is, sorry. Hope the Westie comment wasnt out of line. :O/

paulaxx (75 )    9:00 pm, 21 May

 1414.      haha loved the westie comment

          ryan is 8, when he first came home by the time the day was over he had 17 medications.mums always hovering with a syringe

bogeyi (482 )    9:03 pm, 21 May

 1415.   Thats good

          glad you saw it as it was meant. 17 meds the poor kid. Im sure Josh rattles some days too.I have to give Josh all his meds orally, how do you administer them into a port a cath or intra venous? Did you ever want to be a nurse? I did but dont now tee hee

paulaxx (75 )    9:16 pm, 21 May

 1416.      no never a nurse

          he had a hickaman line in for transplant and that came out after a month and a half, he had a pic line put in his arm for the antibiotics six weeks ago and all his bloods and platelets go through there, but all other meds are orally as well he never puts up a fuss always takes them

bogeyi (482 )    9:33 pm, 21 May

 1417.      That is such a lot of stuff to be giving to anyone

          in the space of a day, but the end result is the good bit to all this isnt it. And it all has such long and meaningful names too. Thanks bogeyi, I thought it was Green Bay but then looked up the address and it said Titirangi. I know its right down by some water!! That all sounds a bit vague doesnt it. When do your other children come back from Aussie??

joystik (281 )    9:36 pm, 21 May

 1418.      Our boys

          sound so similar in demeanor. Josh never ever complains. He got his picc line out in Feb so the port is pretty good. Means he could go swimming if he liked, mmmm.

paulaxx (75 )    9:37 pm, 21 May

 1419.      green bay/titirangi same thing right on border

          spoke to them tonight they are having a blast, tylers held a baby alligator,patted a kangaroo (he is bug,animal,dinosaur mad) kirsty held a koala, they have been to dream world today, grandad got soaked.They arrive back on tuesday.

bogeyi (482 )    9:39 pm, 21 May

 1420.      Thats wonderful,sounds like they're having a

          great time over there. My friend from Sydney phoned tonight and asked if I waned to go over and stay for a few days before I start my chemo! Would be lovely, but I declined until maybe after I've finished. That will give me something else to look forward too.

joystik (281 )    9:45 pm, 21 May

 1421.   I'm just in awe of what your brave boys

          are putting up with - they are real soldiers. Can't help but think what fine young men they will be when their battles are won, they will have gained such strength and fortitude and a repect for life. Hope my girls will meet them someday *wink wink* ;o) (((((((((hugs)))))))))

soniat-d (153 )    9:50 pm, 21 May

 1422.   Sonia

          That sounds like a plan. Glad you've got two or I'd have to get in before Bogeyi lol. Will it be alright for you all to move to the South Island though ha ha ha.

paulaxx (75 )    9:53 pm, 21 May

 1423.      Somedays I feel like such a big sook..........

          until I think of what these boys are battling and it seems to quickly bring me back to reality, and realise that if they have to put up with whats happening for them, then whats up with me. They are both very inspirational young men. Big Hugs to you both.

joystik (281 )    9:56 pm, 21 May

 1424.      I agree...

          if these kids can do it who are we to complain. Big hugs to Joshi & Ryan! Good luck everyone with treatments and tests this week!

landylass (47 )    9:57 pm, 21 May

 1425.   Hee hee Paula

          I'm sure we could time a coincidental rendezvous in Queenstown perhaps LOL

soniat-d (153 )    9:58 pm, 21 May

 1426.      no sooks at all...we all have bad days

          i do and im not the one having the pain and treatment.I am pleased i found this thread its a real help to talk with people who know what systems are like or who are having treatment. big cuddly hugs to all..

bogeyi (482 )    10:03 pm, 21 May

 1427.   You're

          On. I tell Joshi about you all and he gets strength from you too. So big hugs to everyone we're all in this together. xxxxx

paulaxx (75 )    10:04 pm, 21 May

 1428.   (((((((((((Group cuddle)))))))))))

          Best wishes to all for this week - I'm off now for the night - see you tomorrow :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:05 pm, 21 May

 1429.   Big Squeeze

          Nanite. And thanks everyone xxxx

paulaxx (75 )    10:08 pm, 21 May

 1430.      night night everyone

          have a hospital appointment tomorrow so early start.

bogeyi (482 )    10:16 pm, 21 May

 1431.      Hi paula I think you need some hugs too.

          Sonia I know what you meant about the diet I couldn't get it to come up will have another go. Please tell me where you get all that energy, painting the house!Hi Joystick your weather sounds very much like ours. Lucky you getting nice pikelets I love them. Yes, I have had a few of your jokes I just hope she sends the good ones of mine. Hi landylass you are ploughing your way through that wool. I have some 4ply here if any of you ladies want some.I have never been to Kelly Tarlton's sounds alright. Big hugs for the boys , Josh & Ryan.

boop2 (106